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Found 6 results

  1. Ahem, hello dear HumAns. I am Telrao, your Local Feline Elantrian. And in celebration of becoming a *ahem* noble, I have created what they call an "Ask me Anything" page. I will patiently await your questions as I attempt to win the Battle For the Sandwich.
  2. Heyo Humans! So, I have been debating about this for several days... and so I finally decided to make a Creative Corner - just in case! I did a sketch randomly and soo... yeah. Here it is! I can't draw hands, or people generally, so the proportions are probably a leetle bit off. Also, my phone has terrible picture quality, so sorry if it's a bit blurry! Vin sketch Hopefully, I'll also start posting some writing I've been doing - in this corner, I'll post sketches and art. I might make a writing corner soon (after exams) where I'll post concepts and short stories. Maybe. Have a wonderful day, Humans!
  3. From the album Telrao's Mistborn Sketchies

    Mkay. I drew this a few weeks back, but the file refused to upload, so I decided to do the screenshot trick, and it worked! Hope y'all like it!
  4. Heyo Humans! Whalecome to Telrao's Adventures! This is (hopefully) going to be a miniseries about your favourite fluffy feline - Telrao! Adventures, mystery, fights, (romance maybe) this'll be great! (If I actually write it aha) If you would like some information on Therapy Cats (which is what Telrao is) look in the Spoiler below! Ahem, just to note, the first bit is going to be set in Elantris. So if you haven't read Elantris READ IT!!! Now, without further ado, the Prologue: PS: I will add more stuffs onto this later, so keep an eye out!
  5. From the album Telrao's Mistborn Sketchies

    A sketchie of Vin holding a mistcloak. Don't mind the lines in the top corner - that's just part of sketchbook. Have a wonderful day, Humans!
  6. From the album Telrao's Mistborn Sketchies

    Mmmmm yes. Coins! A sketch that I've already put in my creative thread. Planning to do a few more Mistborn sketchies, but we'll see!