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Found 1 result

  1. The building was large; three stories with a flat roof, the bricks washed a bright white. It was shaped like a giant cube, of equal dimensions on every side. Over the ironwood double doors that guarded the only entrance to the building menacingly was an enscription scrawled in splattered, crimson paint: The Bleeding Spike. Damon strolled into his tavern and looked around, nodding with satisfaction. The interior of the building had a low ceiling, of the same wood as the doors, with an expansive floor to match. There was a neat row of tables every three meters. The chairs were of low quality, for he had spent most of his money on every other part of the tavern before purchasing the seats. A massive oak bar wrapped around three walls of the room, the one at the far end well stocked with alcahol, that being one kind of saphire wine, two types of whiskey, thin ale, and a cheap red wine. The bar on the left contained assorted swords and daggers from the cheapest stainless stiletto to the finest aluminium-edged longswords. The bar on the right had scores of firearms stocked behind it on racks. The third wall had a stage for performers and executions next to a staircase to the rooms above. Damon smiled...alcahol and deadly weapons, the perfect mix. He was tired of life on the run and felt that there was nothing he would ever rather do than spend his remaining years a barkeep. He went back outside and pasted a poster that read "NOW OPEN AND HIRING" onto the bright wall. MENU* 1. CHEAP WINE PORT 2 C 2. HIGH QUALITY PORT 4 C 3. SAPPHIRE WINE 4 C 4. CHEAP WHISKEY 3 C 5. 15 YEAR AGED SINGLE MALT WHISKEY 5 C 6. DARK LAGUR 2 C 7. LIGHT LAGUR 2C 8. FIREARMS- INDIVIDUAL PRICE LISTINGS. 9. EDGED WEAPONS - INDIVIDUAL PRICE LISTINGS 10. ROOM FOR THE NIGHT - 100 C** *25% discount for members of the Ghostbloods. **Clips He threw open the doors and ran to the bar, where he waited, patiently. After all, if his tavern suffered the fate of a certain other tavern, he would be altogether destitute.