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Found 3 results

  1. So I was re-reading Oathbringer when things started to come together I'll put this into chronological order. **note all spoiler tags are used on WoB to shorten the length** First Skybreakers and Nale Nale seems to have an uncanny ability to find Radiants, even going so far as to turn, to Lift before she starts using Lifelight, without reguard to distance as other investiture detection we've seen. Nale knew about Lift, Gavilar, Tien, Shallan, The Stump, and The Shoe Maker. With no explination(Baring DS) And only the ones who were needed by Cultivation(Or because of their actions) did they live. Intrestingly Nale Misses Kaladin despite being in the same place as Tien, and even Taravangian discovering his wereabouts, he likewise ignores Dalinar, despite finding a way to kill Gavilar, and misses Shallan(although her killing Testement was likely responsible). So I think Cultivation was leading that. Renarin, Gyls & Sja-anat The amount of Corrupt Radiantspren surprises me, they last seven thousand years and only now allow themselves to be corrupted, why? I believe Cultivation wants Voidish Illumination to spread to further muddy Odium's sight and protect the Radiants from Odium's manipulation. The blacking of the words also was used as a contingency to get Taravangian close to Odium as we have seen. Timing, and other unlikely chances Things are falling together at this time for a reason, Taln broke just as the radiants return in any substantial number and when the first bondsmith in millennia is around. Additionally the only working Oathgate happens to be the one the heroes have access to, yeah that was planned Cultivation planned all of this. Cultivation herself Cultivation has personally seen 3 people who came to the Nightwatcher(Dalanar, Tanavangain and Lift) which she hasn't done in centuries. All of whom where large peices of what she needed, Additionally on page 717 of RoW Venli mentions hearing a Pure Tone of Roshar, I doubt it's Odium's and Honor doesn't make sense, I believe Cultivation is growing her, so she will rescue Rlain, and give the others an ally. and on page 837 Chiri-Chiri remarks that a Rhythm told her she could no longer do easy things, Likely Cultivation Due to recent event's I can no longer ignore Kaladin's part in this despite calls against it Kaladin, he is here for this WoB I think this is in reference to these WoB Additionally these WoB stick out to me as being off. Potentially nothing but Perhapse a hint at something deeper and given this I'm inclined to think so Dangerous why? Dangerous for his charecter potentially but it could be a severing from Honor. And recently Kaladin was one of two Radiants to retain contiousness during the occupation of Urithiru, and I don't buy him being almost 4th ideal and having Adhesion, The Stormfather himself worries for Dalinar, who is far more powerful, and has Adhesion himself as he would have to overcome the Sibling, The only other person who stays contious is Lift, who was touched by Cultivation in a powerful manner. Kal was touched himself. Kaladin being the Son of Tanavast is mentioned in every book, and he's done things we haven't seen anyone else do, feeling the winds in WoR, The Stormfather considers stoping for him, despite him not being bonded to him. Additionally on page 579 of RoW Kal is allerted to The Pursuer without knowing why. On Page 622 the Sibling comments on Kaladin's closeness with his Father, Honor, Tanavast. New WoB Anything I missed would be nice, critic welcome.
  2. Just looking for some input on a very implausible theory...if harmony were to combine the pits of hathsin with the well of ascension...(theoretically) what would the product be like? The liquid in the well of ascension makes you nearly omnipotent for a brief time...atium makes you omniscient (sort of) for a period of time...would the combination of the two be some crazy powerful middle ground?...something totally different from either?...or would they balance out to something kind of lame? would the use of duralumin impact it's use?
  3. “Three of sixteen ruled, but now the Broken One reigns.” I have been rereading Way of Kings after finishing a Reread of the Mistborn trilogy, Elantris, and Warbreaker and noticed something about this sentence. Are we sure this is referring to Odium? ​The Broken One could also depending on the language refer to the Shattered one, A shattered shard. And the storm father up until the everstrom was created was more or less the subject of almost all worship on Roshar that we have seen/ know of. Could the Disillusion of the Oath packed by all but one heralded and the surrender of the Knights Radiant actually have strengthen or changed something on Roshar to the point where the Stormfather was stronger than cultivation and Odium? We know from the letter that Rayes is actually comfortable with the power and nature of Odium so the argument could be made that he as a person is broken, but Odium it self is not fractured. Making the title of Broken one not fit him. In addition he is not on Roshar. His Presence is felt but the shard it self is on Braize. The Stormfather as the shattered remnants of Tanavast/Honor and currently the primary/only god of several different kingdoms on Roshar makes more sense for this Epigraph to be the one being referred to and, If this theory is correct, Raises some interesting questions of what is happening to cultivation right now. To really get an Idea of that I would love to get some more concreet quotes on what the eastern peoples of Roshar who do worship cultivation have to say on there godess.