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Found 5 results

  1. As of Chapter 116, we've been introduced to the Epigraph writer - a Fused by the name of El. El has no rhythms and no title, though Lezian notes that "They gave your title to another, you know. A human." Just what was that title? I was hoping we could compile a list of possibilities, even if some are significantly less likely than others. Blackthorn Son of Thorns He Who Quiets Stormblessed Voice of Lights
  2. Stormlight books are titled after books in world. So what are some ideas for the title of book four? And what character's backstory do you think we'll be following? WoK=Kaladin, WoR=Shallan, OB=Dalinar. Book four=? My thoughts: I think the next book will be named after a book written in the Dawnchant. I don't think it will be a book that we've already seen in world. Perhaps Venli will be our next focus?
  3. Not in names, but in the little titles underneath names!
  4. After such an impressive Title, I feel that you deserve an explanation. Now we know who the focuses of many of our books will be: (in no particular order) Kaladin, Shallan, Dalinar, Szeth, Eshonai, Jasnah, Lift, Shalash, Renarin, Taln. So let's have some fun speculating about the possible titles of the future books! Remember that the Way of Kings doesn't really have to do with Windrunning or Kaladin (Jezrien is the kingly Herald? Getting to know the courtly intrigues?), Words of Radiance is more related to Radiant-ing in general, but could be focused to Shallan and Lightweaving specifically, and Oathbringer is Dalinar's sword. All in all, the titles probably have to do more with the plot arch than the flashback characters, but hey why not have some fun?! You'll notice that I'm completely ignoring the whole 'titles of in-world books' thing, because a. we don't know the titles of many important or historical Rosharan books, and b. they still need to be thematically appropriate in some way. Kaladin - The Way of Kings Shallan - Words of Radiance Dalinar - Oathbringer Szeth - Stones Unhallowed is still my favorite, but maybe The Doctrines of Faith or The Broken Soul. (for the worst part of the coming desolation, trials, and struggles) Eshonai - Discovery's Call or Resurgence. (for humanity and parshendi coming back into the light) Jasnah - A Tomb of Knowledge or Elsecaller. (for picking up the pieces of society after a desolation, and I feel like out of the order names Elsecaller and Skybreaker have the most pizzazz lol) Lift - Voidbringer (because Wyndle) Shalash - Effigy of Remembrance Renarin - Afterimage Taln - Return to Braize (kidding). But how about Death's Journey? ok, give me more titles to drool over! Go! Just editing in my favs from you guys I really like Darkness Unclaimed because it works on so many levels from revealing light, to releasing the odiumspren somehow, to Nalan's journey (he's Darkness), and it suits Eshonai. I like most of Gatorgirl's. Those do sound like they could be Archive titles, and the character matching is nice. Not sure about the Arguments though
  5. One of the site creators should make a chart showing reputation levels! This would be 100% reliable and so I would always know where I stand in the rankings.