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Found 2 results

  1. Chapter Eight: Nightwatcher The sun dipped into the clouds above the hidden valley. The adventurers watched it from above, seeing the sun project patterns of dancing light onto the tops of the clouds. Skai’s Remnant broke through them as he came up from below. “He’s here. Come on, friends, let’s land!” No doubt the adventureres were wondering who “he” was. They would find out soon enough. As they all descended back down through the clouds, Ister Mo suddenly shouted, “Look! Behind us!” A group of forms approach from below. They appear to be riding dragons and are wearing distinctive armor which several of the adventurers recognize. “Huns,” Skai’s Remnant said. “Looks like they’ve upgraded from horses. We have to take evasive action! Get to the ground as soon as possible. Land near the lake, at the center of the valley!” From afar, Shan Yu smiled. “How many adventurers does it take to deliver the message to all of Roshar that we’re taking over?” He answered his own question: “Zero. Their bones will deliver the message for us.” - Skai’s Remnant landed in the valley beside the caravan. The caravan stopped. Then, a single rider came out to meet him. He was wearing full Shardplate. As soon as the plated Rider saw Remnant, he dismounted and removed his helmet. Dalinar Kholin himself. When he spoke, his voice was trembling. “You really came! I thought that was just a vision.” Skai’s Remnant smiled. “We both know it wasn’t a vision. After all, I gave you something. Something that I have need of urgently.” Dalinar walked back to the caravan and found a box—the box Skai’s Remnant had given him in a previous visit to this time. “I kept it, as you knew I would. Use it well.” The other adventurers began to fall from the sky, disengaging their wings and readying their weapons as they landed. Skai’s Remnant counted them off. One of them was missing—Ister. He looked around and saw Ister hovering above the surface of the lake. “No!” - The creature rose out of the lake, and Ister Mo floated a few steps back. It was like a spren, but hundreds of times larger and deep black. It spoke in a gentle yet powerful voice that echoed throughout the entire valley, but Ister was the only one who could hear it, maybe even the only one who could see it. Was he just having a vision? “Travelers come from the far reaches of Roshar seeking fortune and judgment. Tell me, little one, what do you request of the great Nightwatcher?” The sound of the Dragon Huns’ wings grew louder. “I want the power to save my friends.” “To save? Or to destroy?” Ister swallowed. “Those are two edges of the same sword.” “Indeed,” said the Nightwatcher. “And it is this sword that shall be your inheritance. To save and to destroy, to destroy and to save…what difference does it make except the side you’re on? Ister Mo, I grant you the power to save, but at the cost of destruction—or the power to destroy, at the cost of salvation. The choice is yours.” The Nightwatcher vanished, and Ister screamed. - It feels like I’m…splitting apart… Like any instant…I’ll scatter into a million pieces. But deep, deep in my soul, there’s a burning feeling I can’t describe. A burning feeling that WON’T let me die. This isn’t just about us, is it, Shan Yu? If you get past me, you’ll destroy them all. Everyone’s hopes, everyone’s dreams, vanquished in an instant. But I WON’T let you do that. Right now, I can feel everyone’s hearts beating as one. And we all have ONE goal. To defeat YOU. To save, or to destroy, it doesn’t matter. For the sake of this whole world… I, ISTER MO, will STRIKE YOU DOWN! In a brilliant flash of light, he transformed. His entire form radiated with power. He raised his glowing hands and attacked. - Skai’s Remnant watched with amazement as the transfigured man fought. He spun between his attackers as if in midair. With every movement of his hands, beams of light shot out and vaporized whatever they hit, leaving a trail as they flew from him. The warrior jumped onto the side of one of the dragons, killing the rider with a shower of light and steering the dragon aside into another. He leapt and twisted through the air, destroying the flying attackers before they even got near. It was a blaze of lights and fury, and it was beautiful. Men with the wings of eagles and demons watched from the ground in utter amazement. And then…it was over. The last dragon crashed to the ground, blood leaking from its side, and Ister Mo descended. The beams of light still hung in the air, tracing a web of where he had fought. “Salvation…and destruction,” said the voice of the Nightwatcher. The trails of light shot back into Ister and exploded. - Skai’s Remnant approached the lake. It was eerily peaceful; though bodies littered the ground, no sound was heard but the whistling wind. He walked across the surface of the water and was enveloped in the vision of the Nightwatcher. “Travelers come from the far reaches of Roshar seeking fortune and judgment. But you…you are different. What is your request.” Skai’s Remnant uttered only a single word: “Tanavast.” The following was contributed by The Flash. Shoot him some upvotes! Eobard appeared in the cognitive realm. Exterminated. Darn. He felt drawn beyond, but he refused to go. He had better things to do than die. Lightning flashed around him, and a rift in the cognitive realm opened. And eobard remembered how he had come here: in battle with the Flash, he had vibrated his body at a ultra-high frequency and he had come… here. So, Eobard stepped into the rift, and slowed down his frequency. Perhaps one day he would return. this place had piqued his curiosity. Battling the Flash, was becoming boring. A new universe to discover? He hadn't known entirely what was going on, but perhaps with some more visits… - When Eobard entered into the rift, he entered into the a maelstrom of red lightning- the Negative Speed Force, that which gave him power. He was in his element now. He took off within it, and soon he came to an exit point. From there, he tumbled into Central City. Home of the Flash. Eobard sighed. One day he would return to that place. It had been so much fun! One day, he promised himself. And with a KRAKOOM he went to go torture Barry Allen. This is a Night cycle lasting 24 hours. Nobody participated in the auction, so today’s auction item will be recycled tomorrow. Sometimes it’s best to bid even when you only have a couple gold, folks! Vote Tally (yep, I finally remembered it) Manukos (3): Joe, Araris, Orlok Roadwalker (2): Manukos, Brightness of my life Ister Mo (Manukos) has died and passed to the Cognitive Realm! Here is his autopsy report: And here is his will:
  2. QF12: The Time of Reckoning there's You live in California. Or you used to. Nowadays it's called Persepolis, named by the Epic who's ruled here since Calamity rose. All things considered, he isn't the worst. Public infrastructure is mostly gone, sure, but killing is frowned upon. A few months later, you woke up with powers yourself. You've pleased Perseus, and have made your way into his service. Perseus has need of all of you, but you would do well to remember: you are replaceable. Every day, Perseus chooses the worst among you, those who have contributed the least, and kills them. Personally. Every day there is a reminder that no one is untouchable. Even Epics. Even you. always You come from somewhere else. You've seen what the Epics do. And you've sworn to execute any who break the law. By a strange coincidence, that is almost all of them. For what they have done, for what they do, for what they will do, there will be a reckoning. And you are bringing it. another Alignments role Roles If you don't contribute in Perseus' Court, you don't live. Any player who does not post in the thread, the GM PM, or another PM in 2 full cycles will be killed by him mercilessly. Notes: The only means of PMs is Telepathy. No other PMs are allowed. The write-up will include all kill attempts. Only dead players will be named in the write-up. There may be hints in write-ups, but it is not a good idea to read too much into wording. The number of Telepathy PMs will change depending on how many people sign up. It will be edited into the rules once the game starts. Order of Actions: 1. Perseus' Kill 2. Passive Powers 3. Transmogrification 4. Illusions 5. Votes Counted and Lynch 6. Forcefields 7. Matter Disruption and Reckoner Kill 8. Invisibililty Quick Links: