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Found 1 result

  1. Domi Domi Kielan crouched behind a fallen wall, and signalled to the others to move up the street. Kaido waved his hand for Kielan to move forward. Kielan frowned, and glanced over his wall. Spork, the hulking wildman they were sure was working for Galladon, was standing in the rubble of the abandoned restaurant along with some other Wildmen. Kielan was quite certain he was the closest to the beast, and that meant the others needed to move up. So he waved again for the others to move up. Daan shook his head vigorously and mouthed something at him. Kielan cocked his head, exaggeratedly mouthed what and cupped his ear. Daan snuck a peek out from behind his pillar, then hissed “get closer!” “You first.” “You!” Kaido pounded his fist into one hand threateningly at him. Daan glared. The Squid undulated. Diir rolled his eyes, then stood and strode menacingly into the restaurant. Kielan and Kaido both froze, then darted up and behind him, followed by Daan and the squid. The Wildmen inside looked up, except for Spork, who seemed to be playing with bits of metal. Diir pointed at Spork and spoke loudly and slowly. “Spork, Spirit. Evil. Food stealer.” Kielan looked at their faces, hoping to see some understanding. They had seemed to perk up at Diir’s words. “Food?”. Keilen sighed, Maybe he could help them along? He stood, walking up beside Diir and pointing as well. “Kill.” Keep it simple. That was the best way to deal with Wildmen. Diir looked at him in shock and, was that fear? Why? The Wildmen around Spork began to grunt and growl. They didn’t look perky anymore. They looked focused and expectant. He should probably keep reinforcing the idea. “Kill.” He pointed as vigorously as he could at Spork, using both hands now. “Kill!” Diir facepalmed. “You’re dead.” Kielan frowned, “What?” And then a Wildman tackled him. He screamed and raised his arms to try to protect his soft pretty face. More of the wildmen piled on top of him. “Someone! Help me!” “Quick everyone!” yelled Daan. “Get Spork while the Wildmen are distracted!” “No! Help me!” “I think Daan wants us to help him kill Spork!” “I hate all of you!” The Wildmen were still beating him as his human comrades ran past to attack Spork. He struggled valiantly against the Wildmen, taking numerous injuries. But there was no escape to be had. He closed his eyes, and began to pray to Holy Jaddeth. Immediately, a great weight was lifted from him. He snapped his eyes open to see the squid lifting the Wildmen from him and throwing them around the room. Panting, Kielan stood, and bowed slightly to the squid. “Thank you, you have saved my life. I will do my utmost to return the favor.” Another Wildman grabbed the squid from behind and tore it in half, throwing the pieces to opposite sides of the room. “Or not. I think I’ll just run away.” Corpses and Hoed littered the field. Diir was groaning, and dragging himself along the floor. Kielan ran to him and dragged the man’s arm up, supporting him. Half staggering from his own wounds, the two stepped over Flavio’s body and out of the Restaurant. “Are you sure about this princes?” Shuden inquired, warily looking at the gate of Kae. “What? Is the great JinDo martial artist afraid of a door?” Sarene poked him “Not the door...what lies behind it” muttered the man. “Haha, there’ll be nothing but pitiful half-livers I’m sure. You haven’t seen an Elantrian have you Shuden?” Eondel assured him. “No...not in the time I’ve been here” “Here my lady!” a voice cried from behind the trio. “Your escorts, along with the goods you ordered”. They turned around and saw a man in leather armour accompanied by a small band of other guards trailing carts as they turned around. “Awesome, glad to see you lieutanant”. “Just a humble officer my lady, delighted to meet you” They shook hands and the man gestured towards the doors, “Shall we?” “Oh this better not go sourly” Shuden muttered. \\Event Initiated-Widow's Trial// For the duration of Turn 6 all indidividuals may forgoe their normal action and instead send in an action to " Order Food" this lowers the pain levels of the recipient by 1, Injured become Pained and Pained become Healthy etc. Nothing was going well at all, even as Hrathen walked out of his office he nearly tripped. Tripped. Gyorns did not trip! Hrathen himself had not tripped in nearly 3 years, and at least on that day he had been in private… He shook his head and straightened himself up, looking around hastily to make sure nobody had seen his misdemeanour. Thank Jaddeth, nobody had. He left the Derethi monastery and began his usual walks around the city, wondering about what he should speak of in his next sermon in Elantris. The Demon angle seemed to be working with varying success and he seemed to rouse a decent congregation. Of course, a handful of people were not enough to convert a nation, in fact next to none of them had converted themselves. Hrathen needed to quickly think of something that would appease Wyrn, another Duladel case would not weight well on his conscience. Speak of the demons, Hrathen had finally rounded around to Elantris itself, and surely enough the gates were open, revealing a large group of guards and what seemed to be Sarene, of all people, handing out food to the wretched beings. Only a line of guards stood between the monsters and a large congregation that had gathered outside the gate. By Jaddeth Hrathen finally had an idea of what just might work! Iadon stared darkly out of his window and down towards Elantris. He watched the wretched girl hand out his valuable resources to the inhumans, pondering Telrii’s words from the night before. Of course...he did seem to be right, and if his intercepted message was to be held to truth, the girl was more than just an annoyance. Even still, she mocked him in his own halls, she infuriated him with her bold gall and decieved him with her act of being dull. Surely she was more than an annoyance...she and her father must be up to some nefarious plot. A plot to dethrone him and take the vacant throne through Raoden’s inheritance and her connections with Roial, Shuden and Eondel. Were they conspiring against him? Eventeo had always struck him as clever and suave, perhaps this was a manifestation of it. Perhaps his empire was under threat. If that was the case, the girl needed to be...removed from the equation. Even if his thoughts proved to be false, nobody would miss the girl. But her elimination had to be staged as a natural death...perhaps caused by her husband-to-be’s untimely death. Of course, he’d need to call upon some old contacts for the job. Vote tally Bard (4): Fifth, CadCom, Lopen, Crimsn CadCom (5): Meta, Bard, Steel, Kidpen, Alv Cadcom was lynched! He was a Wildman[/color!] Steel was killed! He was Dahad! Lopen was killed! He was a Wildman! Alvron was attacked but Survived! Meta was attacked but Survived! The cycle ends in: Player List: