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Found 15 results

  1. Just like the title asks, Who are the Envisagers? Teft mentions them when he discovers Kaladin is a Radient. Quote, "I need to tell the Envisagers ... The Envisagers were gone. Dead, because of what he'd done." So, Who are the Envisagers and what did Teft do to them? Thanks ya'll
  2. From the album The Stormlight Artchive

  3. Inspired by the later chapters in Rhythm of War, this is a tribute to Teft. While I still don't know exactly what I'm doing, I'm imagining members of Bridge 4 standing in front of his statue--having flashbacks. Please enjoy a part of me!
  4. "He felt something from Phendorana. A harmony between them. Teft was forgiven. He was forgiven and he was close." The result: he pseudo-summons Phendorana as a spear shaft to defend himself. I can't help but wonder if the implication is that his 4th Ideal was basically "I'll forgive myself for not being able to protect someone," and in the moment he was close enough that he could summon her. Anyone think the same thing I do, or do you think I'm absolutely bonkers?
  5. Forgive me if this already exists on 17thS but I didn't find anything earlier so I figured I would put myself out there and create this post. I am an addict and striving to better myself. I imagine Teft's story is powerful for a lot of folk and especially those who have addiction based issues. I would love to be a part of a positive group of people who just lightly keep in touch to remind each other that while it is a storming tough battle some days the fight is so so worth it. Teft's journey legitimately saved my career and very potentially my life and if there is anyone in a similar situation that could use a friend, pair of ears or just someone to joke about dumb memes with it would be both an honor and a privilege to fill that roll. A little affirmation goes a long way and together we can overcome anything. My love and respect goes out to each and every one of you and I hope you have a wonderful week.
  6. Below is my previous thoughts on Teft confronting Ashertmarn from 2018, with the new info from RoW I was curious what everyone thought about the Heart of the Revel now? " So I was just thinking it would be neat if Teft was the one to capture the Heart of the Revel. Since he has such a close relationship with addiction it seems like he could be a great choice for such a task. I would personally love to see that encounter/arc. Anyways, thoughts?.." Going with the theme of trapping spren with "something they love" and are familiar with, who (if anyone) seems the most likely or best make for besting this particular unmade? It could even be someone like Balat who has to confront his sadistic nature to grow as a person. The revel is unparalleled pleasure for pleasure's sake and Balat's sadism is clearly a coping mechanism. I think it would be very striking for him to lure the Heart in due to his "carnal" nature. I could see him confronting the heart and basically making it contradict itself or recognize the intrinsic flaws with the "party today, worry tomorrow mentality." Please point out any flaws you see with my rough theory here and I look forward to hearing your thoughts. (also this is completely my opinion, if I crossed canon please let me know)
  7. Do we know the name of Teft's Spren?
  8. This is really just a discussion for everyone to add their ideas onto, but to get it started off: Whether a member dies while fighting the fused, a freak accident, or while protecting someone else, the most likely candidates for who I think will kick the bucket in Bridge 4 would have to be Lopen, Rock, and Teft. While I don't necessarily think they'll have to die in order for Kaladin to swear the 4th ideal, I do think their deaths could be his breaking point. And if there's anything that Sanderson likes to do with characters, it's break them. After working so hard to protect Bridge 4 and essentially bring them out of the trenches, it would tear Kaladin apart to see one of them die- or even get injured as we saw in Words of Radiance with Hobber. So while that's true, the most impactful deaths for the reader would be a character that we've been the given the chance to get to know. And so that brings my first candidate, Lopen. I have to say that he is the most probable character for me as of now. Lopen is sort of like a class-clown in Bridge 4 in that he tends to mess and joke around much more than the others, and so it would come as a shock to the readers to suddenly have him cut down and die, leaving a hole in Bridge 4. Without Lopen, they'd be out of a serious need for laughter and light-heartedness and anyone who knows Bridge 4's story knows that that's something they desperately need. Next up is Rock, but I will admit that I don't think Sanderson will kill Rock- at least not in the first half of the books. The biggest reason he just made my list is because of how much it would hurt the readers. Rock has been a big figure in Bridge 4 since the beginning, and with just that it would make his death heartbreaking. But adding on to how we were able to meet his family in Oathbringer and seeing just how much he cares about everyone around him with the chapters from his point-of-view, the readers would definitely be in tears. Add on the possibility of him dying while trying to tell Kaladin about the Horneater Peaks (of which he always told Kaladin he'd bring him to) and Sanderson has a whole fanbase weeping. Now is the time for Teft. Teft's death seems both logical and inevitable to me. He served as a friend and leader to Bridge 4 and was a major reason for them getting as strong as they currently are with him helping to train them. The only person to play a bigger role in the rehabilitation of Bridge 4 is Kaladin, and Kaladin himself holds high respect for Teft. Bottom line, his death would be devastating to the moral of Bridge 4. Without Teft, I'm not entirely sure how Bridge 4 would carry on. Everything they would do would remind them that Teft isn't there as it was Teft who helped to train them with the spear, first told them of the Radiant powers with Kaladin, and essentially acted as a grumpy uncle. That's all from me. Tell me what you guys think! How would the other members react to one of their own dying? What would it mean for the story? HOW do you think they'd die?
  9. So I was just thinking it would be neat if Teft was the one to capture the Heart of the Revel. Since he has such a close relationship with addiction it seems like he could be a great choice for such a task. I would personally love to see that encounter/arc. Anyways, thoughts?..
  10. Hi everyone, I just wrote this article about how Brandon was partly inspired by his editor, Moshe Feder, who has bipolar disorder, to create characters with mental issues like Kaladin, Shallan, Dalinar and Teft for The Stormlight Archive: Moshe wanted to share his story because he felt that it was important to do so: “It’s a duty to help fellow sufferers and to work on reducing stigma. When I was guest of honor at Corflu 19, it was a major part of my speech.” I hope that it provides an insightful read if you decided to check it out. Warmest Regards Sharon
  11. First of all, I just spent 11 hours straight finishing OB, so I'm not very coherent right now. There are many reasons I love Sanderson. One being he is perhaps one of four authors that have left me with less than an hour of sleep to run on in the middle of a workweek. The other -- Teft. I cannot say how much I cried when he finally said the Oaths, vowing to protect those he hates, even if the one he hated was himself. I see myself in so many characters in the series, and Teft especially. What is beautiful is that a second-rate, washed-out addict still finds redemption, even though at the end of it all he is still an addict. I. Bawled. I do not deserve an author like Sanderson, and that is why I love him. EDIT: to be clear, I'm not saying Teft continuing in his addiction is a good thing, any more than Dalinar continuing to kill willynilly is acceptable. What I love is that he didn't magically change. Just because you're a good person trying to do good things doesn't mean you can't get lost along the way. Teft still has to fight his demon, but even with all the terrible things he's done, he chose to be a better man and was given a second chance when he obviously didn't deserve one. It touched me because I see myself so clearly in that mirror, and I see my loved ones around me offering me the same second chances to change and be better, even though I don't deserve them. Sanderson is a Soulcaster.
  12. Aren't they so ADORABLE? Don't you just wanna hug one of them?(though you shouldn't hug Moash, he might stab you with his spear)
  13. OK, 'pologies if this has come up elsewhere, I'm at work (don’t have real time to scroll through all posts (tag checked though)) and had a thought. I'm rereading WoK book 1 and have just finished the bit where Kaladin has teamed up with Rock and Teft to milk Knobweed. When Kaladin asks Teft for his loyalty, Teft refuses as he ALWAYS lets people down / betrays their trust. Admittedly he goes on later in the book to elaborate on his failures in Envisagers. I know it is a real stretch, and based on one line of dialog, but I think there is a real possibility Teft is a Herald. He knows things about the Heralds and while his "ignorance" could be explained by him being a junior member of the Envisigers, it could be explained through training Kaladin (i.e. not dumping it all on him at once), senility/mental instability (he would be well over 6000 years old (a significant time of which he was tortured in one way or another)) or not wanting to admit to himself what is coming (the Endstrom). As this is my first theory post an I am a delicate flower, if scorn is the rained down on me from a great height, please include kittens to soften the blow. Elwarko
  14. Does anyone know where Teft went when he seemed to disappear for a time? I searched "Teft" on the forums, but didn't see anything related. Sorry if this was already asked. We don't know what we don't know, but I didn't know if anyone had any thoughts on where he was or what he might be doing. I don't think it's anything Envisinger (sp?) related, but it IS most definitely odd that he made himself scarce. And on a side note, any idea who the ardent is in the same passage where Kaladin realizes that Teft hasn't been around?