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Found 7 results

  1. From the album The Wheel of Time Fanart

    some Perrin fanart! He's the man of my dreams.
  2. From the album The Wheel of Time Fanart

    Aviendha fanart from the wheeeeeeel of time by robert jordan and brandon sanderson.
  3. Hey! There was a thread exactly like this one a little while ago, but other than me, @Silverblade5, and @Exalted Dungeon Master, it sort of died. I liked the way the thread had started and decided to start a new one to try and re-weave this RPG. The story: Anyone can join at any time, but you have to follow two simple rules: 1. To play, you must follow both this thread and the actual RP thread; this will keep you updated about whose turn it is and what is going on. 2. To play you must provide a character profile and an introductory scene. I'll provide an example** below, hopefully you find it helpful. I know it might rankle a bit to have to follow these rules in order to play, but I want this thread to start off well and survive to the finish. Those ideas actually came from the Reckoners RP, and it's been around for years, so I know that they work. I hope you enjoy the game, let's all have fun and play together! *This is an AU or alternate universe wherein Sammael was reborn by the shadow before Tarmon Gai'don and he and Moghidean were captured and held captive so that they could be rung for information on weaves from the age of legends. **The example: The available types are: Channeler- Wilder, Wise One, Aes Sedai, Windfinder, or Asha'Man; Human; Wolfbrother; and Warder. ***The talents mentioned above are the talents that the Aes Sedai have mentioned. I would advise picking one or none as they are supposed to be rare and many can be game changing later on, but they are your characters and its up to you how you design them. Most of the talents require channeling, Some don't. The ones in this RP are as follows:
  4. Shai's experience recreating the Emperor's soul reminds me a lot of Brandon's experience finishing the Wheel of Time