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Found 10 results

  1. This is where you dump all of the random thoughts and ideas you get on a random basis. Why? Who knows.
  2. What do you think spren from different shards would be? Other than the three we know for certain have spren, the ones on Roshar.
  3. I was going to post this topic a few weeks ago, but then I decided that it was betterto wait until Rhythm of War came out. I was going to talk about how I wished Brandon would make Dabbid recover. Well, thanks Brandon. I'm really glad that Dabbid made a recovery, because I felt really bad for and and Rlain. The good thing is, that Brandon gave both of them a oretty big role in the book, so I'm happy about that. Any thoughts on Dabbid's Recovery? Do you think he will play a bigger part in book five?
  4. I am kind of jealous of the future readers of the Stormlight Archive. Because one day when the series is finished someone could pick up The Way Of Kings and be finished with the whole series in like a year. They will not understand the pain of having to wait for each book to release, Mostly because they couldn’t have our pain.
  5. ...because he's not ready to accept that there are some people he can't save. He keeps trying to save everyone, it's deep down in his personality that he has failed every time he couldn't save someone, as if he killed them himself. Maybe he kills himself a little inside every time he loses someone. (and I just had the thought that Gavinor and Oroden (Kaladin's new little brother) are gonna be best buds. Just sayin.)
  6. @Archer, @Ookla the Apostate What do you think now? What do you all think about this description as the basis for a novel that I'm working on. Any questions can be addressed to me either here or in DM. Back of Book Description.docx
  7. If you are reading this, then you have found the Guild of the Random Amalgamations of Thoughts Original, where those with the most random combinations of ideas lurk. To join, you must take up the Oath of the Guild. I shall only think that which is random, Speak that which is my own, And combine those thoughts most obscure To obtain the goals of the Guild of Random Amalgamations of Thoughts Original, which are: To expand the reach of the GRATO To fill the world with Originality, Creativity, and Awesomeness To read all books which which are amazing And To enjoy the creations of the mind. Spread the word, for the Great Time of GRATO approaches.
  8. So I recently finished my reread of Warbreaker and, more than MB Era 2, it really holds up. I was actually surprised how much I liked it and I think for Sanderson it has the best dialogue. Like, I don't know about the rest of you, but I found that Lightsong was far more witty and amusing than either Hoid or Shallan who it must be said often come across as a little...try hard. Vasher is still one of Sanderson's best males so far as I am concerned and especially given the very little screen time he gets relatively to many others. I really enjoy the perspectives of Vivenna and Siri and they honestly seem like some of the most genuine and absorbing PoV characters. Vin is probably the only one I liked more. One of the things I really like is how smooth of a read it is. Knowing the rules of the magic and who each character is makes a lot of the tricks and references a lot better but it doesn't have places that drag like I found Stormlight does. The big letdown on reread was Denth. Like a lot of Sanderson villains he comes across as a lot more one-note than I remember and his mercenary comments kind of grated. Plus for one of the Five Scholars his showing is really quite unimpressive. One thing I like about it was the Awakening system, and I forgot how cool it was to see Vasher use it. Like using the single rope to strength a leg and hop down the palace and how it can somehow be used to alter the mindset of a person. I actually didn't realise how little we as readers know of awakening, and it definitely seems the magic system most open to advancement at the moment. Colour me impressed all over again.
  9. So I had a random thought. Is it colossuses, or colossus, or colossi when speaking about a colossus in plural form. (No I have no idea why I'm asking about this on this forum, but anyone have an idea?)
  10. TL;DR - Spiritwebs mystify me. This is going to be pretty long, and I'll probably add more that I forget or leave out later. I'll just be throwing some of my wild ideas, speculations, and ramblings down here to see if anyone has any input. First off, if this has been done and discussed before, I apologize. I just needed to put all my scattered thoughts in one place. Also, if any of this has been confirmed or denied, please let me know. I need to put my wearied mind to rest. I can't recall any times when we see someone survive being used to charge a Hemalurgic spike. I'm unsure if this is because they die from the physical aspect (such as bleeding to death from having a chunk of metal stabbed into a bindpoint and such), or through the spiritual aspect. Tied to this is the question of whether someone who is used to charge a Hemalurgic spike loses all of their Power (read: access to their magic system). I assume they do, but if we took a Twinborn, would it be possible to steal only their Allomantic power, but leave their Feruchemical Power? Unless, of course, being the "chargee" for the spike is inherently fatal. I seem to recall there being mentions of preferring to use Mistborn in the creation of Inquisitors. These Mistborn clearly don't survive, but is it because they die from the physical side or the spiritual? I know that snapping is a near-literal term, in that your spiritweb receives "cracks" that investiture can now fill. I see most (if not all) of the Investiture in the Cosmere as falling into one of two main categories. 1) Your Spiritweb receives "cracks" so that Investiture can fill them, granting access to the relative magic system or 2) You are born already Invested Under number one, we have Allomancy, Surgebinding, the Returned, and Elantrians. You have the obvious Snapping, the need to be "broken" to form a Nahel Bond, dying and receiving the Divine Breath, and the Shaod (more on this in a moment). Under number two, you have Breaths, Feruchemy, and Soul Stamping. As far as I know, you are born with the ability to use these without the need for a damaged Spiritweb. I suppose you could add a third category for things such as Hemalurgy and potentially the Dakhor Monks, where you intentionally alter your spiritweb at the cost of another's. (Interestingly enough, the categories appear to line up with the net-positive/ neutral/ negative system. I'm not sure whether that applies to all magic in the Cosmere, or specifically the magic on Scadrial.) Back to the subject of the Shaod. I briefly mentioned my thoughts on it in a reply to a post, but I'll put them here as well. I have two highly speculative theories. The first is that the Shaod is/ is guided by some (more or less) sentient being/ force, perhaps like the mist in the Mistborn Trilogy, the Highstorms in the Stormlight Archive, and Returning in Warbreaker. The second is that the Dor, being described multiple times as a force trying to push it's way through the Aons, is... "corrosive" to the local's spiritwebs. That, or simply being surrounded(?) by the Dor alters spiritwebs over time. Plenty of holes in both, they're just food for thought. Sorry for the wall of text. If you read that entire thing, I'd love any thoughts, ideas, counter-theories, or suggestions. (I'll add in supporting quotes from the texts, WOB, and other theories when my brain isn't melting out of my head.)