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Found 3 results

  1. The Tragedy of Thaylen Field By Overlord Jebus Authors Note: I'm sorry. This fic will spoil the climax of Oathbringer. Warning, this fic will cover multiple major character deaths. This is not for the faint of heart. I love myself a bit of suffering and even I struggled to write it. I am writing this a chapter at a time. When I have finished a chapter, I go back and read the previous chapter and do a second draft. I will then post the second draft. Feedback welcome. Table of contents:
  2. I peeked out of the preparation room, feeling ready to scream from nerves. It's finally happening what if something goes wrong what if TFA turns up dead what if Ap secretly hates me AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. My internal freaking out wasn't dampened by the knowledge that I had gone crazy over this, telling everyone I knew and many people I didn't to attend. If this wedding sucked or something went wrong, there would probably be someone here to witness it. "Stop it," an amused voice ordered me, and then two arms pulled me back in and shoved the door shut. "It's all going to be fine. TFA is all right, Ap definitely doesn't secretly hate you, and if anything goes wrong then we can fix it. Okay, Ene? WE CAN FIX IT." Trying to slow my hyperventilating, I turned to face Safire Dretve. Her dress shifted in a soft gradient from bottom to top, dark gray to light gray to blue, with slits cut into the back. Extending from those slits were a pair of feathered gray wings, now folded flat on her back. Little blue ribbons tied more feathers into her equally blue hair. She grinned at me, knowing all my worries as if I'd said them out loud. Perks of being a telepath. "Saph's right," Ryfne said calmly from the side, where she sat with a smirking Ieiea Tylei. Ryfne wore an intricate red blouse, beads sewn into the material, with a black skirt and leggings. A shiny belt was hung with Poke Balls, and a streak of red marked her hair. "Everyone is like this when they get married. You'll be okay." Ieiea laughed. "You've always been more stable than the rest of us. It's weird to see you freaking out now." She was in forest green, with purple embroidery of letters spilling across it - dense near the top, then scattering to a few and then none closer to the bottom. Her wordspren, Phrase, lay on her left arm like a tattoo, with a denser concentration of letters and symbols at the shoulder and lessening down by her wrist. "Oh, thanks," I muttered back. Logically, I knew they made sense. Emotionally? That would be no. I paced anxiously over to the room's mirror, a giant hanging construction, and checked my appearance again. I did have to admit that I liked the dress; white satin, it swept down to my feet and rippled elegantly. It was long-sleeved, for the Vorin guests - even though I wasn't Vorin myself - and modest. Golden, embroidered dragons, each unique, swooped and dove, flamed and clawed around the bottom edge; Aons of the same color encircled my neckline, with Aon Ene prominent in the center. Tiny chains of linked infinity symbols looped the wrists. Silk gloves, also white, went up to my elbow, and I had on pale blue slippers. A silver chain necklace boasted a blue teardrop jewel, which glowed with Creationlight that Ieiea had agreed to infuse. My jeans were concealed by the dress. Turning back to the waiting three, I winced. "I'm going to trip and fall in my bouquet or something." The offending blossoms were Marewill flowers, their petals matching my necklace. The door was suddenly thrown open, and in marched Diona Rokni like a highstorm. A dark blue dress veiled gloves of golden silk, which reached to her wrists. A gold earring, Pathian in design, pierced one ear; a necklace of the same metal - likely holding health - hung loosely. A blue-winged kingfisher with a yellow chest perched on her shoulder. Rwendeh was well-groomed, and somehow it suited Diona to have a bird with her. She gave me one look, and I could feel my bravery and calm mounting. It was Rioting, of course, but I welcomed it. I knew they were right; it was extremely unlikely that any of my insane scenarios would actually take place. Diona's boost helped. I closed my eyes, drew in a long breath, and exhaled. Opening my eyes, I felt my emotions return to normal - with an elevation in excitement that I didn't think came from Allomancy. Thanks, I mouthed at her. She smiled back, but it didn't go to her eyes. None of her happiness did these days, thanks to her childhood and the events at the Fulfillment's base; there was always a hidden melancholy. For now, that had been erased from her face, and when she spoke her voice was tinged with interest. "So, when do you plan to go out there and greet people? Because, y'know, they're arriving." I let out a little yelp. "They ARE? Already? But it's like half an hour before the ceremony!" " pretty normal, actually, for weddings," Ryfne pointed out, while Safire tried to hide her giggles. Ieiea didn't even do that. "Erm. Okay. All right. I will...go out there and talk to them! Yes! Small talk!" I gave banishing the last threads of my anxiety one more shot before grabbing the door handle. Shooting a glance behind me at the four of them, I opened it and stepped out. I was greeted by a chapel smothered in color. White streamers dangled from every available surface. Stormlight shone through blue and gold filters, illuminating the open hall of Omi Chapel through the clever use of mirrors and lamps. The pews, with their dark wood backs and red velvet seats, were set in rows facing the podium. Outside, in Silverlight Meadow, I knew tables were draped with white showed off their gleaming silverware, centerpieces of more Marewill blossoms decorating them every few place settings. I glanced to the side and froze. Leaning against the wall was a young man in a simple black-and-white suit with a light gray tie. As he saw me, he straightened and grinned, saluting me. I sighed, but hid a smile. "Hey, Mond. What are you doing here?" "Attending your wedding?" he tried innocently. "When you were expressly told not to come, because you'd cause havoc?" Mond smirked, his act dropping as easily as a raindrop. "You say that like I ever listen to you." "Fair," I allowed. "Just don't ruin anything, or I'll kill you." "You do that, Ene. You do that." His smirk widened. We both knew his semblance would prevent me from killing him, if I got up the nerve to try. I made a shooing motion, biting my lips together so I wouldn't laugh, and watched Mond saunter off in the other direction. Then I turned, squared my shoulders, and moved toward the door. *half an hour later* I stood now right outside Omi Chapel, shivering in the lamentations of the wind. With no father to hand me off present, Gati was doing it for me. He was male at the moment, with a tuxedo the same yellow as his eyes, but I'd seen it shift to a full-on dress occasionally. He gave me a fatherly wink and squeezed my hand as the first notes of Forever Fall began playing inside; we stepped forward, through the doors, which were at that moment flung open by Lurchers. "Once, like a dream, you lo-ooked at me, and e-very-ything felt new..." It was like a dream. I proceeded up the aisle, finding faces I knew among the masses on the benches. Replay, giving me a quiet thumbs-up; Yd, with her gauzy, pale yellow dress patterned with green glyphs across the shoulders and down the back, Ene the seon drifting just above her; Deteca with her bright peach-colored gown, lacking any ornamentation yet still beautiful; so many others, all watching me. "Some people fall in love for life; others never get it right - love's fickle when it calls..." TFA waited at the podium, ready to say the vows and join Ap and I together - wed. On either side, sand masters swirled designs in the air, and Lightweavers prepared to shoot off fake fireworks. Was I ready? No, I was still panicked! Diona's Rioting had worn off long ago and I was NOT READY FOR THIS. "One thing that I know for suuuure, longer than our lives endure; yoooooou're myyyyy -" Strangely, Ap wasn't standing next to TFA. His white outfit should've been easy to pick out, but it wasn't. As we approached, I couldn't find him. "...Fore~ver~ FAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL -" The volume of the music screeched up, and as the last word - fall - played, something fell in front of me, landing crumpled and distraught on the floor. Silence hit. All anyone could do was stare. We'd found Apollyon. He was dead.
  3. Fresh Fruit: A Tragedy in Two Acts Act I A studio apartment in ancient Greece. Ionian columns or something next to a PlayStation. King Somethingclus enters. SOMETHINGCLUS I shall enjoy this fresh fruit when it has ripened! Somethingclus sets the fruit in a bowl covered with pictures of people eating grapes or something. It's next to the cell phone charger. Somethingclus blinks. Act II The fruit has now... gone bad. SOMETHINGCLUS I foresaw such a treat! Oh, my hubris! CHORUS Behold the hubris of kings! For it is always hubris. END.