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Found 56 results

  1. theories

    So, I know there is a thread for Odium's champion. This thread is for Dalinar's Champion. I know there will be bleed over, but that is ok. Also what does the contest entail? What does it mean to be champion? Some have said Kaladin. Others, Talenel'Elin Others, Adolin Others, Lift.. And the list goes on. So who do you think is going to get the job and why. Do you think they will fail or succeed and why? I think it will be Kaladin because he was our first character. No time to go into more explanation right now and sorry for butchering the names.
  2. So now that we know what shardblades are, what is shardplate? I've got a theory from Oathbringer, but I'd like to know what y'all think. I'll put my theory in a spoilertag to be nice, although if you haven't read the three current Stormlight books, this forum is probably not a safe place for you Hopefully my genius theory isn't 17th Shard Old News. Also, while we're on shardplate, anyone have any explanations for this quote? (From FanX 2018)
  3. We all know that Nightblood is a heavily Invested object. I had the thought that it would be interesting if he was used as a Hemelurgic spike, but then I dismissed the thought due to the aforementioned Investment. However, he is sheathed in an aluminum sheath. I was just wondering if it was possible to use his sheath as an aluminum spike to rob someone of their powers. Aluminum "removes all powers" and I remember reading a WoB that says Hemelurgy doesn't always kill the subject. Iirc Hemelurgy also works anywhere in the cosmere so long as you have the knowledge of spike placement and the Intent. I admit I don't understand aluminum or its hemelurgical abilities very well. Thoughts? I hope this inspires some discussion! If there are any WoB you know to refute or support please share!
  4. So I’ve been bouncing this idea around for a while, and finally decided to type it up. So we know that Pattern bonded Shallan when she was younger, to the point that she could summon her shardblade (to kill her mum). After this she regresses somehow, possibly due to her self-forgetting stuff. Another example we know much less about is Tien, Kaladin’s younger brother. We don’t know a lot about what he did in Amaram’s army, but it is implied that he had reached a point in his Ideals that caught the attention of the Skybreakers enough that Nale felt he needed to be eliminated. I personally think he was at the first Ideal, but have little proof to back that up. So: what are the common threads in these two young lives? My theory: not their own lies, but the lies of those around them. We know that (Pattern at least) Cryptics are very curious about humans. Lyrin was hiding the gem theft, and we know that this caused a lot of strife in Hearthstone. Shallan’s mother was involved somehow with the Skybreakers before her death, and Lin was dealing with political issues (or was that just after Shallan’s mum died?) as well as dealing with debts. Also maybe the Ghostbloods. We know that Pattern is interested in the lies of people besides Shallan. Shallan and Tien are both “the light” of their respective households. The Lightweavers have been described as the “spiritual sustainers” of the Radiants. They are both artistic, and very curious about the world around them. If Cryptics are the spren of natural forces and the laws of nature, the interests of the spren and the knight would align in this. A few other parallels I don’t think are relevant: Shallan and Tien each have depressed older brothers. They are both interested in the creatures around them. They like gentle rains. Please point out anything that I’ve missed!
  5. I need help. I'm not a detective or conspiracy theorist, but I have plenty of questions about things from the interludes in Oathbringer. For example, the soulcaster lady, whatever her name was, mentioned that her fabrial only made one essence rather than three. She said she didn't know the reason for it. Is there a reason? What does it mean? And what was it she thought was on the island that would solve her physical/spiritual decay? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
  6. Add your own! Kaladin and Adolin start dating Shallan lightweaves herself a boyfriend Renarin and Rushu and Navani invent sliced bread and the wheel Adolin accidentally resurrects Sadeas Sadeas conquers all of Roshar and unites them under the Iron Throne Sadeas realizes his true Calling is to unite Westeros instead and leaves Rock and Lopen start a restaurant called the One-Armed Herdazian Lift eats tons of chouta and farms stormlight at the OAH The economy collapses due to the aforementioned farming Moash becomes a Highprince but then goes to Reshi Isles because that was hard work and he wants a vacation Venli becomes a full willshaper and makes statues of Eshonai everywhere The Parshendi decide that the whole war thing was a bad idea and go to OAH to eat pancakes The Parshendi get into a pancake eating contest with Lift and lose The Parshendi go massively into debt due to contest Debt starts another war
  7. Roshar's most important feature is the highstorm which are incredibly dangerous and drop crem. Most Rosharans see crem as a nuisance although some use it as pottery, a building material or fertilizer but what if it could more with it? When highstorms drop crem it is still mixed in with the water meaning that it is effectively a liquid until it hardens. If you design a road as two long parallel bumps in the ground then the crem will move downhill depositing itself in the lower areas to the sides and in the center. The crem will most likely do this in a uniform manner meaning that their are not going to be any potholes on Rosahr and the roads could be self maintaining. Anyone else have ideas about turning Roshar's weirdness to human(or singer) advantage?
  8. So. Think of this. There's a battle going on. An atium misting is dominating a battlefield. After he clears out the area he's standing in, he looks to his left and sees a steel runner's shadow attack him. So he gets ready to swing his weapon at that spot. Now from the perspective of the steel runner, he's cruising along and is close to the atium misting when he sees that a sword is headed to where he wants to be. This steel runner is not an idiot so he attacks on the other side of the atium misting, as to not be hacked to pieces. Now rewind a bit. The atium misting would have seen the steel runner going to the other side and attacks there instead which therefore makes the steel runner attack on the other side. So that means that the steel runner would have two atium shadows and the atium misting would try to attack both of them, but the steel runner would see that and attack from a different angle. It's like when Vin fought Zane in WoA. She watches Zane's movement to determine the way she attacks. Steel runners can do this too, but much better because they have plenty of time to see it all happen. So therefore, shouldn't a steel runner have dozens of shadows like when atium mistings fight? And shouldn't they be able to beat an atium misting?
  9. Reposting this from my introduction post **Warning: This post contains MASSIVE spoilers for Oathbringer. Proceed either with caution, or not at all.** Hi guys! This is my first post here, and I want to talk about Dalinar. Near the end of Oathbringer, Dalinar is able to recreate Honor’s perpendicularity by joining the 3 Realms. I was wondering what the extent of these powers are. Could Dalinar travel to the Spiritual Realm? What would happen if he did? Does this require Stormlight? At the end of Oathbringer, Kaladin said that Dalinar was able to renew gemstones for his trip, which indicates that Dalinar is able to combine the Realms at any time. Can Dalinar do this because he is a Bondsmith, or is it something else entirely? We know that Bondsmiths are somewhat special among Radiants, as there can only be three, and the order was founded by Ishar, who (I think) Ash said was the only Herald that didn’t lose his mind. Dalinar seemed able to do something similar when he operated the Oathgate, despite having no Shardblade. This power is surely the same as the one Dalinar used later on to unite the Realms, but this quote makes it sound less like a Bondsmith power, as opening the Oathgate seemed to hurt the Stormfather, or at least bother him deeply. This probably wouldn’t happen had this been typical Bondsmith behavior. This raises a question: if it’s not a Bondsmith ability, then where did this power come from?
  10. Purely just a fun post, since Brandon has said outright that fans are free to assume whatever they like about precisely what the Beyond is since there's no canonically 'correct' or 'incorrect' answer regarding it, but what's everyone's favourite pet-theory regarding precisely what the Beyond is? Personally, I like to think that it's something like the afterlife scenario in Peter F. Hamilton's Night's Dawn Trilogy. Basically, when a sapient being dies, and they are able to accept and embrace their own mortal end, their soul's 'travel' through a non-place also known as the Beyond to the end-point of the universe (the time the universe 'ends'), the Omega Point, where all souls merge together to effectively become the God of the next universe to be created by them. Incidentally, if they aren't able to let go of life, they effectively stay trapped in the Beyond, leeching off of each other's memories and experiences until they reach the Omega Point the long way... unless a breach into the Beyond is accidentally made, then they basically become the Fused. Great series by the way, though in my opinion not as good as his Commonwealth Saga. Obviously I don't think this is what Brandon has in mind, though given the implied cyclic nature of the Cosmere universe, I think it would have a certain fittingness to it, that and it's just such a clever idea of what happens in the afterlife. Anyone else have any novel ideas of the Beyond they'd like to share? Like I said, purely just for fun. @NeutroniumAlchemist, you'll appreciate this I'm sure.
  11. Hoid is awesome. Not in the sense that Lift is, of course, but that hasn't stopped y'all from theorizing him half to death (though he can obviously recover from even that, so no big deal). It's great that there is so much thought going on surrounding Hoid, but the sheer volume of theoretical waffle surrounding him makes it difficult - when even possible - to really understand and theorize about him without repeating (or re-re-re-repeating, in some cases) a theory that's been A) canonized (and therefore not a theory), B) denied, or C) logically disproved and abandoned. Now, I'm a bit new to the actual theories, but I've seen references to them everywhere, and I really don't want to read through ten more repeated theories in search of relevant speculation. I'm sure I'm not the only one, either. I know there's the whole "espoused theories" thing in signatures, which is pretty helpful, but I think it would be really nice to have a real home for Hoid's Theoretical Waffle, where we can keep track of what's new, what's old, what's been redone a thousand times, and what people really tend to agree with. So basically, if you can just make a post for a particular theory, then we can collaborate to gather all of the relevant information and put it in a master Hoid Waffle thread we could make later. Maybe it's a dumb idea, but it never hurts to ask, right?
  12. So I only joined the 17th Shard after OB came out, so I missed any anticipation for the new book. And one of my favourite things about this place is the fun of theorizing about the coming books. But it makes me curious about what things happened in OB that people guessed. The ones I have heard about are the humans being Voidbringers and that Glys wasn't a normal radiant spren but I am sure there were others. So what did people guess right about OB?
  13. The title is a bit of a misnomer; I know Bondsmiths can run up walls. I know this from two scenes in Oathbringer; the Sigzil scene where he talks to Kaladin about organizing Bridge Four, and the Dalinar scene where he breaks up a wild practice battle between the Sadeas' and Amaram troops. In the Dalinar scene, we see him use Adhesion to stick the front lines of the two groups of soldiers to the ground in order to get them to calm down. Once the fighting has stopped, he dismisses the stormlight, thus freeing the soldiers. We know it would be possible for a Bondsmith to apply Adhesion to his footwear and walk up a wall, dismissing the stormlight attaching him when he needs to move again. The main problem here is that the bondsmith's body would still be pulled towards the ground and he might even break his ankles if he is unable to resist this force. However, stormlight and training may be able to compensate. Barring that, he could always use his hands and climb in a more traditional posture, hanging by his hands or using all four limbs. With practice, he could become quite fast at the process of moving up, sticking a limb to the wall, unsticking another limb, moving up with that one, sticking it to the wall, and repeating. The problem here is that, assuming the Radiant is unable to apply Adhesion to themselves, they would need to wear tight gloves and footwear in order to prevent themselves from slipping out of the things actually holding them to the wall. If they can apply it to their own bodies, than that isn't a problem. True, the two things needed to assume this is possible are relatively easy to assume and most of you have probably already figured this out as a possibility. With this in mind I think that Windrunners should be renamed Wallrunners, since both their surges allow them to move over walls and ceilings.
  14. During Calamity, we learn the titular antagonist has "gifted" Epic powers to people instead of "investing" (non-Cosmere, but still works.) them with abilities. I believe this distinction was the preventive factor in the children of Epics NOT inheriting power; considering Motivators work on genetic mimicry and offspring would share similar DNA strands to parents. This limitation has likely been removed when Calamity went the way of Evocation. Which bares the question: How will Epic powers be inherited? Will the kid get the same power as their powered parent with a personal touch like Tavi? Will children of 2 Epics (David and Megan) get both powersets, or will there be "Interference" like with Epics and certain Motivators? Or will a child's non-powered heritage cause "Interference" granting a very different ability from their Epic parent?
  15. Howdy everyone! I have read all of Brandon Sanderson's books, and have even browsed the forums here from time to time, but was waiting till I finished Oathbringer (via audiobook) to create an account. I'm looking forward to discussing some theories, but I have some questions: Does anyone have tips on the best way to use the search function? I would love to cut straight to some good threads about certain topics I am interested in, but it seems like when I search for key words, there are a lot of non-relevant threads to wade through. Recommendations would be appreciated! Topics I am interested in checking out: Theories on Adonalsium & the Shattering Locations of the known Shards Locations of the Heralds in SA Hoid/Wit Stormfather's siblings The Unmade Zahel/Vasher
  16. I think this is a good time to start talking about the next two books. The name Stones Unhallowed is the working title for book 5. I’ve speculated in the past about the Prologue chapters as well. BS has said he’s drafting up the outline for book 4 and 5 next year prior to writing book 4 in 2019. BS has also said he’s drated the epilogue of Book 5. Here’s my theory. Book 4 delayed till 2022, but the gap between book 4 and 5 might be just 1 year, ie 2023. Now, BS did write BoM in Mistborn prior to finishing Shadows of Self. So, book 4 is very much like Shadows of Self - that it is a set up book for book 5. I kept thinking OB might setting up more as well. But, I felt less setup in OB and the ending felt a bit rushed. So, book 4 might be a total set up for book 5 as compensation. Knowing BS’s books, I think BS might want to be more epic than anything else. So, book 4 and 5 to be practically written in concert together, except Stones Unhallowed to be more like 70% (eg missing interludes, art etc). Which means just a 1 year lag between book 4 and Stones Unhallowed! What are your book 4 & 5 theories?
  17. So, I was thinking. The Cosmere is eventually going to have a conclusion, be that a long way off. And as we know, books take place a long way apart (I forget the technical timeline, but I know Mistborn series 1 takes places either ~300 or ~somethingthousand years before Way of Kings (and the characters die anyway, making my point moot)). Thusly, most of the protagonists willn't be around by the time this universe reaches its climax with Odium as the likely primary antagonist. So, what will that look like? Hoid will probably be important in some way, and we're eventually getting more information about Yolen. So, will other Shards ally to fight Odium? Will Hoid eventually hold all the shards and fight Odium by himself (almost certainly no, but one of my favorite theories anyway)? Will Sazed play a role (probably yes)? I'd love to here other theories on this, being as this universe isn't exactly formatted in a traditional manner. EDIT: Oh, and how do I bold this topic title? I'm new here.
  18. I was processing books for the library at my school, and I decided to take a look at the beautiful endpaper maps and diagrams for the copy of The Way of Kings that had just come in. I noticed that on the "Double Eye" diagram of the radiant orders, the two orders in the center were the Bondsmiths and the Truthwatchers. This interested me, and got me to start wondering why the Truthwatchers are in the center with the Bondsmiths, who we know were the leaders and generals of the Knights Radiant. Here are a few of my theories: Truthwatchers are close to Cultivation like Bondsmiths are close to Honor - Some problems with this one: We don't really know if the Bondsmiths are specifically closer to Honor than other orders like the Windrunners. All we know is that Dalinar is bonded to the Stormfather, the godspren of Honor, and I think the prevailing theory is that there are three Bondsmiths, each bonded to a different godspren. We also know that Truthwatchers aren't bonded to a godspren - Renarin is bonded with a spren named Glys, not the Nightwatcher. A different direction with this theory would be that the surges, not the orders, are what's important on this chart. This would mean that some surges are more associated with Cultivation, and others with Honor, i.e. Feruchemy with Preservation and Hemalurgy with Ruin. This would just mean that Illumination and Progression just happened to be the most closely associated with Cultivation, and Adhesion and Tension with Honor. This still brings up some interesting thoughts about what this could mean for Truthwatchers. Like Bondsmiths, Truthwatchers are a key support Order - So far, what we know of the Bondsmiths' abilities seem to be providing support for other Radiants Following this idea, it would also seem to fit with the few details that we know about the Bondsmiths from Words of Radiance. According to their epigraph, they were the generals of the Radiants - leadership, but also support. From this, we can infer that by their placement on the chart, Truthwatchers are also a powerful support Order (although, the "powerful" part may just be wishful thinking about Renarin - wouldn't it be awesome if the character that everyone thought was weak turned out to be one of the most powerful?). Another thing that may hint at this is The key here is that it's not something that directly relates to Renarin - more so to Adolin. Therefore, it could be reasoned that this is a kind of "support" ability. It doesn't really mean anything and it's just how the diagram happened to be laid out - This is unlikely, considering it's Brandon we're dealing with here. Everything means something. E V E R Y T H I N G. As Kelsier would say, there's always another secret. Please tell me what you guys think, and if you have any theories about why the Truthwatchers are in the center of the Double Eye - I would love to read them!
  19. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU'VE READ FINISHED THE MISTBORN 1ST AGE TRILOGY Well, let's start off with what we know about Lerasium: Lerasium is the metal that Eland burned and gained mistborn powers with after getting gutted at the climax of the Well of Ascension, which allowed him to burn pewter and survive the otherwise fatal wound. Lerasium is the god metal of the shard of Preservation, and is named after Preservation's original (post-shattering) holder, Leras. The coppermind wiki states that if you alloy it with another allomantic metal, it makes people who burn the metal into mistings of the metal it is alloyed with, though how they learned this I have yet to determine. Due to being a pure metal instead of an alloy, it is a pulling metal. Now that we've established what we know about Lerasium, it's theory time: First, let's ask some questions: Does Lerasium have an allomantic alloy pairing, or does the misting-making alloy property eliminate a need for an allomantic pushing/pulling pairing? If so, what would said alloy do? What are Lerasium's Feruchemical/Hemalurgic properties? Is there still Lerasium out there in the 2nd age, waiting to be discovered? Well, personally, here are my theories as relating to the questions: For the first question, I think that the answer is most definitely yes. It does have a pushing/pulling pairing, weird other alloys or no weird other alloys. For the second question, I think it is very probable (unfortunately), that its paired alloy removes the powers of allomancers that burn it (think of it like permanent aluminum). However it could be one of those weird pairings (like tin/pewter) that does something completely different. Like grant feruchemical abilities, for example (that would be really, really cool). As for the third question, I'm stumped. I'm not even going to try to guess until I've thought this over a whole lot more. I'll probably just have to RAFO. As for the fourth, this is a tossup. On one hand, there were boatloads of Atium (Ruin's god metal), but on the other hand, Preservation stole Ruin's body (or something similar), but Preservation's body was never stolen (or anything similar). HOWEVER, Preservation spent most of his time barely holding together, not to mention dying and being inherited by a keeper who was less than Ideal (I'm not talking about Vin. Listen to Mistborn: Secret History if you want to know who.) and could barely hold together. I personally think it's very likely, though not nearly as likely as my Lerasium Alloy theory. Feel free to discuss and thell me what you guys think!
  20. Mr T is a very interesting character; in a way it's hard to classify him as a "bad guy" or a "good guy". List of pertinent facts I can think of 1. He wants to save the world - this is fairly clear from his private thoughts. 2. His plans were born out of Gavilar's visions -> ostensibly a source of good ideas 3. His apparent objective is to unit the entire world under him to fight Odium -> sounds Bondsmith esque 4. He has had lots of people assassinated and has generally sown chaos across large parts of the world on face value this seems Odium esque 5. He kills invalids/poor people in order to extract information -> doesn't seem to fit with Life before death 6. He has one or more soulcasters and two or more shardbearers under his command 7. He apparently has one or more radiants working for him 8. He has conquered Jah Kavad 9. He knew that Surgebinders would be returning 10. He wants to kill Dalinar Trying to put all of this together... His basic plan appears to be: 1. I need to unite the whole world to fight Odium BUT 2. Diplomacy would take too long SO 3. Kill all the other leaders He seems to know a lot of stuff that most people don't and even with the large library in Kharbranth the level of knowledge he has (knowing new Knights are coming and how the bonds work, knowing that the parshendi were potential voidbringers, knowing what broke the Knights before) it seems suspicious implying that he has access to a privileged source of some kind, could this be a spren? Why does he want to kill Dalinar? It seems that it may just be that he wants the whole world united under him and doesn't want a rival as fighting a war (against Odium) would be harder with mixed leadership, but in that case is he about to flip? Is he now going to throw his lot in with Dalinar to unite the world or is he still worried about competition? Ultimately I see 4 possible end results for Mr T OPTION 1: Mr T the ally - Mr T allying with Dalinar working with him to save the world, most likely as a second Bondsmith bonded to the cultivation super spren -> the one thing I don't like about this idea is that as a reader it will feel quite unsatisfying if Mr T's evil actions are never publicly revealed/punished; maybe he will be a Bondsmith but will end up being killed by Dalinar for what he's done after they work together for a little while? OPTION 2: Mr T the unintentional villain - think of Pedron Niall from Wheel of Time - a very competent character trying to do bad things for good reasons but with an end game based on having misunderstood what's actually going on who ends up doing more harm than good - this version of Mr T probably tries to kill Dalinar possibly by using another assassin; he's ultimately trying to do good but is so muddled up about how to do it that it's all a disaster - this version of Mr T would most likely seriously hinder the "good guys" plans but may ultimately have some kind of redemption scene. OPTION 3: Mr T as a pure villain - Mr T is being controlled/manipulated by Odium into doing what he's doing he doesn't know this but he's preparing the world for Odium to destroy it. OPTION 4: Some kind of hybrid, two out of the above 3 or one turning into another. So, what do you think? So, what do other people think, OPTION 1? to me that seems to be where things are hinting at the moment, I did think Option 2 for a while but there are several hints that I think make Option 1 more likely, the bondsmith like characteristics and having a radiant; though with OPTION 2 the radiant could be a fake or a dupe... Or is there something I've missed that adds another option or removes one of these?
  21. Hej ! I recently joined the forum and reading the OB chapters every week and following the disscusions got me thinking of something. How being part of this forum, either posting or lurking, has influenced your reading experience ? I am more of a lurker, but rereading WoK and being up to date with OB, I realised that my perception of the characters and the events has changed a lot and I am not sure it's for the best. I caught myself being biased towards some characters or being more aware of what I am reading, thinking how will the forum rip that apart instead of just enjoying the read. By no means I am saying that disscusing and theorizing is bad, but do you ever feel like it takes away from the joy of reading or experiencing something through your own filter? Much along the lines of "ignorance is bliss", I am afraid that I won't be surprised anymore or if I am it will be in a way I don't enjoy it, because I have other ideas in my head about what I would like to happen and so on. I don't have friends around me that read any BS (god knows how many times I tried to pay my sister to read it, only to have someone to theorize with ), but I like to share opinions with others, which is why I'm on this forum. But seeing how much people here know or talking about things that I would never have picked up, affects the way I am going into these books. What do you think ?
  22. WARNING: Spoilers for Calamity So guys, what theories do you guys have about what will happen in book 4, if there is one, here's a quick list of some of mine: - we learn more about the gods/entities that inhabit the realm Calamity was sent from, things such as: what they are, what there goal is, and why they sent Calamity to earth in the first place (was it a punishment or a test as Calamity seems to believe?) -The main story line will be about the hunt for Obliteration or maybe another similar Epic who seems to think that they were sent by god to destroy the world, a little like what's happening in the dimension firefight is originaly from -we learn more about David's father and about that dimension as well as learning quite a bit more about what megan can really do now that she doesn't have to fight the darkness, can she pretty much do anything now, (sumon things, control winds, give herself prime invincibilities) seeing as she can pull stuff over from other dimensions? What do you guys think will happen and what do you think of my theories?
  23. We know that there is a Survival Shard out there, but does anyone have an idea as to what the official name might be in the future? One of my friends suggested Cowardice, another just said Survival, I thought Instinct. Any ideas would be appreciated!
  24. I think I have figured something out, although this is in no way confirmed. I was re-reading HoA and I was pondering hemalurgic spikes in Kandra. Now we know that Kandra Blessings are two spikes which together grant sentience and a power of some kind. In SoS Bleeder uses unknown methods to not only grant herself Feruchemy speed while only using one spike. However, I always thought it was odd that she also manifested a power we have only seen Ruin and Harmony use up to this point. She takes moments to speak to Wax in his mind. At the time I just kinda went with it, it was an exciting time in the story. However, I realized that this should have sent up several red flags. I mean, not only does she use the metallic arts which we thought was impossible, but then she invades Wax's mind like that. That's not even a power we have observed a mortal being using before! Here is where I will delve into the interviews with Brandon. There was a question about ReLuur, and if one of his spikes is Atium. TLDR: RAFO'reluur' Now, this is obviously about a different Kandra but we know they know more than they are telling Wax and Wayne at the moment. It seems likely that Atium in some form is still accessible to some Kandra. This is what really holds my theory out. You see, I was contemplating the fact that Brandon has written sayuing that you could make alloys with both Larasium and Atium and produce 16 alloys. We know that the Laraseium alloys make Mistings, and it's been hinted that Atium alloys would have various temporal effects. So here is the long and short of it all: Bleeder's single spike might steal the possible abilites of the Atium-Brass Alloy Now the spike itself might not actually be made of that material since it's hemaleric in nature. But I believe it steals the powers of burning Atium-Zinc or Atium-Brass allomancers. This is a stretch but let me walk you through what we know: 1. Bleeder can somehow talk in the minds of thoses spiked with Hemalergy. 2. Bleeder cannot be using more than one spike while she does this. 3. Bleeder has knowledge of Hemalergy that is far beyond the current understanding of Harmony's people (as far as we know). 4. Bleeder's spike was made of an unknown metallic alloy. Now the power of speaking in minds is a bit of a stretch, but it certainly seems like a possibility of a twisted external mental allomantic ability. It also feels more like a pushing rather than a pulling ability. I mean, that is the most realistic explanation for this strange and invasive ability. *Edit: Thanks to some awesome readers, I have seen references that clarify that Bleeder's spike is made from a metal that Harmony doesn't know. However, this doesn't change the foundation of the theory. Thanks to those who took the time to source the quotes!* As my final point of support in this theory, I will need to delve into Secret History here: So there it is, I have no idea how viable this is, or where exactly the atium came from. It either has reappeared or it was salvaged from an older stash. But I am happy I finally got this out there. It's such a cool concept to think about. I wonder how this could be applied in combat, and if there is a limited range that this communication is restricted to. *Edit: Changed my wording for clarification.
  25. Well met, my bold Friends! This thread is going to be very different from others we have seen. I ask that you abide the rules of the thread to make it more enjoyable for all. The thread topic is: THEORIZED PLOT TWISTS FOR FUTURE COSMERE STORIES Specifically, Share your ideas about the upcoming plot twists for the yet to be published books or beyond. Here is the goal and hope of this thread: 1. To have a place to share ideas or hopes for characters that are not going to be shot down by fellow readers, so that we all can get a new perspective. After several rereads, we tend to get very opinionated. 2. Using our collective brilliance, and the fact that we know Peter and Brandon peruse our musings on occasion, try to outguess planned changes to plots, OR drive new ideas to unwritten works, OR be able to smugly sit back and say "I predicted that on this date...", all of which bring amusement to the reader. It may also give us a larger number of RAFOs, but may raise Team Sanderson's opinion of our "Over Analyzing" his work. 3. Give us some deeper fun before the release of Stormlight 3, like rabid sports fans making fantasy leagues and betting playoff scores before the season starts. 4. Induce some of the more brilliant Sharders, past and present, to rejoin the discussion, and make us more cosmere-aware, without the fear of having to defend their ideas. This leads us to... THE RULES FOR THIS THREAD 1. All submittals should contain a plot prediction, or idea that involves the stories that are now cannon. 2. There will be NO reply to each others ideas in any form other than the upvote. Since they are all future predictions, any reply, retort, or rejoinder is not appropriate and should not be included. We want new, unproven ideas, without scaring off submitters who are afraid they do not remember details well enough, be called wrong by too many other people, or seem unpopular. We want a brainstorm as much as we fear the Everstorm! Because this could be interpreted poorly, even positive feedback needs to be restricted here. Use the upvote if you like the idea, like some part of it, or feel happy today. If it is close to your idea, you can say, "My idea is like so-and-so's, but with this twist" to save writing. 3. You can state why you think it will happen based on book quotes, Words of Brandon or other sources, but should not use them to respond to someone else's entry. 4. We are literature fans here, so we expect well thought out, clever, amusing or otherwise enlightened entries. Please use your best skills to share your ideas about the future books. If you have just a funny thought, make it witty when delivered. Remember, you only get to share the idea once, with no rejoinder or explanation, so edit well, then publish. 5. Any future plot or twist is fair game. It does not have to be in a planned book, or a plot ending for what we have read. It can be big like the Cosmere, or small like Vivinna has a baby boy. Just make it relevant, inciteful and entertaining, and having to do with the Cosmere worlds. And with that, I will start the thread with a submission of my own: In the SA, the end of the Second Arc will be the final driving of Odium from the greater Roshar System, but his defeat will come at the cost of several magic system elements, many lives, and the end of Kholin rule. The last Kholin standing will be the Champion mentioned, and with the help of Radiant orders on many fronts, will draw to a complete end the Oathpact, the mission and lives of the Heralds, and the destiny of the sword Nightblood. In Brandon's effort to avoid the Avengers-like megawar, nearly all the world-hoppers we know will have left Roshar to avoid its final demise. Two of the World-hoppers will not make it off, and one will die (Vasher) and one will witness the end, (likely Kriss or Nazh). The second Arc will also see the release of all spirits in Silence's world, who will also take part in the Final battle for what will ironically be no longer Tranquiline Halls. Finally, Honor will remain shattered, and Cultivation will be unrestricted, bringing life to a world now devoid of Highstorms, and seeking solace for her missing love. Also, Taravangian dies at the end of the first arc, but the Diagram organization drives blindly forward, a continuous thorn in the Radiants' progress. Please, add your Genius below!