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Found 58 results

  1. The concept for this is short story roleplay. I'll make a very short single quest idea, for instance, the first one is transporting a payload of silver across part of threnody. You come up with your player idea, something simple but dynamic without a large arc. I set up the plot and we start playing. When we're done with the first story, we go on to the next, each being very short. You could have a reoccurring character, or do a new one every time. Here's the basic summary of the plot, then a more in depth explanation: You have been hired! A small large shipment of silver is being transported from this very town to Boschester. It is expected to leave at the next Shaiday. Good fortune to you, and may the Shades never catch you, sincerely, Adonalsiumwillrememberourplighteventually If you want to join, just put a character roughly following this sheet, or a brief concept and name. Character Sheets for Story 1:
  2. Theory: After Ambition was wounded in the Threnodite System by Odium and Mercy, she fled to another point in space. This point either was, or became, the Rosharan system. Here, Ambition was killed. Her death created the Barrier Storm in the Cognitive Realm around the planet Braize. This storm was later Invested by Odium to create the proto-Everstorm that was pulled through into the Physical on Roshar at the Battle of Narak. Ambition's death also created a wound in the Spiritual Realm in the Rosharan System similar to that which exists on Threnody. This is the reason there are spren on Roshar. Datapoints: I group this into two categories, Spren and Storms. SPREN: From Shadows for Silence in the Forest of Hell, we know that the wounding of Ambition in the Threnodite System created Shades: cognitive beings which manifest in the Physical Realm. We do not see similar manifestations in the Mistborn novels or the White Sand graphic novels. We know there are no Splintered Shards in the Scadrian or Taldain systems at the time these stories are set. We see similar manifestations in Elantris and Emperor's Soul (Seons and Skaze). We know there are Splintered Shards in the Selish system at this time. We see similar manifestations in The Stormlight Archive (spren on Roshar) (and voidspren on Braize). STORMS: From Khriss's statements in Arcanum Unbounded, we know that the Dor around Sel is a whorl of free Investiture created when Odium Splintered Dominion and Devotion there. From statements from Nazh and Hoid, we know that travel to/from Sel through the Cognitive Realm is very difficult and dangerous due to the presence there of the Dor. From statements by Nazh, we know that that travel to/from Braize through the Cognitive Realm was difficult due to the presence of this Barrier Storm. A possible chronology: 1) The Shattering of Adonalsium. 2) Odium and Mercy clash with Ambition in the Threnodite System. Ambition is wounded. 3) Odium (and possibly others) clash with Ambition in the Rosharan system. Ambition is killed, creating the Barrier Storm, and spren. 4) Odium goes to the Selish system. He clashes with Dominion and Devotion. They are both killed, creating the Dor. 5) Odium returns to the Rosharan system, and begins whispering in the ears of the Ashynites. 6) The Ashynites devastate their planet using Dawnshards. They are taken in as refugees by Honor and Cultivation on Roshar. Their God, Odium, comes with them. 7) Honor, Cultivation, and Odium make a deal that they think will allow them to live in harmony on Roshar. This is the Oathpact. 8) Odium intentionally goes against the Oathpact, triggering its punishment prohibitions. He is exiled to Braize, on the far side of the Barrier Storm. The cycle of Desolations begins. 9) Honor is Splintered. 10) Honor's Cognitive Shadow is bound to the spren of the Highstorm. 11) Several millennia pass. 12) Odium invests a not-insignificant amount of Investiture into the Barrier Storm, creating the proto-Everstorm in the Cognitive Realm. This process takes several centuries. 13) Finally, the Everstorm is pulled through into the Physical Realm on Roshar, creating a direct passage between Braize and Roshar. Questions: A] Why is this wrong? B] Were other Shards involved in the death of Ambition? Did Mercy join Odium for the final clash? Did Ambition? Did Endowment (who we know is relatively new to the Nalthian system)? Indeed... were Honor and/or Cultivation in on the kill? C] Did the death of Aona and Skai occur before the initial conflict with Uli Da in the Threnodite system; after this initial conflict but before the final conflict in the Rosharan system; or after the Rosharan conflict? D] When on this timeline did Honor and/or Cultivation arrive on Roshar? E] When was Odium's first contact with the humans on Ashyn?
  3. Ok... So I am beginning to think the shades of Hel react to the 3 things they do because they symbolize Odium? 1. The starting of a fire being "passion" ignited. 2. The running being Ambition trying to escape Odium. 3. And the shedding of blood being Odium shaving off parts of Ambitions power. And that chunk of Ambition remembering what happened to it and leaving that intent in the shades? This probably seems like a stretch but what do you think?
  4. Could Mercy have spared Uli Da while splintering Ambition? I think it is in line with Mercy's intent and a logical guess with the minimal information that we have. Ambition is separate from Uli Da and I think that it could be shattered while. Also could Uli Da being Fain mean that The Evil is Fainlife created from a piece of her? --This was a discussion from 2017 that got closed and I want to re-discuss. Honestly, I want to discuss anything vaguely Threnody--Shard--Cosmere related...
  5. TL;DR: The Physical and Cognitive Realms are very close together on Threnody; Threnody's Shades seem to be nearly mindless because they are pulled partly into the Physical Realm. I noticed this interesting WOB: This was kind of the last piece to complete an idea I was developing about Threnody. Threnody's Shades are Cognitive Shadows, but not very cognizant. Elsewhere, cognitive shadows either seem to retain full intelligence (Returned on Nalthis, Kelsier in Scadrial's Cognitive Realm) or lose it only very slowly through progressive damage and rebirths (Fused and Heralds on Roshar). But Cognitive Shadows are repeatedly compared to spren in the Stormlight books, and we know that sapient spren need a Nahel bond to retain their intelligence in the Physical Realm. And the Shade of Silence's grandmother seems to retain a bit more memory than the usual Shade... perhaps because of Connection to Silence? Not anything like as strong as a real bond, which is why she's still mostly a mindless Shade, but still... So I'm thinking that Threnody's Shades are Cognitive Shadows pulled partly or mostly into the Physical Realm (not completely, I think, since they're not solid). If they could form a bond with a Physical person as strong as a Rosharan Nahel bond, they might be able to be cognizant. And if Threnody's Cognitive Realm is kind of "squashed" into its Physical Realm, perhaps that is why people become Cognitive Shadows much more easily there. The Realms are probably also closer together at night, as Shades are more active/aggressive then. -- Much more speculatively... Corruption: Ambition + Odium Shades are "contagious", and the Evil on Threnody is described as consuming souls. Perhaps this is a general Intent of magic on Threnody, deriving from bits of Ambition's Investiture tainted by Odium - the combination becoming something like an Intent of Corruption, hate constantly spreading, expanding, contaminating, consuming. The Simple Rules The Simple Rules may also be tied to these Shards. To spill blood is an act of violence, linked to Odium; fire is the keystone of human achievement, linked to Ambition. I am not sure about the "running at night" thing though...
  6. First, no this is not about a remake of a famous movie. I think we have stark clues. Let me quote the first one, the famous passage from Secret History: That is incompatible with what we saw in Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell. People in the forests don't generally decide to become shades. If one did, it would just involve going outside and starting to run. No rites or traditions. I think we must conclude that Nazrilof hails from another period or another place. Could he postdate the events from Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell? I am afraid we must reject that option, as Khrissalla writes about visiting one of the refugee cities on the other continent and about knowing Nazrilof in the same essay. That brings us to the second important source, her essay on the Threnodite System where she calls those cities new and unfinished. That is not compatible with centuries having passed since the Forescouts came there. That means that Nazrilof predates the evacuation of the Homeland and hence hails thence. Yet the same essay also says that he has information on the Evil, albeit in vague terms. How is that possible? Did the Evil arrive a long time before the evacuation of the Homeland? Apparently it did. Threnody is an upstart military power during the events of Secret History. That precludes it being a devastated world with people fleeing from the Evil across an ocean. The same essay also mentions that Khrissalla did not get her information about pre evacuation magic in person. So she wasn't there. Apparently they also aren't in a conventional romantic relationship. I would expect that if they met in Silverlight as researchers or student and teacher. So, on an expedition? Does he owe her his life? Or, even wilder, did she outright buy him?
  7. OK, maybe I am dense. The shades in the Forests of Hell are definitely ex-humans, aren't they? And shades dissolve slowly, so there is no such thing as a primordial shade. When the Forescouts arrived the forests were full of shades. There is no mention of aboriginies or ruins in the novella. That raises a question. Whose shades are they?
  8. I only recently noticed I hadn't updated my favourite Story-theory yet with the new Dawnshard/RoW Knowledge, so here goes. TL; DR: Kelsier will try to reforge and become Ambition. Collecting enough of Ambitions Investiture will enable him to ascend to Shardhood. So, RoW answered atleast some of my thoughts about what Kel would get up to. It also fed into my theory, so it's time to dig that up again. First, the arguments that still hold: (New Arguments at the bottom) - He tasted Ascension with Preservation. And now that he knows that's a thing that is possible, it seems like a worthy goal to keep himself busy with. - Hoid seems to be interested in keeping the Shards from gaining too much power and keeping them seperated. Kelsier hates him. Would be fun to have them square off in that kind of way, especially with Hoid as the MC of Mistborn Era 4 You might ask: But why specifically Ambition? - At the end of Secret History, Vin asks Kelsier an important question about his motivation. We're lead to believe that Kelsier will look inside himself and realize that she was right and his vendetta against the Lord Ruler was more about himself than the Skaa or Scadrial. From RoW, we can gather that he probably accepted that and doubled down on it - see Thaidakar. We saw that Preservations Intent and Kelsier's personality were too different. Of all the shards we know, Ambition would fit him really well. He's insanely ambitious, going so far as to think up a way to overthrow an - as far as he knew - immortal Emperor. He punched multiple gods. And he created a multiple-world-spanning secret Organisation. If that isn't ambitious, I don't know what is. - Additionally, according to my Understanding, Ambition is one of the, if not the, least limiting Intents. With all we've read about Ruin corrupting Ati, Odium and Honor and Preservation etc limiting their Vessels, Ambition is... not really like that. I'm sure there some zany stuff there, but I doubt becoming Ambition would hinder Kelsiers Megalomania, if anything it would further increase it. And it wouldn't bind him to anything stupid like Oaths or whatever, which he definitely wouldn't want. But there's more hints towards my theory. - Foreshadowing (pun intended). When Kelsier encountered the Ire, they mentioned Threnody Shades. As Kelsier is a Cognitive Shadow, their Alerter Fabrial picked up on him. I believe that this might be more than fanservice for those of us who read Shadows for Silence. Threnody is the one planet we know where Investiture from Ambition "landed" in large chunks. It's already connected to Cognitive Shadows, and the names of the planets in the Threnodite system are all the names of Songs of Mourning - and Kelsier is dead ( also as in "The Bands of Mourning", which Kelsier used) - Threnody and Sel are the only other two planets that Kelsier canonically knew as of the end of secret history. Putting himself in opposition of the Ire, it wouldn't be too far fetched that he would have investigated what it is that these very knowledgable people are trying to contain that they confused him with. Not a far stretch imho. It seems that on Roshar, the Ghostbloods already have plan and directive, so I assume Kelsier already has had some kind of plan by the time they set up on Roshar. - Ambition was splintered, but unlike Dominion and Devotion. While we know that Odium stuffed those two in the Cognitive Realm to make sure they wouldn't be picked up again, as far as we know he didn't know how to do that yet when he finished off Ambition outside the Threnodite system. So while Ambition is probably spread out in dead chunks of Investiture, someone ambitious enough with a lot of time could try to collect those. - Additionally, Edgli (Endowment) seemed to think that Ambitions last Vessel would've been trouble, and seems glad that she's gone. From different WoB's we know that Sazed's ascension has caused quite a stir, so Kelsier could definitely take up the troublemaking mantle of Uli Da very well. Alright, time for the new arguments and thoughts: Two things are majorly important: - The Ghostbloods are looking for ways to transport Investiture. Ba-Ado-Mishram, Gems, Stormlight... Aside from trying to find a way for their Master to actually move beyond Scadrial, they are looking for ways to transport Investiture. Sure, Money and Power are good motivators, but I think there's a second reason for that: Moving Chunks of Ambition. What would this do for them? Well... Douglas What about a lerasium savant? Or would that require so much lerasium that the person attempting it would ascend to become a new Shardholder? Brandon Sanderson Basically, this is what Ascension is. 17th Shard Forum Q&A (Sept. 27, 2012) I imagine the Plan to go something like this: Step 1: Find a way to store most of the big chunks of Ambition's Investiture. I assume it's not all in the form of Shades, so imagine Gems and whatever stuffed full of Investiture - if necessary, Step 2: Convert it into a Form Thaidakar can use. If Raboniel and Navani can figure out Light physics, I'm sure people in Silverlight or other Scholars somewhere are able to do so too. I'd be surprised if the Ghostbloods didn't have some smart Cosmere Scientists on their Payroll. Convert all that Investiture into solid form: a metal. Uli Dum/Ambitium - Step 3: Kelsier burns massive amounts of Ambitium or an Ambitium/Lerasium Alloy, preferrably physically close to Threnody, somewhere in the system. Once he has burnt enough of it, Kelsier ascends to Ambition. The Investiture that hasn't been collected hopefully realigns itself to its new Vessel, and Kel is a Shard now. Aside from those reasons, just think of how absolutely fitting this would be for Kelsiers Story, both in-universe and Meta, for us readers. Kelsier, the Survivor, survives the most deadly place on Scadrial, the pits of Hathsin, under the rule of an "immortal god-emperor", spiting said Emperor. He goes on to challenge that Emperor, and while dying in the Process, deifies himself as The Survivor, sparking both the Revolt that finally took down the Lord Ruler and a Religion around himself. He Survives Death, and goes on to help out at the other very deadly part of Scadrial, the South, and also kinda becomes the god of the people there after helping them survive. Notice a pattern? What better than to do this a third time? The Survivor, a kinda-ghost kinda-god, focusses his attention on the deadliest planet in the known universe, Threnody. If any one people in the Cosmere is doing more surviving than the South Scadrians, it's definitely the people on Threnody. (Try to tell me Kelsier wouldn't like Silence Montane.) After the disaster of Ruin and Preservation and the prophecy, Scadrial needed a god like Harmony to rest and stabilize under. Threnodys woes aren't over, however. What they need is a fighter god, someone able to take on the Evil. Someone who embodies the Will to Survive that Threnodians need, and the Ambition to pull through with it, to take up a fight this hopeless. a ghost-god that's already fought one immortal evil fits into Threnody well, and it would fit so well into Kelsiers story to do his shtick a third time: Help people survive and become their god. Only this time, it would actually be true, and he'd ascend to Shardhood.
  9. Journal of Thankful Dolittle Geology Graduate at Miskatonic University Forest Expedition Day 37 Never before have I witnessed something so grand and majestic as the mountain at which we arrived two afternoons ago. The snow blanketing its bare peak reflects enough light that it is nearly blinding to look upon for long in the brightness of midday. I have been so utterly consumed by my explorations and research that I have not had the time to write about what we’ve found. This whole place instills in me a sense of wonder and appreciation for the God Beyond. That feeling, though, never lasts long. Not when there are shades constantly haunting our journey through the forests. A homesteader brought along on the expedition, Silence as she’s called, admonishes any of us from the University when we call the forests hell, but that does not stop us. What else can this place be but a hell in this world? And what god would allow such creatures to exist still, stuck in a limbo between death and what waits beyond? At least in the days since we left Last Port, we have been kept safe from the creatures. No one has broken one of the Simple Rules, though thoughts of the shades coming for me haunt my dreams each night. All I see are eyes. Bright green and crimson. The colors of withering and death. Still, I have to think only of the mountain and what we discovered to help ease my fears and return that sense of wonder. For today we found the ruins of an ancient civilization. One that thrived and fell long before the first Forescouts ventured from the Homeland and away from the Evil there. Thinking of what we can discover about the ancient dwellers of these forests may help us learn more about how we can tame this land. I believe shades existed back then as well, for we found an abundance of silver among the exposed ruins. Unless, of course, silver was simply the easiest and most prevalent metal found in this mountain. If that is the case, this discovery will be a boon for Last Port and the other forts. With this much silver, civilization will be able to expand and tame the forests and its shades. There is a problem, though. Another reason for my appreciation for the God Beyond to wane. I have heard whispers among some few of the other members of this expedition that the ruins we discovered may not be entirely unoccupied. Talk of the Evil that consumed the Homeland has swelled as they postulate that the Evil first came from here, these ruins and this fallen city we discovered. That cannot be true, but there has been a change among some of my companions. They are darker. The shades at night grow more restless. Blood is on the horizon. Welcome to Long Game 76: At the Forests of Madness! I will be your GM. @The Unknown Order will co-GM, and @Devotary of Spontaneity will be the IM. This is a rerun of LG60, though this is a mash-up of Sanderson’s Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell and HP Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness. Premise: You have been invited to join a geologic expedition to delve further into the Forest of Hell. Led by Professor William Dyer of Miskatonic University, the hope is to discover more about the forests and their potential resources for the growing fortress cities. You have found a snow-covered mountain that shows signs of an ancient civilization. The more you discover, the more you realize the civilization might not be entirely extinct. On top of the consistent danger from the shades, there is an evil lurking just beyond the view. An evil that drives men into madness with whispers in the night. An evil that tempts the hearts of men. An evil that ends only in death. Rules Here is a link to the full ruleset, though you can find it below as well. Miscellaneous PMs are open (no group PMs) Players can take one action during each Day and Night turn Day turns will be approximately 48 hours long, Night turns will be 24 hours long There is a two-vote minimum for the exe Tied votes will be decided at random If a player is removed by execution, their items will be distributed among their voters If a player is killed, their items will be destroyed Order of Actions: Sign-ups will end Tuesday, April 27 at 6 p.m. PDT. Day One will be posted hopefully within an hour after that. Players/Spectators/Pinch-hitters Rule Clarifications Quick Links
  10. So I'm caught up on most things cosmere (only missing white sand and sixth of dusk I believe), and I just read Shadows of Silence in The Forest of Hell. As I was reading, I noticed Silence mention deepest ones on Threnody. Has anyone asked Brandon if these are related to the deepest ones on Roshar? If they are related, the coppermind doesn't currently reflect that.
  11. Spoilers All Cosmere This is just some crazy tinfoil idea that I had. I've long had a pet theory that Kelsier was connected to another Shard. He has such commitment to his ideals that it speaks of great Intent. He comes off as cocky and self-interested but his willingness to sacrifice himself - and pursue his ideals even thereafter! - shows the depth of his devotion. I used to think that, if he was influenced by a shard, it was probably Bavadin. Her penchant for Investing herself into Avatars is well known. Kelsier's anti-authoritarianism seems pretty Autonomous. And Kel's immidiate antipathy towards Hoid seems rather as if he "has been instilled with an intense and overpowering dislike of" our favorite flautist. This seems a little hard to square with his becoming a ruler (the Sovereign) on Scadrial, and a leader (Thaidakar) to the Ghostbloods. But it's possible. Perhaps there is no greater autonomy than sovereignty. Kelsier created the Bands of Mourning, an artifact so powerful as to grant its user quite a bit of "freedom and self-direction." But of all the questions about the Bands of Mourning, one gets a little lost: Why are they so named? I don't believe that the eponymous book gives an answer. But another text may: Shadows For Silence In The Forest Of Hell. Shadows for Silence is set on the planet Threnody, namesake of the Threnodite system. The other planets in that system include Monody and Elegy. A threnody is "a wailing lament composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person." Both a monody and an elegy are "poems lamenting a person's death." All three of these are examples of mourning. There's no Shard in the Threnodite system now. We know that several Shards were once there - Odium, Ambition, and Mercy. A "wail for the dead" doesn't speak much of Ambition, and though it is Passionate it doesn't really feel like "God's own hatred." Mercy? "Compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within one's power to punish or harm." That doesn't sound much like a death-song - and it sounds nothing like Kelsier. In the Threnodite system, then, one of two things seems likely. The first possibility is that the planets are named for some other Shard. Perhaps this is one of the two we haven't encountered - maybe it is the Shard of Grief? Maybe Memory? The second possibility is that this system was created, or at least deeply touched, by all three of the shards which once resided there: Odium, Ambition, and Mercy. What do you get when you mix striving, passion, and forgiveness? I think that you would get the creation, of a song, of mourning. Perhaps Kelsier is touched by something from these worlds. Kelek's Breath but there are enough Cognitive Shadows running around Threnody! And we know that the Selish Ire have set up pickets around Scadrial's subastral specifically to prevent Threnodite Shades from coming through via Shadesmar. And we know that Kelsier had a deeply transformative experience when he was enslaved in the Pits of Hathsin - the Lord Ruler's prison, the source of all atium, but also a Perpendiculatiry. Maybe a Shade got through the Ire's picket and touched Kelsier. Maybe it was more than one of the apparently simple-minded Shades we see in Shadows for Silence. Perhaps all of the Shades of Threnody contain portions of the three Shards we know were present there. Maybe they contain an especially large portion of Ambition, since Uli Da was the one so wounded there. One part hatred, three parts self-striving, and one part "a desire to relieve suffering." ...that sounds a lot like Kelsier to me.
  12. Did Mercy kill Ambition instead of Odium? We know from past wobs that Odium primarily attacked Shards the broke the agreement between the Shards. As well as that he only would attack if he felt he could win and worried Ambition would try and rival him. In Arcanum Khriss also does not list Ambition in the list of shards that Odium "doubtlessly killed." It seems likely to me that Ambition initially attacked Mercy thinking them an easy target. With this opportunity Odium arrived to help attack Ambition as well and Mercy managed to also fight back. Ultimately Mercy was the one who killed Ambition which would explain why they aren't included in the list of those Odium killed beyond a doubt and why Harmony was worried about Mercy upon talking to them.
  13. Finished! Nine characters from eight Shardworlds! From left to right: Dusk from First of the Sun / Kaladin from Roshar / Vasher from Nalthis / Hoid from Yolen / Harmony (Sazed) / Khriss from Taldain / Shai from Sel / Vin from Scadrial / Silence from Threnody This piece is also celebratory art! Happy Chinese New Year 2016 (Year of the monkey)! At first I drew these characters mainly for an online fantasy magazine because they kind of let me (as translator of WoR) introduce Stormlight and the whole Cosmere series in their New Year issue, which meant I’d better add some festival stuff. So here it is - Characters from eight different Shardworlds wishing you a Happy New Year! In China, this is a popular traditional gesture when people give New Year’s greetings. It’s called 作揖 (zuò yī, in spoken language: zuō yī). When you do this, you make a bow with hands folded in front of you and greet others at the same time. Raise your folded hands and then lower them. The motion can be repeated several times. For men, they should use their left hand to cover their right hand (In ancient China, men tended to hold weapon with their right hand, so they covered it when saluting, to reduce hostility and show respect.), while for women, they should do it otherwise and it’s better not to clench the left hand into a fist (You can learn this from the picture above.). If you do it wrong, you will convey some ominous meaning. Please be careful # # # Heck, so many tags! Also seriously, I think we may need a Cosmere crossover art album
  14. We know that an animal can trigger Shades. So what can? Can a Lifeless trigger them? Can an Awakened object trigger them? Could a robotic device trigger them?
  15. Umm, what? Why are rats' skulls glowing on Threnody? Has it become the Cosmere's Chernobyl? This also makes glowpaste a bit suspicious. When I first read it, I took it to simply be bioluminescent or some kind of chemical reaction. But could it have been caused by Investiture? Is Threnody's flora and fauna using Investiture like First of the Sun?
  16. i have a theory about shades. it might already be out there but i havent seen anything. so my theory is about shades and why they are less aware than other CS's my theory is that the reason that they are less self aware is that they are mostly stuck in the Physical Realm. most other CS's we've seen have always been in the cognitive realm. there are a few exeptions however such as the "mist spirit" on Scadrial. We know that when someone dies on the Physical realm, they lose all connection to their body and are now a CS in the Cognitive Realm. why then are shades manifesting on the Physical Realm? I dont know. and why do look less like their former selves over time? my best guess is that that like all other CS's, shades are drawn to The Beyond, but instead of choosing to stay or go, shades are slowly losing bits of themselves to The Beyond P.S. how invested are Shades? A normal human would get sucked into the beyond almost instantly. A misting/mistborn would probably last a few minutes/hours shades can at least go Decades though
  17. I’ll type out a better theory later but this is the summary: The Set or the group Waxilliums uncle was apart of is actually the IRE or the elantrians from mistborn secret history. The shard Trell is actually Autonomy or the hosts of Autonomy and they were convinced by the elantrians to separate the shard Harmony back into ruin and preservation. The elantrians want Preservations shard so they can revive their own Shards. They used the original agreement between shards to not live on the same world and mix powers, to convince the shard Autonomy or the majority of its splintered power to separate ruin and preservation. Sorry for the messy bad grammar. Please pick this theory apart and maybe read between the lines to find out inbook reasons why what I said could be right.
  18. So, in my re-reading of Arcanum Unbounded I came to one of my favourite shorts, Mistborn: Secret History. At the portion where Kelsier meets with Khriss and Nazh I couldn't help but notice something Nazh said that I hadn't picked up on before. This caught me and I started thinking, is it possible for one to ritualistically become a shade using whatever magic may be present on Threnody? Generally shades come about due to some weirdness in Threnody's investiture (maybe cos of large chunks of Ambition being ripped off in this system) but if one were to purposely create a shade, would it be a more powerful kind or simply like all other shades. One possibility that came to mind could be that this is how the one-time mentioned Deepest Ones come to be. What do you all think? Is there some other info floating around out there about Threnodite shades and The Deepest Ones, could someone like Kelsier be analogous to The Deepest Ones? This is my first theory so apologies if this has been spoken about before, I look forward to hearing all your opinions on the subject, Threnody is super mysterious and so much fun to think about.
  19. A rather famous amateur theologician from Scadrial wondered why you would pass on if you don't have to. For most people the question is academic. One world, however, inverts that. On Threnody everybody has to answer that question. So what do you have to lose? The old-fashioned answer a Threnodite would give is: your immortal soul. Shades wither away slowly and it looks like the dissolution of a Cognitive Shadow who has refused the call of the Beyond means annihilation. That would make becoming a Shadow a coward's choice. Yet Nazh reveres those who became Shadows. Why? And here speculation begins. Silence seems to form some sort of bond with her late grandmother. Shadows may have given Threnodites powers powered by their own substance. Sort of the ultimate sacrifice for family and country. Dare you imagine the horror they must have felt at the news of a continent full of Shades of people believed to be safely in the Beyond? Can we assume that the reaction would have been an epedemic of nihilism and neigh everybody elderly choosing to become a Shadow? And even more speculatively, what if those people turned Shadow refused to wither away and found a way to posses the living?
  20. Ok guys.. I have an out-there idea that I think Odium has been investing on all Planets that he goes to kill shards and he creates Cognitive Shadows by investing in them, imbibing them with hatred and uses them as his minions to help him in his fight against other shards.. So far, we know that Odium has visited Sel(where he killed Aona and Skai), Threnody system(which is the site of shardic altercation between odium and ambition) and right now, he is trapped on Roshar where he has already killed Tanavast and his shard has been shattered. On Roshar, Odium has created Fused that are cognitive shadows that do not pass on to the beyond when they die, instead they return and take up a new body and on and on it goes.. Some of these fused have lost their minds and most of them are so invested with Odium’s intent that they understand nothing but hatred towards human. Fused only wish to win this war and finally, be able to rest by passing onto beyond. Given that there are wobs that say that Odium has invested on all the planets he visited briefly to kill these shards like he has on the Rosharan System: I find it a great coincidence that Odium visited Threnody system and fought with Ambition here and we have Shades on Threnody which are actually people who die and can not pass onto the beyond. Their actions are also very odium-y. So, I think that it is a possibility that these shades are actually a result of an earlier version of the experiment that Odium did on Threnody which was later was greatly improved upon in Roshar. Further, on Sel also we have legends of Svarkiss which says that these are half ghost and half demons. Shu-dereth faith says that these are souls of men barred from entrance into heaven and are condemned to wander Sel, bitterly cursing their fate(very odium-y) and prey on humans. It is also believed that they have the ability to take over the body of living and control their actions, again very similar to how Fused work on Roshar. Although, I think that Odium withdrew his investiture from these Svarkiss and they no longer exist and are mere myth today in the Jaddeth Empire.. Just as he has promised The Fused that they will be allowed to pass on once they win. Millennia later, on Roshar, Fused also would be nothing more than such a myth.
  21. Why are they keeping pigs? Food taboos can persist more or less forever, so there is no need to explain why pigs on Threnody are not eaten. But they do not keep them as pets. They don't ride them. They don't eat them. So why do they keep them? These people are living a hard life. They don't have resources to spare on useless animals. So the pigs must have or must have had until recently a use. That makes me wonder. If you can bond birds and worms inside them, why not pigs. Suinomancy, anyone?
  22. The Simple Rules have more consequences. I do not see a way you could run a police service outside fortified cities. There is just no way you could forcibly arrest or threaten a suspect. "Stop or I shoot" is just not viable or even survivable. Which brings us to the question of penal systems. How do you run a prison? You cannot truly disarm anybody on Threnody. Everybody has a virtual suicide vest on. If I am willing to take you with me and there are Shades around, I just hit you hard enough to draw blood and here we go. I would say that Threnody knows no imprisonment as penalty. Fines, outlawry and death only. This goes further. The wards around a place are vital, presuming a place is even warded. Sabotage is far easier and deadlier. In a place without wards a thrown stone can mean mass suicide. Threnodites must have an extremely low tolerance of foolishness, petty delinquency and mental illness. I suspect that such people are driven out into the Forest essentially to die.
  23. Silver. It's role in the Cosmere is uncertain, being a metal (pushable and pullable), allomantically inert and effective at warding off shades on Threnody. Well we got a tasty new WoB today, on another thing people have speculated about, what the silver chain being sold in Shadesmar during Oathbringer was. So that's rad. A reminder of the chain... We didn't know what the significance of the chain was, why it was so expensive, what that chain was made of (options like a silver alloy, aluminum, or even dragonsteel have been thrown around). We still don't know a lot for sure, but it being from Threnody is awesome as it largely confirms the chain is silver, given the importance of it there. And it says they use them in freaking Silverlight! A Cognitive Realm city. So the chain is obviously useful in the Cognitive Realm, and in a place where you get attacked by Cognitive Shadows. In other words, silver is significant to the Cognitive Realm, blocking and damaging corrupted Cognitive Shadows and being expensive and valuable in the Cognitive Realm. This fits with some WoBs we have, about its general significance. So given the chain is so expensive, what could it be made out of? Is it just silver, and silver is so important in the Cognitive Realm and so hard to get there that it's expensive? Is silver not enough, and it needs to be alloyed with a godmetal? Maybe, but then you'd think they'd be exceedingly rare. Is it a magical device, like a fabrial, that does something with silver? I doubt it, it's a simple chain, unless it's some woven form-based magic. I personally think it's most likely to create a barrier in the cognitive realm that purely cognitive entities can't pass without a physical body, essentially the Cognitive equivalent of what aluminum does in the Spiritual Realm (and credit to First_Midnight for putting in that way). It basically stops investiture in the Cognitive Realm from affecting things in the physical realm. That's why shades can't pass it without attacking and weakening the silver - they are actually destroying the silver's cognitive aspect, and then the silver in the Physical Realm is useless in stopping the shade from injecting its investiture into you and it transforming your physical aspect. That's why silver will stop the withering - under this theory, the shade attacks you with its corrupted investiture in the Cognitive Realm, and putting silver on it prevents that investiture from affecting you in the Physical Realm. The investiture that's been attacking you is returned to the CR and blocked from affecting you again. That could be why people in Silverlight would use them, they're safe as they have a physical aspect, but Cognitive-only beings couldn't penetrate the barrier and any investiture being used on you not work. And maybe that's why the necklace is so expensive, because that could make it hard to get silver into the Cognitive Realm through a perpendicularity. But so how useful can it be if shades just burn through it? Well, the answer is, I think, that the chain is not the cognitive aspect of silver in the Physical Realm, but is actually silver brought into the Cognitive Realm, And would actually be impassable by investiture, unlike silver in the Physical Realm, which just puts up a temporary cognitive barrier. Which is why it's rare and expensive, answering the chain question. I'm still not entirely sure I have the mechanics right, in terms of how a necklace may protect you entirely, or in terms of silver's effect in the Cognitive Realm. Love your views. Especially as I got tired of writing this and burned through the last but important parts And I'll leave you with some ridiculousness. The name Silverlight? What if it's actually silver, to keep Cognitive incursions out. The city's walls are made of silver that is fully in the Cognitive Realm.
  24. From the album Semi-Cool Cosmere Art

    This isn’t my Inktober art (you can find that in the Alleyverse Inktober thread [shameless advertising, Itiah, I know ] where I keep those). This is just a regular drawing, building off from my previous Scadrial one and depicting just another Tuesday night for the Shades on Threnody.
  25. Upon a reread that stuck me in my eye, virtually speaking. How and whence? I would have assumed people on Threnody being mostly vegetarian, just for reasons of safety. Eating animals may happen in larger settlements. Silence serving meat is odd enough. But venison? Would they really keep deer? That seems like an unthinkable luxury under the circumstances. So do they hunt? That, frankly, looks like outright suicide. I suppose in theory you could use a gun or crossbow and a lot of silver, but that would make venison a luxury good, not something you serve in a simple waystop. How is this possible?