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Found 15 results

  1. At the very beginning of the final empire, Tresting sees a Skaa who looks at him defiantly and smiles. He feels a chill of fear, then the Skaa disappears when he looks away. I think it’s fair to assume that is Kelsier, but do you think he used emotional allomancy to make Tresting feel the fear that he did? I’m assuming yes, but it’s just cool that Brandon weaves that in without calling any of it out before the reader even has any idea what it means. Makes that kind of thing stand out in a re read
  2. why is she so angry
  3. In The Final Empire, Vin is described as using glass daggers (like most Mistborn, apparently), while the Inquisitors have obsidian weapons (axes mostly). In The Well of Ascension, Vin has obsidian daggers and no mention is made of the change. Any thoughts on why she switched to obsidian?
  4. Question for all you fans out there. If you could have 1 action scene and 1 dialogue or character moment from Mistborn: the Final Empire to be made into live action what would it be? An example of an action scene would be Kelsier fighting the Haze killers when he breaks into keep venture. An example of a character moment would be Kelsier first training Vin, or the moment they outline their plan to overthrow the Lord Ruler. I'm a filmmaker and have been pondering how I would bring some of these scenes to life in my head for years now. Would love to know what everyone else would want to see if they could only get a scene or two.
  5. The last thing Leras does before dying is appear to Elend and point to the Northeast. He also did that the first time he met Elend. If you trace the two lines from their approximate locations, you end up in the far right corner of the Terris mountains. Hence the question: what was in the Terris Dominance that Preservation was pointing to? And why was it so important that Leras used the last of his strength to try and tell Elend about it?
  6. I know this has been discussed before, but I had some fun doing a goofy data viz project poking fun at the number of times characters "raise an eyebrow" at each other in the original trilogy. After collecting some basic eyebrow interaction data, I made some plots analyzing: The most frequent eyebrow Raisers vs Raisees Changes in eyebrow raising frequency over time The social network among characters as defined by their eyebrow exchanges I wrote up some analysis claiming that characters' eyebrow behaviors mark key moments of personal growth in their character arcs and dumped a set of interactive visualizations for all 3 books here. I thought this forum might get a kick out of it Here are some viz previews: (Nodes are sized proportionally to the total number of eyebrow interactions in which that character was involved; Arrows are sized proportionally to the number of directed eyebrow raises from the source to the target)
  7. The band is run by a guitarist named Kelsen, and his younger sister Marene, who is a soprano. They play Kell and Vin (used to be Kell and Mare, but that got too weird.) Kelsen’s girlfriend Domique plays the keyboard and has the role of Mare (which works much better.) Their cousin, Ashren, plays Marsh and is the bassist. For Elend they recruited Marene’s friend from band, Renek, who plays drums. Ashren recruited Andryl, a Terris Pathian, for Sazed. He plays rhythm guitar. Kelsen’s best friend Endel is their manager and sound tech. He also plays a theremin and a classic guitar. When he’s onstage he’s Dox. They do have an organist, Vinouex, who Renek met in church. He plays Breeze when he joins them. He brought his flutist, South Scadrian, girlfriend Jenah, to play Alriane. Another of Marene’s band friends, Laine, plays a sax and Ham. Nesier was a blind kid Kelsen met at a church fundraiser. He plays Spook and a viola. He introduced the band to Razen, his counselor at his camp, the band’s oldest member. Razen plays a clarinet, trumpet, and harp (not all at once!) He was recruited to play Clubs, due to his limp and age. Then Jenah brought her little sister, Mart, to play accordion and Beldre. And Andryl discovered his neighbor, Tynsen, plays the glockenspiel, so now she’s Tindwyl. The band members aren’t all onstage at the same time. But they do all play. Except for Andryl, Tynsen, Jenah and Mart all the members are devout Survivorists. The former two are Pathians, and the latter two are from an offshoot Survivor/Sovereign combination faith that was created when Scadrial figured out the two were the same. At an early point Kelsier discovered them and started funding the band. Only Kelsen, Marene, and Endel know their silent backer’s identity. Core band: Kelsen: lead electric guitar, vocalist, Kelsier (Survivorist) Marene: vocalist, lute, Vin (Survivorist) Domique: keyboard, Mare (Survivorist) Ashren: Bassist, Marsh (Survivorist) Renek: Drummer, Elend (Survivorist) Andryl: Rhythm guitar, Sazed (Pathian) Endel: classic guitar, theremin, sound tech, manager, Dox (Survivorist) Additional members: Vinouex: organist, Breeze (Survivorist) Jenah: flutist, Alriane (Survivor-Sovereignist) Laine: saxophonist, Ham (Survivorist) Nesier: viola (and other types of violins), Spook (Survivorist) Razen: clarinetist, trumpeter, harpist, Clubs (Survivorist) Mart: accordionist, Beldre (Survivor-Sovereignist) Tynsen: glockenspiel, Tindwyl (Pathian) Others: Kelsier: (mostly) Silent backer
  8. Watch Video Here I have always hated using crayons, even from a young age. When I discovered colored pencils it was like a new world opened up to me. So why have I raided my daughter's box of crayons, flipped on a camera and drawn the map from Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn books? To simply show that you do not need top of the line tools in order to draw a pretty satisfying map. Don't get me wrong, they can certainly help make things easier to achieve a certain look. But my first steps into cartography involved a ballpoint pen and an old receipt. So don't be discouraged and feel like you cannot begin until you have the right tools. Regardless of what tool you use, the fundamentals do not change. So if all you have is a crayon, pencil, or your finger in the sand; the main thing is that you begin with what you have. For this little exercise, I did not take time to practice using the crayons before I flipped on the camera; so I acknowledge that this is not a masterpiece by any means. And honestly I was reminded why I have never enjoyed using's impossible to keep them sharp for any length of time! But none the less I enjoyed the process and it has me wondering what else I can use to draw a map.
  9. I'm working on a Final Empire map for a crusader kings II mod, and the only maps I can find are the one in the book, and the poster. This leaves a lot of things unnamed. Are there any other resources that might contain names of places in the Final Empire? Some names in particular I'm looking for: The waterways connecting the Conway Canal to Lake Tyrian The waterway connecting Tathingdwen to Luthadel The waterways in the Northern Dominance Any mountains (aside from the Terris Mountains) The many unnamed settlements marked on the map The Seas (aside from Southern Sea)
  10. Vin instinctively burning metals is a known fact. She was burning Tin and Pewter without even knowing when she tried to scam March. In my third read of the book, I notice a small passage, in chapter 24 right after the spook slang joke: Vin felt…contented. As she sipped at her wine, she caught sight of the open doorway leading into the darkened workshop. She imagined, just for a moment, that she could see a figure out in the shadows—a frightened wisp of a girl, untrusting, suspicious. The girl’s hair was ragged and short, and she wore a simple, untucked dirty shirt and a pair of brown trousers. Not only vin could see her other self but she also was able to know what she was thinking. It feel more like burning gold to me that just imagination. It made me wonder if vin did instinctively burn some unknown metals (her that era) like Bendalloy or Cadmium. This is my first post and English is my third language, I am sorry in advance if I made any mistakes.
  11. I'm rereading Mistborn: The Final Empire and I came across a passage that I hadn't taken note of before between Kelsier and Vin: K: I've started being more careful since you trailed me last week- at first I assumed you were a Venture Mistborn V: They have some? K: I'm sure they do. Most of the Great Houses do- but you friend Elend isn't one of them. He's not even a Misting. V: How do you know? He could be hiding it. K: He nearly died in a raid a couple of years ago- if there was ever a time to show your powers, it would have been then. -Mistborn: The Final Empire chapter 13 So, Elend almost died in this raid. Do.we know what the raid was? Was it as minor as skaa rushing the keep, or another House? What I want it to be is a skaa raid, that most definitely ended in the skaa's death. Because I think that answers one huge question: Why did Elend start to study about the treatment of Skaa? Imagine this raid. A group of Skaa men and women, let's say 40 or so want to get into keep Venture because of some grudge with Straff. Maybe he was careless at a brothel with skaa girls, and he had the place destroyed with everyone inside, or maybe he's just the most accessible nobleman to them, and they want to take someone down. So they rush Keep Venture, or maybe they sneak in, maybe even with help from the inside (after all, guards for the Keeps are many times also Skaa looking for money) Now, thier goal is Straff, but they don't get him. Maybe Straff escaped, or has a safe room that he can hide in, but Elend was not so lucky. Elend is the only Venture there facing the ire of these skaa, and he's terrified, and his father has left him behind. What if this neat death experience with a group of Skaa instead of spurring him towards hatred of them like his father and the majority of noble society, jolts his curious mind to wonder what happened to make these Skaa hate him, when he had done nothing to harm them. It also illustrates an earlier example of Strafford treatment towards Elend. Anyway, I wanted to share that because I think it's an interesting little hole in Elend's story. What do you think? Am I missing something? Has Brandon already spoken about this? -Benn
  12. Hey guys! I wanted to share with you my latest Cosmere composition and I'm super excited that I finally have a Mistborn piece to my collection! I just finished reading The Hero of Ages a couple weeks ago (I'm happy to say I'm fully recovered, finally.) Anyway, this piece came about from me noodling on my piano. I came up with the minor melodic motif and was like: "Ooo, that sounds kind of disconcerting"....hmm... Mistborn?? While I feel like the soundtrack to the Mistborn trilogy is much more driving and synthetic in my mind, all stories have to have some emotional/mood music. Anyway, i hope you enjoy it!! Esamitch did the art and animation!!!! Lots of thumbs up to her!!! She did a great job!!! :-D
  13. Hi guys! I'm a brazilian YouTuber and on my channel I talk about the techniques and references used in movies, tv shows, games and books. In my last video I talked about the techniques and references used in Mistborn - The Final Empire. No Spoilers! Give me your feedback! Check it out:
  14. Fanart of Vin from Mistborn! Hope you like!

    © Michelle Huttunen

  15. Hola, internet folks! I have never partaken in a forum before, but I have just finished reading The Well of Ascension, and I am torn in many directions by the plot, the writing, the editing, the intrigue and the contradiction of it all. I read The Final Empire when it first came out, as a youth; I had read Elantris and happened upon a book signing Sanderson was having at my local bookshop, so acquired his then-new Mistborn novel. I remember absolutely loving TFE, and I eventually acquired the rest of the series, but hadn't had a chance to read them all until now. I immediately delved into TWOA after finishing TFE last week, and having finished the two, I am both loathe and compelled to get to The Hero of Ages. So, am I in the right place to air my grievances and hash out my queries?