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Found 20 results

  1. Now I’ll give a disclaimer, this has to do with General cosmere realmic theory, so if you don’t want to be spoiled on magic systems of the cosmere, this ain’t the place for you. I made this because of @Aspiring Writer, and what better time to make it than my shardiversery! here I recruit people for F-tin being the best possible power in the whole of everything. Let’s start off with the basics. F-Tin by itself. F-Tin is quite the unique Feruchemantic metal, as it can be useful both when tapped and when stored. Reducing your sense of smell, taste, hearing, or even touch can be quite nice at times. Additionally, you have the absolutely mind-bending ability of storing pain, which basically breaks the end neutrality of Feruchemy. What I mean by that is that generally, the idea is that you have a moment of weakness when storing an attribute for a memory of strength when tapping it. With painminds, there is very few reasons to ever tap that stored attribute. There is no weakness in the moment for strength later, it is only strength in the moment! In Addition to all of that, there is the ability to store balance, proprioception, and direction, which could all be brilliantly useful in its own way. There are possibly other things that could be stored, but it all depends on what you would count as a sense (i.e. sense of time, sense of locational position, and all of those things). If you want to theorize or see what I mean about potential senses, here’s a thread on it: For a single Ferring to do all of that is insane! Now we can get into the absolute ridiculousness that is blending it with other magic systems. It is one of the best at a thing that I like to call reverse-compounding, which is fueling Feruchemy using Allomancy. I have a whole thread on it here: And once you expand from there, and start delving into the greater Cosmere, there is even more things you can store! (Relevant thread): And if you are want to know how F-Tin can help in day-to-day life, I made a post for that! All in all, I love F-Tin with all my heart, and it is far and away the most versatile power in all of the Cosmere. While it may not be the best at any one thing, it can certainly help you with anything you seek to do. So join me, and together, we can rule the Shard, preaching F-Tin superiority across the Cosmere! Additionally, if you are so inclined, you can join @AonDii’s Feruchemical Duralumin Club here:
  2. Well, another day, another post gushing about F-Tin. In this installation of this overly long series, I will be covering what I think is one of F-Tin’s strong points: General improvement to day-to-day life. I will be going this down by the senses, and breaking those into storing and tapping. I’ll only stick to the base five plus pain, as those are the only real confirmed ones, and this will be one of my few posts where I don’t overspeculate. Now that we know the rules, let’s get started! Sight Tapping: So tapping sight is kind weird, as instead of improving sight in general, it basically acts as zooming in, giving you binocular vision. Great for reading small text, spotting something far away, being great at finding Waldo, and getting easy access to the menu above the counter at a fast food restaurant. Have you ever wanted to zoom in like you can on your phone in the real world? With F-Tin, you can! Additionally, for any of my fellow glasses users, one can go without em for a bit, or just push the limits of your current prescription, so you have more of an excuse to put off that eye appointment that you’ve been two years overdue for. Storing: So generally speaking, losing sight is not that great of a thing. And I will admit, there are very few cases in which this would be helpful. I would say that it is a solid excuse for “not seeing something.” “You were in the room! How did you not see the baby throwing up everywhere?” ”Oh, I was storing my sightmind!” Hearing Tapping: Increasing general heating can honestly be so nice. You can listen in on conversations, hear what someone’s shouting across the house easier, listen to the birds really well, and generally have a volume control across your whole life. Don’t want to wake up anyone when you are binging a Netflix show? Just leave it at an unreasonably low volume and use your hearingmind to adjust the volume. Forgot your earbuds for the umpteenth time? Hearingminds have you covered. Storing: Blocking out your annoying siblings has never been easier. If there are distractions, blocking them out is a breeze. For those with ADHD, I could certainly see this being a lifesaver. You can also make the excuse of not hearing people when they ask you to do something you don’t want. Touch Tapping: Honestly, this would just be plain cool. Being able to feel any texture with utmost intricacy would frankly be amazing. But if you want examples, I give you petting a cat or dog. Never will you let a softer thing. It would be heaven. Additionally, any comfy blanket just became 10x more comfy. Just a really nice ability to have. Storing: have you ever had the issue of liking the flavor of a food, but disliking the texture? This can solve that problem. Additionally, if you are handling something gross, not feeling it could be quite nice. Taste Tapping: Your favorite foods just got even tastier. That’s all I have to say. Great addition, and I want it. Storing: If you are forced to eat something gross, or just want to prank your friends, storing taste can be awesome. Additionally, eating medicine or accidentally having medicine stuck in your throat just got easier to deal with. Smell Tapping: so interestingly enough t, this would also help your sense of taste. So more tastiness did you! Additionally, being able to smell fresh cooked bread at a distance like never before is some quality stuff. Storing: Taking out trash and rotten food, unclogging toilets, and drying your dog has now become bearable. You’re welcome. Pain Tapping: This one is a bit of an oddball of the group. Generally, tapping is supposed to be the benefit, but here, it usually isn’t. However, if you are a sucker for spicy things, this could potentially help. Storing: Honestly, all I have to say is never getting headaches again, but I’ll say more. If you’re a sports player, that injury that you know is okay, but still hurts won’t be an issue. Also, burning yourself isn’t as bad as it used to be, which is nice. One of the most interesting applications, however, is not having limbs falling asleep. The pins and needles are a nerve response, so theoretically, this would cut it off. Also, would that mean physical anxiety symptoms and nerves from upcoming performances could dissipate as well? Probably. For an anxious human like myself that has really irritating physical symptoms, that would be very nice indeed. And that’s the list! If you have more to add, please do! Personally, I think F-Tin is far and away the best metal for people that aren’t politicians, warriors, or scientists. It’s useful for a myriad of smaller situations, and is just awesome. It’s six QoL superpowers in one! And if this has taken you over the edge for joining the F-Tin cult, I welcome you. More members are always welcome, and I assure you that I won’t stop gushing about its awesomeness anytime soon. A shameless plug for the uninitiated:
  3. We know Feruchemical Tin can store Allomantic senses like Bronze NewbSombrero Can Feruchemical tin store Allomantically granted senses like bronze sense? Brandon Sanderson Possible. General Signed Books 2018 (Feb. 8, 2018) Theoretically, Hemalurgic tin should store all the same things as F-Tin. So if you had proper Intent, could you spike the bronze sense out of an Allomancer burning bronze? If you did, would the recipient of that spike have permanently renewing bronze sense, much like regular kandra blessings (including Tin), or would it have a limited duration because the bronze wasn’t a natural sense?
  4. Well, here I am again, praising F-tin from the rooftops. I often spend too much time wondering what senses can be stored from other sources of magic (lifesense, allomancy, whatnot), but I really haven’t soent much time wondering how many senses a regular Windwhisperer ferring could store. So let’s find out, shall we? Obviously, you have the base 5 (sight, hearing, feeling, taste, and smell). We also know for sure that we can store pain separately, so that makes 6. I would say it is fair to say you can store your sense of balance, sense of temperature, proprioception (knowing where your body is in relation to itself) quite well. To add on to that, I would add sense of gravitational direction (whether you are up or down) and sense of being in motion as separate enough to count as it’s own sense for tinminds. I would also count sense of dimensionality (if something is 3d or not) in this category as well. Now, on to the stretches. Sense of Time. This one I feel is not that bad, but at what point do we determine cognitive processes are their own senses? Another similar sense would be internal Sense of Direction. Knowing if you’re pointing south or west, or where you are in relation to an object or place. We also have some extensions of other senses. Color recognition: is this sight? Not quite. But is it different enough? Sense of Pitch: same thought as color recognition, but with hearing. I would argue that since we have identified that pain can be stored separate from touch, that these two can be stored separately. So thus far that is 16, which is a number I would be very happy staying at. However, I’m certain there is more. Well, we do have internal senses. Sense of hunger, thirst, and bladder needs. Perhaps you could even count internal pain, such as head or stomach aches as separate from other sense of pain. To take it even further, what about sense of light? Could you gain night vision using F-tin? Maybe! Some of these are stretches, and some of them are quite reasonable. Where would we draw the line? Are we going to chalk it all up to Intent, and decide that if the Windwhisperer thinks it’s a sense, then it can be stored? That would certainly make sense (no pun intended), but then how overpowered could a Windwhisperer truly be?
  5. Per WoB, we know Spook was not made into a lerasium level Mistborn. However, there should still be one area Spook is more powerful in. In both Hemalurgy and Lerasium, we know duplicating a power makes it stronger Shardlet If Vin and Elend hypothetically each blindly ingested equivalently sized beads of lerasium, would Vin be a stronger Mistborn than Elend, or would they be equal? Brandon Sanderson Yes, Vin would be stronger. It is additive, not just an overwrite. Firefight Seattle UBooks signing (Jan. 6, 2015) So in theory, Spook should have extra powerful tin. One from his natural Tineye abilites and one from the Mistborn boost. Unless Harmony took away Spook’s original ability completely before making him Mistborn, but that seems unlikely. Not a big game changer. Tin isn’t like brass or bronze, where having a higher power level has an obvious benefit. But it would be a nice fun fact if Spook’s bloodline had a little stronger and longer Allomancy than it would otherwise. Though Era 2 is as low as Allomancy gets, so it maps the same either way. Either way, I think it’s a nice minor detail.
  6. I searched for others discussing this, but didn't come across anything. If you know of a thread that already brought this up and I missed it, just let me know the source and I'll gladly remove my post. I've read every story in the Cosmere and am now going back and re-reading in hopes of discovering knew things I missed or couldn't have known the first time through. This is a minor discovery IF it's true, but interesting none the less. First, I believe that Vathi from Sixth of the Dusk is Khriss (just found out this has been confirmed as false)... BUT I also believe that she may be an allomancer. Keep in mind that SotD is the farthest story into the future according to the known Cosmere timeline... so who knows what has happened to Khriss between now and then. Here's an excerpt from Sixth of the Dusk: So the part that struck me as a dead giveaway was the very last line, "...or was she just lucky?" If you remember in The Final Empire, Vin would always refer to her allomantic ability as her 'luck'. When I read this, I felt as if Sanderson purposefully wrote that line in order to hint at the fact that Vathi/Khriss was using her 'luck'... in this specific case, tin. I don't know if she's just a Misting or if she becomes a Mistborn as some point, but regardless, I believe she's burning tin in SotD. What do you think? Am I a far out fanboy looking for connections where there are none, or do you think I picked up on a clever nod from Sanderson?
  7. I don't know if this has been done before, but I was creating a character for the Mistborn adventure game, who is a tin ferring. I started to think about all interesting things you can store in a tin metalmind, here's my list so far. Sense of temperature Sense of pain sense of direction sense of balance sense of hunger/thirst Would you be able to store these senses in a Tin mind? and if so, what would some other interesting or useful senses be?
  8. Obligatory thanks to @Stormtide_Leviathan for coming up with this question. As well as a thanks to @Ookla the Grammatical for wanting this post made, I guess. So hypothetical here. You have a H-tin spike, and you want to stab an animal (let’s say owl) for its sight. You then stab it into yourself. Would it increase your sight normally, or would you gain owlsight, since sight just works fundamentally differently for owls than it does for humans? Would you get better night vision? an even better hypothetical. What if it was snakesight? Some snakes see basically through thermal vision. Does that count as a separate type of sight? and if they do count as different types of sight, would there be a toggle? Would it just be a permanent overlay? Could you gather many different animal’s sights and see everything? and what happens when you are a tin Ferring? Do you now have a new sense in your arsenal that you can store? Does that mean that you now can easily see in a hundred different ways and choose how much you see of each of those sights? and this applies to ALL of the senses. Hearing, taste, touch, smell, pain, balance, and location. Many animals have very different ways of experiencing the world. Can you steal all of those experiences and claim them as your own?
  9. So tin can store senses. A lot of senses. I’d say perfect color recognition is not a sense. You need to see to use it. But it is definitely separate from overall sight. It is distinct in that matter. Is it distinct enough to be it’s own aspect in a metalmind? Same goes with perfect pitch. I’d guess so, but I’m not certain.
  10. So copperminds can give your body feelings. Wax felt cold when he was using the tinmind coin. Could you increase your sight in a coppermind to see things you didn’t see before, or is that just too pocket dimension-y to work?
  11. tinmind

    My 9 year old son just started mistborn. He has finished TFE and is a good portion through WoA. As we were talking about the combat abilities of Allomancy and Feruchemy, he opined that Feruchemy might be best because a Feruchemist could store their sense of pain. I know that there are any number of senses that can be stored in a tinmind. Has it ever come up, confirmed, or theorized that the sense of pain is one of the senses that can be stored? (If so, I am starting to think of how pain could be creatively tapped for effect.)
  12. It's been a while but we are finally back on track with "Letters From the Cosmere!" Scadrial is a world with a dark past. Of all the known worlds, the people of this planet have come face to face with their local Shard wielders more than any other. As Ruin and Preservation battled over the fate of the planet, the people suffered until the end came. Now Elsric has published his essays about this world's Investiture and how these powers are connected to the Intents from which they came. Here Elsric describes the secrets of Pewter and Tin, the Internal Physical Metals. Transcript: Essay Number 2 The Secrets and Investitures of Pewter and Tin – The Internal Physical Metals My lifetimes of study and observation have lead me to a fascination about Shards, specifically the Intent of a Shard. This is one of many reasons why Scadrial is a major focus of my studies. It a system whose history and people have seen a great amount of direct interaction between Shard entities and the mortals who live on the planet. The fall of the World of Ash also taught us about the simplistic dynamic of shardic intent, and how the actions of the shard holders are guided along a track until they themselves are less of an individual and more a force of will. They become a hyper intelligent concept. In fact, the bonded spren of Roshar are approximate examples of what I feel a Shard Bearer becomes. It is a blending of the Cognitive and Spiritual essence into something far greater. The Intent of a shard can be extrapolated based on the shape their investitures take. These powers follow laws much like the laws that govern the physical universe. This essay is at the heart of my arguments in this matter. It is imperative that the reader understands that the purpose of these essays is to examine the internal nature of the powers found on Scadrial. Within these pages are my measurements and diagrams, but this is more a dialog intended to uphold my claims that investiture is patterned after intent. This is a fact that is highlighted in all the magic systems of the Cosmere. In this essay I will show how the Allomantic powers of Pewter and Tin are nearly perfect examples of this manifest intent. These powers are the personification of Preservation, which was the Intent that was carried by Leras until the Catasandra. Pewter is the Pushing Internal Physical Metal. It seems an apt description considering Pewter pushes the physical body to its peak and beyond. While burning the metal, the allomancer will experience and enhancement of all physical aspects of their body. The physical strength and speed are increased by magnitudes, although no muscle mass is actually added. The bones also are reinforced, becoming resilient to severe punishment. Once again, this extra strength does not come from an increase in bone mass or density. There is also an increase in the allomancers balance which compensates for the improved physical abilities, often resulting in a lithe almost cat-like grace that comes to a Pewter Arm. This heightened balance and increased speed means that at peak efficiency, a allomancer burning pewter can maintain a sprint at nearly the speed of a galloping horse. This means that a pewter runner can be clocked at over 60 kilometers an hour. Pewter is the fastest burning metal of the original 8 metals. It’s pure allomantic alloy is a casting of ninety-one percent tin and nine percent lead. A Pewuter Savant, or a pewter allomancer who has adapted to burning pewter over long periods of time, is hard to make and even harder to recognize. The benefits of long term Pewter flaring are often dwarfed by the physical dangers that come with doing so. A Pewter savant will consume Pewter more efficiently, and can start healing from wounds at an accelerated rate compared to other Pewter arms. However, this constant flaring drives a need for the metal, and if the allomancer ever runs out of metal to flair, they can die quite suddenly from the shock. This makes study of Pewter Savants difficult for most people are too wary to attempt and it would be unethical to perform tests on the unwilling. Of specific interest to me is the infamous Pewter drag. This is an instance where an allomancer consumes massive amounts of Pewter at a consistently high rate in order to maintain a prolonged and intense burn of the metal. This pushes the boundaries of what we know are the limits of Pewter. Allomancers have been known to run for days on one of these burns, moving at a break neck speed. The longer this allomantic burn goes, the underlying consequences grow steadily more severe. The body seems to understands on a primal level that pewter-dragging is unnatural. Many Mistings report an overwhelming fatigue and mental sluggishness that accompanies a pewter drag. When the drag is finished, the allomancer must continue to burn pewter for the next several hours. If not, the allomancer may slip into a coma which can be lethal. They also must maintain a high water volume and calorie intake so their bodies can continue to function. Pewter dragging is highly dangerous and should be overseen by other experienced allomancers in order to help train the mind for the incredible physical strain. My studies have led me to the conclusion that Pewter is the greatest example of Preservation’s Shardic Intent, and why I felt this should be the foundation for my claims. Experience and observation indicate that the Intents of the Shards direct the application of their endowed Investiture. In fact, I postulate that by studying the manifestations and laws that govern an observed Investiture, that you could determine from observation alone what the Shard’s core intent is. For example, I wish you to reflect upon the fundamentals of Pewter. Pewter brings incredible physical enhancements to the allomancer. This effect has a limit or cap, but these powers come with little to no consequence to the allomancer. Pewter isn’t necessarily making you stronger, but rather that strength is a consequence for what it is doing. I have observed that Pewter instead produces the effect of freezing an allomancer’s state of existence. While burning pewter, the physical body resists changes down to the microscopic level. The bones don’t get larger and tougher, they simple resist change making them harder to break. The body can sprint at speed for long periods of time because Pewter prevents the body from suffering the ill effects of motion and muscle degradation. The pewter is acting as a barrier, preserving the allomancer’s body by expelling the energy that would normally create these physical changes and dissipating it into the spiritual realm. This is speculation on my part, but the differences that we see in the physical Ferrochemical arts displays this discrepancy perfectly. As you will see in my future essays, alomancy uses investiture to effect the world around the alomancer, all the while preserving the allomancer. The other metallic arts require great physical sacrifice in order to obtain their power. Allomancies complete dependence on metals fits the observed intent of Preservation. Despite this drive for Preservation, any interaction with Investiture comes with risks as stated above. Just because a Pewter Allomancer resists changes, doesn’t mean that they are unharmed or changed from this process. In fact, quite the opposite. But it is apparent to me that the intent behind pewter’s power clearly follows the pattern of its shard. This can also be observed in Pewter’s metallic counterpart, Tin. Tin is the Internal Physical Pulling metal. This power creates a heightening in the allomancer’s perceptions of the physical world by pulling on the capabilities of the allomancer’s mind. This enhancement is unilateral, greatly increasing the sensitivity of all the senses all at once. Normally this information would be overwhelming and possibly damaging to the psyche. However, it is apparent that Tin’s abilities change the way the mind works, increasing its capabilities. I believe that this is actually the only true change that Tin proves. Reports indicate that a Tin eye, or a Tin misting, does not see anything that wasn’t already observable. Instead they become hyper aware of all the sensory input that their bodies are receiving and enhances the minds ability to interoperate the information. Tin also provides an ability to see through the mists of Scadrial. The Mists are a gaseous manifestation of Preservation/Harmonies power in the physical world, and thus Preservation’s Arcane abilities are granted an advantage in the Mists, most noticeably with the Tin eyes. This ability does come with many downsides. With such a sensitivity to stimuli, the allomancer is susceptible to any dramatic changes in sensory input. Unexpected loud noises or bright lights can stun and even incapacitate a Tin eye. Even with the mental enhancement, the mind can only handle so much data at once. Another cost is the enhancement of pain receptors which can also overwhelm a tin eye. In fact, the tin eye often avoids confrontation for this very reason for while burning tin they can be easily incapacitated. Tin Savants are some of the strangest invested entities in the Cosmere. The extended Tin flair causes the mind of the Allomancer to permanently change. With this enhancement, the mind becomes incredibly capable of filtering out unwanted sensations, allowing for… strange abilities. Before the Catasandra, the Lord Mistborn was a Tin-eye Misting who became the only documented Tin Savant on record. He was capable of seeing through cloth, could see stars on cloudy nights, and was even able to hear a man’s heartbeat from over thirty yards away. However, if the Savant ever runs out of Tin, his natural senses are dulled into almost nothing. This is a frightening medical condition that if left untreated runs a high risk of accidental death due to a lack of sensory data. In is my opinion that such Savants be discourage, although it must be admitted that the supernatural senses it creates fascinating and the effects of such abilities are powerful if executed properly. Tin also reflects Preservation’s intent. With the exception of the Savant, Tin does enhance an allomancer without altering the individual. Again we can see that Tin does not make the individual’s eyes better, or change the physical characteristics of the Tin-eye’s ears. Instead the changes are all about the capabilities of the mind and the ability to intemperate incoming data. This preserves the allomancer while also increasing the allomancer’s ability to survive. Savants challenge this assertion but I believe that the metaphysical changes observed in the Lord Mistborn’s life were caused by a fundamental law of investiture, rather than by the intent of Preservation. I have observed in my years of travel that those who channel large amounts of investiture for long periods of time are physically altered by the power. This is a study outside of my focus but such examples of metaphysical changes have been seen in the Soulcasters of Roshar, or the Dakhor of Sel. Prolonged and persistent Investiture creates changes in individuals even when the intent was never to produce such changes. In conclusion, the manifestation of Pewter and Tin are perfect examples of the manifestation of Preservation’s Intent, the guiding nature of the Shard. The other abilities of Allomancy also reflect this, but none as starkly as the internal physical metals. Following this article are my estimations of Pewters limitations and flared capabilities as well as personal annotations made in the Words of Founding concerning the effects of a Tin savant. Postscript: This essay is of particular note, perhaps we have been looking at these metals in the wrong light all along. If we can, I desire to conduct more tests of this nature on Kandra blessings, I am curious to see if Kandra can become Savants. Until the next letter, Elsric
  13. How does the Third Heightening compare to allomantic tin? What, if any, overlap is there in the powers? Would a tineye have been able to notice the subtly different colors of the trap door in Mercystar's palace? Is there any real benefit to being a tineye at the Third Heightening? Obviously it's an improvement over just the Third Heightening, since you could also see things farther away, but does tin already give you the ability to distinguish shades the way BioChroma does? One possible advantage; while a tineye might be able to tell that the two reds in front of him aren't identical, he might not automatically know which is the "pure" hue the way an Awakener could. Thoughts?
  14. What happens when I finish the repetitious math work in class, have a marker, and sufficient boredom. From thumb to pinkie, it's: iron, steel, atium, tin, and pewter.
  15. I decided to make the mists less blurred here to show that Tin sharpens the senses, and that's also portrayed by the visible stars and the city lights in the background.
  16. This is one of the metals that I created with Adobe Photoshop. I took a bunch of .png files and put them into Photoshop, then used a lot of different techniques, blurs, noise, and such to create these. I hope you all like them. I am not sure if I need a disclaimer, but I don't own anything.
  17. The books give us very little in the way of information on Allomantic Savants, but ever since first reading the second book years ago, i've been fascinated by the implications. Does anyone know if Sanderson has given any hints about Savants other than tineyes? Could a misting reach duralumin boosted levels with their allomancy? Could an Atium misting with a mountain of atium theoretically gain true future sight from atium as Elend did via duralumin There's so much unexplored territory with the savants.
  18. I am rereading all of the Cosmere books and in HoA when Spook removes the Spike giving him Pewter he is overwhelmed by all that he could ignore using Pewter and he lets his Tin dim so that he no longer feels everything like he usually does. But when he Flares it again this happens. "With a scream of pain. Spook flared tin. As the metal always did, it brought a wave of sensations-thousands of them, shocking him at once. Pain. Feeling. Hearing . Sounds,smells, lights. And lucidity." emphasis mine. Wouldn't having all of those sensations at once cause him to to go into shock, instead of bringing him lucidity? I thought about it and what I came up with is it doesn't increase his senses, as much as it increases his mind making him more able to process the wide array of information his senses give him. ( I'm not sure if people know this but people hear and see far more than we think, we just can't process the information so it gets ignored. ) Not making him smarter just more observant. Anyway, thoughts? Am I completely bonkers or am I on to something? ( If you aren't quite sure what I'm asking/saying just ask and I will try to clarify. But remember I am a New Zealander and we basically speak another language. It's so hard trying to translate Kiwi into American )
  19. When you store eyesight while burning Allomantic tin, are you storing Allomantic or regular eyesight? Could you still get the increased visibility through the mists from tapping that, or would it just make your vision better?
  20. When I finished the first Mistborn book one of the most interesting abilities was tin, by the end The Hero of Ages it was my favorite ability. After thinking about how tin works I have three main questions that. Feruchemical tin enhances senses in a different way then allomantic tin does, since feruchemical sight simply works like a zoom button. So the first question I have is what thoughts do people have on how the other four feruchemical senses. The first twinborn combo I thought of was double tin not for compounding but to have as much control over your senses as possible. So the second question I have is what are your thoughts on how tapping and burning tin at the same time works. When you use Hemalurgy to spike a allomancer with an ability they already have it enhances it power. So the last question is what do people think would happen if you spike a Tineye with a spike endowed with tin. Not sure if any of these have solid answers already through other sources, was just curious about other people's thoughts.