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Found 76 results

  1. Ok so! I just got off the phone, and here's what we talked about. Theory 1: The definition of Shattered is "(of something abstract) damaged or destroyed." Adonalsium is most definitely an abstract being. Something damaged/destroyed can be fixed, to a certain degree. The main point of this theory is that if someone could combine the 16 Shards, and the 4 Dawnshards, that massive coalescing of power would combine into a sentient being. A New Adonalsium. Theory 2 (Disproven): Only exact opposite shards can Splinter each other. Disproven because Odium Splintered Honor, Devotion, and Dominion. (Sorry if I missed any) Theory 3: As shown in the Dawnshard novella, Adonalsium is portrayed in the mosaic as a sun split into 4 chunks (Dawnshards) and those chunks were also split 4 ways (Shards). As such, all Shards are just manifestations of either one Dawnshard, or a combo of 2. Theory 4: Wit (Hoid, Cephandrius) is gathering parts of different Shard's magic systems to combine it all into New Adonalsium, as discussed in theory 3. Theory 5: Opposite shards (Preservation, Ruin) are needed to actually create life. The Singers were already there when Honor and Cultivation arrived, as were the humans on Ashyn when Odium got there. But Preservation and Ruin worked together to make Scadrial and its life forms. Theory 6: As discussed in the Dawnshard novella, Rysn feels from the mosaic different feelings. I forget what they were, and I don't know where to go to find the quote. If someone could do that, and post is as a reply, that'd be great. Back to the point, these feelings are interpreted as what Adonalsium felt during the shattering. And, as Adonalsium died, we theorized that parts of his being also became ingrained on the Commands used to kill him. The Dawnshards themselves. Thoughts on it all? Seriously, give me some thoughts. Please. I had way too much fun talking about this, I need more interaction based on these theories.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm kinda new at this (just joined the 17th Shard, so please a have a bit of patience if you can). So I've been over my head, rereading the last chapters of Rhythm of War, alongside the Musings of El, and I don't know what to expect. It has been made obvious that Hoid fooled Taravangian (Odium) into making him believe that he erased Hoid's short term memories, and that Hoid doesn't suspect that Rayse is dead. I've read in another post a theory of Hoid playing a Reverse Uno card on Taravangian, making him try for a tie in the contest of Champions. This is very interesting to me, but also there are a lot of things that don't quite fit for me; we know Taravangian wants "to save them all" (which I assume he refers to all the people of Roshar, both humans and singers), could he be referring to Cultivation, knowing that she has her own agenda? Or is he referring to Hoid's plan (this sounds less appealing to me, since he just erased his memories stored in his breaths and then left him like that)? Could El be referring to this when he spoke about a Great War? If you got to this part, I thank you all for reading, thanks again for welcoming me to the community!
  3. I have a theory that in era 2 of stormlight archive we will have computers which run on logicspren
  4. It's been 6 months since Skyward, and if I remember correctly Jorgen mentioned that his family will pull him out of the DDF after 6 months. I doubt that's something Brandon will just toss into the book for no apparent reason. So...what do you think will happen to him? Tbh I have a nagging feeling that his parents are already working on it in the background, so we might not see Jorgen with the rest of Skyward Flight for a while in the next book/s. Maybe this way he'll discover more about his cytonic abilities...or cytonics in general (I'm really curious about his family and life too). (currently manifesting the 'Jorgen POV novella' energy) Of course these are all just guesses so I'll most likely be wrong, but toying with theories is fun, nonetheless. P.S.: I'm really hoping for a showdown scene between Jorgen and his parents about him being pulled out of the DDF. Seems like it will be fun to read.
  5. This is a place to discuss any and all theories about who Odium’s champion for the contest of champions with Dalinar will be. To get you started, here are my thoughts on the topic. (This might run a little long, so I’ll put it in a spoiler box):
  6. Hey guys/gals! Newbie to the forum and to the cosmere, although I'm pretty sure I've read all the published cosmere works by Sanderson + some non-cosmere works, absolutely devoured all I could put my hands upon these trying COVID times. So far my absolutely favorite non-serie novel is Elantris, in my opinion it sometimes feels a bit "rougher" than his later works but what it seems to lack in polish it absolutely nails in charm and general message of optimism facing at the least...non-optimal odds. I can safely say that having read it as the first novel by Sanderson impacted my life immensely. Of course later works, especially of the Stormlight Archives have "stronger" messages regarding depression, grief, loss etc' but Elantris always seem to stick to me better, at least with the nostalgy first-time reader factor. Now, I'm not a cosmere scholar, and like I said I have not read any unpublished works I've heard left sometimes lying around the place I've read some outlines of Sanderson in some wob's that talk about plans for future eras in mistborn etc', but I'd like to know how's the forum acceptance of crazy off the wall theories that I've got swimming in my braincase without any scientific basis except "it sounds nifty to me and kinda makes sense ... although maybe that's too """"simple""" for Sanderson" Is crazy theory discussion encouraged?
  7. I myself don’t know really what they are planning or if they are planning something. Yet in Oathbringer we hear them discussing Renarin and how to influence him. Jasnah sends Ivory to investigate them but I suspect it is to look after Renarin. They act more like shamans then scholars but they are planning something. We heard little of them in Row but have we heard more of there plan.
  8. Everyone seems to be betting that shallan may become a world hopper but what about kaladin? He was specifically told about other world any zahel and more interestingly had cognitive shadows explained to him. Or perhaps a better question why was kaladin made cosmere aware? Like what is the plot reason what role does it serve? A few reasons I can think of that this needed to happen. 1. so kaladin can understand how cognitive shadows work which was sorta relevant for fighting the pursuer. Then so he can later help ishar with his mental health. this is possible but idk seems kinda like there wouldn’t have also been a need to tell him about other worlds and have him fight a Dude from a different magic system. 2. He goes world hopping for some reason. But why would he do that? I think it would have to do with dalinars fate. so what will happen to dalinar at the end of the book we have a few options rn that seem clear. A. Dalinar is just fine on roshar as a mortal in this situation kaladin does not need to world hop B. dalinar ascends to honor i think dalinar may want to send someone out into the cosmere to maybe counte odium or explore or deal with other threats. Kaladin would be the ideal choice narratively. Presumably by the end of the 5th book kaladin will be 5th ideal quite possibly at the end of his character arc and I think not dead. On top of this kaladin is insanely op his combat feats are so insane that it’s almost counter productive to tension for him to be around, now he could take dalinars place in a leadership role or he could die or he could become a therapist but none of those work, since rn nothing prevents dalinar from leading since he doesn’t seem likely to straight up die, I don’t think he will die and even if he isn’t a soldier anymore he loves the fight far too much to just become a therapist full time. But generally because of kaladins high power level and drive to protect and the fact he likely won’t sit on the sidelines in most likely situations I think he woudl leave in this scenario as dalinars representative/ envoy. C. dalinar becomes a fused In this situation I think dalinar forces kaladin to swear to stop him when he becomes a fused and basically kaladin goes around the cosmere following dalinar being kinda like hoid and making sure dalinar is defeated every time odium tries to use him to screw stuff up. I know a lot of people have been wanting kaladin to maybe become a professional counselor but I think as a lot of people point out to him in the book he can’t give up the fight he loves it too much he just can’t take the stress of war and the battlefield anymore. he has also been talked to by hoid more than any other character we have seen (excluding jasnah but i mean as in like compelled to show up there to help out) which I think Indicates his importance. Honestly it would be kinda awesome if kaladin and syl go around the cosmere like in these theories and basically act like a second hoid Show up and talk to people about their problems then like drive dalinar off or do what honor needs done then leave. Plus he has the flute so maybe. also kaladin is hands down the most naturally skilled person in the cosmere when it comes to combat
  9. Would it be possible to use a duraluminmind to store Connection to other metalminds? That way you could have metalminds taking up entire rooms and not have to lug them around everywhere. Also, would it be possible to Compound enough Investiture with nicrosil to give yourself almost Shard-esque powers? Could you use the Spark of Life or other such Innate Investiture to fill a nicrosilmind? Could you store a Shard in a nicrosilmind? Could two Archivists use an unkeyed copper wire to communicate (i.e. one stores the memory of a sheet of paper saying “Hi. How are you today?” and the other taps that memory, writes down their response and sends it back)? And what would happen if you compounded a coppermind?
  10. We know that humans destroyed Ashyn with surgebinding, then came to Roshar. They brought Odium with them and when they arrived Honor and Cultivation were the gods of the Singers. Honor and Cultivation created the bonds that allow for the Singers forms as well as Greatshells and Rhyshadium. After humans came to Roshar Honor created the oaths linking Surgebinding to the bonds. This gave humans access to the power of two shards. At some point Odium turned the Singers and granted them access to surgebinding. This is why radiants have 2 surges and fused have 1.
  11. So we know the names of the books are most probably going to end up as a palindrome. What I mean by this is: WoK WoR O RoW and what can be assumed is KoW, since Roshar is known for is palindromic names. Does anyone have a theory on what it could stand for, given the knowledge that the names of the books are books in the actual world of Roshar? We have the Way of Kings, which is written by Nohadon, Words of Radiance, which discusses the Knights Radiant, Oathbringer, written by Dalinar, and Rhythm of War, which is most probably a text written by or on the Parshendi. Have we any other thoughts on what the KoW stands for? I've had some ideas that could be "Knights of Windrunners" or "Knights of War" but we've already got a book with the word "War", so it's improbable. Sorry for this wall of text but it's something that's really intrigued me.
  12. This is my first post, and, as you might be able to tell from my name, Iḿ interested in Maya. I would appreciate any theories you have on her. Her past, future, and, really, just what you think about her in general.
  13. So, the Ch. 15 Epigraph mentions logicspren and one their purposes in advanced fabrials. During the discord discussion, it was brought up that Aon Ene, which means logic and debate, is used as a linking Aon to join lists together and to determine their timings. We know of only one other linking Aon, Ehe, fire, and it is used to start other Aon Chains. It was theorized that flamespren could be used in fabrials to the same effect. This is kind of hinted at with what Rushu gets distracted reading, the interestinmg interactins of Logicspren and Flamespren. So, yay! for that theory. Now questioning time, what other spren/Aons can be used for similar purposes? I would guess the Aon Soi, meaning "order" for the creation of lists and chains, and possibly Orderspren or Neatspren for the fabrial purposes. Aon Soo means "mathematics" so possibly some combination of effects? What d'y'all think?
  14. I have a couple thoughts/ questions about the magic system on scadrial. As Harmony has come into existence by combining preservation and ruin is he a new larger shard that has all of the original two shards intent and will or is he a vessel containing the two shards together but still separate and in opposition. Ok so that is sort of a strange question but my thought process is that if harmony is a “new” shard would he be able to create his own new magic system? Along those same lines would the original three magic systems in this system change or disappear as the original shards have changed into something else?
  15. Can Harmony read the minds of humans or animals from different planets/worlds? We know that there are parts of Preservation and Ruin in Scadrians, and I was wondering if that meant Harmony could read the minds of Scadrians because of the part of Preservation that resides in all humans. Say, if a Rosharan or an Elantrian worldhopped to Scadrial, could Harmony look into their minds too?
  16. The thing about the Recreance that bothers me the most is how they all agreed to murder their spren. These were their friends, their partners, their life companions-- and they killed them en masse. The Knights Radiant, to a man and woman, were onboard with subjecting their other halves to agonizing sort-of death, leaving their corpses on the ground to be used and abused by whoever. I mean, can you imagine Kaladin doing that to Syl? Looking her in the eye, Sylphena, then killing her? Probably while Syl was begging him to not do it? Multiply that by all of them. All of them did that, except the Skybreakers. And don't tell me Oathbringer gave us the reason. Oathbringer said that the KR were afraid their powers would destroy Roshar. Okay, fine. So don't use your powers. Or if you're Fourth Oath or below, you can just dissolve the whole partnership, no harm done. Okay, Notum implied the process was painful, but I think it must be less painful than being zombified. But they didn't do that. They killed them. So I've been thinking: what if the spren were in on it? Spren and Knights agree: their powers will destroy the world, that's bad, there should be no more Knight Radiants. Ever. And so, to make sure that no one is tempted to join in the future, the Knights publicly and theatrically turn their backs on humanity. They make their name synonymous with "traitor". No human is going to want anything to do with them thereafter. And on the spren side? The spren too want to make absolutely certain that none of their kind are ever tempted to form a nahal bond. And so they have their Knights summon them as blades, leave them in agonized undeath, drop them in the dirt to be used by murderers. It's awful, but they grimly agree it's the only way to save the world.
  17. @I think I am here. and I were discussing and thinking about what would happen if you flared a metal and used a primer cube. We know that Harmonium, used in a primer cube at least, reflects a metal being used around it. So, if you flared a metal while holding a primer cube, would the Harmonium burn up at the same rate you flared the metal, and produce the same output as the flared metal? For example, if you flared steel and used the primer cube, would the Harmonium burn up faster, and Push harder? Another thing that he and I discussed, was if you used Compounding on the primer cube. Would the Feruchemical storage be replicated, and burnt through the Harmonium? That could produce some interesting effects, such as if you Compounded heat, and shoved it into the primer cube, would the cube act as a furnace, almost? And what if you burnt an iron metalmind? would that make the cube extremely heavy, able to crush your opponents if you threw it at them. Obviously, some of these Compounding effects would just be wasted, like Steelrunning compounding used on the cube. The cube would just be fast? I guess? And zinc would make it smart?? Anyway, let me hear your theories too!
  18. For those who have read SA (stormlight archives) multiple times on which read through did you have the most theories/observations?
  19. I am growing increasingly frustrated by the slow reveal of the Cosmere, I want it all. Now. Hello there. If you are not currently participating in my treasure hunt, ignore this. If you are, Why am I saying this? good job! You just found a clue. Here it is: K'x jkffgp enwgu gxgtayjgrg, nkmg yjgrg vjg ktkcnk ctg. It's pretty simple. I was working on a theory about the Dawnshards, the Sibling, Ashyn, and how the sleepless tied in, when something caught my eye. It was about the Iriali. They're not from Roshar. Now this really shouldn't be a surprise. Human's aren't native to Roshar. And we all know that. The thing is, the Iriali aren't from the Rosharan system either.* For you to understand the tangent I'm about to go on, I recommend reading the coppermind page on the Iriali. It's a long, long tangent. The more I looked into this, the more intriguing it seemed. I believe Sanderson has purposefully kept the Iriali's origins very vague. But I would not be stopped. You see these are the kinds of things that get me interested. We know that Iriali be important later on. But the operating word is later. I wanted to know then and there. My search for answers sent me on an hour long search through the Coppermind, and Arcanum. The information I gathered lead me to this conclusion. The Iriali have lived on three planet's. And I believe I know which ones. The first thing that I tipped me off is their religion. This is a HUGE clue. There was one. Who became many. This is really, really obvious. Adonalsium and the Shattering. (Though I believe that it has also been colored by Honor's death, or Autonomy's ability to have avatar's.) Or the In other words I believe the Iriali originate from Yolen. This matches up for four reasons: Their religion was evidently based the shattering, even if some details are wrong There was a reason for them to leave: Fainlife It has been confirmed that large amounts of humans have left Yolen And the Iriali are gonna play a large part in the space age/ final stage of the Cosmere, a stage I believe will be heavily focused on Yolen Where they went after Yolen becomes a little less clear. There were four or five candidates in my mind, most likely being Nalthis, and Taldain. After Yolen it's most likely they went to Nalthis. Once again I have less evidence, but there's still some. There seems to be a unusually high emphasison color's in Iriali society, Ex: Body painting The returned could have influenced the Iriali's religion The Rirans are near definitely from Nalthis: Given this, and the fact that the Riran's have large cultural ties with the Iriali it seems probable that the Iriali have been to Nalthis at one point. But where next? This troubled me for a while, and I thought that I had it down to two: Patji, or Threnody. It was Taldain. This matches up pretty well. The Iriali and Daysiders look pretty similar, lot's of blond hair, and tan/gold skin Autonomy has had influence on the Iriali's religion, not a large one but this ruled out threnody 3. The temperature on the Dayside is similar to the Iriali climate, possibly explaining why they picked to live up north These are my thoughts on the origins of the Iriali. Please say how stoopid I am below. I apologize for the wall of text. *Brandon hasn't explicitly said this but he's ruled out Roshar, Ashyn and Braize as possible candidates. The only habitable planets in the system.
  20. theories

    So, I know there is a thread for Odium's champion. This thread is for Dalinar's Champion. I know there will be bleed over, but that is ok. Also what does the contest entail? What does it mean to be champion? Some have said Kaladin. Others, Talenel'Elin Others, Adolin Others, Lift.. And the list goes on. So who do you think is going to get the job and why. Do you think they will fail or succeed and why? I think it will be Kaladin because he was our first character. No time to go into more explanation right now and sorry for butchering the names.
  21. So now that we know what shardblades are, what is shardplate? I've got a theory from Oathbringer, but I'd like to know what y'all think. I'll put my theory in a spoilertag to be nice, although if you haven't read the three current Stormlight books, this forum is probably not a safe place for you Hopefully my genius theory isn't 17th Shard Old News. Also, while we're on shardplate, anyone have any explanations for this quote? (From FanX 2018)
  22. We all know that Nightblood is a heavily Invested object. I had the thought that it would be interesting if he was used as a Hemelurgic spike, but then I dismissed the thought due to the aforementioned Investment. However, he is sheathed in an aluminum sheath. I was just wondering if it was possible to use his sheath as an aluminum spike to rob someone of their powers. Aluminum "removes all powers" and I remember reading a WoB that says Hemelurgy doesn't always kill the subject. Iirc Hemelurgy also works anywhere in the cosmere so long as you have the knowledge of spike placement and the Intent. I admit I don't understand aluminum or its hemelurgical abilities very well. Thoughts? I hope this inspires some discussion! If there are any WoB you know to refute or support please share!
  23. So I’ve been bouncing this idea around for a while, and finally decided to type it up. So we know that Pattern bonded Shallan when she was younger, to the point that she could summon her shardblade (to kill her mum). After this she regresses somehow, possibly due to her self-forgetting stuff. Another example we know much less about is Tien, Kaladin’s younger brother. We don’t know a lot about what he did in Amaram’s army, but it is implied that he had reached a point in his Ideals that caught the attention of the Skybreakers enough that Nale felt he needed to be eliminated. I personally think he was at the first Ideal, but have little proof to back that up. So: what are the common threads in these two young lives? My theory: not their own lies, but the lies of those around them. We know that (Pattern at least) Cryptics are very curious about humans. Lyrin was hiding the gem theft, and we know that this caused a lot of strife in Hearthstone. Shallan’s mother was involved somehow with the Skybreakers before her death, and Lin was dealing with political issues (or was that just after Shallan’s mum died?) as well as dealing with debts. Also maybe the Ghostbloods. We know that Pattern is interested in the lies of people besides Shallan. Shallan and Tien are both “the light” of their respective households. The Lightweavers have been described as the “spiritual sustainers” of the Radiants. They are both artistic, and very curious about the world around them. If Cryptics are the spren of natural forces and the laws of nature, the interests of the spren and the knight would align in this. A few other parallels I don’t think are relevant: Shallan and Tien each have depressed older brothers. They are both interested in the creatures around them. They like gentle rains. Please point out anything that I’ve missed!
  24. I need help. I'm not a detective or conspiracy theorist, but I have plenty of questions about things from the interludes in Oathbringer. For example, the soulcaster lady, whatever her name was, mentioned that her fabrial only made one essence rather than three. She said she didn't know the reason for it. Is there a reason? What does it mean? And what was it she thought was on the island that would solve her physical/spiritual decay? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
  25. Add your own! Kaladin and Adolin start dating Shallan lightweaves herself a boyfriend Renarin and Rushu and Navani invent sliced bread and the wheel Adolin accidentally resurrects Sadeas Sadeas conquers all of Roshar and unites them under the Iron Throne Sadeas realizes his true Calling is to unite Westeros instead and leaves Rock and Lopen start a restaurant called the One-Armed Herdazian Lift eats tons of chouta and farms stormlight at the OAH The economy collapses due to the aforementioned farming Moash becomes a Highprince but then goes to Reshi Isles because that was hard work and he wants a vacation Venli becomes a full willshaper and makes statues of Eshonai everywhere The Parshendi decide that the whole war thing was a bad idea and go to OAH to eat pancakes The Parshendi get into a pancake eating contest with Lift and lose The Parshendi go massively into debt due to contest Debt starts another war