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Found 10 results

  1. The flute I'm refering to is the flute that Hoid gives to Kaladin and he leaves in the camps. This question was prompted by this WOB So do we know anything about this? Can someone find where TLR is described?
  2. So I just read a question about whether the Cosmere was a multiverse or if it prescribed to the 'many worlds' theory. Which got me thinking . What if in an alternative timeline , tlr decided to leave Scadrial , either out of apathy or he was able to get a political system to remain stable without him acting as a linchpin. Suppose he went to roshar , used hemalurgy to kill the heralds , ok maybe not kill them but used it to steal thier connection with the blades and stole thier honor blades , then destroyed the spikes thereby eliminating the risk of them summoning it right back . Hell maybe he wouldn't even need to kill the heralds , after all the shin had 8 blades. Maybe he could take them out . It would be hard but not impossible. Esp not for tlr. Got control over all ten surges . Got himself some shardplate too while he was at it. Figured out a way to turn metal based investiture into stormlight via zinc compounding. Then suppose he went to nalthis , got some 10s of thousands of breath by bullying the ppl or something. Got himself weaned from atium compounding. Followed the example of the 5 scholars and made himself a Nightblood 2.0 , used zinc compounding and tortured vasher to gain the know-how. It would be hard to fight vasher but seeing that denth was able to do it . I'm sure he could have too. The new blade's orders would be to kill tlr's enemies based on tlr's opinion. A much more specific command compared to destroy evil. And guess what ? Lifeless Koloss!!!!!!! Then there's the way magic systems interact to give a something greater than the sum of the parts. How would awakening , surgebinding of 2-10 surges, hemalurgy , feruchemy and allomancy interact in a single person ? Just a thought I had.
  3. So I have heard that tlr had atleast one son or daughter named Lutha ? So what happened to his wife or mistress and his child(Ren) ? Were they all killed during the first few centuries of turmoil ? If not, why didn't rashek create a dynasty ? Letting his son or daughter inherit and die in peace instead of being tortured by Ruin or u know head over to nalthis to gain the fifth heightening . Which begs the question , were his children fullborn or atleast mistborn or feruchemist or twinborn ? Could he have over the centuries have carried out a eugenics program with himself and his progeny , have taken or (and) made his children take mistborn or feruchemist mistresses or wives or husbands or misters . Eventually he might have had a fullborn kid. Hey wait a minute. He had the Lerasium , two beads of it. Couldn't he have had a normal feruchemist kid and then fed him the Lerasium. There could have easily been 3 lrs over the millennium and then the tlr at the time could have ascended again and gotten a few more nuggets of Lerasium which this time they wouldn't be forced to use as bribes to gain allies. So why didn't that happen ? Did Ruin somehow make sure all such attempts would fail ? Did tlr did not want to let go of power and had his kids murdered like chronos from Greek mythology , afraid they would usurp him ? What do u think happened ? Any WoBs ?
  4. Also would mistborn suffer from savanthood if they flared tin like spook ? Would tlr also suffer from negative side effects of general allomantic savanthood and compounding savanthood ??
  5. Just something that's been in the back of my mind since I started my reread/relisten to the Final Empire series.... When Vin pushed TLR's Atiumminds from his arms she was at what we've dubbed on the forums "Mistpoint", burning the mists to the peak of an Allomancer's potential minus ascending to being a Vessel. However, once they were out, she no longer held the mists (As far as I recall, don't have the book or the audiobook in front of me at the moment...) Yet she was able to Push on TLR's Atiumminds without them, despite the fact that they SHOULD have been Invested to all Braize, especially if they WERE the Bands of Mourning. Just wondering if we have any thoughts/explanations? Maybe Vin still held the mists or a fraction of them, and I'm just forgetting, but it seems like a continuity hiccup with metalminds being hard to sense/push on, or them not being Invested, the Bands.... Though considering they were definitely Atiumminds, they should have been Invested.
  6. Brandon repeatedly stated that TLR used Hemalurgy on himself; that TLR "used Hemalurgy to pull off his most dramatic effects" and that it was the reason he heard Ruin. The thing is, even after BoM and its revelations about the remaining metals, there is no reason for TLR to have spikes. Absolutely zero. There was a WoB that his bracers acted as his spikes, but to act as spikes they had to actually hold a Hemalurgic charge. Are there any WoBs out there which hold more information? Or maybe it was decanonised?
  7. Hey guys this is my first post.. Now TLR was a full Metalborn and so he had access to Double Zinc intelligence (how did he ever lose?!?!). So even if he was confident he wouldn't ever be defeated, he should have realized that his time was running out as his Atium Compounding for youth would soon be too impractical to continue (he needs too tap more and more youth as he got older). My question is: why wasn't he planning for this and preparing a successor to take his place? He should have thought of it, with the Zinc compounding..
  8. In WoR, when Szeth attempted to kill Dalinar, both Dalinar and Kaladin had stabbed Szeth with their spears, but Szeth shrugged them off like they were no big deal, also taking their weapons away from them. This is very similar to the Lord Ruler, in the first Mistborn, being stabbed twice with spears by two soldiers, but hardly even flinched. I find this to be a very nice parallel between two books between the Cosmere.
  9. This all comes from my friend, but he doesn't post here, so very little of this is my actual idea. We were just wondering if The Lord Ruler had the ability to worldhop. If anyone in Scadrial's history could, it would be him. I believe it's WoB that every Shardworld's arcana has at least one trick that allows for worldhopping. Scadrial has three arcana that we know of. The Lord Ruler was the unquestioned master of Allomancy and Feruchemy. He could use his feruchemy to power his allomancy; nicrosil speculation aside, we have no idea how he did that and no canon examples of anyone doing the same. He prolly knew more hemalurgy than anyone there's ever been on Scadrial. He had exclusive access to the god metals, one of them in enormous quantities. However Scadrian worldhopping happens, odds are very good that The Lord Ruler was at least theoretically capable of doing it. Then there's his Ascension. In that moment when he held Preservation's power, he could well have gained cosmeric knowledge. The way Sazed realized his Powers were once a part of something greater, Rashek could have realized there were other Powers out there, too. I realize it's all speculation. I just wonder if it's something The Lord Ruler was aware of.
  10. This is the second Brandon Sanderon series I've been through (all 3 Mistborn series and the Alloy of Law). I really appreciate the level of detail that Sanderson puts into the rules and framework for the systems within each part of his Cosmere. However, I'm having trouble wrapping my head around the rules for the compounding, which seem to be pretty important since it results in some of the more spectacular powers in this series. So, the 1st real person we see using compounding is obviously TLR, but there are some aspects of this that are odd to me. I've only done a relatively small amount of research, I figure the die-hard fans probably can help me out and make sure I've got it straight. So, one 1st stores an attribute in a specific metal as a Feruchemist. This involves balance- a person must store an equal amount to what is later used, but he can compress that storage (unlike Allomancy) for a greatly increased burst several times the original attribute, for a much shorter time. To "compound" that attribute allomantically, he then has to swallow the metal. In effect, this creates a "new allomantic metal" for them to burn with the stored attribute WITHIN the metal (not the allomantic attributes of the metal itself) being the effect of that burning process. So, for TLR, he stored age, then burned it.... did he then store the burning of that "age" metal back into his bracers? Otherwise, why would removing the bracers have restored his "normal" age, unless he was in fact drawing compounded "age" from the bracers? If the effects of an attribute can only come from the burning of a stored metal, then the bracers would have been irrelevant. Also, shouldn't he have had some of the allomantic "age" metal in his system regardless, which would have allowed him to continue to stay young even without the bracers? Or am I missing an aspect of this? If the above process is correct and you can store, burn and re-store the compounded attribute (which is several times the strength of the original stored attribute, correct?), then I suppose one could continue to store and burn over and over exponentially increasing the reserves of an attribute within a metalmind. By this I mean you store the attribute, burn the metal directly into a new metalmind, and then burn that (lather, rinse, repeat....) This leads me to the second question which I think I've already answered. In The Alloy of Law, we see Miles, a gold twinborn. Miles stores health in his metalminds, then burns the gold. I guess where I was getting confused is when he burns the stored gold, he not actually burring the "gold" itself (which has nothing to do with healing), but he is burning the stored reserves inside the gold, as if (as with TLR) it was a completely new allomantic metal. So the most powerful twinborns are the ones that have the same metal for feruchemical storage AND allomantic burning, as it allows for the compounding to take place. When compounding, they aren't burning the allomatic attribute of the metal, but the stored feruchemical ability instead (provided there was some stored in the metal by the person in the 1st place). I think I've said the same thing over several times, but again, I'm trying to get my head around it. One last question. I read in one of the forums that TLR's bracers could have acted as a Hemolergical spike. But in order for this to have any effect, they would 1st have to be used to kill a misting/ mistborn to steal an attribute from them, yes? I don't think this really figures into anything if I've got the compounding rules right- it seems unnecessary in explaining TLR's powers. Plus, I don't think he would have wanted that limitation himself. Anyway, if someone can point me to a previous discussion or confirm (or correct) my line of thinking above, I'd appreciate it. Thanks! Oh, sorry, one last question. In the Mistborn trilogy, we only see "Full" feruchemists, much the same way a Mistborn is different from a misting in that they can store and use all attributes of all the metals. This changes, obviously, in the Alloy of Law, where there are no "full" feruchemists, but only feruchemists with a single attribute ability. Was this a result of breeding, or do you believe that Sazed as "Harmony" changed the rules of feruchemy to prevent another TLR situation? I can't recall it saying one way or another anywhere, but maybe Sanderson answered the question directly. More speculation on my part. Thanks!