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Found 1 result

  1. Mafia Championships Hoid studied the gameboard set in front of him. It was an exact replica of the Cosmere as a whole and it glowed with tiny sparkling dots. Each one represented a possible Champion; for there was a challenge from beyond the Cosmere taking place. Luckily, this was an area where Hoid excelled. He was a master tactician and he knew that, once he’d made the choice, his Champion would be more than capable of handling anything that these outsiders threw at them. Through the gnashing of teeth and brain-melting puzzles, his Champion would endure. But first, he needed to choose…. ************************************* Hey everyone. We’ve got an announcement to make. We were contacted a while back by someone running what they are calling their Mafia Championship. They gather representatives from multiple different forums that play Mafia and those players then play in a tournament of Mafia games to determine who is the ultimate Mafia player. They are now into their third season of doing so and last year, they had around 70 different communities send a representative to their games. They even have the backing of the man who created Mafia (Dmitry Davidoff)! This year, they’re hoping to have up to around 130 different Mafia communities represented! And we’ll be able to kill them all! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!! There was just one thing missing. They obviously could not have a true Mafia Championship while we were not represented! That’s like deciding the greatest author ever and ignoring Sanderson! So it comes to this: we need to pick a representative to be our Champion in these games. Here’s the breakdown of what our Champion can expect: - There will be at most three games. The first is a qualifier game, where our Champion will play against other candidates. At the end of that game, the players will vote for two people who they think should move on to the final. There is also a wildcard game (should our Champion for some bizarre reason not be chosen to go the final) to round out the final. Then, of course, there is the final itself. Here's a link to the final game from last season. - The games will begin at the end of April and the final will likely take place around the end of July. Yes, this is a long time to be available for. We have it on good authority that they will do their best to accommodate everyone’s schedules, so that everyone will be able to play during a time that is convenient for them. - Our Champion should expect a very active game of Mafia. There is a minimum posting limit of at least 10 posts per day and there can easily be hundreds of posts made in a single day’s turn. Granted, most of these won’t be the essays that some people write here, but they should still expect quite a lot. - The format is something they call a Matrix12. What this is, is basically a table of multiple roles that could be added to the game. A column or row is then chosen at random and that determines which roles are in the game. They still used a lot less roles than we are typically used to in our games though, so this should be a cinch for us. Here’s a link to what they are thinking for this season. And I think that about covers it. If you’re interested in volunteering to be our Champion, please say so here. We’ll give it a couple of days for people to step forward and make nominations, then we’ll make a poll with the given representatives listed. At that point, everyone can vote for whom they think we should send as our Champion. A quick note: this is not about us trying to send our best player. What we really want is someone that truly represents the nature of our community. These games tend to give players from other sites a chance to interact together and many times, some players will come join games on other forums, so we want someone that represents our Gentlemanly Killers nature above and beyond just being good at the game. We’re all pretty exceptional at that part; to the point where we would have no problem sending any one of you to represent us on that issue. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. I’ve been looking over their site and I’ve read some of the previous games, so I have a pretty decent understanding of what we’ll be getting into. Also, feel free to follow the links to do some of your own research! In fact, here's one final link to some general information about this season's games! Now then, who wishes to be our Sword at the throats at of all the other Mafia forums out there? Let’s show them how it’s done!