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Found 3 results

  1. I just read Warbreaker and noticed these flowers being mentioned and times saying how they dyed so perfectly. Then I was rereading some q and a with Brandon where someone asked if Biochromatic breaths could be stored in the earth from a dead body that lost it, and he said it is possible with the same thing as harvesting the nature of preservation and ruin. Which on Scadrial took the form of metal. So with these flowers clearly having some sort of more then natural investiture maybe they can be somehow used to gain breaths? is this maybe how Vasher has stayed alive? Utilising the Breaths stored in the earth such as these flowers that they only use as dyes? This is my first post but just wanted some opinions.
  2. These ideas have come from this thread, and the original idea in that thread of gathering a piece of every shard was Darnam's. The question is... could someone (say... Hoid) make a splinter of Adonalsium if he gathered a piece of each Shard, and if so... what would he need to gather. At least two are givens as far as I am aware (Preservation and Ruin) but what of the other Shards we know? As we go I'll update this post with what we figure out or suggest. Preservation: A Lerasium bead Ruin: An Atium bead Devotion: Dominion: Endowment: The tears of Edgli? A divine breath? Honor: A gemheart? An honourspren? Odium: Cultivation:
  3. There's always been one detail of Nalthis that always struck me as odd. The fact that there is only one jungle in the entirety of Nalthis. It always seemed kind of strange to me. On Earth, jungles abound, and not just near the equator all the time. So why just one on Nalthis? Bearing in mind, this could be a simple coincidence. But this fact hinted at something else to me. One interpretation of this is that it's not just the climate they live in, but the soil itself that the Tears require. (Although, you can also read it other ways.) This again made me wonder at why a jungle would flourish in just one place in the world. But, there is another instance of a place that flourishes, unlike the lands around it. Harmony changed the land around Elendel, creating a basin where life flourishes, unlike the rest of the world. Is it possible that Endowment could have done the same with the jungle? Perhaps Nalthis is a bit of a colder world, further out in the habitable zone, too far for jungles to form. But thanks to Endowment's blessing upon the land around Hallandren, the jungle and all different types of life can flourish there. My biggest concern with this theory is Brandon's mention that he didn't want to make a map of Nalthis, for fear of getting the geography of a jungle wrong, which could point to the fact that the jungle is natural. But I still think there might be something to this. Thoughts?