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Found 10 results

  1. Just a smol room to talk about the non canon ships that you have in the reckoners series
  2. David Charleston and Mat Cauthon are surprisingly similar. They both have a sense of humor and tend to be impulsive and reckless. Anyone else have Sanderson character comparisons (any book)?
  3. (The admins gave me permission to post this so please don't freak out.) I recently, and quite unexpectedly, had to replace the clutch in my car and the cost of repairs ($1,100!) is forcing me to sell some of the stuff in my stash of Brandon-related ephemera. I hate parting with any portion of my collection but I want this debt off my back more than I want to keep these items to myself. I've put up for sale three sets of the postcards and character cards from The Reckoners. Each set contains: three holographic postcards (one of each city) and three character cards (Prof, David, and Megan). These came from a prize box of promotional items for the series that a friend of mine won a few years ago in a contest. They kept what they wanted and gave the rest to me. These three sets are the extras that I've been hanging on to. I have pictures of everything on the ebay page. Obviously the money I'm making off of these will only pay a small portion of the repair bill but it will help. Here's the link:
  4. I can be a bit short and cranky at times can we all I suppose...but now I have a great excuse ( that no one I know will understand but it will be funny to see their reaction) I will say I just used my superpowers and that makes me cranky!!!
  5. just something i was wondering about i think it might be set in a different dimension but the same universe
  6. The cover art and release date for Calamity, the finale of the #1 New York Times bestselling series, "The Reckoners", have finally been revealed, thanks to the product page. We can expect Calamity to hit bookstore shelved February 16, 2016. (And Peter has confirmed that this is the real release date, though it still could move by a week.) The cover art is also pretty awesome (and thankfully matches the Firefight cover design). Also included on the page is the cover blurb: Check out our forum topic here to discuss the cover art and blurb!
  7. Hot on the heels of yesterday's reveal of the Calamity cover art on comes a preview of the first few chapters of Calamity! Those of you subscribed to Brandon's newsletter will recognize a portion of this from the most recent one sent out a few months ago, though this is an extended excerpt. Read it now over on io9! I for one find this as exciting as a potato in a minefield, can't wait until the release (only 7 months and 8 days away!). Don't lament the wait though there is plenty of Sanderson-goodness coming out between now and then and the 17th Shard will be here with news on any further developments. Check out our forum topic here to discuss the chapters!
  8. Am I the only one who's slightly entertained by Brandon's very specific percentages when it comes to how far he's worked through Calamity? If I remember correctly (which is highly unlikely) it went from 2% to 3% to something like 12% (maybe) and now it's at 19%. How do you even quantify an unfinished book down to one percent? Just something I noticed.
  9. Myself as Prof and Callie (not sure if she is a member) as Megan, from Salt Lake Comic Con 2014
  10. Myself as Prof at the Firefight release