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Found 3 results

  1. I was analyzing writing styles and tropes of different authors, and I thought how some of the books we know and love, Mistborn Way of kings, etc., would be very, very different if written by other famous fantasy authors. Here are some examples: Christopher Paolini - Author of the Inheritance cycle The Mistborn Trilogy would have had the Lord Ruler feeling bad about persecuting the Terris people and Oppressing the Ska. everyone would have gotten full allomantic abilities and a dragon and lived happily ever after. Kelsier would have been Vin's father. George R. Martin - A Song of Ice and Fire All of the Magic would be removed except for a few small things and replaced with sex. Sadeas would have slaughtered the entire Kholin family and taken the throne. Silence would have killed everyone at her inn in a forbidden ritual to save her daughter's life. The result would be an evil demon child thing. Terry Pratchett - The Discworld Series Where to start? Death and Hoid would be very familiar with each other. Nale would smoke a cigar. Nightblood would ramble incessantly about tapestries. Greatshells would be turtles. The Storm father would be an ascended janitor who sought to cleanse the land with a decent wash and a good scrubbing. Elkohar would carry his teddy with him everywhere. Rock would have been a troll, Teft a wizard drop-out, and Lopen would sell chouta at discount prices. kaladin would be the rightful ruler of the alethi, but choose to remain a captain instead. The Stick would actually have been sapient pear-wood and had the power to destroy the Discmere, but no one would have noticed. Sazed would have been an orangutan(quiet, scholarly, and insanely strong when the need arose), the become the first ascendant orangutan C. S. Lewis - The Chronicles of Narnia Hoid would be Jesus. Feel free to add on or create your own.
  2. Okay, so I know that you all love your stick, but I'm here with a grave warning. As all of you that have heard of it can probably figure out, my primary fandom is the Warrior Cats one. We had a totally amazing stick character once, one that was owned by a character named Rock. The stick was in a totally canon relationship with a sarcastic blind cat named Jayfeather, and all was well. Then this happened. So what does The Stormlight Archive have in common with Warrior Cats? Well, there's a stick. There's a guy called Rock. And the sarcastic Hoid refers to himself as a blind man. So all I'm saying is, don't take your stick for granted. Something could happen to it. Rock could offend Hoid by calling him an airsick lowlander, causing Hoid to break the stick. If that happens, you want the stick to know how much you loved it, and you want to know that you spent every moment you could with your wonderful, beautiful stick. Beware. The Warrior Cats fandom took our stick for granted, and we've never quite recovered from it.
  3. So, as I was mulling about Roshar, and the Sons of Honor, and the Ghostbloods, and the Skybreakers, and the like, I realized that the Church of the Stick was missing something very, very important: a secret society within it manipulating the desolation for its own ends. Don't get me wrong; most members of the Church of the Stick are dedicated to their inherent Stickness and want to do nothing more than resist the Firebringers, but the enormous power of the Stick attracts those with less savory aims. This faction is just known as YASSOR (Yet Another Secret Society On Roshar.) They are the secret subsociety of the Church of the Stick dedicated to making the whole world Stick so that they can then bring the True Fire which will cleanse all but the truly dedicated. They have no idea how to really do this, so all they really do is sit in their parents basement playing video games, talking about their Stickiness (you really don't want to know), and brainstorming occasionally. They'll get involved one of these days, though, I swear!