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Found 7 results

  1. The colored version
  2. I'm currently halfway through The Well of Ascension, first read. And i'm finding it a little bit slower than i would like. In fact, a hundred pages or so into the book, I stopped reading it and switched to Warbreaker, which I had just bought. Only after finishing it I went back to TWoA, and now I remember why I left it in the first place. I get that Brandon is building up tension, with Luthadel being besieged and all, but still think it could go way faster. Did anyone else feel similarly?
  3. My love for the Mistborn series is growing. I just finished the second book in the trilogy, The Well of Ascension. Elend started to become one of my favourite characters. His character arc started really strong. With his trainer Tindwyl, we could see his transformation. He was becoming a good king, but to test his character he was stripped of his title, yet he maintained his "king" like attitude. Thus Elend is more than just a title of a king. Now, this is when I started to get a bit up set. I feel like Elend's character arc was robbed from him. He left his people. He could have stayed and fought with his people and show them that he will do what ever he can to save them. But, no, he is sleeping in a tent and watching mist It was frustrating, Elend being out the city and just wondering around added nothing to his character. How epic would it have been if he fought the Koloss army. He had his character already set up to take them on. I am taking about Elend's fight with Koloss when visiting Jastes. Obviously he is no match for an army but that doesn't matter, he is meant to get hurt so Vin can make the decision to save him or the world. He would be Emperor Elend, a mistborn who stood with his people and fought. But no, he is just Emperor Elend, a mistnorn who left his people. I knew he would get his allomancy powers, it was always hinted that he would, but I don't think be deserves them, like Kelsier. Any thoughts or am I missing something? I highly could be, I was just so disappointed and frustrated well reading those last couple of chapters.
  4. This is how I have imagined Elend while reading The Well of Ascension. That really small crown is too heavy for him! Just let him go back to his book :(
  5. It's not much to go on, but I still remember the section of the plate from WoA where he wrote: "Some of you may know of my fabled memory. It is true; I need not a Feruchemist's metalmind to memorize a sheet of words in an instant." There has to be a deeper explanation to this than the simple fact that he had an amazing memory. This is Brandon Sanderson we're talking about. This leads me to think that somehow, Kwaan was a Lightweaver. He has a mnemonic ability very similar to Shallan's, and it is mentioned in WoR that Lightweavers did, in fact, all have varied memorization skills. I'm not sure how solid this is, as this is the only section that got me thinking on it. Kwaan was a Worldbringer, a scholar, and as far as we know, not an artist. That breaks with the pattern somewhat. Does anyone else have another possible explanation? EDIT: Sorry, I probably should have posted this in the Mistborn section. Honest mistake.
  6. My apologies if this has been asked or answered elsewhere, but I've been wondering this for a while: Who is the speaker of the voice that Sazed hears in his head during his fight with Marsh in chapter 58 of the Well of Ascension? Has anybody asked Brandon about this yet? Is it even a "voice" or is it just Sazed's muddled thoughts? UPDATE as of 3/29/2013: I just asked Brandon about this at a signing, and he gave an impish grin. I asked if it was Kelsier and he said that he is not going to answer at this time. Hmm....
  7. Hola, internet folks! I have never partaken in a forum before, but I have just finished reading The Well of Ascension, and I am torn in many directions by the plot, the writing, the editing, the intrigue and the contradiction of it all. I read The Final Empire when it first came out, as a youth; I had read Elantris and happened upon a book signing Sanderson was having at my local bookshop, so acquired his then-new Mistborn novel. I remember absolutely loving TFE, and I eventually acquired the rest of the series, but hadn't had a chance to read them all until now. I immediately delved into TWOA after finishing TFE last week, and having finished the two, I am both loathe and compelled to get to The Hero of Ages. So, am I in the right place to air my grievances and hash out my queries?