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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Sanderfans/Sharders, I will be posting a series of "scrolls" about Moshe Feder, Brandon's Tor editor, on my blog. Moshe was the person who "discovered" Brandon and acquired Brandon's sixth novel Elantris in 2003. In 2005, Elantris became Brandon's first published novel. Moshe has kindly agreed to be interviewed for this series. Here is the first "scroll" in case any of you are interested to check it out: This is the first scroll in what is expected to be a multi-short scroll series on Moshe. A future planned "scroll" will document half of Brandon's twin inspiration for including characters like Kaladin, Shallan and Dalinar, who all suffer from various mental health issues, in his Stormlight Archive series. Moshe himself is one half of this inspiration, and I will be documenting Moshe's bout of bipolar that he wants to share in order to help raise awareness about mental health issues. When I asked him if it would be a painful thing for him to share, he had this to say: "Not painful to share. It’s a duty to help fellow sufferers and to work on reducing stigma. When I was Corflu (fanzine fan con) GoH, it was a major part of my speech." Hope you do enjoy the series if you decide to check it out! Warmest Regards Sharon Hooper
  2. I didn't see a place to report errors from Tor's chapter releases of Oathbringer, so I figured I would start one myself. I'm assuming we can probably ignore the weird mistakes like the occasional 'e' that seems to be replaced with a space. If you see any spelling, grammar, or content mistakes, though, feel free to post them here!
  3. So, Tor did an article about Cosmere... ... unfortunately it's wrong or presents speculation as facts. For example, the first picture charting voyages of the Shards doesn't account Odium clashing with Ambition in Threnody system. It also has Ruin travelling to Vax... which is reasonable speculation but still speculation. It also contains Survival... but the Survival Shard's intent is only tangentially related to its desire to hide. Hoid chart doesn't account for his appearance in White Sand - well, technically he hasn't yet appeared there yet but we know he will. Khriss chart has her visited Nalthis - again, reasonable speculation but we do not know that for sure. Well, so far I don't remember any of them sharing their knowledge save for some cryptic remarks of Hoid and Khriss explaining cosmere to Kelsier. It's not that surprising for two Shards to come to the same planet (BTW, the term "Shardholder" was discontinued in favor of "Vessel") and the third one only visited to kill them... Also, I am not sure where the author of the article is getting that Hoid and Khriss met at Sel. Hoid's first stop is White Sand (chronologically - judging by the books) and if anywhere, we could speculate he met Khriss there, although she may have not known who he is yet. Hoid visited Scadrial at least four times. First - Final Empire, then he came through the Well and we have seen him with Terris and then in HoA. Then we have seen him in Second Era and we know he came to Scadrial then at least two times (although I feel his apperance in BoM was another visit). Also, Hoid loves bacon and Hoid awaits instant noodles which certain forces are influencing Scadrial to develop. Um... Frost is currently on Yolen... Did I miss anything?
  4. IT'S THERE TONIGHT 1:30 AM ON FX CHANNEL AND IT IS CALLED WINTER DRAGON edit after watching it: I can't say bad things about anything related to WoT, no matter how stupid this TV show gets. It has good music. That is all I can say.
  5. Has Brandon announced the Bands of Mourning tour and dates? I would really like to know. Thanks.
  6. Are we aware of the Q&A that is doing for the end of their Way of Kings reread? Apparently, during the Epilogue commentary next week, we are allowed to ask questions in the comments, and Brandon will answer ten of them. So, does anyone here know of the event? Have you thought of any questions? I know what I am going to ask: Alternatively: