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Found 12 results

  1. So speed is a measurement of distance over time. Take 1 regular person and 1 steel Ferring, put them against each other in a 50 meter dash. Obviously the Steelrunner will win, but why? They won because they got a faster time, not because they traveled more distance. In that scenario the distance is 50 meters for both people. That doesn't change. The only thing that changes is the time it takes them. Steelrunners store personal time. on the flip side, I cannot picture in my head how someone would store distance, but idk I could be convinced. I am guessing there is someone smarter than me that can tell me why I am wrong about this
  2. New and updated info is marked in red. This is an idea that I've had bouncing around in my head for a while. I figured that if I put it here all of you can help me shape it into a full system. The idea is that Time is a resource and that all things in the universe hold a certain amount of time. The amount of time an object holds is based on how long it has been in that state. For example, a human that is 20 years old holds 20 years worth of time (give or take how many days they are from their birthday.) The way this works as a magic system is that there are certain people that can draw from these wells of time that each object has, this allows them to say, take 10 years out of a rock and put it into a tree. This change has a physical effect on the objects because the objects are actually aging or de-aging. This change would have different effects on different objects, for example in the aforementioned scenario, the rock would likely not change much because 10 years is not much to a rock. At most the rock might get a little larger because it doesn't have the 10 years of erosion anymore. But to the tree, 10 years could mean a drastic change in appearance. 10 years could mean the difference between a 2-foot sapling and a 12-foot tall tree. Drawbacks The main drawback is that Time cannot exist without affecting something. What that means is that the average Time manipulator could not hold more than at max around 60 years. Any more than that and they risk dying of old age. Parameters Time cannot exist without affecting something. This means that no matter what is holding the Time, be it a rock, person, plant, or even a building, it will either be moved forward or backward in its timeline depending on how much it's holding. Time can only be pulled out of an object to the point where it last changed form. What this means is that if you take for example a broken sword, even if the sword is 30 years old, if it broke when it was 20 years old you cannot pull more than 10 years out of it because it changed from when it broke. Likewise, if a man lost his leg at 19, you could not de-age him past 19 because the loss of his leg changed his form. There is one exception to this rule, however, If you have both parts of the original object, like the sword, both the handle section and the blade, then you can de-age them at the same time and fuse them back together. Due to the fact that you obviously could not have every molecule of a broken object, it is possible to pull Time from a broken object with having all the pieces. But this takes more time and concentration. Essentially, the more you have of the original object the easier it is to pull Time from it. The past is set in stone, the future is not. This rule is in two parts, this first means that anything that happened in the past cannot be changed. This means you could take time out of a painting till it was just a canvas, but no matter how much time passes, when you put time back into the canvas it will ALWAYS become the same painting. The second part of this rule is that the future is fluid and ever-changing. This means that if you add time to say a hunk of wood and it becomes a beautiful carving, if you take that time out of that wood reverting it backing to just wood there is no guarantee that when you add time back into it again that it will still become a carving, it may become part of a chair instead. Memory's are not lost when a person loses Time. All this means is that memories are tied to a individuals identity, not their body. This means that if a person who was 60 transferred 40 of those years into a rock, thereby de-aging themselves to be only 20, they would not lose the memory's that gained during the 40 years they got rid of. 90% of the time, you must be touching the items you wish to change. It is possible to change an object that you are not touching, only by passing the Time through multiple objects. This can be incredibly hard to do and causes a lot of mental strain. The more objects that the Time has to pass through, the harder it is. Objects will always attempt to return to their present-day form. What this means is that if you add 100 years into an object it will try to shove that time back out so that it can return to the form it should be at the present time. The farther an object is from its starting point the harder it will push. So if an object is 100 years older or younger than it should be it will leak slower than if it were 1000 years older or younger. I don't know the ratio yet, but they don't tend to leak much until they are at least 150 years off of where they belong. Objects will only leak into things directly touching them. There are certain materials that are resistant to the effects of Time, what that means is that they work as insulators so that even an object that was 2000 years older than it should be could not leak into them. Them main insulator materials are gemstones. P.S. This means that you could build a sword with a diamond insulated handle that had 15000 years into it so that when you hit anyone with it they would get so much Time shoved into them they would essentially disintegrate. When multiple objects are isolated, the Difference (how far off they are from present form) will equalize. This is loosely based on the "every action has an equal and opposite reaction" law. Essentially it means that if you had a rock with a Difference of 100 years and a rock that was in present form and you put them into a diamond-lined bag so that they could not leak into anything but each other, they would equalize so that they both had a Difference of 50 years. At that point, they would stop because they would both be pushing on each other with the same amount of force. It is WAY easier to tap into the TimeWells if you have a Focus. Focuses can take the form of a variety of different things but the most common is a pocket watch. Whatever the focus, it must contain a gemstone, Quartz works the best. They are most commonly used by placing one hand on the object one wishes to change, and holding the watch in the other hand. The one affecting Time then focuses on the face of the watch, visualizing the time running backward or forward for the object. Gemstones do not function under the same rules as everything else. This is the reason that they work as insulators. Time does not naturally flow through gemstones. This does mean that Gems can be used as storage for Time, but pushing Time through the Time barrier that they possess can be difficult. Also, because Time effects Gems differently they can be used for a variety of purposes. I hope I explained this clearly if you have any questions or ideas I'd love to hear them. After all, feedback is the reason I posted this. I am currently writing a book based on this magic system, a feedback topic for that is located here: Killing Time Edit - Typos and updated information.
  3. I've been really enjoying looking for Cosmere-related clues as I read through Brandon's work, and I thought of a question. When Hoid visits a world, how long does he generally stay there before moving on? He appears in all 3 books from Mistborn Era 1, but was he there during all that time or did he leave and come back? He is/was also the King's Wit in Alethkar, the Imperial Fool of the Rose Empire, and a storyteller in Hallandren, positions that I assume took some time to get into. I'm not sure if there is any mention of these kinds of details in the books themselves (I haven't read them all yet) or if Brandon has revealed anything while answering questions. What do you all think? Theories are welcome, but please don't spoil stuff for me. So far I've read Elantris, Hope of Elantris, Emperor's Soul, Warbreaker, Mistborn Era 1, Alloy of Law and Way of Kings.
  4. So seeing as Hoid appears within both the final empire series and alloy of law series as my only evidence, when one worldhops, do you travel through time/can you? Or is it just the fact that Hoid has greatly extended his lifespan along with other worldhoppers?
  5. I have seen some references to this in other posts, but I have not yet found any answer or deep discussion on this... So, my main question is why/how did Taln resist in Damnation for 4500 years this time? The common answer is about his stubbornness, but I think that make no sense. Previously, ALL the heralds were in Damnation. Previously, Taln was in Damnation? Previously, the Desolations happen only hundreds of years apart. Now, when only one the heralds went to Damnation, it resisted for much longer?? Something is not quite right where... Some ideas: I have seen the suggestion that Odium plan for it. More time between Desolations mean more time for Humanity to forget how to deal with them (I don't know how to link to that post). Make sense, but then why chose a situation in which all other 9 Heralds are free?! Would it be better for Odium if all/most of them are trapped and only arrive on Roshar close to the Final Desolation? By allowing them to stay in Roshar it was possible for them to organize/teach people how to fight in the Desolation... As a side point, why the hell none of the Heralds did this?!?! I realize that they brook their oath. They might even be weaker (see Nale) because of it. But why did they completely abandon humanity? One of them at least should have kept teaching how to fight in the next desolation... Is it possible that the lie about Knights Radiant bringing Desolations was the reason for the Recreance? And it's not a complete lie and indeed the presence of many KR somehow bring the Desolations closer? Maybe this is why the gap was much larger (small number of KR in Roshar). The logic might be that KR use power from Honor/Cultivation. This weaken the grip of the prison for Odium and allow for the Desolation to happen. Maybe this was why the KR brook their oats! I saw the theory that the next Desolation starts when the FIRST Herald fail to endure the torture in Damnation (I always thought it would be when the LAST Herald fail). This would work for the time problem (Taln endure much more than any of the others). However, by rereading the prologue of TWoK this does not seem to be the believe of the Heralds. Related: - Why did KR start appearing close to a Desolation? What defines someone as potential KR and what decides whether the person will really be a KR? As conclusion, I think there might be something we are misinterpreting regarding Desolations/Oathpact/KR/Heralds. When things don't add up with Brandon, that indicates he is playing with us
  6. My first theory!! Maybe it's already somewhere else or dis proven but here it goes. If Hoid as access to Cadmium Allomantic power and Chromium Feruchemical power we could store luck and then prepare a vial with chromium using the stored luck, given him the amount of chromium necessary to stay in a bubble until the next important event happen...
  7. Brandon says Worldhoppers undergo some form of "time dilation" that slows down their aging. Speculation: Though Worldhoppers travel through the Cognitive Realm, maybe they still benefit from time's relativity. There are Physical Realm distances between planets, and the Cosmere's physical "laws" are our own, plus magic. It takes Demoux a short time to travel from Scadrial to Roshar through the CR, but the planets may be light years distant. Demoux would have been long dead had he remained on Scadrial. Think Planet of the Apes, except that the space travel was through the CR, not space itself. Does this explanation make sense?
  8. Does anyone have an idea what a Rosharan clock might look like? Example: Shallan looked at the clock to realize it was half past the first moon's bell. Sorry if this topic has already been answered. If so, could you link it below.
  9. First off, let's assume that Steelrunners automatically speed their minds up as well as their body, otherwise they would be constantly crashing into things. Now let's take a Steelrunner/Pulser Twinborn. (Feruchemical!Steel, Allomantic!Cadmium.) The Twinborn pops up a Cadmium bubble, slowing down everyone around her, but then taps speed, returning herself to normal speed when compared to people outside the bubble. You can now communicate with people outside the bubble, while everyone around you is frozen. Good for lots of things, such as defusing bombs, searching a person, getting outside help, and so on. Why do I bring this up? Because Marasi is a Pulser, and there is a Feruchemical!Steel Spike floating about. I'd bet that somehow, she ends up with it.
  10. Just a minor note. As I type this, the clock on my laptop claims that it's 5:30 PM. The forum clock that tells me when posts or messages were made, however, says that it's 4:30 PM. I live in the Central Time Zone, and my laptop's clock has always aligned with that of the forum before. I suspect that Daylight Savings Time screwed up the synchrony; can anyone confirm which clock is accurate?
  11. Hi! Is there any way I can get the timestamps on the site in 24 hour format? Im not used to PM and AM. I can figure it out, but it takes some time every time for me.
  12. Hello everyone! This is my second post on the forum, and I thought I'd open with a theory! After reading through many of the posts on the forum, and cross-referencing with the novels on my shelf, I've come up with an idea I like about Hoid's abilities. Specifically, I postulate that there is a shard that governs Time. This may seem like a "duh"/very basic theory, but I'd like to expand on this with a little bit of Special Relativity knowledge. In my understanding of Einstein's work, light is essentially the universe's timepiece, and control over the speed of light would be tantamount to control over time. Hence, this shard "Time" would allow the user/possessor to manipulate light. Now, if this shard was native to Yolen, then it would explain why the magic system of Lightweaving originated there. Now, a shard as powerful as Time would have to come with limitations: Time travel backwards is impossible. By manipulating light, speeding up or slowing down time would theoretically be possible. But backwards time travel would require light/the universe to act against it's fundamental nature. I understand that the Cosmere is a fantasy universe, but as Sanderson's Laws of Magic state: there's got to be rules. This limitation to Time would also explain Hoid's way of existing since Adonalsium was shattered, yet he hasn't experienced every moment since. Originally, I thought that Hoid might possess two shards: Light and Dark. However, this seemed too simplistic, and WoB stated that there were no other conflicting pairs apart from Ruin and Preservation. Then, I thought about the ideas behind complimentary pairings, and if Hoid was to have a second shard, it would be something like Space. Now, Space is one that I haven't felt through fully, but it could operate on multiple levels. Physical space manipulation could explain Worldhopping, Spiritual space could explain Hoid's ability to be in the right place every time, and Cognitive could make access to/control over the Shadesmar a breeze. I like the idea that he gained access to a shard on Yolen, either through his study of Lightweaving or through his role in Adonalsium being shattered, but that's a theory that's being worked on elsewhere on the forum. Please let me know what you think, and if I'm totally off-base/am missing some contradictory information, such as "WoB says: Hoid has no shards."