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Found 15 results

  1. How hard is it to draw a perfect circle? In front of you? It's hard. Then how hard is it to draw a perfect circle around the entire body? Harder. This is exactly what you need to do in order to be a decent Rithmatist. The youth of the United Isles are constantly learning how to do this, and they say practice makes perfect. The thing is though is that the students don't pay attention. Much like a normal high school students they don't care enough to actually learn the material. How do they actually do it? Are the people of the United Isles, evolved differently than that of the normal Humans on our earth? This could be the case as there are many Rithmatists who are able to do this with speed and exceptionally good accuracy.. Much like we do in a videogame. We practice very hard to be able to play videogames, to sight, reload, move, macro, micro, heal up, speed up and snipe. And all of this in a matter of seconds. The neural pathways allow us to do this. This is most likely how they are able to do this. But much like we are not perfect no matter how many times we play the video games, they cannot possibly be able to make a perfect circle well before their prime, and after it as well. Fingers grow old and slow and they fall with the times. Not to mention how at the tower the wild chalklings somehow are able to sense the weaknesses of a circle. Making you vulnerable. How do they do it? How are they able to draw circles with speed, and aim for impeccable accuracy? Let me know in the comments what you think and how I can improve. Thanks, and good Worldhopping!
  2. The missive used stiff, formal writing, as if the unit's situation was common-place. They read it over and over again, trying to find someway out. "We have reason to believe that your unit has been infiltrated by traitorous elements. These elements are dangerous, and constitute an immediate threat to the general public. As such, your unit has been quarantined. You are not allowed to leave the front. Leaving the front will be grounds for immediate execution. Do not attempt to leave the front. If you are successful at eliminating the traitorous elements, we will reconsider your sentence. Please note that time is limited. Even now, these elements are plotting against you and your country. Good luck." The soldiers couldn't believe what they were reading. Traitorous elements? Who in their right mind would try to support the wild chalklings. And what was that part about immediate execution? It seemed impossible, and yet, even as the soldiers discussed, the Forgotten among them plotted and waited for their chance to strike. And so another tale of woe and violence began on the plains of Nebrask. Mid-Range Game 27: Quarantine Welcome to Mid-Range Game 27! I'm Sart, the GM, with @Straw as my Co-GM. This game is set in the Rithmatist series. The Rules: Rule Clarifications: Player List: This game will start in a week's time. Let me know if you have any questions about the rules. Quick Links:
  3. "Are you sure about this sir?" Tina asked, nervously. "It's our only option. If that part of the Circle breaks..." Samuel paused, grimacing. "No, this is the only way. We need men, and we need men now." "But sir, most of these men were discharged! You'd be sending them to the slaughter." "I know that!" He slammed his fist on his desk. "I know that. But it's the only option we have. Our other soldiers are stretched thin enough as it is. We can't afford to lose any more soldiers, and we can't afford to lose any more ground. The only option we have left is to find more Rithmatists, and those don't drop out of the sky. We need all the help we can get, even if they are a bit unusual." "But sir," "No more objections!" Sam yelled. "I don't like this any more than you do, but this is our only option. I'm sending in the order." He wired the missive through. "You're dismissed colonel." She sighed. "Yes sir." As Tina left the room, Sam let out a rare smile. "The Rithmatists were sure to be slaughtered." he thought to himself. "They would be outnumbered and outgunned as soon as they entered the war zone. His operatives among them would make short work of the remaining survivors. And with that part of the Circle undefended, it would surely break. And once that happened," his eyes began turning a milky white. "The Forgotten would rule." Welcome to Mid-Range 21! This is a rerun of my first game, MR3. Both games are set in the Rithmatist universe. In order to encourage role play, please include in your signup why your character was discharged from the military. Below are the rules. The game will be running on Monday, April 17th. Rollover is at 7 PM Central Time, 1 AM BST, with turns lasting 48 hours. I look forward to GMing you. Let me know if you have any rule clarifications/other questions for me. Quick Links:
  4. So, last night I was trying to find a book to read, so I pulled The Rithmatist out of my pile of Sanderson books. I had bought it a month previously, but hadn't read it yet. I opened the front page, got happy and excited over the cool map (I live on the island of Cascadia!), then turned to the title page, and freaked out. Apparently my local bookstore bought a signed hardcover copy that just happened to fall into my eager hands. *cue fangirl jumping up and down, flapping arms, and mild screeching* Does anybody have any fun stories/surprises, like running into Brandon at the grocery story, or winning a free Sanderson book, or something like that?
  5. A collection of chalklings, including a unicorn done in something approximating Melody's style. Drawn in chalk on black cardstock.

    © KalynaAnne

  6. The Eskridge defense with dragon-cat chalklings done in chalk on black cardstock.

    © KalynaAnne

  7. Special Thanks to Ben McSweeney for making these icons and Awesomeness Summoned for making them available online. On the Isle of Nebrask, there was one simple rule: keep the Circle whole. The Circle was a line of chalk, surrounding the island, containing the wild chalklings. If it broke, they could swarm out, and decimate the United Isles of America. On the Western Front, a new group of Rithmatists were gathering. Their mission was simple: if the line washed out, they had to repair it. Their commanding officer, Tammy Kingswright, addressed the group. “We are defending our homeland today. The Circle may be holding today, but it could fall at any moment. A single raindrop could ruin our line, and destroy our way of life. We’re not going to allow that. Come rain or shine, we will protect this country! Now, who’s with me?” Mid-Range Game 3 is now open for sign-ups! I’m looking for around 20 players, but the more the merrier. This game will start a day after Long Game 8 ends. Rules: Setting: You are part of a group of Rithmatists, battling wild chalklings in Nebrask. However, it appears some of your battalion actually support the chalklings, and are secretly trying to sabotage the front lines. General Rules: This game has the day and night combined into one cycle. Players will vote on who to lynch in the thread, while sending the GM (me) their special action in PMs. PMs between players are not allowed in this game. Each Cycle will last 48 hours. Rithmatics: To combat the chalklings, most soldiers (excluding Non-Rithmatists) use Rithmatics. Each day, you may do one of the following. However, you may not repeat the same action two cycles in a row. Line of Forbiddance: You protect yourself for the cycle. As long as this stays up, you can't be killed. Line of Vigor: Cancel a target player's action. Line of Making: You create a chalkling that will spy on a target player. Unfortunately, chalklings are extremely dumb and can only be given extremely basic commands. Chalklings will walk in a straight line and will only return to you if they run into a wall. If a player was using a Line of Warding or Forbiddance, you will be informed that they were protected. Otherwise, nothing will happen. Line of Warding: The camp gains one defense for the cycle. (See below) Advanced Rithmatics: You can substitute one of these for your special action, if you have been taught them. Line of Revocation: Kill a target player, as long as they aren't protected by a Line of Forbiddance. This is only available to Rithmatic Scholars. Line of Silencing: Cancel a target player's vote. Special Roles: The Forgotten: You command the wild chalklings, and you win once you outnumber the good-guys. Every night, instead of using Rithmatics, one of you can kill a target player. You are also immune to Wild Chalkling kills. Of course, you have access to a Google Doc to formulate plans. Non-Rithmatist: You are clearly crazy. You sneaked onto the front-lines without having any powers! However, you have studied Rithmatics extensively, and have learned about Advanced Rithmatics. Once per game, you can give a target Rithmatist access to these powers. Sentry: As long as you stay alive, you passively give the camp 1 defense. See below for details. You are also immune to the Wild Chalkling kill. This role will be added if we have enough players. Artist: Because you can draw them so well, your chalklings are smarter. When you use Lines of Making, you will learn what special action your target did that turn. Defense: Since the camp is on the front-lines, there is always the threat of wild chalklings invading. The power of the chalklings is equal to the number of Forgotten. The camps defense is equal to the number of people making Lines of Warding plus the Sentry bonus. If the power of the chalklings is greater than the defense of the camp, a random player is killed. This kill ignores Lines of Forbiddance. If the camp's defense is equal to, or greater than, the power of the chalklings, the camp doesn't lose a player. Quick Links:
  8. Today, put up the tour listing for The Rithmatist. All of the places that Brandon will be going to for this tour are places that he didn't get to during the AMoL tour, so if he didn't make it to a bookstore near you, you should definitely take a look at this tour! Here are the tour dates: Tuesday, May 14, 6-8 PM Books of Wonder New York, NY Wednesday, May 15, 7 PM Children’s Book World Haverford, PA Thursday, May 16, 7 PM Tattered Cover (Highlands Ranch) Denver, Colorado Friday, May 17, 7 PM Barnes and Noble (Oakview Mall) Omaha, NE Saturday, May 18, 1-3 PM Maple Street Book Shop New Orleans, LA Monday, May 20, 7 PM Blue Willow Houston, TX Tuesday, May 21, time to be determined Hicklebees (Note: This event may be moved off-site. Check back for updates closer to the event date.) San Jose, CA Wednesday, May 22, 7 PM Alamosa Books (Note: This event may be moved off-site. Check back for updates closer to the event date.) Albuquerque, New Mexico Thursday-Saturday, May 23-25 Author Spotlight at Phoenix Comicon (Note: Panel times to be announced.) Phoenix, AZ Brandon's assistant has mentioned that "At least one Utah stop will come right after the announced dates." There is also talk that Brandon may be touring in the UK sometime this November, but details aren't set. The original blog post is located here. If you'd like to read an excerpt from The Rithmatist, you can find one here.
  9. So it's May 14th, which means you can now get the Rithmatist! Go do that now. I'll wait. When you finish, come back here. Let's hear what you think of the book. I'll keep this really spare and spoiler-free for now, but I just wanted to say that I love this book. I'm worried people who just focus on the cosmere will miss out on its awesomeness. I'm in love with the setting, and the ending. Man. So I'm serious: go get it and read it right now. It is everything you'd want in a Brandon book.
  10. It's May 14th (very early in the morning, but still), and you know what that means: it's Rithmatist day. But Eric, that isn't a cosmere book, so I'm totally not interested in it. Thank you, random viewer! Indeed, The Rithmatist is not a cosmere novel. If you're ever confused which books are cosmere and which aren't, just look if it contains Earth in it (for example, Alcatraz is not in the cosmere). The Rithmatist is set on Earth, but as you might expect, it's a little... different. And it's awesome. It isn't the United States, but the United Isles. It's steampunk. It has chalk monsters. It's fascinating alternate history. What do these seemingly unrelated things have in common? That they are expertly weaved together in this book. I won't spoil anything, but it's all the wondrous worldbuilding you expect from Brandon, with a phenomenal ending like you'd expect. Every Sharder should read this book, no question. You can read in this interview with The Book Smugglers some interesting historical elements, and why Brandon chose to write this book). Tor has a great article on Rithmatics here, comparing it to StarCraft. Yes, the magic is actually that cool. Not sold yet? You can read from the prologue to chapter 5 of the book on Okay okay I'll buy the freaking book already, you don't need to be a shill. Hey, it's okay being a shill if we're being a shill for someone else. Namely, Brandon. (But also, we just really, really like this book and don't want you to forget about it) As far as I can tell, you can buy the ebooks right now, at this very second. Here are a bunch of places where you can get the physical book and the ebook, for whatever platform you happen to choose: Amazon (and Kindle) Barnes and Noble (and Nook) iBooks Google Play Read the book already? Discuss it at our Rithmatist forum, and our spoilery thread of impressions. Additionally, you can use our handy Community Calendar to see when and where the events in The Rithmatist tour is. The events will appear in the sidebar on the forum's index page, too! And if you're going to a signing, why not post in the "Which signing will you be at" thread and meet up with some other awesome Sharders?
  11. Welcome back to Around the Cosmere, where we blab about miscellaneous Brandon news and happenings around in the community. It's been a while, so there's plenty to discuss. Most importantly, Brandon is doing on AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit tomorrow, the 15th. It'll be on r/fantasy, but don't worry, we'll update this post the second the AMA appears. It's definitely worth getting a Reddit account, since Brandon occasionally answers questions there. For the cosmere savvy, we've posted a Q&A from an older signing. It has some minor Words of Radiance info, like confirming something people have noted for a while, as well as revealing another order of Knights Radiant. Check it out (and thank Windrunner for transcribing it!). EDIT: Just tonight, Windy has posted a second Q&A, which is our last Q&A in our backlog. Take a gander at that, too! has posted two more chapters of The Rithmatist, so we have all the way to chapter five now. You can start right at the beginning if you’ve missed it, or you can start at chapter four and chapter five if you’re already up to speed. The Rithmatist release is rapidly coming soon, too, just a month away now! For you Wheel of Time fans, the A Memory of Light ebook is at last out for you to peruse, available from all major ebook retailers. Rejoice! Remember how The Emperor’s Soul has been nominated for a Hugo? Brandon’s agent, Joshua Bilmes, posted a blog about how it went from concept to an award nominee in just over a year. It’s a truly fascinating look into the process, and how Tachyon was chosen for the novella’s home. See those amazing bookmarks to the right? The lovely Mi’chelle is making fancy bookmarks in the Alethi script. As you can see, they are simply gorgeous. You can customize them with whatever text you’d like too! They are laminated and amazing. They are $10 for a bookmark with text on one side, and $13 for text on both sides, plus $5.95 for shipping. You can order them here. And if you have questions? You can ask Mi’ch for anything you like in her thread Have you had questions you’ve always wanted to know the answer to? Or are you the type of person who likes to answer questions for the newer members of the board? Well, we’d like your help to submit both question and answers to FAQs we are putting together. Hopefully you’ll find them helpful when they are finished! In addition to the link to that one in the Cosmere forum, you can find dedicated topics for each individual series, too. See you next time around the cosmere!
  12. We've been horrible teases, but here you have it: we're doing an awesome giveaway for the upcoming Rithmatist release. We have so much awesome swag that we have to give it away, lest our dwellings explode from the awesomeness. What all do we have? Well, we have advance copies of The Rithmatist, some ARCs of Legion, and a whole bunch of goodie bags that every Rithmatist needs. So, we will have three different prize tiers, with a total of ten winners: The Grand Prize (2): An ARC of The Rithmatist, an ARC of Legion, and a Rithmatist goodie bag. The One With Unrelated Prizes (2): An ARC of Legion, plus a Rithmatist goodie bag. The "You'll Still Be A Great Duster" Prize (6): A Rithmatist goodie bag. At this point, you may be completely vexed at what this goodie bag actually contains. Why, it's everything a beginning Duster needs at Armedius Academy. You get two pieces of street chalk, because you do not want your professors catching you without your chalk in your first year, especially not Professor Nalizar. And you also have a guide to basic Rithmatics: all four basic Rithmatic lines, and sketches of every defense you'll ever need. With both of these tools at your disposal, you can't possibly lose the Melee! You may just be up to snuff to defend the United Isles against the wild chalklings at Nebrask. I totally want to join the fight at the Tower of Nebrask. How do I get these wonderful prizes? We're glad you asked, random Duster! To join, all you have to do is: 1. Log into your 17th Shard account (or register for one up at the top!). Make sure your email address is current so we can contact you if you've won! 2. Comment on this post here! 3. If you enter with more than one account, you WILL be immediately disqualified! It's that easy! You have until April 2nd, at 10:00pm MDT (9:00pm Pacific Daylight Time), and then we'll be contacting the winners by email and send out your prizes shortly! And yes, if you're international, you can still win! This isn't US only Major Edit! We've been having some trouble with people entering with multiple accounts. As a reminder: if you do this, you will be disqualified. (I'm looking at you, guy who's entered 14 times. You get nothing. YOU LOSE! Good day sir!)
  13. What? It's been less than a year since the last Around the Cosmere and we already have another one? Less than a month even! Truly an achievement. Welcome back, folks. This week is a short news week, but there are still a few cool things that you should know about. First up, you know you're excited about the next Brandon book, The Rithmatist, which comes out May 14th. So soon! But maybe you'd like the book even sooner, and it's hard to knock that. So Tor has you covered with its giveaway where they are giving away ten copies of the The Rithmatist along with goodie bags of Rithmatic chalk. Nice! And we might* just be doing our own giveaway soon, too. (*And by "might," we mean "definitely", and that soon isn't even quotes, so stay tuned very shortly) Next up! Brandon hasn't frequented forums for many years now, but you know what he does do? He posts on Reddit. Should you be stalking him there? I think yes. Well, he just recently stated that he will be doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on April 15th. He intends it to be a primarily A Memory of Light AMA, though. But if you aren't on Reddit, it totally pays to have a Reddit account, because he totally answers stuff. Like what, you ask? Well he did say something pretty awesome about the southern continent on Scadrial. In a response to a question about the future of Mistborn: Now that is amazing if you are a huge Mistborn fan like me. What way could they interact with the Metallic Arts differently? I must know now! So, if you're keeping track, not only will there be the Alloy of Law sequel, Shadows of Self (and maybe another sequel after that), the second trilogy which will be set in the modern day, and the science fiction third Mistborn trilogy, we'll also get some southern continent books? Sign me up.You may notice the non-US cover of Steelheart to the right here, and it turns out it is the UK cover for Steelheart, from Gollancz (Brandon's usual UK publisher). It certainly fits with the other Gollancz covers, and gives the book a superhero vibe. (Thanks Link!) Finally, our own illustrious Mi'chelle (firstRainbowRose on the forums) has a rather illustrious project: she's going to be creating and selling customized bookmarks in the Alethi women's script. If this might interest you, go check out her topic on the subject and tell her what you think! I personally will be getting one that says "Monkeys are cool." Because that's what Alethi women would write. See you around the cosmere "soon"!
  14. Welcome to Around the Cosmere! We've been... around. For uh, a long time. Around the cosmere. You know, doing cool stuff on Hoid’s Shadesmar Zeppelin*. But we're back for your somewhat regular assortment of Brandon news! There's so much that has happened since the last Around the Cosmere. There is a ton of news on Words of Radiance--namely, you know, a title for that book. We also just created a Words of Radiance discussion board so you can talk about all of that good stuff, while people who don’t want spoilers can steer far away. Speaking of spoilers... Edelweiss (apparently a publisher’s catalog) revealed an interesting plot blurb for Words of Radiance. So, you know, there’s spoilers here, just like on the back of a book. It says: Well now that is an interesting look into the plot! There was some debate in our topic on the blurb as to whether this is accurate, but Peter (Brandon’s assistant) came in and said: So well, that’s awesome. In more Stormlight news, Tor is starting a Way of Kings reread (don't worry, we'll have something like that later this year too), but maybe more interesting to you will be that the ebook of The Way of Kings is now $2.99. Certainly there's no better time to purchase this wonderful book. I mean, the sheer words to dollar ratio is through the roof! (It's approximately 133,000 words per dollar, which by itself is way longer than many books.) You can get it from all major ebook retailers like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Play (which apparently no one wants to link to, as neither Brandon’s original blog post or Tor’s mention it, but hey, I like Google Play), iBooks, and also, Dragonmount sells it DRM free too! So there are many options for your viewing or device pleasure. Sadly, you don’t get the door-stopping power of the physical version, but the words-per-dollar ratio! So good. Moving on from Stormlight Archive, Brandon somewhat regularly answers questions on Reddit, and this week he’s answered some major questions on the Dor, Odium, and Shadesmar. Check it out, cosmere buffs, and hopefully you’ll squee as much as I did. Hey did you know The Rithmatist is coming out in May? It’s so soon, and it is amazing. You should be excited for this--as if the prologue and first chapter didn’t get you pumped enough. But additionally, the Facebook page of Michael Kramer and Kate Reading, the people who do the Wheel of Time audiobooks as well as The Way of Kings said this week they are starting work on the audiobook of The Rithmatist. Isaac Stewart (artist who does maps and symbols for Mistborn and Stormlight Archive) and Ben McSweeney (who does even more artwork in Stormlight, as well as illustrations in The Rithmatist) were interviewed recently about visual adaptations of novels. Check it out. Oh, what else? You may have noticed, I don’t know, that all of 17th Shard is totally different now. Let us know how you feel about the new site and any bugs you may find in our impressions topic! We think it’s a massive improvement in design and functionality, so we really hope you enjoy it! See you for another Around the Cosmere... "soon"! *Hoid’s Shadesmar Zeppelin may or may not be an actual thing. The image to the side is the UK Rithmatist cover.
  15. It's a new year, and it's time for some new news. There's that A Memory of Light thing (you know the one), but we also have Steelheart and The Rithmatist coming out in 2013, and we have some exciting things for both projects. First up, Steelheart, the superhero novel. Entertainment Weekly has revealed its cover, which you can see to the right. There is also a freaking awesome plot summary: Yeah, so okay, I don't know about you but now I'm ludicrously excited for Steelheart. Next up, The Rithmatist. We've previously talked about how the Rithmatist is awesome, but now you can experience it for yourself, as Tor reveals the prologue and first chapter of the book. Just read that prologue and tell us you aren't stoked. 2013 is going to be an awesome year.