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Found 5 results

  1. Ironsides had moved to her chair. She couldn't handle standing anymore. Pilots, good pilots, were dying because she had walked them into a trap. A trap she had foreseen. The radio besides her crackled. She tuned into the comm line, fearing the worst. "Report?" she said weakly. "Good news, Admiral!" Pegleg's peppy voice said into the line. "We gottem!" Ironsides straightened. "Who?" "Me and Lemon- he's a cutie- shot down Vandal and Bad Wolf. Looks like those Krell stuck with their sus name choices." Ironsides relaxed, a smile almost coming to her face. But then she understood that only two out of ten had survived. Only seven had even had a chance. "We're on our way back." Pegleg continued. "See you soon!" The line went silent. Ironsides stood and walked to the hangar where the remaining members of Shard Flight would return. When she arrived, Pegleg and Lemon were already there. They opened their cockpits and Ironsides' heart shattered. Inside were not humans. She wasn't sure what they were. Crab looking somethings that no doubt were Krell, but she had never seen- Ironsides screamed. "Oh, hello!" the one on the left said, in Pegleg's voice. "Nice seeing you, Judy." "What is the meaning of this!" Ironsides sputtered. "Where are Wolf and Vandal!" Neither of those were phrased as questions. "Oh, we weren't lying." said the other, in the voice of Lemon. "We shot them down. Wolf pulled some fancy light-lance trick but they're long gone anyway." All puckering sounds that Lemon had once endearingly made were gone. As if reading her thoughts, Pegleg continued. "It was a pain to impersonate your species. So... aggressive." Pegleg visibly shivered. "But the disguises and translators were necessary. As were the adoptions of human characteristics, though I must say I'm disappointed no one responded to my flirts." Ironsides was beyond furious, but she could do nothing except slump to the ground. The real Pegleg and Lemon had to be dead, if they existed at all in the first place. "But the real victory here," Lemon said, "was breaking you, Judy. Now we'll be free to send an all-out attack that you won't have the strength to command." They closed the cockpits and took off, leaving Judy Ivans on the floor, broken. Alta was doomed, and it was her fault. Devotary of Spontaneity was exed! She was a DDF Pilot! Elandera was attacked, but survived! Vote Count: Devotary of Spontaneity (3): Archer, Elandera, Elkanah Archer (1): Devotary of Spontaneity The Krell Commanders have won! Congratulations to Archer and Elkanah for an efficient game. I guess it's a weird time for SE where not many people are signing up for games, which is tough for the GMs and the people who do sign up, so thank you for making this game even possible to be ran. I'll post my full GM thoughts later today, but I have to go in about ten minutes Here are the doc links: Master Sheet Dead/Spec/GM Ramble Doc Player List:
  2. Aftermath - 15th Doxil, 237 Szeth was assassinated. He was a Worker! The Workers have won the game! Player List: Dossiers: Thank you for playing! It's been a nice, quiet, chill game, nothing like the huge clusterchulls I've been GMing (#MR7 #neverforget) and it's been a pleasure to have been your GM. Hope you had fun! Post-mortem/AAR to follow. Thanks also to @Devotary of Spontaneity for being a great IM. Chilling and commenting in the PM was fun P.S. I'll leave my bro @Wyrmhero to talk about the go to sleep award since he had only one job
  3. Matrim's Dice has been executed! They were an Elder Things Worshipper! Vote Count Matrim's Dice (3) - Azmine, Szeth, Jondesu Archer (1) - Matrim The Expeditioners have won the day! Player List I will add my thoughts about the game later, but thank you all for playing! A huge thanks to @The Unknown Order for coGMing, and @Devotary of Spontaneity for IMing. Doc Links Dead/Spec Doc Elim Doc Master Spreadsheet
  4. Aftermath: The Most Important Step I regret what occurred. That much should be made clear. Sadeas brought it upon himself, trying to rip Alethkar apart like that, and he almost succeeded. Maybe he did. -Dalinar Kholin, through his faithful scribe Cara, 1173.7.6.1 The four men stood in the courtyard, well after dark. They no longer hid behind servants or cloaks. There was no point. Tonight, the war would end. They were silent for a long time before Torol Sadeas began chuckling. “We all know why we’re here.” he said, looking each of the others in the eye. He spread his arms wide. “Get on with it.” Dalinar straightened, avoiding his old friend’s gaze. “Torol Sadeas.” he began in an official voice. “You are under arrest for high treason, plotting to kill the King and succeeding to do so, among many other things. What do you plead?” “Guilty.” Sadeas said immediately. Roion snorted. The man was one of the lucky few who had survived. “Alethkar is better off without that boy anyway.” Dalinar’s vision almost tinted red, like the Thrill was trying to surge while standing right here. “Well then. That makes this easier.” He stepped forward, beginning the process to summon Oathbringer. “The sentence is death.” Sadeas stuck his chin out, but said nothing. Oathbringer fell into Dalinar’s grip. He raised the blade slightly, intending to end the war. He thought of all the good times he had spent with this man. He thought of all the times Sadeas had saved his skin when they were younger. And even when he thought of Elhokar, he couldn’t do it. Dalinar dismissed his blade, waving a hand and turning away. “Life in prison.” he declared. Sadeas laughed. “Getting soft, Dalinar? I’ve never known you to turn down killing an enemy.” Thump. Dalinar turned at the sound, jaw dropping. Sadeas was on the ground, eyes burned out. Ruthar stood over his body, Shardblade in his grip. His gaze was icy. Ruthar turned, nodding to Dalinar. “It had to be done.” Roion twiddled his thumbs awkwardly. Dalinar looked at him, and he shrugged. Dalinar smacked his lips at a sudden bad taste in his mouth. “Yes. Well. We’re done here.” He walked off, leaving the others to take care of Sadeas’ corpse. * * * Cara strode through the warcamps with new vigor. Dalinar had made her his new head scribe and most trusted servant, and she could not be happier. Evidently, he had been impressed with her performance, which was funny as she had basically ad-libbed the whole thing. Spheres clinked in her pocket. “Go get something nice.” Dalinar had said. “You’ve earned it.” Cara smiled. That she would. * * * “You didn’t have to do that, you know.” Roion said, gasping for breath as the two of them lugged Sadeas’ body away. Ruthar didn’t move his gaze from straight ahead. “Yes, I did.” Ruthar wasn’t gasping for breath. “Prison would have been fine.” Roion continued. “Dalinar was obviously upset-” “I don’t care about how Dalinar feels about this.” Ruthar interrupted. “I did what needed to be done. This man was too dangerous, too close to Dalinar’s heart to allow anything else.” Ruthar huffed, letting out a breath. “Besides, Sadeas probably could have talked his way out of prison, given a few weeks.” Roion was silent in his agreement. Arguing with Ruthar was less effective than attempting to blow a highstorm away with your lungs. “So many dead.” he whispered. “Vamah, Thanadal, Aladar gone, Hatham gone, Bethab gone… and then Sebarial…” “He deserved it.” Ruthar hissed. “The traitor.” Roion looked over at Ruthar, a slightly amused look on his face. “Like you’ve ever been loyal to Dalinar.” “I’m loyal to the nation.” Ruthar snapped. “This time, that was opposing Sadeas. And anyone who stood with him. You think I wanted the King dead?” Roion shook his head. Ruthar was a pest, but he wasn’t the worst of Dalinar’s problems. His fellow Highprince had much bigger issues now that Sadeas was dead. * * * Dalinar paced in his room, deep in thought. Sadeas was gone; that had been the main problem. But that was out of the way, and there was something else looming in the horizon. Who was to be King? Certainly not Dalinar himself. Dalinar wouldn’t let that happen, even if anyone else did. Surely his sons would advocate for it, but he wouldn’t deal with Ruthar’s jests. Wit provided far enough of those. Gavinor, Elhokar’s son, was far too young. Next in line… Adolin. Dalinar let himself smile a little. His son would initially refuse, but would give in for duty. He always did. Adolin was a better man than himself. As the moons shone through his window, Dalinar yawned. He would announce the news tomorrow, first to Adolin, then the camps and the kingdom. But now, sleep. * * * On a dark plateau overlooking the warcamps, a Sleepless and someone more unique than the Shards themselves stood in silence. Wit stared down and the few lights that were shining, feeling the heaviness of the night. Justice had won, but at what cost? Philico stared too. The being was in his typical form, though he had more hordelings scattered around him than normal. He was troubled. Philico turned to Wit at last. “Did I change too much?” he asked. “Would this have happened, without me?” Wit considered, thumbing the buttons on his coat. “Would Elhokar be dead? Or, would Sadeas be alive? I do not know. It does not matter, does it?” “I always wonder.” Philico whispered. “If my actions go too far. I am not native to any worlds I traverse, nor or my abilities. Not at the level I use them. How destructive is my presence to the way things should be?” “Today,” Wit said, “Tonight, this last week, Sadeas would have attempted to undermine Dalinar. This is not something you did. What you did do, though, is subtly organize. Perhaps you saved lives, even minds.” “The wrong lives.” Philico said. Wit sighed. “You cannot save a wrong life, Philico. Each soul is precious, unique.” The silence came again, stretching on for a time. Wit broke it. He broke a lot of things. “Tell me, Philico. What is the most important step a man can take, in this journey called life?” Philico answered promptly. “The ones that change his course. The big decisions that send his life on a new path.” The Sleepless then dissolved, a blanket of hordelings rushing off. “Wrong.” Wit said to the empty night. “The most important step a man can take is… the next one.” And with luck, Alethkar would do just that. Rebuilding a little bit at a time. Always taking the next step. Flyingbooks was killed! They were Torol Sadeas! Dalinar's Coalition has won! Vote Count: Flyingbooks (4): Flyingbooks, TJ Shade, Araris Valerian, forget me not Player List: Doc Links: Master Spreadsheet The Tranquiline Halls - Dead/Spec Doc Sadeas' Princedom - Elim Doc Highprince Meetinghouse - Highprince Doc In-depth thoughts probably to come later but I'll say a few things now. I RNGd which Highprince was which- so yes, Araris did roll Ruthar by chance I feel like the Marketplace was used a lot less than I thought it would be. Armor late-game was really the only thing that was bought. I think that's from the elim kill and RBers not ever buying anything and the RBers blocking purchases on multiple occasions. And Archer dying while trying to buy something Speaking of RBing, special congrats to Quinn (who has been a RBer in both of the games I've ran) for saving the game by blocking the kill (something she also did in the MR) and making me run the game for a while longer than I 'knew' I was going to Quite enjoyable. I promised Books a mention and a joke title: @Flyingbooks, I hereby dub thee The Formatting Wizard. To find out why, read the elim doc Thank you to everyone who joined, played, and stayed active both in the thread and in the docs. It was fun to GM!
  5. Notani N Quisitor, Murder Hornet Trainer and Comically Large Sunglasses Enthusiast, was extremely infuriated. The majority of the others had turned to him, despite The Lord Ruler’s assurance that Notani was loyal. And he was! Obviously he was, as The Lord Ruler said it! It was so! He just didn’t understand. Well, reasoning couldn’t hurt. “Why, then.” He said to the bunch. “Why must you kill me, when I’ve been proven loyal? Do you want me to remove my hood?” “No!” one of them said. “That’s against the code!” Another answered Notani’s question. “Your name. It’s extremely obvious.” Notani gaped in disbelief. “But it says it right there! Not an Inquisitor! It is obvious indeed! But not for what you’re thinking!” If Notani could see the figure, he would have narrowed his eyes at their sneer. “Only an Inquisitor would try that tactic.”, they said. “But The Lord Ruler himself confirmed me as loyal!” “Loyal to whom? The Inquisitors? We have no proof of his allegiance.” Notani shook his head in sadness. The arguments were there, but they were wrong. It was a pity he had left behind his murder hornets in their nest. He wanted to sic them on the mob. He adjusted his sunglasses, their huge rims extending his hood out like that green wrinkly creature from that comic book of his youth. “Well then, if us Obligators are going to lose this war, you might as well get on with it quickly.” The mob obliged. * * * Narrator: The scene is set: Gloomy Kredik Shaw, spiraling up through swirling mists of darkness. Death hangs in the air, a nasty stench. Ominous, yet sad, music plays. Music: Bu Ba Bu DUUUUUUMMMM!!!!!! Narrator: And there's our hero! Murder Mystery Case Solver Extraordinaire!!! Put your hands together for... SOMEBODY F. INQUISITIVE!!!! *canned applause* Somebody F. Inquisitive: *stoops around Kredik Shaw. Holds magnifying glass against the blood stains.* Well I darn say there's been an Inquisitor around these parts! Narrator: Yes, I believe we know that. *canned laughter* Somebody F. Inquisitive: It's a peculiar scent, one that can only belong to one person! I know just who it is. Music: Ba DUM Narrator: Our brave detective saunters off to find the others, but doesn't make it. *canned gasps* *swoosh noise* Music: *sad noises* *trombone fail noise* Inquisitor: *Laughs* Somebody F. Inquisitive: *Falls over.* OUCH! Narrator (sadly): And thus is the end of our detective, felled by a cowardly knife in the dark. Thanks for watching, folks. *canned applause* * * * The night was silent after Notani and Somebody's deaths, save for a few scurrying rats and footsteps. Vapor strode for a tall spire at the corner of Kredik Shaw, as previously planned. The other two were waiting for her. "Is it done?" Jester asked, referencing Somebody's death. "Yes." was her reply. It had been easy. The poor fool hadn't bothered to run. Jester nodded, and the both of them turned to the third member of their group, a strange creature who called himself Vigor. He was not from Scadrial, and had not been extremely active in their quest, but it had been enough. The creature nodded, signaling his approval. The three turned, parting ways to finish the job, for good. The Imperium was theirs. Vapor dispatched Nardaf, sending the poor obligator across his own room. He would live, but uncomfortably. Sometimes that was more fun that killing anyway. Jester was to bully Noorden, sending him far away never to return. Vigor, on his way back to the Perpendicularity, would capture Flamel and take them with him. But there was one more thing Vapor and Jester had to do. It was a new dawn in the Imperium, and they had to pay dear old Rashek a visit. * * * TJ Shade- or rather, The Lord Ruler, Rashek. TJ Shade was just an alias- was panicking. His plans were falling apart by the minute, every discovery of allegiance being slayed in the dark. He feared for the worst, and yet at the same time knew he himself would be safe- perhaps 'the worst' was simply loss of respect. With every passing second Rashek grew more nervous, however ridiculous that was. Where were they? Finally, the door banged open, revealing two hooded figures. They didn't stay that way for long, throwing back the hoods to reveal Vapor and Jester, grins on their spiked faces. Rashek groaned, annoyed at the missed opportunity. "Who was the third?" he whispered. Vapor laughed. "Vigor, the poor thing. Didn't know what he had gotten himself into." Rashek growled. Not even an Inquisitor, brought to their side! Jester stepped forward. "Lord Ruler, we are your servants. Just because you picked the losing side of this war to back doesn't change that now that it's over. I, for one, am glad you still live to rule." Now Vapor advanced. "But, that doesn't mean we're annoyed." She paused. "Very annoyed." Rashek laughed. "A threat, is it?" He released a powerful wave of soothing, sending the two Inquisitors to their knees. "No, you can do nothing against me. Remember that. Recall this moment, if you ever feel further defiance, and remember how easy it would be for me to end your lives. Destroy your existence." He released them, and they gasped, but regained their footing. "Very well." said Vapor. "Master. But the Inquisitors rule the Imperium now. You can't change that." "No." Rashek admitted. "With the war over, it is fine. Rule the Obligators as you will. Leave me now." Jester gave a nod, and they left. Rashek sighed, then slid down in his throne. Indeed, the Imperium had a new secondary ruling force. It was a new dawn, one that would not shine as brightly as he wanted. The Inquisitors were capable, but brutal. But at least, in the end, it was over. And Rashek still lived. That, more than anything, was mankind's greatest blessing. Danex was lynched! He was an Obligator! Somebody from Sel was killed! He was an Obligator of the Canton of Resource! Vote Count: Danex (2): Sart, JesterLavorre Elandera (0): TJ Shade The Inquisitors have won! That is the end of MR46: A Broken Imperium! I thank you all for playing. I greatly enjoyed GMing for y'all, and will run games in the future. Thanks for making my first enjoyable! Player List: GM Notes: Congrats to @Gears, @Vapor, @Ookla the Sprinkle (Jester), and @Elandera/@Amanuensis for winning the game! Recognition to @TJ Shade for being an excellent Lord Ruler Special congrats to @Gears for staying alive after being roleblocked C1. Well done in your first elim game! Much thanks to @Ookla the Channelknight (Fadran) for stepping in for @Mist, @Sart for stepping in for @The Happy Obligator, and especially @Elandera for stepping in for @Amanuensis as an elim under pressure at lylo. Thank you guys so much! My PM folder for this game had 98 messages, which is 9 more than the entirety of the rest of my inbox. @Quinn0928 and @Gears's PM had 840 messages when Gears died, which- unanimously according to veteran memories- is the longest 1-on-1 PM in the history of SE The Dead Doc reached a grand total of 91 pages! Read it if you dare! I'd recommend it, of course. There's some gems in there Doc Links: Master Spreadsheet The Cognitive Realm: Dead Doc The Inquisition: Elim Doc Kredik Shaw: Lord Ruler Doc Once again a big thank you to all who participated, pinch-hit, and spectated! It truly was enjoyable to GM.