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Found 2 results

  1. Today marks the ten-year anniversary of the 17th Shard! I don’t want to steal the news post’s thunder, so I won’t go into how awesome this place is or how much work the incredible mod team puts into it, so just know that it’s a lot for both of those. The point of this thread is for you to share your favorite times on the Shard. That conversation that went even more off the rails with every post. That theory that Brandon confirmed in the next book. That time a friend gave you a compliment and it made your day. That thread or PM that was filled with the most quality writing/theorizing/debating/pure nonsense. That piece of writing or art that you absolutely toiled over that was then loved by everyone else, or vice versa. Anything! Here are a few questions for anyone who wants something to build off of, but feel free to reminisce together and remind each other of stuff! The whole point is for good times that happened here to be shared, regardless of what they are. What’s your favorite thread, PM, etc. you’ve participated in? Why? What conversation made you die of laughter? What time did someone here make you feel really happy? What’s one of the posts that made you reread it in awe? What moment of your own are you super proud of? What time on the Shard might you want to relive for a day? You can answer these with multiple things, no need to limit yourself! Nor do you need to stick to only them - again, this is only a guide and you’re not required to do anything. It’s all up to you. Happy anniversary to you all!
  2. THIS IS A JOKE. IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE ON THE LIST, SAY SO AND I’LL TAKE YOU OFF. It’s just what it sounds like, ladies, gentlemen, and everyone else! Vote for the administrator or moderator of the 17th Shard who you think is the least intimidating one. To those in the running: feel free to try and make yourselves seem more or less intimidating through posts on here if you want (but if you’re going for more, make sure it’s clear that you’re not going to do anything bad). To those not in the running: be nice, this is all in fun. (By the way, for those with the ability - you could pin this to the forum, so people could see it easier and more people would vote. I won’t say should because I don’t want to imply this thread deserves it - it doesn’t - and because I feel like that would be rude. But it’s an option you have. ) Edit: Mods, you’re all allowed to vote too.