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Found 5 results

  1. With Fantasy TV being the hip new thing, I've been thinking about how episodes for a potential Stormlight Archive TV show could go. Here are my rough musings of the different options: One viewpoint/episode: Each episode would follow a specific main character for a good chunk of their story. For example, one episode would follow Kaladin from being in the slave wagon to his choosing not to kill himself by jumping in to the chasm. The next would follow Shallan from the Queen's Pleasure to Jasnah's ethics murder lesson and so on. When POV characters were together, it would still focus on the actions of one character if they split off from one another (Adolin & Dalinar for example) and maybe have the finale of a series follow multiple view points to deal with events like the end of Oathbringer. Chronological: Events follow chronologically jumping between multiple characters an episode. This would resemble the books closely with the sequence of events following roughly those of the POV chapters with less important events cut out for time reasons. Something in the middle: An episode would focus on a particular POV character but will occasionally cut away to other characters. For example, Kaladin could be the focus of 3/4 of the episode but could have snippets of Shallan and Dalinar to break up scenes. I'm also curious how the flashbacks could be handled. Should it be like the books where one series follows one characters backstory or should multiple characters backstories be in each series. The story as written obviously works better with each characters backstory playing an important part to the flashback characters plot but I'm sure it could be adapted so that you get some backstory of the other characters in earlier seasons as that might lend itself better to TV even if each season focuses closer on one character to match up with the plot. I'm currently feeling one viewpoint/episode with flashbacks sticking to the way they are in the books. What I don't have an idea for is how to present the notes at the start of each chapter like the last words of the dying from TWoK
  2. If this has already been done and pinned, please feel free to move this discussion to its appropriate place. I've now read the whole Stormlight Archive series currently published, and I can't help but think how amazing it could potentially be if made into either a film or better yet a high-budget series. Who does everyone think would be good to play the various characters? In my opinion, Manu Bennett would be hands down the best actor to play Dalinar. And I think Matt Smith would make a pretty good Wit/Hoid, and Aidan Gillen as Sadeas, but I'm not sure about the rest. I kind of think the guy who played Ander in the Shannara Chronicles would make a decent Adolin, and I generally picture Kaladin as being a younger Craig Horner.
  3. The title is pretty self explanatory. This is my opinion of how the Cosmere on screen should be conducted. This is for something along the lines of how it could be done with Netflix even though the rights have been taken by DMG. I know Brandon has said that it’s not likely to be done as an animated movie given how stuff like that has to be framed for kids, but there seems to be an advent of love for adult fantasy lately. Netflix seems like the easy answer for a platform here, but really, they’re already dipping their toes into expanding shared universes. I’m thinking two movie specials. One of Elantris and one of Warbreaker. These cover the books as much as they can. Then a spring release of Stormlight Archive season 1 covering Way of Kings. Then a winter release of Mistborn season 1 covering The Final Empire. It will keep with the regular alternating release of Stormlight then Mistborn and maybe a summer double feature movie of White Sand somewhere down the line. It should take about 10 years total to cover most of the Cosmere. Stormlight will end on ten books and Mistborn will end Era three on ten books. (Final era Mistborn will be addressed in a bit). At this point, the Cosmere franchise will be left with the Dragonsteel storyline. Given that the other backbone series have been completed, this will be sort of a ‘rebirth’ moment for the audience where the Cosmere line will be more streamlined. Only having to follow one series after all these would make everything feel fresh. (Honestly, it’d be like that moment you organize your books and declutter). So. Dragonsteel would cover seven seasons (one per book). Maybe they could do a Voltron thing where they sometimes release two seasons per year. When that’s finished, the final Mistborn series comes into play. Maybe they make the audience wait a little longer than usual for its release given how for more than a decade, a movie or tv series have been given in quick succession. Given how Mistborn Era 4 is the capstone to the Cosmere, it should probably be released as it’s own series and not under Mistborn. Maybe under a title like Cosmere: The Final Era. It will tie up the universe and should have longer than normal episodes to try to get as much of the books in there as possible. Naturally, even under a format like this where there’d be more story material than a movie, we still can’t have everything from the books present. As a compromise, Brandon would be a regular consultant and source for what should absolutely be kept from pivotal scenes to character moments. Stuff like this probably won’t happen but I wanted you to know what you guys think of this. Maybe you have a better suggestion of how things could be done?
  4. So it just got announced that Sony is producing the Wheel of Time tv series!!!! Link Here Unfortunately it looks like Red Eagle managed to keep its name on the thing, but hopefully they won't be involved in the development at all. So far, it looks like good news. Harriet's gonna be involved, they have experienced people working on it, there's definitely potential. Here's hoping it works out
  5. I know I heard Brandon talk about the Cosmere movie rights as an entire unit in one of his signings but I can't find it now. It was in the context of how Marvel/DC/etc are connected universes and how that's big in Hollywood right now and he mentioned that he sold the entire Cosmere tv/movie rights (minus one series I believe) to someone but he couldn't say who specifically. I just want to know if anyone has a source on that because I want to hear the wording again. It would have been on a Shadows of Self tour I believe. Definitely recent. And yes I've done my best to look for myself for mention of this on here and outside of the forums but I came up dry. Thanks guys.