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Found 8 results

  1. We've got another news roundup, with some news on Brandon’s writing progress on Skyward 3 as well as The Lost Metal, the fulfillment of The Way of Kings Kickstarter, and future publications of Brandon’s works in other formats. A lot of this info comes from Brandon’s four most recent weekly updates (see his Youtube to watch them). Brandon also participated in another spoiler free livestream. You can check out the recording of the stream here, and our summaries of a few of the questions asked on Arcanum. It looks like the next spoilery livestream is tentatively scheduled for June, with regular non-spoiler streams taking place the first week every month going forward. For even more detail on the new info from these weekly updates, read on below! Brandon writing progress and other project updates: Fourth and fifth drafts of Skyward 3 were completed since last update, the book has been turned into the publisher as of March 31, with an anticipated release date sometime in November. Release date, cover, and title reveal are coming as the marketing team decides to release them. The Lost Metal (Wax and Wayne #4) prewriting began on April 1, with Brandon spending two weeks trying to make sure the character, setting, and plot all worked out well and made sense within the logic of the cosmere and his goals for Scadrial. Writing has begun on The Lost Metal, progress bar is currently sitting at 3%. General plan is 3-4 months of writing, followed by 3-4 months of revision. Brandon has been working on some unspecified videogame related stuff that he cannot announce at this time. He’s teased this a bit in livestreams before, but we have no details. Videogame projects have fallen apart before, so don’t hold your breath here. Store and Kickstarter updates: New shirts up on the store with the simplified/space-age Roshar symbol New socks in the store - Journey before Destination and Bridge Four socks Way of Kings Prime and Dawnshard hardcovers are in the process of shipping to backers in the US Kickstarter challenge coins have arrived Unclear if the coins will go up for sale to non-backers eventually; they are focused on getting them out to backers ASAP Kickstarter playing cards have been shipped to Dragonsteel, they are final piece of swag that has not yet arrived Swag packs start shipping later this month or early next month International backers should anticipate receiving their Way of Kings Prime/Dawnshard with their swag pack to reduce shipping costs. Future publishing updates: Pocket-sized Stormlight UK hardcovers without dust jackets are coming (Similar to pocket-sized Mistborn editions that already exist) The covers will have a watermark of the Double Eye symbol on the cover and be published with each book in two volumes (TWoK part 1 & part 2, etc) These editions will be sold in at least UK, mainland Europe, and Australia, not sure about other markets Dragonsteel will likely go forward with a small edition of Mistborn Secret History (in the style of the small Edgedancer/Dawnshard hardcovers) You can now buy the Mistborn: Secret History ebook as a stand-alone on Amazon, if you are only interested in Scadrial stories or don’t already own Arcanum Unbounded Dawnshard audiobook should be released sometime this summer It has already been recorded with Kate Reading voicing Rysn and Michael Kramer voicing Lopen The publisher is currently uncertain; they’re looking for the right distribution place That’s all the updates for now, keep an eye on the main page and we’ll keep you up to date with all the future news about Starsight 3, The Lost Metal, and anything else noteworthy Brandon is up to!
  2. Today Brandon replied to some Reddit threads about his 2020 plans after he finishes Rhythm of War, and talked about the timeline for The Lost Metal! Hooray details, hooray Brandon being transparent with us. Please note that these aren't surefire things, and this is the "perfect world" sort of scenario. First up: looks like Rhythm of War is taking a week or so longer than planned, with its turn in date now being July 10th (it was originally July 1st). The Stormlight novella, which will part of The Way of Kings leatherbound kickstarter tiers, will be up next. Brandon plans to write it mid-July to mid-August, beta read it late August, and then do revisions in early October. Lastly, the copyedit done mid-October, to get to people a month before Rhythm of War. To me this is a pretty tight timeline, and Brandon does admit things can slide and he'll try to be up-front about it. The novella may not be called Wandersail, as that is the ship's name, but this novella doesn't have to do with Hoid's story in The Way of Kings. Later in the year, he will work on Skyward 3, then with the goal to begin The Lost Metal, the fourth Mistborn Era 2 story, on January 1st, 2021. After that, it's the fourth and final Skyward book, with a target for starting on Stormlight 5 the following January. Also, Brandon wants to fit in a "quick draft" of Songs of the Dead (formerly Death by Pizza), and probably will push back a revision of The Apocalypse Guard a bit later. So, you know, I'd say that after Rhythm of War finishes, fitting in a novella, Skyward 3, Lost Metal, Skyward 4, that's pretty productive for the time in-between Stormlights. That doesn't even include any of the other projects, like Apocalypse Guard, Songs of the Dead, Alcatraz 6, or whatever else that might pop up. Sounds good to me. In case you missed it: Brandon posted a large blog post on The Way of Kings leatherbound Kickstarter, which has updated tiers from what we previously reported. The Kickstarter goes live July 7th!
  3. Ok guys Maybe this theory has been broached before but could Mistborn make an appearance in TLM , the final book of the Wax and Wayne Tetralogy. Now , we know the Set has been gathering allomancer women from less diluted bloodlines in order to breed a Mistborn. But the biggest problem is that it will take time , maybe decades or even a century before the required results are generated. However , there is a way to bypass this . Bendalloy mistings !!!! Suppose you get a woman pregnant and get her in the presence of a bendalloy Savant or atleast a Flarer . A few days worth of time would be diluted to months . In that time , the woman would give birth , recover and would be ready to be impregnated again. Then you could apply the same process on the kids , to accelerate thier growth. You could have the bed , books , bathroom , etc within a 5 foot radius or the guy could just drop the bubble when the kid moves and put up new ones. Tutors , nannies , brainwashers , trainers in most of the allomantic metals could work in the bubble as well. Things could be wilder if you have two or more sliders slowing time at the same instant. This could lead to further time compression. ( This is confirmed btw either in the coppermind or via a WoB ) Or you could have a Nicroburster to speed things along. Then there are those allomantic grenades . For training in metals like iron , steel , tin and maybe pewter , you would need effort in real time but most of the other activities could occur in the time bubble. Also they won't have to focus on all the kids all the time. Suppose you speed time along until a specific age , say puberty ( if that's still the age of allomantic maturity after Harmony's intervention ). Then you could check if the kid's an allomancer. If he /she is just a misting or a normie , they will be dropped from the time dilation program. They would then be used for breeding. Bendalloy and nicrosil mistings however could be recruited into the operation. Then suppose you get a Mistborn kid , you could then allocate all your sliders to working on him in a super bubble. The kid herself could burn bendalloy with duralumin to gain more time and Nicroburst her fellow Sliders. A Century worth of time could be compressed into a few years. Now let's go over the probable setbacks : One ). Hiring the required Sliders. Now not every slider will be crazy about aging decades in a timebubble , but : I ). A few might be dedicated to the Set and will do the job. II ). Many would agree to it for adequate financial compensation for themselves or more likely for thier loved ones. III ). Others could be blackmailed or tortured or they and thier loved ones could be threatened. There will be guards loyal to the Set with them , of course , to make sure they don't indoctrinate rebellion in the kids and to keep them at gunpoint IV ). The Sliders who aren't daunted by death or torture or threats could be used to harvest hemalurgic spikes which would then be granted to loyal members or desperate victims of the Set who are willing to do the job. V ). As time goes by , some of the kids will turn out to be Sliders , powerful ones too , since they will have purer blood. They will already be brainwashed by the Set and since that's the life they will be used to , I guess they won't be too daunted about becoming Bendalloy Savants. Same applies for the Nicrobursters. VI ). Also I have this theory. Like suppose there's a Slider who can create a bubble 5 feet across and a pulser ( cadmium misting , ex : marasi ) with a lesser radius ,say 2 feet. Could they both put up buubles while standing within 2 feet of each other . Within the two feet radius , the two metals will cancel each other's temporal disparities. But within the 2-5 feet radius , time will be diluted and slow. _______________ _______________ Two). The required metals . Now I'm guessing you will probably need tonnes of metal for the operation. Bendalloy is an expensive metal as is duralumin and Nicrosil. But as we know I ). The Vanishers have already stolen tonnes of the stuff II ). Seeing the Set is comprised of members who are far from destitute, ( the Vanishers real goal was to destroy the solvency of House Tekiel and to kidnap the women ) so I don't think it will be hard for them to acquire the metals , especially if the operation yields promising results. III ). The Southern Scadrians might have developed better , far more efficient and economic methods for cadmium and bendalloy production. _____________ ____________ ___________ The Set might expand thier ambition from beyond luthadel to the entire world of Scadrial. It could actually be how we get to know about the SSc. Mistborn operatives raiding to gain tech and the SSc requesting aid from Elendelite metalborn like Wax , Wayne , Marasi and the kandra . This would give us PoVs on the society , culture , politics , history , technology of the SSc and maybe on kelsier too. So what do y'all think ? Could the fourth book have a Set Mistborn trying to overtake the government ? Does Telsin or Steris's cousin's children or grandchildren or great grandchildren go up against Marasi and Wax and Wayne ? It would an interesting dynamic , Wax and Marasi going against thier own grand niece or nephew. If my theory is true , the implications could be terrifying. Imagine Mistborn on the level of Spook or stronger , with access to all 16 metals !!!!!! Not to mention they might have hemalurgic spikes for F-gold allowing them to compound and become indestructible They could also have spikes granting them greater allomantic abilities. They could have F- iron , allowing them to compound weight and thier steelpushes to become more destructive than Wax could dream of. They could survive the ironpulls too , via gold or steel compounding. There is even a slight chance that they might acquire F-chromium as well. Especially if the terris elders form the backbone of or atleast are members of the Set as another one of my pet theory states . Then of course, the medallion tech might be used to compound as well. ________________________________________ And finally i believe this plotline could explain the book title as well. This is probably not true but eh..... At the beginning , before they find out the truth , the sudden appearence of the Mistborn might lead to many speculating that the reason for the sudden reappearence of Mistborn is Lerasium or diluted Lerasium whatever that is or isn't . So Lerasium is , The Lost Metal.The operation and goals make perfect sense. It doesn't violate any law of space , time or investiture and it is seriously dramatic. I would like to thank @king of nowhere @Honorless, @The traveller , @aneonfoxtribute, @Ookla the Prolific. For pointing out flaws in my theory and helping me make it better in the comments.
  4. the lost metal

    As the title says, who do you think will be join Wax on the cover of The Lost Metal?
  5. HI PEOPLES OF THE WORLD! IT IS I! CALLANJEREL or whatever I chose for my username on this site. But I have a real large, real big, real grande (with the little accent over the e... am too lazy to do it myself) problem... I want the lost metal. Like real badly. I was waiting after he finished Oathbringer, but then lo and behold it was there! A new book! And it was... Skyward. Not that I don't like the book, but I didn't really want it in comparison to how I wanted the Lost Metal. Like I really want that book. Like who the hecking heck is Trell? A shard of Adonalsium? Like what the heck. And why is Hoid on this fricking planet and golly jeebus just like make a new fricking book already. Either way, enough ranting. What do you guys, here on the 17th Shard, think will happen with the Mistborn/Wax&Wayne series? Will it be forgotten, like series past, or will it become renewed?
  6. Are we SURE it's Odium attacking Harmony at Scadrial? If Harmony had to divest himself of power to keep them away from Odium. He has admitted to being trapped and at odds with his dual natures in the final Letter in Oathbringer. I wonder what character he might choose as successor? Have you? Any thoughts?
  7. I think I have figured something out, although this is in no way confirmed. I was re-reading HoA and I was pondering hemalurgic spikes in Kandra. Now we know that Kandra Blessings are two spikes which together grant sentience and a power of some kind. In SoS Bleeder uses unknown methods to not only grant herself Feruchemy speed while only using one spike. However, I always thought it was odd that she also manifested a power we have only seen Ruin and Harmony use up to this point. She takes moments to speak to Wax in his mind. At the time I just kinda went with it, it was an exciting time in the story. However, I realized that this should have sent up several red flags. I mean, not only does she use the metallic arts which we thought was impossible, but then she invades Wax's mind like that. That's not even a power we have observed a mortal being using before! Here is where I will delve into the interviews with Brandon. There was a question about ReLuur, and if one of his spikes is Atium. TLDR: RAFO'reluur' Now, this is obviously about a different Kandra but we know they know more than they are telling Wax and Wayne at the moment. It seems likely that Atium in some form is still accessible to some Kandra. This is what really holds my theory out. You see, I was contemplating the fact that Brandon has written sayuing that you could make alloys with both Larasium and Atium and produce 16 alloys. We know that the Laraseium alloys make Mistings, and it's been hinted that Atium alloys would have various temporal effects. So here is the long and short of it all: Bleeder's single spike might steal the possible abilites of the Atium-Brass Alloy Now the spike itself might not actually be made of that material since it's hemaleric in nature. But I believe it steals the powers of burning Atium-Zinc or Atium-Brass allomancers. This is a stretch but let me walk you through what we know: 1. Bleeder can somehow talk in the minds of thoses spiked with Hemalergy. 2. Bleeder cannot be using more than one spike while she does this. 3. Bleeder has knowledge of Hemalergy that is far beyond the current understanding of Harmony's people (as far as we know). 4. Bleeder's spike was made of an unknown metallic alloy. Now the power of speaking in minds is a bit of a stretch, but it certainly seems like a possibility of a twisted external mental allomantic ability. It also feels more like a pushing rather than a pulling ability. I mean, that is the most realistic explanation for this strange and invasive ability. *Edit: Thanks to some awesome readers, I have seen references that clarify that Bleeder's spike is made from a metal that Harmony doesn't know. However, this doesn't change the foundation of the theory. Thanks to those who took the time to source the quotes!* As my final point of support in this theory, I will need to delve into Secret History here: So there it is, I have no idea how viable this is, or where exactly the atium came from. It either has reappeared or it was salvaged from an older stash. But I am happy I finally got this out there. It's such a cool concept to think about. I wonder how this could be applied in combat, and if there is a limited range that this communication is restricted to. *Edit: Changed my wording for clarification.