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Found 13 results

  1. Here we go! Remember, this is like The Longest Thread except linear, so speak in bold, have a character, and go ahead and join in! Please try not to be random and I'd prefer it if no one godmodded. Melody sighed and looked around the garden. Ever since her four older sisters had left and she was left at home with Mother, Father, and Song, she had had nothing to do. Song wasn't any help, she was always playing with her dolls. To be honest, Melody thought she took that 'youngest' thing a bit too much to heart. She was the youngest of sextuplets, it's not like there was any noticeable difference. Melody rolled onto her stomach. Today she had taken her blanket out to the garden just for a change of scenery, but it was actually really nice out here. Without noticing it, she fell asleep. Okay, so let me know when you get here, and I'll have her wake up and notice someone in the garden. If someone posts but doesn't want to participate, it'll just be Song.
  2. plot

    What are we waiting for?
  3. So, is there a maximum number of pages a thread can be? If so, does it max out at 999? This information is extremely important, a la the longest thread. Please don’t PAFO, please don’t PAFO...
  4. So, TLT has been around for over a year now, but rather recently, the concept of plot has been introduced to the story. I know not everyone is happy about it considering Star's, uh, assassination earlier. So I am calling a council of Narrators to come to a decision. @Lunamor @Jaywalk @xinoehp512 @Butt Ad Venture @Truthless of Shinovar @Emperor Stick @Doomstick @Rebecca @Ax's Boyfriend @BringerofShadows
  5. From the album The Longest Thread (Misadventures)

    I was watching a show with my younger brother and I had access to a sheet of paper, but no pencil. I did, however, have a blue pen and TLT on the mind, so I drew the upper set of characters. Drawing faces is hard enough, but drawing exactly what's in your head is even harder. With characters, you can't exactly have a picture to look at so you have to get good at recognizing what features to change and tweak to get what you want. When drawing in pen, you can't erase, so you have to pay attention and know what you're doing. This exercise was really fun and you can tell I get better as I go on. I wasn't sure if I should post this or not, but then I did the second set and it was cool. And for those of you who don't draw, it's an interesting concept.
  6. From the album The Longest Thread (Misadventures)

    When I drew this a few weeks ago, I only partially had myself in mind, so I would say this is a poor representation of what Star looks like, but I did base the outfit that she/I am wearing on the outfit in this drawing. I think the red is cool by itself, but the real reason I didn't color the rest of it is that I'm always scared to color what I draw.
  7. From the album The Longest Thread (Misadventures)

    Kay, I really should have put my picture of Marsh and me here too, but whatever. This is Narrator Pheonix (@xinoehp512) I drew him because I was bored and because I thought it would be cool to maybe draw some of us Narrators and the happenings on TLT. Sorry, I'm not that great at coloring. I try.
  8. From the album Queen of Shadows

    I didn't know where else to put this... *sigh* We'll miss you on TLT, Marsh. Well, I will anyway. Sorry I couldn't save you. I tried. Love you forever, Ironeyes!
  9. From the album Queen of Shadows

    And here she is, the Queen of Shadows herself! Sorry it took me so long. I almost always keep my promises. I hope to draw her in her formal robes/dress pretty soon. But it was really fun to experiment with armor.
  10. In a darkened world, an apocalyptic TLT… Featuring @Shard of Thought: Thought and AJ @beantheboy12: AJ @xinoehp512: Tom Joebob & Fantastic @Jaywalk: Jay and his bunny Bozo
  11. From the album Fallen

    Ah ha! It is finally finished! I present to you Tom Joebob from Fallen and TLT.
  12. Hi guys! @beantheboy12 and I had a duel on The Last Post Wins and it ended up turning into a pretty cool story. If you want to check it out, go and look at TLPW, but I can summarize. Essentially I was a Shard (the Shard of Thought) but my powers have been stolen from me. Now, having nowhere to go, I am traveling with AJ (Bean) - the man who partially caused my descension or whatever. AJ is on the run (for reasons I honestly do not know) and so we're trying to survive while also trying to piece our lives together. The only thing I really know about my own past is that I was called Tamika, and I'm still not very comfortable with the fact that I am now mortal. If this sounds like something you'd like to help us with then say so! We'd love to expand this little story into something much bigger. You can join with as much or as little Investiture as you would like, as an antagonist or helper. Just make sure to be within reason. No fullborns, no Shards. Edit: This RP will take place in any thread tagged "Fallen". You may join at any point in the story, just give a short bio of your character on this thread.