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Found 15 results

  1. In The Lost Metal, we see that Trellium spikes are used by Set Members to sidestep being Controlled by Harmony, but they are still able to be controlled by Autonomy. We also see that Allomancers with Trellium spikes are still able to use Allomancy, which is powered by utilizing a Connection to Preservation to draw on Preservation's Investiture (or possibly Ruin's, if the power is granted by a Hemalurgic spike). This left me confused, since an individual would need a Connection to Harmony in order to utilize their powers, but that leaves them open to influence and even outright control if they bear more than three Hemalurgic spikes. Trellium must then, I figure, rewrite one's Connection, transferring it from whatever Shard they were Connected to before and Connecting them instead to Autonomy since an individual must be Connected to something. The Set's Allomantic powers are probably powered entirely by Autonomy's Investiture, since Allomancy would still need a Shard to fuel them, and those pierced by Trellium wouldn't be Connected to Harmony anymore, and thus wouldn't be able to draw on its Investiture. I bet that if this is the case, Trellium-other Godmetal alloy would rewrite one's Connection to any Shard that the Trellium was alloyed with, similar to how Lerasium can grant a Connection to and powers from any shard when alloyed with that Shard's metal.
  2. Okay, so I haven't read the Tress book so don't use those spoilers please (you can put them in spoiler box if you want) but I don't think it would apply here anyway. My question is: Trellium repels Investiture, right? And Nightblood leaks Ruined Investiture, right? So what would happen if you put Trellium near Nightblood's smoke?
  3. Trellium (Or Bavadinium) is described as a silvery metal with a red cast, and dark red spots similar to rust. When heated, it gives off a full array of light with the red portion being expanded. Red though, has a very specific meaning. It is not known to be strictly associated with any one shard, but rather is the color of investiture from one shard that has been "corrupted" by the investiture of another shard. So why, then, is trellium associated with red? Well cause all the trellium we see is not just trellium, but hemalurgically charged trellium. This means that it is solid Autonomy-aligned investiture filled with ruin investiture. That sounds like textbook corruption to me. So that leads to a few questions. - What color would trellium normally burn for, when not hemalurgically charged? - If you were to use any nonscadrian godmetal as a spike and charge it with Ruin, would it develop similar red spots from the hemalurgic charge, and give off red light on the spectrometer when heated? If you were to use an Atium spike, it presumably wouldn't develop red spots since it wouldn't make sense to corrupt Ruin investiture with more Ruin investiture, and I'd guess the same is true for Harmonium if you could find a way to use it as a spike without it exploding. But what about Lerasium- specifically, is it different before and after ruin and preservation became harmony? - Does feruchemically charging godmetals produce a similar corrupting effect? If so, how does this apply to the scadrian metals? Does it corrupt both lerasium and atium (I don't see any reason harmonium should be corrupted), since you're putting a bit of ruin into lerasium and a bit of preservation into atium? Or does it corrupt neither, since it's aligned with the proper intent even if it's also aligned with another intent? And similarly to hemalurgically charged lerasium, is this different before and after the creation of Harmony? My guess is that feruchemy doesn't corrupt either, if it corrupts godmetals at all, since I don't remember the lord ruler's bracers being described as reddish.
  4. When Harmonium reacts with Trellium, there is a massive explosion like that of an atomic bomb. It makes perfect sense to me that this would be the result. Why? Because Harmonium atoms should share in Harmony’s nature as a partnership between two, and Autonomy, being, well, autonomous, probably abhors partnership. So of course Trellium splits Harmonium into separate, autonomous parts. And since Harmonium is an atom, when it splits, it splits like atoms do: with a boom. I doubt other godmetals explode when combined. These two metals split because of the nature of their Shards’ Intents.
  5. So, after the cliffhanger from chapter 13 tells us that Trellium and Harmonium are “reacting”, I had an idea. If Trell is Autonomy, would Trellium cause Harmonium to divide and become “autonomous”? And therefore give you atium and lerasium again??
  6. Ok so we have learned a good bit more with these chapters. The chapters themselves seem very short but at least that makes things feel quick. Hoid is back to being a carriage rider for Wax which leads me to the inevitable question: Does he know? Has Hoid made himself known to Wax or is his appearance vastly different from when he was a beggar in BoM. But maybe there's a chance it's not even Hoid an maybe it just became a name that people use now. Who knows but I hope Hoid is more active because he's a really cool as a character when he is part of the plot. Love him as Wit. The next thing that really interested me was Trellium. It seems to work a bit like Compounding (and is clearly what Tensin did at the ends of BoM) but less powerful since Miles would heal way faster. So maybe Trellium has some amplification components? Interested to hear your thoughts here. The prophecy is some scary stuff but I think it's more likely the ash would come from WMDs than Ashmounts or anything since in BoM we had this teased already. The next really nice stuff I appreciated was Wax and Max and it really made me ask a question if Max was an allomancer/ferring/twinborn as well. We still don't know how snapping works now. Maybe we'll see it through Max? But I think it would be fun, especially loved him being a bit of a little Wayne. And feel free to talk about anything else. Especially, what did you enjoy the most? What are you most interested in?
  7. We know that lerasium's alloys created various types of mistings, we also know that lerasium's alloys gave various enhancement and physical effects. We know that atium's alloys gave various mental and temporal effects. This brings me to two theories. Theory 1: Ettmetal's alloys would all give a physical, mental, temporal and enhancement effect (due to it (in a way, not exactly) being a combination of atium and lerasium). Theory 2: Trellium and Trellium's alloys (because Trellium is a God Metal) would have their own quadrants dedicated to them, these could not be one of the four quadrants we know because Ettmetal has effects of those quadrants. This means there is (mostly likely 2) quadrants of allomancy, feruchemy, and hemalurgy that are used in the same manner as the metallic arts but are actually just Trell's investiture on Scadrial. These would be separated from the other 16 metals and would be considered their own...thing.
  8. Trellium is described as a silvery metal with a red cast to it, and dark red spots similar to rust. There exists another substance which is described to have a similar appearance: Soulstone, which is noted to be a whitish fine grained rock with flecks of red mixed in. Could these two be the same substance? I know the texture of the two don't really match, one is described as being metallic and the other as being a soft chalk like rock that hardens after being baked in a fire. But the red dotted markings... It could be an indication of Corrupted Investiture, perhaps?
  9. So with just one hemalurgic spike, Spook and Quellion ("The Citizen of Urtreau") could see and hear visions of Ruin impersonating Kelsier, Wax can communicate with Harmony (via earring), and in Mistborn: Secret History, With just two spikes, a a kandra is subject to the direct control of Ruin/Harmony - though by their own admission, they are "weaker than other hemalurgic constructs" in this regard. On the other hand, koloss have four and that's enough, and Inquisitors have at least ten, and Marsh has way more than even that ("upwards of twenty"). We've seen that using a "trellium" spike - an unknown god-metal - can work in new and different ways, both in terms of being invisible to Harmony, and it terms of what they can steal/do with just one spike (create mutants, allow Bleeder to steal Feruchemical and Allomantic abilities without a second spike). However, hemalurgy as a magical art is still fundamentally something drawing on Ruin's power, and so a second spike as small as Wax's earring turned into a bullet was enough to subject Bleeder to Harmony's control again, even though the other spike was trellium. The "spike count" included the trellium one, even if Harmony couldn't leverage that spike to see/communicate with Bleeder. Given that, how can Edwarn and Telsin have spiked themselves enough to gain multiple powers, both Allomantic and Feruchemical, without Harmony's understanding? In particular, Harmony should have been able to witness his interaction with the non-kandra, Trell-serving Faceless Immortal that blew him up. Then I remembered that Edwarn/Suit commented to Wax that "if you spike yourself too much, you become subject to Harmony's... interference", and that he is "limited to three boons, even if we have discovered how to make someone else be weak, while we gain the benefit." Meaning they have a way to have up to three spikes without Harmony's awareness. At first, I interpreted this as them just using trellium spikes to steal attributes, and that only after three spikes would the trellium nature of the spikes get superceded by the fundamental mechanics of hemalurgy. But then I noticed the comment "make someone else be weak", not "kill someone". We know the Set are not above the torture and killing of people for power and information; see what they did to Allik's crewmates. There must be a reason for Edwarn to use such an awkardly precise turn of phrase. Per a Tweet of Brandon, it is possible to "partially spike" someone with hemalurgy: And what would be "worse than being a drab"? I can think of something else we've seen. Perhaps the twisted, trellium-spiked hemalurgic constructs that Wax and TenSoon encountered in the original kandra Homeland in the caverns under Elendel are the original Allomancers or Feruchemists the Set have used as "donors" to steal attributes? First spiked, but not killed, in such a way as to steal their power, with that spike being given to another person - and then being given another trellium spike to complete their transformation? Brrr.
  10. Aaaaall right, time to see how many holes will be poked into this theory by those more knowledgeable than I. So, the basic premise is that Trell (whoever or whatever they are; that's not what this theory is about) specifically designed Trellium to be the most desirable metal for the Metallic Arts, particularly for Kandra. We see this clear enough with Bleeder in Shadows of Self. It can, apparently, steal any Power (Metalborn power) or Ability (the non-power stuff that hemalurgy deals with) as a single spike, including being used as a Kandra Blessing. It can even create aggresive, durable, and powerful Constructs. This is HUGE, as anyone who's read SoS will probably agree. Now, on to the theory part. The theory being; Trellium ALSO works for Allomancy and Feruchemy, and the effect it has is... Anything. Any metalborn ability that exists. Allomantic steel, Feruchemical Brass, it can mimic ALL of them. A Trelliummind would be a bit like a Tinmind, in that any one mind can store one power (or sense, for Tin), but if you drain it fully, you can put in a different one. This also kind of draws on an older theory I had (but never made a post about); the "true" allomantic effect of Lerasium. I believe that Lerasium could, if an Allomancer tried (with proper Intent), be burned for any Allomantic ability, all the while strengthening the Connection to Preservation. They could act as a Mistborn while becoming a Mistborn, but with just one metal. But I digress. The idea with this theory of Trellium being able to do anything within the bounds of the Metallic Arts also offers an explanation for why the Set seems to be attempting to breed Mistborn. They may want to be able to spike Trellium Allomancy out of them and give it to a Kandra. Imagine that, a freaking Kandra with any Allomantic effect they wanted, using just ONE spike. Absolute madness. And I feel like it lends some credence to this theory, if only theoretically. Additionally, if it can store any Feruchemic Trait, the Set may also (less obviously) be attempting to breed Full Feruchemists (or they'll start trying soon, perhaps in The Lost Metal), and spike Trellium Feruchemy out of them. That would also be somewhat terrifying, a Kandra with access to the entire repetoire of Feruchemic effects. We already saw how lethal Bleeder was with just Steelrunning, imagine a rogue Kandra with that and more. ...the really terrifying part is if they can somehow manage to make a single spike (or equivalent when it comes to Harmony's control) that grants both Trellium Allomancy and Feruchemy simultaneously. Instant Fullborn. Instant Kandra-with-power-equal-to-the-Lord-Ruler. This is probably the longest shot in this whole theory, and loads of this is probably going to be proven inaccurate, but honestly, I don't mind. I want to refine this theory to the truth.
  11. With the knowledge that a mystery Shard has "hacked into" Scadrial's magic system and manifest its Investiture as a new godmetal, trellium. I wonder how far this extends. Could there potentially be trellium Mistings or Ferrings born in the future? We know that Preservation altered Allomancy to allow atium Mistings to be born, so it's not out of the realm of possibility. But this may be something unique to Preservation, as Allomancy was his magic system to begin with. It's possible that "Trell" has interfered with the Metallic Arts enough to add a new godmetal, but not enough so that people are actually born with the "sDNA" to use it for Allomancy or Feruchemy. Any thoughts on this, one way or the other?
  12. DISCLAIMER: While I don't think this argument is definitive by any means, I do think the case for "Trell-as-Cultivation" is just as strong as "Trell-as-Autonomy," perhaps stronger. It sounds nutty, but honestly I think that's because people here are assuming we know a lot more about Autonomy than we actually do. I'll explain: I'm going to start with what I think is the strongest point in favor of Trell being Cultivation: the weird Hemalurgic properties of the godmetal trellium. This may seem like digression, but I promise you this is going somewhere. Trellium acts like no metal we've ever seen. From the Coppermind: That's pretty strange, isn't it? Trellium is the only metal we know of that affects kandra like that. I know there are technically the human quality-stealing metals that grant the Blessings, but this is clearly a blessing of a totally different variety. Trellium seems to work a lot like atium, in that it can steal any Allomantic/Feruchemical ability, but it only seems to do that with kandra. But what about the chimeras from Shadows of Self? Again, from the Coppermind: Another trellium anomaly! Again, we see this godmetal acting weird. What other Hemalurgic construct even approaches this level of sheer inhumanity? All the other constructs we know of are warped from the human baseline, yes, but they remain human or humanoid in some way. Steel Inquisitors are basically artificial Mistborn. Koloss are extremely buff, extremely dumb humans with a skin condition. The kandra aren't human, but Hemalurgy turns them from mindless blobs of mush into sentient beings, so you could argue that the Blessings increase their "human-ness." But with chimeras, one trellium spike gives them some unknown quality, while warping their bodies and minds into something animalistic. Almost like koloss. Only instead of being given a human quality like strength, they were given an animal quality that twisted them into wild beasts. But how to we square this with the other Hemalurgic property of trellium, giving Metallic Arts abilities to kandra? Simple: THEORY: Hemalurgic trellium is a "universal spike" like atium, but with restrictions. It can transfer any strait or ability, but only between humans and non-humans. Meaning that a trellium spike only transfers qualities if either the spike's victim or recipient is not human. They work human-to-nonhuman, or nonhuman-to-human. This is the only way I can think of to square the two abilities of trellium that we know of. (As an aside, it also ties into a theory I'm working on about Hemalurgic godmetals, but I don't even know if I still take my own side on that one yet.) Now, if we assume that my theory on trellium is correct, we have an interesting corollary on this godmetal: its powers within the Metallic Arts, from what we've seen, appear to be deeply tied to interactions between humans, the natural world, and the interplay between them. The connection between trellium's properties and the Intent of Cultivation seems pretty clear to me. We also know from the text that Trell's agents appear to be deeply concerned with order, micromanaging affairs, and long-term planning. All of this fits very well with Cultivation's Intent. Given that we also know that a Shard's Intent affects how well they can predict the future, and that Cultivation is reportedly very, very good at predicting the future, we have a Shard interfering on Scadrial who shares a suspiciously similar MO with Cultivation. MY THEORY: Cultivation is attempting to partially invest herself on Scadrial as a backup plan in case greater Roshar falls to Odium. It's probably safe to assume at this point that Odium's hatred of Cultivation has gotten personal, and Cultivation knows that if things go wrong, she's going to be the next Shard he comes after. So she's investing herself on Scadrial, using it as a "Shardic lifeboat" of sorts to ensure that she can't be trapped on Roshar/Ashyn and Splintered like Tanavast. This growing influence manifests itself as the new godmetal "trellium," whose known Hemalurgic properties seem to fit thematically with her Intent. The only real counter-argument I can think of is that Cultivation seems pretty pre-occupied on Roshar, what with the Last Desolation and all. But is that really an argument, or is it just an assumption based on what little we've seen so far? Odium is trapped by the Oathpact, not Cultivation. She may be heavily invested, but as Autonomy shows being invested on a world is no barrier to sowing Investiture other places like a Shardic Johnny Appleseed. Is this a stretch? Maybe. Am I missing something? Quite possibly, yes. But I still think this Trell-as-Cultivation theory is worth considering, if for no other reason than that it helps us look at the question with new eyes.
  13. Speculate here on the possible Allomantic effects of Trellium!
  14. I was just thinking, Trellium is, I assume a God metal, like Lerasium or Atium, we aren't sure of that of course, it was just discovered, but i'm curious, what the heck do you guys think it does when you burn it? Also, what do you think the limitations are? I know all/any theories you suggest will be quite out there, i'm just curious as to what you would like to see, and what you think Scadrial could use power wise. leave any ideas you might have
  15. I removed this passage from the section "Hemalurgic Use": "It could also be assumed that, like Atium, any ability provided through its spikes would be fueled by its respective shard, Trell, rather than Preservation." No source and I'm sure that even when things get stolen by atium spike its still Preservation fueling Allomancy, not Ruin. Ruin only fuels burning atium and its alloys.