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Found 1 result

  1. So we know that humans nearly succeeded in overrunning the Galaxy three times but were always defeated or atleast beaten to a tie. Now we know the delvers were behind the defeat in the second war. But what happened in the third and the first ?? I'm willing to believe delvers first arose during the first war and ended it. But the third war ??? It seems unlikely that humans would carry out the same mistakes and cuna doesn't mention any major delver attacks . Compared to the Superiority ,Humans also seemingly have vastly superior technology ( see the irony ) Mbot is atleast 3 centuries old and he's still far more advanced than the aliens. Sure the outlawing of AI probably stunted alien tech. But it still doesn't explain why the aliens have such inferior holographic tech , Even After three centuries and even when holographic programming is a popular profession among the aliens as spensa learns from morriamur and the kitsen. The technological disparity is also focused on in Defending Elysium. And the delvers hate all life so I don't see why humanity would have suffered worse than the aliens. Even if they had , the technological disparity would have bridged the gap. It's also mentioned that they almost won in the third war as well , but in the end they lost so soundly as to be made into pets or being forced into preserves. How ??? I have one theory. I think it's cause humans lacked political unity. When FTL travel was opened to humans. I think it wasn't one pan global political organization which took to space but rather different nations which did. The aliens with thier suppression of dissidents were able to gain political unity , but humanity didn't and remained divided. I guess they split up even more as human colonies on other planets declared thier Independence and tried to start thier own colonies. Maybe during the human wars , they weren't just fighting the aliens but each other as well. The divisions could be based on race , original earth nationality , culture , language, religion ( or lack of it ), different political ideologies, different policies regarding delvers or due to interbreeding with other species. ( We have some clues that this might be what happened with the UrDail ) So what do you think ?