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Found 3 results

  1. Day 3: Wow, or rather, Cow! Daisy the Cow munched idly on some grass. The sun wasn’t shining but that was alright, it was still a nice day in Daisy’s mind. She caught a movement out of the corner of her eye as four bipeds approached her. She watched as they came closer only realising too late that they intended to cause harm. Daisy the Cow let out a warning MMMOOOOOO to the rest of her herd as the bipeds attacked her with sticks and an axe. As her blood seeped into the ground around her she saw her friends, her herd, coming to her rescue. One of the bipeds that hurt her was trampled as it tried to get away. Daisy felt no guilt at the death of them. In fact she no longer felt anything at all. Her final thought was that it would’ve been nice to feel the warmth of the sun one final time. Meanwhile back in the makeshift refugee camp, Tanky Zomboi was growing more and more hungry. He tried to restrain himself, after all these had been his friends at one stage, but the drive, the urge to feed was too strong. A group of refugees stood off to the side talking. Tanky Zomboi smelt it. That wonderful, intoxicating smell, Blood. He heard them before the others, the screams of the living. It was too much, the smell, the noise, the HUNGER. Tanky Zomboi leapt into the group in front of him, grabbing and feeding on the first one he could reach. The rest tried to subdue him even going so far as to run him through with their pointed sticks but they missed his vital organs so he continued to feed on all within reach only stopping when his head was removed from his body. Votes: Lum: (6) Rath, Fifth, Sart, CadCom, Kidpen, Ax’s Boyfriend Lumgol - Tanky Boi was lynched and killed and beheaded and is well and truly dead. Hemalurgic Headshot - Bill Woodsman was killed by a Cow! They were a Refugee with a Claymore Mine and a Sharpened Stick Rathmaskal - Rash Williams is now a Zombie! Cadmium Compounder - Andrew Andrewson is now a Zombie! Sart - Sarah is now a Zombie! Fifth Scholar - Friedrich was attacked by Lum and is now a Zombie! Daisy the Cow has died. You Monsters! This cycle will last 23 hours followed by a one hour rollover break. Revealed Mechanic: Lynching a Zombie causes half the voters (up to maximum of 4) to be Turned. After all, in order to lynch them, you have to get close to the Zombie. Close enough for it to infect you. Important Information: Terrain: Farmland Weather: Sunny Wind: Easterly (Headwind) breeze (One less vote needed for the lynch minimum) Wildlife: Some Chickens are scratching around the farmhouse As there is at least one refugee holding a Map, certain areas of interest are revealed. A barn and farmhouse lie a short distance down a dirt road. Smoke can be seen coming from the farmhouse chimney. Graves can be seen nearby Player List:
  2. Day 1 - A Shadow of the Past The wind blew across what passed for plains, here in the Spiritual Realm. The man who had called himself Sheon Idris in life turned his face from his contemplation of a steel and gold crown, now worn with the use of many years. The single word etched into the metal was practically worn away now, though his eyes could see it as clearly as the day he had carved it himself. Unforgiven. He looked to his left, expecting a visitor to appear, as had often come when moods like this came upon him. But that was right, she had moved on. Or had she? He couldn't remember. With a flicker of his will, his attention turned back to the Physical Realm. The Shards were preparing for war again. Incredible devastation. Incalculable destruction. All because of him and his meddling. A universe torn apart, just like its god. And every time he had attempted to put things right, things had only gotten worse. The Shardic Coalition and the wars against Odium, the great Civil War, where his own followers had torn the power of the Shards from his grasp and held them in containment. And then the Silverlight War, which had ended with Autonomy ruling the entire Cosmere long had it been now? Time passed slowly here, or at least the perception of it did. And he was so old now, and so tired. Was it time to give up? Time to admit that he could not put back together what had been broken, and each time he tried it only broke things further? Time to go on into forever, and...well, whatever came after? Maybe. After all, how long had it been since he'd actually tried to pull the strings of the cosmos? Longer than it should have been, for sure. But the thought of just giving up and giving in awoke his old stubbornness to something like a sullen fire, deep within. He had failed many times, seen death and destruction and pain and loss and hate and horror so many times. And he would not sit back and let that win. He had a job to do, tired or not. Old or not. Once more into the breach, this time counting for all of them. He called up his avatar, the body he used to walk the realms. It had a name, didn't it? Something...stirring. Something that reminded him of...of colors on the flags of Hallandren, or electric lights in the night of Scadrial, or the smell of freshly fallen rain after a Highstorm. What was it, again? Ah, that was it. Hoid. The Wanderer. King's Wit, once, if he recalled right. He had probably been a storming good one. And with another little flicker of will, he stepped into Silverlight. The Shards were about to go to war again, for whatever reason. It would be chaos, and he could use chaos. Khriss was still out there, and she would try and stop him, and he would use that too. With a little laugh, he went off to play with their war, one last time. Unforgiven. But not yet broken. - - - - - - - - - - - - Welcome to AG 5: One Final Blaze of Light! As a reminder, Day 1 will not have a lynch, but you may otherwise use any Day Turn actions freely. You should all have received role PMs by now - if you haven't, please contact @A Joe in the Bush or myself immediately. Player List: 1. Amethyst Scorpion 2. Azure Mouse 3. Amber Vulture 4. Charcoal Hyena 5. Chartreuse Penguin 6. Coral Swan 7. Cream Tuatara 8. Emerald Falcon 9. Fuschia Ostrich 10. Indigo Weasel 11. Ivory Dragonfly 12. Magenta Albatross 13. Mauve Crocodile 14. Melon Dingo 15. Mint Heron 16. Onyx Flamingo 17. Opal Lion 18. Oxblood Beagle 19. Pearl Chameleon 20. Plum Rhinoceros 21. Quartz Zebra 22. Saffron Iguana 23. Sage Kangaroo 24. Salmon Meerkat 25. Sapphire Elephant 26. Scarlet Octopus 27. Sunburst Toucan 28. Taupe Gecko 29. Turquoise Gorilla 30. Violet Axolotl The day will last until Wednesday, January 16th, 1:00 AM, Mountain Time
  3. The impossible has happened. Steelheart is dead! And with his death many epics have either fled the city or gone into hiding leaving a power vacuum that needs to be filled. In the warrens beneath the city is where you live. You make a living alongside your fellow gang members by scavenging what you can’t intimidate from others. Time has been good to you and your crew. Rival gangs have come and gone while yours has remained strong. Until now that is. With the power vacuum above many of your fellow crewmembers feel it’s time to head to the surface and carve out some of the prime territory for themselves. However a rival gang is also eyeing up the surface for their new headquarters. While they are a small and relatively new gang they are rapidly growing and have even managed to subvert some of your fellow members. The leaders have called together all those they think have been approached by this rival gang and plan to address the situation personally…. Rules: Standard LG Elimination Rules and Etiquette apply. 72 hour cycles (48 day and 24 night) Due to rolling blackouts, mobile phones (PMs) can only be used during the night. Please include the GM in all PMs. Sign ups will last the standard 7 days. Rollover will be at 5pm NZDT / 4am UTC / 9pm MST A new player list will be included at the start of the Day phase. There will NOT be a countdown clock posted by the GM. Deaths will not be distinguishable from each other. Only those that made the kill will know who killed who. Each player can take one action per night unless otherwise stated. It is possible that not all roles are in game. You will not be told if that is the case or which ones are missing. It is also possible that there are hidden roles and/or items. Anyone who doesn’t show activity either by posting in thread or PMs at least every second full cycle will be killed. After all if you’re not helping the gang root out the traitors then you must be one of them, right? The Traitors win once they outnumber the Loyalists. The Loyalists win once the find and kill all Traitors. The Traitors have a Doc to conspire in. Roles: Side Roles: Items: Quick Links: