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Found 11 results

  1. That's right, friends. Letters. As in more than one. Three in fact. Part Two's epigraphs contain three response letters to Hoid. I will document them here for posterity. Enjoy, and join in the discussion! Please keep this spoiler free except for discussion on the Part 2 epigraphs. Letter #1: Unknown Shard? Likely Endowment. Dearest Cephandrius, I received your communication, of course. (Ch 33) I noticed its arrival immediately, just as I noticed your many intrusions into my lands. (Ch 34) You think yourself so clever, but my eyes are not those of some petty noble, to be clouded by a false nose and some dirt on the cheeks. (Ch 35) You mustn't worry yourself about Rayse. It is a pity about Aona and Skai, but they were foolish--violating our pact from the very beginning. (Ch 37) Your skills are admirable, but you are merely a man. You had your chance to be more, and refused it. (Ch 38) No good can come of two Shards settling in one location. It was agreed that we would not interfere with one another, and it disappoints me that so few of the Shards have kept to this original agreement. (Ch 39) As for Uli Da, it was obvious from the outset that she was going to be a problem. Good riddance. (Ch 40) Regardless, this is not your concern. You turned your back on divinity. If Rayse becomes an issue, he will be dealt with. And so will you. (Ch 41) Letter #2: Ire? 17th Shard? Autonomy, probably. Cephandrius, bearer of the First Gem. You must know better than to approach us by relying upon presumption of past relationship. (Ch 42) You have spoken to one who cannot respond. We, instead, will take your communication to us--though we know not how you located us upon this world. (Ch 43) We are indeed intrigued, for we thought it well hidden. Insignificant among our many realms. (Ch 44) As the waves of the sea must continue to surge, so must our will continue resolute. Alone. (Ch 45) Did you expect anything else from us? We need not suffer the interference of another. Rayse is contained, and we care not for his prison. (Ch 46) Indeed, we admire his initiative. Perhaps if you had approached the correct one of us with your plea, it would have found favourable audience. (Ch 47) But we stand in the sea, pleased with our domains. Leave us alone. (Ch 48) We also instruct that you should not return to Obrodai. We have claimed that world, and a new avatar of our being is beginning to manifest there. She is young, yet, and--as a precaution--she has been instilled with an intense dislike of you. (Ch 50) This is all we will say at this time. If you wish more, seek these waters in person and overcome the tests we have created. Only in this will you earn our respect. (Ch 51) Letter #3: Harmony Friend. Your letter to me is most intriguing, even revelatory. (Ch 53) I would have thought, before attaining my current station, that a deity could not be surprised. Obviously, this is not true. I can be surprised. I can perhaps even be naive, I think. (Ch 54) I am the least equipped, of all, to aid you in this endeavor. I am finding that the powers I hold are in such conflict that the most simple of actions can be difficult. (Ch 55) I am also made uncertain by your subterfuge. Why have you not made yourself known before this? How is it you can hide? Who are you, truly, and how do you know so much about Adonalsium? (Ch 56) If you would speak to me further, I request open honesty. Return to my lands, approach my servants, and I will see what I can do for your quest. Okay guys, I've been waiting for you to be able to talk about these, and I'm sure the other readers who've managed to snag an early copy are dying to as well. Some thoughts: The first letter is probably from a Shard. Maybe one that we don't know yet. They noticed Hoid immediately, and speak of the Shards as kin. They also look down on Hoid for not taking the opportunity to grab a Shard. These make it evident that it is probably a Shard speaking. Given that Hoid probably mentioned Aona and Skai as Shards murdered by Odium, it may be that Uli Da is the name of another Shard Odium killed. Ambition perhaps? Or one we don't yet know? The Shards originally agreed to stay separate. That's hilarious. Maybe lends some credence to the 17th Shards mandate of keeping them separate. Whoever is speaking seems sure that they can take on Odium and Hoid. Noted. Second Letter could be from people who snagged it before it reached Frost, maybe 17th Sharders, though they don't seem to have the same neutrality mindest that they do. My money is on the Ire. Hoid may have meant his letter to someone in particular and got this as a response. Bearer of the First Gem is probably a reference to Topaz. I wonder about its significance. Whoever this is seems to think they control many worlds. This is huge. Still sounds like Ire to me. Curious as to how one would hide a planet. Obrodai is doubtless a new planet, where these people have a base of operations. This makes it sound like Hoid delivered the letter in person. The new avatar scares me. This has implications. Very interesting. What are the tests??? HARMOYYYY MY SWEET MAN. It's obviously him guys, don't even bother arguing. How are you? Not too much of significance here that we don't already know, but storms it's nice to hear from him here. This made my day guys. He's intrigued by Hoid, and wants to learn more. Enjoy! And again please keep this spoiler free of Oathbringer plot details.
  2. I've suggested before that Devotion and Dominion were originally combined into the shard Unity by their owners Aona and Skai, creating the Dor (check out my theory here). In my reread of TWoK, I believe I've found another piece of evidence that supports this idea. In The Letter, the quote above says that "that which they held has been Splintered," which sounds like it could refer to a singular thing (i.e. the shard Unity). I realize that the singular thing could mean many things (i.e. the power of their shards), but why would Odium go to a planet where two shards could theoretically overpower him? Perhaps he targeted the planet because their Unity shard was so powerful (and a sign of what combined shardic power could be) and he felt that he needed to deal with it before any more power could be combined with other shards (hence why he's so afraid of Harmony). Perhaps this means that Odium is the doom coming to Scadrial, as he wants to deal with Harmony quickly before Sazed becomes more cosmere-aware. We know that he has plans to deal with Harmony - maybe he hopes that by splintering these combined shards before they can make cosmere-wide plans to address Odium's power, he can remain the most powerful force in existence. If Odium is released at the halfway point of The Stormlight Archive, it seems that Mistborn era 2 (or 1.5 however you call it) is right in that same time period.
  3. Words of Radiance, Chapters 59, 60 and 61 Epigraphs, pages 725, 733, and 746 (emphasis mine). We know this to be Frost, the Dragon from Yolen, replying to Hoid's letter. Over the last few years, people have teased some answers out of Brandon here and there, and we now know that Hoid was actually the name of Hoid's master many years ago. And, obviously, the current alias is Wit, but what about that first part? Another quote somewhere (I couldn't find it, though) states that one of Hoid's old names was Topaz (correct me if I'm wrong), so it could be that Frost is asking after his aliases, after all, he opens without knowing to whom he should address his letter. I could be that "the gemstone" is simply a reference to his old name, and that that alias died, and Hoid did whatever regeneration thing he does, moved on, and picked a new name. I do not think that that is the case. The Way of Kings, Chapter 57, page 801 (emphasis mine) I hereby theorize that it is the gemstone itself that died, not the alias itself. Perhaps something Hoid did "killed" it, or him using it lead to its "death." More on this later. Now, I was reading through some WoBs, and I found this: Which relates to the section in WoR chapter 54 when Hoid name-drops Adonalsium, blows it off, talks about taking people apart and stitching them back together, and says his goodbyes to Dalinar. I would say that this subject was very important to Hoid, as Dalinar notes that he seems preoccupied, which is quite unusual. This WoB tells us a few things. 1. The secret society that Gavilar was part of knew, at the very least, the name "Adonalsium." 2. The secret society also knows more about the History of the Knights Radiant, Honor, and the Desolations, than the average Rosharan. 3. Hoid needs to know about them for some reason. What else do we know about Gavilar? Not much, except that he handed Szeth a black glowing sphere upon his death, saying "they must not get it." Another WoB I found: I theorize that this sphere is the gemstone after which Hoid was named, and it has since died, which is why it has gone black and weird. Hoid is looking for it, which is why he wanted to know if Dalinar knew anything about Gavilar's secret society. Frost asked if he has given up on it, now that it is dead. Perhaps he meant "given up on looking for it," rather than "given up on the alias." Source. Since Brandon didn't correct the questioner, this could confirm that the black sphere was at least a gemstone. So? Thoughts? Feel free to poke holes, theorize, and add to this as you will. Thank you for reading.
  4. NB: Spoiler tags aren't used in the post for spoilers, but for long chunks of text or meaningless digressions. I haven't seen any full versions of The Reply (unless we have another name for it?) typed up yet, so here's one for reference: Right. Now here we go. So we can be pretty sure, I think, that there was a Hoid before Hoid (who I will henceforth call "Wit" to distinguish him from the other Hoid): Here's what I think: The Letter was written to the Original Hoid ("OH"). Now there's very little evidence for this, I do think that the relationship between Wit and The Recipient of the Letter does seem like a master-apprentice relationship, somewhat. And thus it is my belief that the Letter was written from Wit to OH, or, if you prefer, the Letter was written from Hoid to Hoid. Yep. Attack me.
  5. I wanted a thread where we name what the letter in book two should be called. Either "The Letter Response", or, what I prefer: "The Second Letter". I prefer the Second Letter because then if there is a third or fourth letter, it's a more sustainable term to call it. Thoughts?
  6. So this idea came from this thread but it branches a bit so I'm starting a unique thread. I think Adonalsium is not a person but a material, particularly God Metal. I realize this is highly speculative, but I think the idea is worth exploring. And I think it ties a lot of loose ends together. So first let's reference the thread mentioned earlier and run with the idea that the Adona in Adonalsium means lord or god. Then let's look at the last third of the word Adonalsium, ium. In the Mistborn trilogy we read of numerous materials, metals, ending with ium. To name them, there are Atium, Larasium, Chromium, Cadmium, and Malatium. Not to mention, scientifically, ium makes reference to metal. Combine the two and you have god-metal, or at least, god-material. Adonalsium, as a god material makes sense. If you were to combine all the Shards of Adonalsium together you would have the attributes of one very powerful/omnipotent tool. Also a material is easier to shatter than a being. And it's much easier to pick up and wield portions of a shattered object than those of a shattered being. Let's reference the the goals of Hoid, who seems interested in uniting the Shards (see the conversation about Adonalsium with Dalinar). And let's reference the Letter in the Way of Kings epigraph. In this letter Hoid is writing to a dragon and asking for help to stop Odium. From the tone of the letter the dragon doesn't seem interested in intervening. Why would Hoid ask a dragon for help, especially a dragon who is at ends with him? Could it be that a dragon or dragons forged Adonalsium. If one can create something, they also have the knowledge to destroy it. What if a dragon, or more likely dragons, formed Adonalsium. You could even call it dragon steel. But one of these dragons feared it was too powerful and shattered it. We know from a recent Q&A with Brandon that Adonalsium was shattered with intent. If the power was distributed more evenly it would prevent tyranny. So it was shattered and distributed to sixteen individuals on Yolen, who then spread out amongst the Cosmere to keep the power distributed. Yet the individual power of each shard was not foreseen. Alone, the shards were unbalanced. Look at the events on Scadrial. Or even worse in the case of Odium, which, on its own, would try to destroy all other shards. This is why Hoid is writing to the dragon. He is trying to persuade the dragon to change his mind. If Hoid can unite the remaining shards of Adonalsium, Odium can be overpowered and the shards can be reunited, hopefully returning balance to the Cosmere. My support for this is found in the last vision that Dalinar receives in The Way of Kings. In this last vision he is shown by god the impending doom of his planet. He is also shown stars in the sky disappearing, representing the work of Odium destroying shards throughout the Cosmere. He is told the only way to stop Odium is to "unite them." Dalinar thinks he is supposed to unite various peoples. I think what he is being told though, is that the only way to stop Odium is to unite the shards of Adonalsium. This is why Hoid asks Dalinar if he is familiar with Adonalsium. Some how Hoid knows of the visions that Dalinar has seen, and knows Adonalsium is at the heart of them. But Dalinar hasn't made the connection yet. So I realize this is out there, jumps around a lot, and assumes a lot, but I did my best to tie in a bunch of ideas that are floating around concerning Adonalsium and the Cosmere. Proceed to tear this theory apart
  7. Pretty simple theory here. The letter states the following: Assuming the letter was indeed written by Hoid, and "the element" refers to Lerasium (as I've seen suggested here), it seems reasonable to believe Hoid has made a metalmind from the Lerasium and wears it regularly. This would explain how he "protects it like he protects his own skin". At one point I thought that "protect it like I protect my own skin" meant he had swallowed it and become a Mistborn, but that doesn't really seem like it's "quite safe" and has a "good home" to me. So, I think that Hoid is using the Lerasium as a metalmind. We know from WoB that he can use Feruchemy, so it fits. Perhaps this is how he knows where to go in the Cosmere?
  8. Brandon came to the cozy little bookstore, read us the beginning of Rithmatist and the interlude from WoR. The interlude is about And the WoR likely will come out January, or November this year if we are lucky. In Q&A, I asked about whether we have read about the recipient of the letter in his current books.
  9. These lines appear in the letter: "Let me first assure you that the element is quite safe." I thought we could speculate as to what is meant by "The Element" Let me start by fielding my theory: "The Element" is a bead of Lerasium, or something otherwise derived from it. (I am assuming as many do that Hoid is the letter writer, and it has been confirmed he took a bead of Lerasium from the Well of Ascension). Obviously this is based on very little... other than, we know Hoid has a Lerasium bead, and a Lerasium bead seems like an "Element" worth protecting, especially if it is capable of more than just making someone a Mistborn, as we have been told... and especially since Hoid "has" a bead of Lerasium, not "had"... meaning he is hanging on to it for some reason. I've speculated elsewhere that this is because he is using it as a metalmind, but this need not be the case, nor need it contradict the possibility that the bead is "The Element". (If it is obvious what the element is from one of the books I haven't read, I apologise for wasting your time...)
  10. This may be totally speculative right now and I posted this in the list of questions for Brandon, but I am curious to know what you all think. In the epigraph in The Way of Kings, what does the unnamed character write the letter with and on what is it written?
  11. Brandon's been answering some questions on Reddit, and he just said some pretty cool stuff. This quite clearly implies that Hoid wrote the letter, personally my mind is made up on the matter. Many thanks to Nepene for so quickly letting us know about this revelation... Also, Shadesmar! This info comes from here.