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Found 4 results

  1. So i'm lying in bed, thinking about some out-of-the-box applications of Surges, and I'm pondering the weird uses of Illumination when i suddenly remembered that it can also manipulate sound and not just light (photons). ...So Illumination can manipulate different kinds of waves. Electromagnetic waves (photons) and pressure waves (sound). First off, this probably means that Lightweavers could make explosive pressure waves with enough stormlight and just level a city in a single explosion of concussive force. That doesn't seem like too big of a stretch to me, it's just a loud enough, single burst of sound. But if Illumination can manipulate waves as complex as a pressure wave, which is a wave through a fluid... why not something as fundamental as Electromagnetic waves, but in a different "flavor"? In this case I am referring to other Quantum fields, of which Electromagnetic is one. All particles are excitations - waves - in these fundamental quantum fields, and if Illumination can create waves in those fields, you can create matter by using Investiture. ANY. MATTER. ...Even antimatter...maybe. But that's another discussion in and of itself. Point is, if Illumination is actually able to manipulate waves in other quantum fields, you can make whatever matter you want. You can create air out of stormlight, or metals, or water, or even something as molecularly complex as blood. ...Hang on, that sounds like Soulcasting! Now we're getting to the fun part, the potential application of Transformation alongside Illumination in this manner. By using Illumination to weave some "essential" material (one of the 10 that the polestones relate to), then you could use Transformation to turn it into something else, easily. Or maybe the initial complexity of the matter you Soulcast isn't relevant to the effort and stormlight required cough STICK cough but maybe it is. I'm not sure. My point I'm making with all of this, is that the surgepairing of the Lightweavers is probably one of the craziest in the KR. Hell, if Illumination could manipulate the Higgs' field in some way, they could change the mass of objects! ...Not the gravitational effect, the MASS. They could make any particle massless and light-speed travelling by negating its interactions with the Higgs field using Illumination... and then stop messing with it, suddenly restoring its mass. The ramifications of which I am TOTALLY unsure of, but the most likely scenario I can think of is that it retains a fair chunk of its velocity (maybe you only restore part of the interaction with the higgs field to give it only a little mass but huge speed) then, it would be a relativistic bullet. But as i was saying, with Illumination and Transformation, Lightweavers could create whatever objects they want, as long as they have the Stormlight at hand to weave and cast it into the form they desire. that is, IF Illumination can manipulate waves in other quantum fields besides the Electromagnetic field. Even that is, actually, quite powerful. Electrons are, after all, the force-carrying particle responsible for molecular bonds. If you could subtract the photons from those bonds, they would break. ...Hey wait, that sounds like Division! That's weird. I have to be wrong somewhere. This is too overpowered... But then again, we did see... (spoiler for OB, just in case) This might just be the full potential of a 5th ideal/truth Lightweaver, we don't know. The one hurdle we'd have to see overcome in-world is knowing about Quantum fields and the fact that all particles are waves in those fields, like light.
  2. So ive been thinking about this for some time now and I was wondering if you guys knew anything. When it comes to entering Shadesmar what is the difference in entering via the surge of transforming as oppose to entering via transportation? My idea is that transformation leaves the radiant's body in the physical realm while their mind can enter the cognitive realm while transportation allows the radiant to fully enter so their whole body enters. I can't find any evidence aside from the Jasnah scene after WOR where she with the help of Ivory "fully" enters. I was wondering if this is a thing we know the answer to yet or if it a RAFO thing. If so what are your guy's theories about this?
  3. So, if a Knight Radiant were walking along and cut himself, then breathed in stormlight, the stormlight would immediately recognize that the cut does not fit with the knight's perception of himself and begin to heal the cut. So here's my example: A knight radiant is charging along in battle with his comrades when they are attacked from behind. The group breaks rank and swivels about to face the ambush, but the knight radiant aforementioned is too slow and is thrown to the ground by one of the enemy monsters. One arm is pinned under the creatures foot and the other hand is caught under a rock. Unable to summon his shardblade and unable to use surgebinding because he is a Edgedancer and not even resurrecting a dead boy will save him, the knight watches helplessly as the monster lifts its massive club to mash in his forehead. Except... he doesn't watch helplessly! He has a hidden power! He immediately convinces himself that he has a third arm sprouting out of his chest, only he lost this arm during the battle. It was very painful. The stormlight immediately sympathizes and helps him by healing his third arm which miraculously appears out of his chest, summons a shardblade, and slays the monster. He then is made fun of by his peers because he is deformed and amputation doesn't help at all. Eh? Plausible?
  4. (Warning 1: I will try my best to avoid talking about the plot of Words of Radiance here, but if you think new magic system-related revelations are spoilers, then I suggest you stay away from this thread. Warning 2: I am not a physicist. Do not take physics lessons from code monkeys posting on fantasy fiction fansites.) IRL, Most physicists believe that the four fundamental physical interactions (the electromagnetic, weak, strong, and gravitational forces) were once combined as a single unified force. A "unified field theory" is one that tries to explain how these fundamental interactions (that seem to work in their own fields) can be described within the framework of a single field, as a single unified force. According to the currently-accepted model of physics, the unified force first split into the gravitational force and the electronuclear force. Then the electronuclear force split into the strong force and the electroweak force. Finally, the electroweak force split into the electromagnetic and weak forces. All of that supposedly happened well within the first second after the Big Bang. Cool, eh? So why am I talking about real world fundamental forces in the Stormlight Archive forum? It's because I think the ten Surges on Roshar are Brandon's way of playing with the concept of fundamental forces in a fantasy setting. Here's a WoB from a Seattle signing last year: So, if Brandon thinks fundamental forces are cool, then maybe he finds the idea of a unified field theory to be cool as well. I'd like to propose that he somehow incorporated that concept into his Surge system. With that, allow me to present my own take on a Unified Surge Theory. Table of Contents Part I: The Unified Surge and Decay Part II: The Unified Surge and Transformation Part III: The Unified Surge and Energy Conclusion Part I: The Unified Surge and Decay IRL, the apparent breakdown of the hypothesized unified field into its separate aspects is explained by theories filled with all sorts of crazy (but fascinating) math. Fortunately, Roshar is a fictional world where things (e.g. the mechanism by which a Unified Surge separates into the ten Surges) can be made a lot more simple using fantasy logic. *commences fantasy logic* Since a Unified Surge should contain the potential of all the Surges, it must have the power of Division inside of it, by which it could divide itself. Simple, eh? Well, it's a bit more complicated than that. A Unified Surge would also have the power of Cohesion, and therefore resist Division. But the fact still remains that there are ten separate Surges instead of just one. It means that the forces within the hypothetical Unified Surge cannot be perfectly symmetrical, and it is therefore not perfectly stable. This suggests that the Surge of Division is stronger than the Surge of Cohesion on Roshar, and that the Unified Surge decays via a series of divisions occuring right after Division overcomes Cohesion. Still with me? So far we've determined that a hypothetical Unified Surge combines all the Surges, and that it somehow decays. Have we seen anything like this? Why, yes. We have seen something like this. I think it's very likely (if not obvious) that Stormlight itself is the Unified Surge. It is through the infusion of Stormlight, after all, that Surgebinders and fabrials access the Surges. Also, we know that after a certain period of apparent stability, Stormlight eventually degrades, dissipating into the atmosphere. This is consistent with the previously described decay of the Unified Surge. This fits really well with the fact that Stormlight is a form of Investiture. I believe that the Surges are manifestations of various aspects of the Power of Creation that Adonalsium Invested on Roshar along with his spren, and Stormlight is the concentration of those aspects. In other words, Stormlight is exactly the thing that Surgebinders bind. Stormlight is the Surge. Now, the fact that the Unified Surge dissipates is definitely a problem for Rosharian Investiture. Szeth complains about losing Stormlight so quickly. Even Kaladin has to deal with this, although to a lesser extent. We know that the Stormfather regularly collects the dissipated Stormlight and and transports them into gemstones every highstorm, but won't it be nice if people could somehow make Stormlight stay put on a more permanent basis, like the Breaths on Nalthis? How do we fight the decay of Stormlight? I've mentioned in another thread that this impermanence of Investiture might be solved by transforming it into Innate Investiture. This, I think, is the purpose of the Nahel bond system that Honor's spren invented. I believe the Nahel bond is a manifestation of the Adhesion Surge applied to both Stormlight itself and a human soul. The stronger a Nahel bond is, the more Innate the act of Stormlight-holding becomes, the better the bond between Stormlight and the Radiant. To make another physics analogy, this is akin to how neutrons are a lot more stable when bound inside a nucleus than when it is free. By boosting Adhesion between Stormlight and the Surgebinder, the Nahel bond actually boosts the aspect of Cohesion within Stormlight, which is normally unstable, allowing it to fully counteract the natural dominance of Division and become stable.