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Found 13 results

  1. Hi All, Doing a re-read of Oathbringer and came across a curious quote, which I had a look for but I don't think has been brought up before. I know there are many theories about the Unmade, and I think this might give us another bit of info that can be worked in to theories. In a Dalinar look-back chapter Brandon seems to make it very obvious that when under the influence of Nergaoul, and amidst completely loosing himself within battle against Kalanor's forces, he attuned to one of the rhythms of Roshar. Someone might know more than me, but as far as I am aware, I can't re-call any human in the books attuning to a rhythm, and acknowledging it, if even in an unknowing/unconscious way. We have comments from Rlain about how Rock and others in Bridge Four seem to almost hear a rhythm a times - but this is seemingly unconscious on their part, and nearly nearly not the same as a viewpoint character directly referencing it. Here is the quote: I think there are a few things we can assume from this: 1. Like I said, Dalinar has heard and attuned to a rhythm of Roshar 2. Giving he is directly under Nergaoul's influence, we can probably assume that this ability to attune to a rhythm has a link to Nergaoul's characteristics, abilities, and identity. This gives us a potentially interesting tidbit about Nergaoul, and maybe the rest of the unmade, firstly it perhaps indicates a direct Connection (and I use this in a big C way purposefully) between them and Roshar. Secondly, they are able to connect humans with Roshar while under their influence. As mentioned above, I am not sure exactly how useful or insightful this is - cleverer people than me might be able to see some relevance to this within the theories. But I hadn't seen this mentioned before, so thought I would point it out. Have at it people! Let me know what you think.
  2. So in my reread of Oathbringer, I noticed that when, in the flashbacks, Dalinar feels the Thrill, it says on a few occasions that he almost hears a beat or rhythm. I wonder if this has anything to do with the Singers' rhythms? My theory is that he's hearing one of the Rhythms of power faintly, because the Unmade are spren of Odium and Odium's spren are what grant the new Rhythms. Being under the influence of such a powerful, giant spren, especially for someone like Dalinar who's spirit web has to be a little broken to be a nascent Radiant, creates a mindset or almost a Connection to the Singers in a way not yet explored.
  3. From the album Oathbringer Scenes

    I got inspired by the scene where Dalinar goes to face the Thrill created such a strong visual in my mind that I had to recreate it! I hope you guys enjoy!
  4. I've done some hunting but there's something about the Thrill I don't understand. We know that the Thrill isn't genetic but instead has to do with the location of Nergaoul. That's probably recursive; Alethela was designated to train soldiers, so Nergaoul got to do his thing, so the Alethi liked to fight more. I understand Kaladin is immune to the thrill: but I'm not clear on why. His immunity seems to extend to his squires, none of whom display the affects of the Thrill so far as we can tell. Seems to me that if you were to ask Kaladin "do you feel the Thrill?" he'd be like "what?" Is it a function of Windrunning? Being Radiant doesn't seem to be mutually exclusive from feeling the Thrill and frankly I don't know why it would be. The Unmade's aura effects seem to behave differently (Ashertmarn's temptation is highly localized and intense, Moelach's deathrattles are widespread but inconsistent, and Re-Shephir's presence could be felt by some but not by others). Also, despite the Nergaoul taking over Sadeas' army, Adolin doesn't seem to feel the Thrill at all at Theylan Field, despite having admitted in WoK that he does feel it. He misses like the first half of the battle, sure, but doesn't feel it or seem to notice that its missing. I could keep rambling about weirdness that I keep noticing about the Thrill (Szeth, for example, also doesn't seem to feel it) but the bottom line is there seems to be something I'm missing regarding how it works and who feels it and who doesn't. Also, yes this is my first post. Been lurking for a while though.
  5. On Roshar there are 9 Splinters of Odium whose function is similar to Honor's Heralds. The Unmade, harbingers of chaos and calamity. But at the end of OB we saw on screen that they can be captured in much the same manner as the spren used for fabrials. It requires a perfect gemstone, a person who's naturally attractive to the particular Unmade to draw it in, and someone who is strong willed enough resist its influence. This post will attempt to match Unmade with characters likely to succeed in capturing them. Of course this list is incomplete since we don't yet know the function of all the Unmade. For some of these I'll try to speculate but naturally this is open to commentary. Known Capure Capacity The two Unmade we know align with certain characters as revealed in OB. Nergaoul - Dalinar (captured) Re-Shepir - Shallan (capture capable) Speculative Capture Capable Characters These are based on what we know of the Unmade, matched to a character that alligns to its function, however loosely Moelach (Death Rattles) - Renarin Ashertmarn (Heart of the Revel) - Lyft (tenuous connection due to her love of food) Unknown Capacity These are the Unmade that we know hardly anything about besides a name. More information needed to determine an alignment. -Chemoarish (Dustmother) -Dai-Gonarthis (Black Fisher) Questioned Capacity These are Unmade of whose function is reasonably certain, but ones for who character alignment is little more than guesswork. - Yelig-Nar (Blightwind) - Has already consumed Amaram and Aseudan. Grants all Surges in exchange for a loss of form. - Sja-Anat - A corruptor of Spren. May remain uncaptured because she is trying to defect. A Spy type would be most likely alignment. - Bo-Ado-Mishram - Odium's General. Grants Voidlight. Was previously captured by Bondsmith Melishi. Due to power, may need to be aligned to another Bondsmith to be recaptured. (Was she released or is she still trapped?)
  6. In one of Dalinars flashbacks, he met a beggar in The Beggar's Court at the Royal Palace to share his drink. Could this beggar have been Jezrien, The Herald King, Patron of the Windrunner later killed truly by Moash?
  7. This is more a general question that I'm hoping can be answered relatively quickly, but I am searching for instances in either WoK or WoR where darkeyes feel the Thrill. The only instances of feeling the Thrill I can think of come from Dalinar and Adolin viewpoint chapters and possibly a conversation between Sadeas and Dalinar. Essentially, the only examples I can come up with where a character specifically feels or notices another character experiencing the Thrill come from lighteyes chapters. During Taravangian's viewpoint Interlude it is mentioned that the Thrill had been particularly strong during the battle of Vedenar, but that single mention still doesn't prove that darkeyes feel it--it could still mean that lighteyes commanders were affected and gave irrational or vindictive orders intending to totally crush their opponents. It may be that we have a tainted sample size of darkeye chapters, as our main darkeyes are Kaladin the Radiant and all those in Bridge 4 who are his potential squires. With Dalinar losing the Thrill throughout WoK, there is a strong argument to be made that being a proto-Radiant or nascent Radiant--or even just receptive to stormlight like squires--makes it more difficult for the Thrill to latch on to you. This would also mean that Kaladin and Bridge 4 are similarly protected from the recklessness of the Thrill, which would explain why I can't come up with a specific instance of a specific darkeye experiencing the Thrill. Taravangian also mentions that certain Unmade are more intelligent than may be that the Unmade causing the Thrill specifically targets the leaders of a nation and its most powerful military commanders and warriors (i.e., shardbearers) in order to foment additional pain and destruction, leading to more hate. I apologize if this topic exists already...I couldn't find it. I'm eager to read others' thoughts or receive a swift correction if I'm in the wrong.
  8. I came upon a WoB that seems contradictory. We do know that Death Rattles started around the time that Gavilar started to explore the Shattered Plains, around the time he discovered Parshendi (as the footnote says). But we also know Thrill was present during the days of reuiniting Alethkar - Dalinar recalls feeling Thrill so strong he almost attacked Gavilar. The thing is, they only started to explore Shattered Plains after reuiniting Alethkar. Did I get something wrong or the WoB is wrong?
  9. I am assuming that with spoiler tag in the title, The Thrill is fair game on this forum? At any rate, this is less about the actual things we learn from the flashbacks, and more about Brandon's writing. Has anyone else read the flashback at the dinner party and thought that Dalinar sounded like he was separated at birth from Wayne?
  10. So, the Heralds are off wherever to be tortured and when they returned to Roshar, the Desolation began, after which they needed to return, lest another Desolation start up again. The nahel bond is the spren copying the way that Honor empowered the Heralds. In Dalinar's visions, we see the Radiants fighting all kinds of strange creatures that do not appear to be present on Roshar in the first two books. Is it possible that the Radiants and their bond were somehow drawing forth the very things that they were fighting against? Clearly, it wasn't a full-on desolation, but if they discovered that they, themseves, were the source of all this misery, I can see them abandoning their shards and breaking their bonds/oaths as a way to protect Roshar. Also, one of the Knights in a WoK vision mentions that anybody with the desire to fight should be compelled to come to Alethela. That sounds a lot like the Thrill, sort of. Could it be that the unmade, back in the day, was Bonded to say, a Bondsmith, and he somehow drew fighters to him in Alethela? And then after the recreance, he was "unmade," his mind broken, it now just gives off the effect of the Thrill? Just some thoughts.
  11. I think the duel excerpt shows us Adolin's evolution and challenge. It is theorized that a form of the Thrill is of Odium. I imagine the fight for Adolin's soul going on in the duel. He is being tempted by Odium's influence, but is starting to see another way. In tWoK Dalinar moves from feeling an unholy Thrill to fighting while regretting the necessity. Is Adolin going through the same evolution? Dalinar at the Tower: Adolin in the duel: What do people think? Is Adolin's behavior in the duel influenced by Odium? Is he being tempted? Is the sudden fading of the Thrill due to another, more Honorable influence? What does he mean when he says that "he'd never before felt like this"?
  12. It has been suggested somewhere that there may be two forms of the Thrill, one powered by Odium and one powered by Honor. I think that is true. Here's a little bit more: Honor's Thrill: Thrill used for a good purpose - fighting to save others, etc. This would be the Thrill that Dalinar is fueled by when Odium's Thrill: Thrill used for bad purposes - killing for killings sake, killing for more land, etc. This is the Thrill that sickens Dalinar. Now, we don't really have any proof that such thing exists, but I think that the Thrill is powered by a type of spren. Thrillspren arent seen because they are perhaps inside of the person feeling the Thrill. Dalinar's body has started rejecting Odium's Thrillspren and they make him sick, but Honor's Thrillspren don't. They are (if they exist) attracted to battling for whichever purpose.
  13. I just realized that the description of the Trill is that it "sings". We also know that the Parshendi sings when in battle. There seems to be a Connection here. Thrill Parshendi Spoiler for Words of Radiance: It is usually accepted that the Parshendi is heavily influenced by Odium. (at least sometimes) It has also been suggested that the Thrill is coming from odium because of its destructiveness and Dalinars growing aversion to it. So if the Parshendi is influenced by Odium via forms and songs, then it's probably possible for Odium to influence persons affected by the thrill. And if Odium is not involved, then is there probably still a connection between them. What do you think?