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Found 11 results

  1. Hey everyone. Please move this topic to the relevant subcategory, can't really make up my mind where it belongs. I'm trying to get a ltattoo based on the Mistborn stories but all the tattoo artists I checked with haven't read the books yet. So I'd like to check if I find anyone here with drawing skills who'd be willing to help me with the design that I can then get to the tattoo shop. Thanks in advance! /Andrea
  2. Hi, everyone! Had no clue this community existed, so this is neat!
  3. Looking for great Stormlight images to put together a tattoo any help appreciated
  4. Hey guys! I'm super excited to share with you my latest tattoo, the Immortal Words from these amazing books which I love soo much! I'm so happy with how it turned out, and I couldn't wait to share it with you all!
  5. In the list of Alethi wines, Nazh leaves some annotations. One is, when pointing to the horneater lagar, “this is responsible for that embarrassing tattoo of mine. My guess is a shade, since he’s from Threnody.
  6. So, I am about 12hrs away from getting my Bridge Four tattoo! Anyone else have Stormlight Archive tattoos? Share them here
  7. Decided to get my first fandom tattoo (all of my other previous ink has been related to my family and family history). Went for allomantic brass because I am very similar in temperment to Breeze (and also Sebarial, but that's a tattoo for down the road, maybe). I went for the Era 1 version of the symbol, since 1: That is when Breeze lived and 2: I miss the dot in the Era 2 version. Seriously, how come Brass is the only metal to lose the dot? So unfair.
  8. Hey friends! I've been wanting a tattoo for a while, specifically, a Cosmere themed one and I think I may have decided on Navani's Ketek. However so that I won't hate myself in ten years, I'm wondering whether the community may have any other cool ideas about something Cosmere related that I could imprint on my skin for eternity? Also looking for potential location suggestions.
  9. First got into the books a couple of months ago. After the first 5 chapters I couldnt put WoK down finished it in a week. Should have savoired it more haha. Read KR in about a 2 month span and realized its gonna make a longgg wait. Anyways! I got these books in a hard time in my life...wasnt living right doing bad things to good people out of my own self hatred for an abusive family membory. I am so very thankful for these books and the life changing experience it was to let them fully in my life. Id like to share my reminder to myself of how someone with Honor and Bravery should live life. I know I Changed up the way it was said and put my spin on it.
  10. Question for you other Sharders. I downloaded WoR pictures and I fell in love with the idea of getting a bridge 4 tattoo. I am thinking of doing the patch from Brandon's store, because the full tattoo looks too much like a heart... What would you guys/gals recommend on color, background and either patch or full tattoo?
  11. I'd be surprised if someone hasn't thought of this before, but what do you guys think about the prospect of someone using tattoos as metalminds? This wikipedia article lists the following Allomantic metals as tattoo ink in our world: cadmium (red, orange, yellow) chromium (green) aluminium (green, violet) copper (blue, green) iron (brown, red, black) Though from the look of it, I'm sure others are possible...