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Found 1 result

  1. QF20 - Summitmist Manor It’s Loredas, the 3rd of Hearthfire, in the year 433 of the Third Era, and everything is awesome. I mean, there’s rumours that the Emperor was killed by assassins, and appearance of gates to Oblivion but what are the chances of that?! You’re not worried, and life is great. Every day, you wander around the cities of Cyrodil, stopping here and there to engage in random and meaningless conversation about that disgusting mudcrab (they are horrible creatures!) you saw the other day, have the odd disagreement, and then return home to sleep. Life is pretty great. But you didn’t realise it could be better. Until this morning that is, when you received a mysterious letter. Will you take the quest, or miss out on the most fun that can be had? The Rules There are two teams: Guests and Assassins. The Guests win if all the Assassins are dead. The Assassins win if they outnumber the living Guests. Each cycle will be 24 hours long, and will be a combined Day/Night cycle. Everyone may vote to lynch a player. Vote for a player by posting their name in red. To retract a vote, in a subsequent post (or edit it into the bottom of your post, if no one has posted after you) put the players name in green. If you forget to retract a vote, and end up with multiple votes on different players, I will be taking the earliest vote placed. Please use players profile names, rather than their character names, when placing votes. Assassins are able to communicate privately with each other in a shared doc. Each cycle they can decide to kill one player. Once a target is decided, one person must put in the kill order in their role PM. If multiple orders are placed, targeting different players, no kill will happen. All discussion must happen in the main thread - there will be no player-player PMs. Once during the game, the Assassins can request the GM put in lynch votes on behalf of their team. Every living Assassins must agree to this action. If this happens, the votes will be posted ~3 minutes prior to the end of cycle. NOTE The purpose of running this game is to allow people to practice or learn the skills necessary to find/catch eliminators just based on what they say, and how they vote. I feel this is something that we’ve not had a lot of lately, and that it could be something that contributes to players going inactive in games, if they don’t have an interesting role. This is only going to work if players make the effort to contribute to the game. Please consider, before signing up, if you are going to be able to put in the time to keep up with the game, and contribute to discussion. Consider not signing up if you don’t honestly think you will be able to remain active for the entire game. As compared to the last game, I have removed the requirement for 2 votes for a lynch. Also, I would like people's thoughts on the idea of including an inactivity filter with the requirement that everyone make at least 1 post that contributes to the game discussion each cycle. Everyone would be able to miss doing this once per game. If you wanted to choose a thematic character, but don't have any knowledge of the source material, this is set during the events of the game The Elder Scroll IV: Oblivion. A bunch of your typical fantasy races appear in the world (3 varieties of elves (discounting orcs), 4 varieties of humans, plus Orcs, Khajit (cat people), and Argonians (lizard people), among others. Birthsigns are a big thing too (similar to the zodiac signs). There is also magic, which is divided in to a number of different schools that can be focused on. EDIT: Inactivity filter You are required to make at least one game relevant post per cycle (Posting to say your posting to avoid the filter, or just turning up and saying 'I have nothing to say" doesn't count as game relevant). Anyone who doesn't make one game relevant post in a cycle will be removed from the game (their characters will be found dead in their sleep). Everyone has one free pass - you can miss one cycle without a post. Additionally, if you contact me in advance about not being able to make a post in a cycle, you gain a second free pass. Other arrangements could potentially be made if you keep me informed of absences. P.S. I guarantee that there definitely won't necessarily be secrets. Quick Links: