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Found 2 results

  1. I have 2 theories about the weakness. 1. His fear is a world completely destroyed by epics. If this is true, to stop Prof the epics have to completely destroy everything. 2. His fear is Tia dying and/or becoming an epic. I have lots of evidence for this. a. In Firefight he only changes the frequency/password to Tia's and his own mobile, because he is "paranoid". b. His friends all became epics. He might be scared that Tia will as well (or has she already?) c. They were dating, people. 'Nuff said. d. He gives Tia the job of staying back and not getting into danger. If this theory is true, Tia has to die or become an epic for the Reckoners to bring back/kill Prof. For more info, check out my Tia theory on the introduce yourself! forum.
  2. So...Hi. Anyway, I was wondering what calamity was. It's not a shard because it's not part of the Cosmere, so is it just the first Epic, (who is a super-powerful Gifter) or something different? In Firefight, Tia is revealed to be a rocket scientist at NASA, (Prof and his friends take a field trip there) After, Prof and his two friends are revealed to be Epics. This raises two questions. One, is this a coincidence? Two, if it's not, why isn't Tia an Epic? Or is she? Anyway, I think that NASA is connected to it somehow. Did they create Calamity? Find it in space? Open a wormhole? (Question 3: Is Calamity Darth Vader?)