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Found 3 results

  1. Anyone who's taken a foreign language class or watched the youtube channel Translator Fails will know that the online tool Google Translate is not reliable. However, it tends to produce humorous results depending on what languages you choose. So I made this. A place where we can put the translated editions of our favorite passages from Sanderson's works! I've started us off with the most famous and beautiful passage of all time:
  2. So, stupid questions with one foot in the Cosmere and one foot... not. For example: Gold compounding vs Avada Kedavra? Gold compounding vs Crucio? Copper vs Crucio and Imperio? Brass/zinc vs dementors (and/or their effects)? Any sorts of stupid questions and speculating the answers. (No intelligent questions, though, like "fabrial with atium cage" sorts of questions.) I'm honestly not sure if this belongs in Forum Games and Random Stuff or not.
  3. I love Brandon Sanderson's work, but I hate White Sand volume 2. I am a cartoonist, and I have to say, this is the crappiest graphic novel I have ever read. If you disagree, leave now, highly opinionated vitriol follows. I loved the prose version of White Sand, it wasn't Brandon's best work, but I didn't expect it to be. But holy crap, I suffered through volume 1 of this monstrosity, with it's horrible art and truncated nonsensical dialog, but really to expect us to buy 2 more volumes of this horrible crap, to get a watered down, insensible version of the prose story, who does he think we are? For reals? Dedicated fans that will sift through the weird combination of baroque/neoclassical/renassaince/pashtun imagery in order to find some small hint about something of the deeper cosmere,....Admittedly, that is the case, but never before did dedication to a greater goal come at so high a cost. I hate this book, but I am compelled by forces greater than myself to read it, which makes me hate reading this particular book even more. I am a fan of graphic novels, but this is NOT a good graphic novel. Firstly, you shouldn't have a graphic novel where the major hinges of the plot are political and require book length sections of dialog. I'm an illustrator and I know that kind of thing is torture to draw. How many different angry expressions of the interlocutors can you draw before people get tired of the idea that the people who are talking are not happy about what they are talking about. This is totally general criticism of the whole series, but let me get into some of the specific criticism of this particular volume (volume 1 shares a lot of the same faults, but I will limit myself to criticism of the 2nd volume). Brandon said in Arcanum Unbounded that sand mastery lends itself to the graphic novel format. This would be true if sand mastery wasn't depicted as Flying with a crappy swirly line around Kenton and some little "magical" plus signs. I agree that sand mastery would be awesome if properly depicted in the graphic novel, unfortunately it's one of the weakest parts in the prose version as well. It's a magic system kind of specifically set up to make the sand masters look like egotistical jerky show-offs. It works far better in the prose version, they all seem like jerks. What is unforgivable in Vol. 2 is that the illustrator has seemed to have given up on depicting the actual sand, instead he just draws a glow around Kenton and some magical looking plus signs which indicate that some magic stuff is happening. Scratchy line drawings: The characters are not cohesive. Kenton looks 10 years older or younger from panel to panel, this is poor execution. The illustrator is using an aesthetic dodge, the reason the lines are so scratchy and hard to distinguish is because the illustrator is unwilling to commit to a specific presentation. His backgrounds (especially the natural environments) are awesome, but he gets less sure the closer the "camera" gets to the subject. Panel division: This is so poorly done, it is consistent from volume 1 to 2, but why divide the page up like that? It doesn' add anything to the narrative. It doesn't look good, it just makes the reading order of panels unnecessarily hard to determine. It seems like it's done as a further attempt to hide the fact that the illustrator is unable to create anything intrinsically compelling. What the heck, this is ridiculous? Ok, so this is going to be admittedly the biggest entry in this bulleted list, because it is going to have examples (spoilered so you don't have to look at them if you don't want to): A-Delius? What the crap is this depiction supposed to signify??????? This is one of the worst drawn characters I have ever seen. He is eating his wine like a pig at a trough! B-Sand mastery visualized — I bet Brandon had no idea that the grace and majesty of sand mastery would end up looking like this. Very rarely are ribbons of sand depicted, it's more of a magical nimbus of light with little magical plus signs to show spooky action of sand mastery. C-Continuity, continuity, continuity. This illustrator, not content to represent the lossandians as straddling merely three different eras (classical greece in the Diem, Loius the XIV's France in the Admiral's quarters and Florence from the Italian Renaissance in the Artisan's quarters), also unfortunately decided to be free and loose with the simple particulars of a given scene (like the one spoilered below where Ais kils the Kerztian assassin). She fires all five of her arrows at the Kertzian assassin at point blank range, but how they are depicted embedded in the head of the assassin doesn't make any sense, he looks like a pincushion. He has arrows in both temples, one up his nose and an arrow in each eye! How the arrows are arranged it looks like he was hit by 5 different archers from five different positions. Brandon writes incredibly cinematically, his prose visualizations would lend themselves quite well to the graphic novel form, but he should write specifically for the medium not have some other people try to shoe horn a complex political dialog packed thriller into this format. Sorry about the above rant, I don't usually like tearing things apart like this, but I needed to vent because I am compelled to read the entire Volume of this travesty (though it pains me deeply to do so). If I didn't care so much about the content of the book I would have stopped reading this volume after the 2nd page. Not looking forward to volume 3 at all, hopefully the illustrator that finished Volume 2 will be back to do all of Volume 3, his artwork, while not perfect, at least has the continuity down and the weird era straddling backgrounds are toned down substantially.