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Found 2 results

  1. Well, in the past while (read hours) it seems The Game has made its way into the shard. Therefore, I'm starting a topic. If you don't know what this is, here is a link. If and when you lose, this topic is a place to post it. Or to try to make others lose. Do not tag mods on this thread unless moderation action needs to be taken (unless an individual mod says they're okay with it). If you have a reason for actually needing one, whether in particular or in general, please do tag one, PM one, or use the report feature to contact all of them. Since I posted this topic, I lost the Game.
  2. The town of beginnings was struck by a sudden golden light, closer inspection revealed it to be several dozen beams of bright golden light descending from the sky into the town square. These beams of light slowly resolved themselves into all manner of people, Undead zombies wielding bows, demonic beings with swords, angelic visions wielding magic in the palm of their hand. The NPCs surrounding the square mostly ignored this sight, a couple ventured into the middle of the square and small question marks appeared over there head. Some of the people from the beams walked towards these NPCs and began talking to them, others sprinted away from the square immediately, running to explore the town and surroundings. A small handful of these people did nothing at all, unlike the others who, whether talking, running or just wandering all had the same blank, expressionless face, these few were gazing around with confusion and a touch of horror. The game of guilds had captured its first victims, living people had been brought into the world of a game, with no clue as to how this had happened or what they could do to get out again. ========================================== To the north lies an undeveloped portion of the town, with many fields waiting to be planted and plots of land awaiting buildings. To the east lies a great lake, surrounded by a small forest. To the west extends a hilly terrain, with rocky cliffs, small caves and a number of ruined buildings. In the far distance a large intact tower is just visible on the horizon. To the south is the ocean, with a port with many boats docked, and a mix of humans, hobbits and elves swarming back and forth, carrying cargo. The town itself is split in three, the marketplace where most stores set up their wares, and a few empty stalls are available for rent. The guilds district, a combination of low-income residents and the guild halls of the town. And the residents district, where most of the towns inhabitants live and where some shops have their headquarters, which often sell higher quality merchandise.