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Found 2 results

  1. And we're off. The students are frantically drawing their defenses. Ron, what do you think about their choices. Well, it looks like the students are taking their time, making sure to cover their weak points. The downside of that is... Speak of the devil. It looks like Miffed was taking too long drawing, and that led to an early ambush. Look, on the other side of the field! Apla yer, who was so confident going into this fight, has been eliminated! I guess pride comes before a fall. It looks like the players have developed some secret codes to... Oh wait! It looks like that wild chalking has been eliminated. How did it even get on the field? I don't know Tom, but with only three players out. It's still anybody's game. This round will end in 24 hours, at 4:00 PM EST on Saturday, January 12. Be sure to get your actions in. Player List:
  2. QF25: Hour 6 - Running 11 a.m. Albert stands before the crowd. “I have seen the light!” he proclaims. “This is what we must do.” He proceeds to pull out a chalkboard. “Tzlim, here,” he marks down an X and circles it, “we tried to lynch. Specifically, myself and Revali. Now, the fact that he escaped means that he’s probably not the killer here, so who is?” He muttered to himself, and drew a few lines away from Tzlim’s name. The others watch. “Of course, Tzlim would never have been attacked at all if it weren’t for Revali’s help. But honestly, I could see Revali or Locke being the killer, and can’t figure out which. But anyway, in addition to that, I think there are a few others, and they could be any of these people-” he circles other markings “-but if anyone else has suggestions I’d be totally open to that.” He continues to mutter and draw. Everyone else blinks at each other. “Albert?” says John tentatively. (Normally, but tentatively.) “How does any of that make sense?” “What? Oh, it just does, trust me, okay?” “ No.” That isn't John - who is far too ordinary to say such things - but someone else in the crowd. No one knows who, but they break at that sentence, and surge after the insanity that Albert is obviously capable of. Aleta watches Albert dying in horror, his cries echoing in the bright morning sun. She’d never… that wasn’t… she tenses, almost ready to flee at the sight. “Not a pretty sight, is it, death?” a voice says in her ear. She jumps in shock. When she lands, she is already dead. Melinon can't take it anymore. He runs. Out, away, anywhere but there. Lorna watches, smiling. It won't do for this little experiment to end without anyone learning the lesson they need to. The sharpness of an arrow; the splatter of blood. Elenion was lynched! He was a New Recruit studying Truthlessness! Sami was killed! She was a New Recruit! Bard has died of inactivity! He was a New Recruit! Cycle 6 has begun! It will end in 24 hours. Vote Count >Elenion (7): Stink, Arinian, Jondesu, Lopen, Mage, Eternum, Ecth >Eternum (2): Sami, Yitzi >Yitzi (1): Winter >Sart (1): Elenion Player List 1. Elithanathile - Sebas 2. Drake - Aaliyah New Recruit 3. Mage - Damond 4. Eternum - Albion Kerenas 5. Jebus - Teralarin 6. Flash - Johnny Quick New Recruit 7. Elenion - Albert Vospar New Recruit 8. Orlok - Highprince Locke Tekiel 9. Megasif - Zirconidas New Recruit 10. Winter Devotion - John 11. Roadwalker - Silver 12. Jondesu - Tzlim 13. Paranoid King - Spiff Dustbringer 14. Stick - Dan New Recruit 15. Sami - Aleta Nebrask New Recruit 16. Stink - Lazar 17. Arraenae - Malnar Dustbringer 18. Lopen - Revali 19. Darkness - Belegaer 20. Bard - Melinon New Recruit 21. Ecthelion - Ceol and Vis 22. Yitzi - Brightlord Erethin 23. Sart - Ardent Sartal 24. Arinian - Alrin