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Found 2 results

  1. Basics: Factions: Metals: Order of Actions: Welcome to MR44! I am the GM for this game. @Devotary of Spontaneity is the IM. This ruleset was originally created by @Gamma Fiend. This ruleset was run as MR9. RP Background: You're a group of new members of the Steel Ministry. This game is set around a hundred years before the Mistborn books. Signups will end on August 12th at 1:00 PM EST. This will probably be the normal rollover time. The first day will go up 24 hours after signups end. Player List: Spectator List: Quick Links:
  2. This time you were a little more productive! When you were done, three new bodies were on the ground. Unfortunately, none of them were Skaa. - [Death RP by Gears, go upvote them!] Malcolm Anerchis was an ordinary fellow. He swallowed metals and “burned” them, he killed people for fun, and he was really looking forward to being spiked. However, his class of soon-to-be Obligators was infested with skaa. He personally had nothing against the skaa, but they were preventing him from being spiked. Inciting a revolution would be fun though… Too bad he wasn’t skaa. Maybe he could pretend to be skaa and incite the revolution anyways! In hindsight, that was probably a bad idea. Bantering with his would-be killers was also a bad idea. They genuinely thought he was skaa now. While being a jazz musician sounded pretty sweet, he didn’t know how to play an instrument despite his best efforts, and dying for being a musician peasant when he wasn’t a musician peasant wasn’t his idea of enjoyment. At least he had swallowed his steel. One of his attackers would be brought down as they slaughtered him. They grabbed him and held him down as they tried to kill him, but before the light left his eyes, he tossed a coin into the air and pushed it into someone’s skull. He tried to confirm the kill, but his body went limp before he managed it. They kept pummelling his lifeless body for a few minutes, but he wasn’t skaa. Stealing a few saxaphones didn’t make him a musician. Starting a few revolutions didn’t make him a downtrodden individual, trapped by the caste system. The Cognitive Realm was empty of all but mist and a half-dead god. Then a Coinshot stumbled out of the aether and waved to the god. “I heard about this part!” he said jubilantly. “You’re Preservation, right?” “Yes,” the god said. “Though you weren’t supposed to be here. My futuresight is limited, but you left this world soon and lived on for many years, doing what you loved.” Malcolm laughed as his form stretched towards the realm of light. “Gods can be wrong, Pres. Remember that.” And then he was gone. Gears has died! They were a Steel Ministry Coinshot! Illwei has died! They were a Steel Ministry Lurcher! Matrim's Dice has died! They were a Steel Ministry Thug! Vote Count: Gears (5): A Joe in the Bush, Sart, Sorana, STINK, Vapor Illwei (2): Gears, Matrim's Dice Araris Valerian (1): xinoehp512 Elkanah (1): Araris Valerian GM Notes: -The cycle will end on August 21st, at 1:00 PM EST. Player List: