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Found 2 results

  1. Daily Report 11-04-766 Thanks to the Shard’s impressive knowledge of investiture the team has found a way to de-invest the diseases that are ravaging the interns. The diseases have been contained from spreading beyond the university. Silverlight Police Report 11-04-766 An Ashyn infiltrator was caught today attempting to burn down the University. While in police custody Farns admitted guilt and ended up dying from previous exposure to disease. The affects of however long he was diseased for must have finally caught up. Incident Report 11-21-767 Over a year has passed since the Ashyn Study went horribly wrong. After Farns was captured no further sabotage was reported and a thorough vetting of all university students and personel cleared the university of any Ashyn Infiltrators. Though a few oddities were found among the interns none were worrisome enough to remove. Dozens of people died as a direct result of the study. It was decided by the university administrators and 17th shard leadership that Ashyn would be off limit. Even the thought of an infection spreading to Roshar or other investiture rich planets caused the most fervent researchers to agree. For now the secrets of Ashyn will stay beyond our reach... Matrim (6): Ashbringer, TJ Shade, Frozen Mint, Illwei, Kasimir, Lahilt Lahilt (3): Matrim, Araris, Vapor Matrim was an Infiltrator The Loyal Interns are victorious! RULES DEAD DOC ELIM DOC Elkanah's God-Like Spread Sheet After game thoughts
  2. Dera Renault climbed onto the stone, and smiled as her Kandra drove a dagger through her heart. Finally, there would be peace. Elkanah has won! StrikerEZ has won! Wonko the Sane has won! Documents of Note: -The Watchers in the Mist -House Elariel -House Hasting -House Tekiel -House Venture Bookkeeping: -PM Index -Master Spreadsheet GM Notes: -Congratulations to our seven winners! -I'll write up a larger post in a bit with my thoughts about the game. -Due to the prevalence of PMs in this game, you might want to explain what you were doing, so the spectators can figure out what was happening. Player List: