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Found 1 result

  1. Breath. It comes, and it gets taken away. There are those, like the Idrians, who view it as a sacred object, part of the soul, and who consider it sacrilege to use or transform it in any way. Then there are those, like the Hallandren, who buy and sell Breath like they would eggs at a market, and who view it as a simple fuel for their various arcane activities. Then there are those, who are willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want, and who see Breath as an ultimate source to power and influence in T'Telir. The Black Shadows have been looking for a way to find a fresh supply of Breath, and do not much care how. But they took a step too far when they kidnapped Mmerinas, a wealthy merchant Awakener, and stole his Breath. Awakeners from around T'Telir and beyond are banding together to combat this new threat - the Hallandren Alliance does not intend to get picked off in such a manner. Whether they succeed in their task is yet to be seen. Welcome to QF37! All the normal rules for QF's apply - Cycles are 24 hours, with a lynch each cycle. Signups will end on Saturday May 4th, 5PM AEST. Every player will start out with a certain amount of Breath. You can use Breath to do two things. Achieve Heightenings, or make Items that can perform abilities. Heightenings: First Heightening (5 Breaths) - Aura Recognition. Target a player each night, and you can discover how much Breath that player holds. Second Heightening (8 Breaths) - Enhanced Hearing. You can listen in on a player, and discover who they targeted that Cycle. Third Heightening (12 Breaths) - Color Recognition. You see the letters of gossip passing back and forth between members of the Hallandren court, and are able to see who a player was in contact with in PM’s in the last cycle (but not its contents.) Fourth Heightening (18 Breaths) - Life Sense. You know who targetted you on a given night without having to submit an action or use an item, unless that player is Drab (has 0 Breath). Items: Rope - 4 Breath - Roleblock a player Strawman - 6 Breath - Add an extra vote to a player in the lynch Lifeless - 9 Breath - Can kill a player each night. The Lifeless will show up on a player list (with the name you give it, otherwise the GM will choose a name), and can be targeted like a regular player (for example, to roleblock the kill, you can roleblock the Lifeless or the player commanding the lifeless in order to do so). The Breath from a Lifeless can not be retrieved. Awakened Clothing - 10 Breath - Protect a player from an attack Miscellaneous Rules: You may have as many Items as you like, however, using an Item costs an action, and you may only use one action a cycle (not including voting). If you are of, for example, the Third Heightening, you may perform any action up to that Heightening (but you still can only perform one action.) If a player is lynched, the Breath will get passed out to those who voted on that player, in order of the votes (this includes vote manipulations, which are seen as coming at the end of the cycle, after regular votes.) For example, if Chaos, who has 8 Breath is lynched by Joe and Bard, in that order, then Joe and Bard would get 4 Breath each. If Fifth had placed a vote via his strawman on Chaos, then Joe and Bard would get 3 Breath each, and Fifth would get 2 Breath (so, it is allocated as Joe, Bard, Fifth, Joe, ... , until the Breath runs out.) If Chaos held any Items, those Items would be destroyed. You can pass all the Breath you currently hold, or none of it - it is not possible to pass just a portion of your current Breath. Except for the Lifeless, you can retrieve Breaths from Items you control. Player List: Steeldancer - Awakened Steel Xinoehp - Thaerb Ark1002 - Katie the Koloss Elandara - Turquoise-Bellied Alligator (TBA) Randuir - in CadCom - Ch. Aracter TBA Alvron - Izzy Dedyet Lumgol - N'Nairim Kidpen - Buffy the Black Shadow Slayer Devotary - Hohelin Maill - M'Malil Rathmaskal - Sart - Joe - Quick Links: