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Found 30 results

  1. Goal: Gain a vague timeline of the Iriali people's travels. (Full Cosmere Spoilers) I would like to focus in on the Iriali and specifically speculate about their lands (including Lumar) 1 We know that Roshar is the 4th land. 2 The Iriali follow the "Long Trail" 3 People from Rira (Evi) have sayings that reflect the planets of Nalthis and Taldain 4 A queen in Iriali responds to Dalinar with comments about the tides 5 Rirans are different from the Iriali. 6 Autonomy's isolation principal has locked Kriss out of her homeland during the time she is writing her essays. 7 Nalthis and Roshar have a lot of interaction and linguistic similarities. New Secret Project Info 1 The Iri have been on Lumar. 2 A cup written in "their language", old Iriali, is written from up to down, not left to right. And made entirely of tin. (not Rosharan writing) 3 Disappeared 300 years prior to Secret Project 1 story. 4 Hoid does not appear to have Design at this time 300 years past their disappearance. 5 Iriali had at least one "king" on Lumar. (Probably three monarchs, though.) Assumptions 1 Evi's idioms can be traced to Taldain "Sun at night" quote and Nalthis from some color related quotes. And these quotes come from her partial Iriali heritage (golden hair, but not true golden hair) 2 Autonomy has isolated Taldain from the Cosmere for a significant amount of time. 3 There is only one group of Iriali roming the Cosmere. Speculation and Proto-Theorizing 1. With near certainty, we can say that the Iriali must have been to Lumar prior to Roshar, through abundant circumstantial evidence. a. Hoid makes no mention of Design. b. Rosharan and Scadrial references not present. c. Iriali have tide readers. "The Iriali religion may involve fortune-telling with ocean waves, as a member of the Iriali court is the court tidereader. A spanreed meeting between the Iriali queen and Dalinar was moved up because of something seen in the waves." -from a stormlight archive fandom wiki. Tide implies some sea-faring history and considering the importance of paying attention to the fluids on Lumar, it would be wise to have a tide reader. 2. Now, it gets interesting. We conclude that if Roshar is the 4th land, Lands 1-3 must be Nalthis, Taldain and Lumar My suggestion for order is 0th Before the beginning of the "Long Trail". (Perhaps destroyed in the shattering.) 1st Lumar --- Ancient Iriali writing that goes up to down must predate their visit to Taldain because on the Dayside of Taldain they write from left to write based on the current comics (papers on Heelis' desk). 2nd Taldain --- At some point travel to and from Taldain is blocked, but in early times of Kriss and Kenton, it is not blocked, so earlier is more likely for Taldain (additionally, I can only remember the one Evi expression). 3rd Nalthis --- There is a lot of interconnectedness between Roshar and Nalthis. Therefore, I think it seems logical that the last leg of the Long Trail, so far is from Nalthis to Roshar. 4th Roshar --- Confirmed. 7th Final land (Yolen?) 3. The question remains whether the golden Aether sea provided the Iriali with their golden hair, or, and I think this more likely, there is a 0th land. This stands to reason, based on how Charlie seemed to think the golden hair was something noteworthy, and we haven't seen anyone around with green hair or heard any mention of new inhabitants having golden hair. Hopefully this can be answered when we have the full book for Secret Project 1: Please add your own observations and theories. I am sure I missed some data and I have been unable to confirm the fact that I think that the Iriali on Roshar write from left to right.
  2. As I was listening to the audiobook of White Sand, I began to hear what eventually became this song. At first, it was just some strings and piano doing "something interesting and desert-ish" (technical terminology). But it hit me early on: How cool would it be to introduce something Cosmere-related into the lyrics or music? The ketek that makes up the lyrics took me a good day to hone, but I thought it would make a good challenge to musically represent (on a much, MUCH smaller scale) what Brandon is doing in his books by connecting his worlds together. It certainly served to shape the song into what it is! I hope you enjoy it!! Make sure to download the mp3 or WAV below!! HUGE thanks to @Infamoti for his amazing work on this song. Artwork by Isaac Stewart. Link to download mp3 and WAV:
  3. I was wondering, as of mistborn era 2, which planet is the furthest advanced scientifically and in technology... Personally I think it's Taldain, especially in the Darkside, seeing as they had guns when scadrial was still in the Lord rulers time and roshar is roshar
  4. Based on the technological development that is going throughout the Cosmere, does it seem likely that the Taldainians will create a dyson sphere at some point, allowing them to get as much investiture as they want?
  5. A small theory that I think got some solid support with RoW. So we saw in Rhythm of War that the Allomantic/Feruchemical/Hemalurgic metals have functions outside of the Metallic Arts and are one of three key components in fabrials alongside spren & gemstones. It makes sense, metal acts as a key for Allomancers to access Preservation's Investiture. Without Allomancy in your Spiritweb, you can't access that Investiture but you should still be able to use the metal to filter other Investiture that you do have access to. That is kind of similar to how the Polestones themselves function, why they can hold Lights Their small differences in chemical structure & colour is all that is needed for Investiture to distinguish them. An element's atomic structure absorbs and reflects different wavelengths of light (or Light), the light can be used to identify those atoms & molecules. A metal's structure is used as a filter for Investiture, the same probably goes for a gemstone. Colour is more important magically for gemstones but this is what the colour of an object means in physics & chemistry, their molecular structure would be a bit different. A metal acts as a filter and lets Investiture through and a gem both filters it (what gem you use does matter for Soulcasters and Artifabrians) and holds it. So, gemstones should, like metals, work across the Cosmere, and be able to hold other types of Investiture than just the Rosharan Lights. Idea came from here: Edit: we have confirmation that the Mists can be trapped in gemstones Edit: in the Brandon spoiler livestream at 33:20, Brandon confirms that Autonomy's Investiture can be stored in the Polestones but he isn't sure if that is something that could happen naturally (but it could definitely capture the Dor) and even if it does, it would be very ineffective, maybe it would store very little bit of charge that would only be perceptible to someone with the right instruments and it would soon dissipate. I've noted previously in discussions that White Sand requires surprisingly little Investiture to recharge. I think the oldest instance of this theory is here: While it takes four hours for black sand to recharge back to white sand on Taldain's Dayside, just proximity to Shallan's Lightweaving was enough to charge Hoid's white sand in OB, this happened when Kal, Shallan, Adolin and Elhokar went to Kholinar. In the very same section and following section that took place in Shadesmar, it is noted that Shallan's Lightweaving used far less Stormlight than Kaladin's Lashings. Keep this in mind. I do have an idea on why White Sand could apparently recharge from Taldain's sunlight or apparently even from very far from its starlight as per a prev WoB, but would be difficult to store in a gemstone. In RoW, we see Navani use a prism to separate the light emitted by Towerlight back into the bands of Stormlight and Lifelight, she notes that she didn't separate the Lights or the Investiture, just the "Investiture radiation". I think that's what Taldain's sun outputs: not gaseous Investiture but Investiture radiation. And that's why it outputs so little Investiture that it takes black sand exposure to direct sunlight for four hours in order to recharge and turn white again but Stormlight, even sheer proximity to a Lightweaving, which in itself is noted to use much less Stormlight compared to Surge of Gravitation.
  6. Just thought I'd bring y'all's attention to this fresh WoB on Taldain's Darkside Tattoos apparently, so we were all wrong on what the Skycolors manifested: not glow-in-the-dark people, eye colours or a literal limelight shining from the sky or aurora but tattoos. Edit: Brandon might not exactly be talking about the Skycolors (like Breath vs Awakening) And the Skycolors do involve bioluminescence and something like the aurora: Prose stuff and it could be a mix of UV interactions, bioluminescence and magic. The Skycolors varying between people definitely points to weirdness. ~ extracts & points from Mori on Discord
  7. Is the mechanism by which Slatrification occurs like soulcasting, but only sand to water, do we think?
  8. Do we know whether overmastery making you a more powerful sandmaster was known by the mastrels, and it was sort of a test to see who would push themselves that far while being warned not to, or did Kenton discover its effects? I presume it was just so rarely done, and then only by people who pushed the limits who already had a lot of power?
  9. I've only just discovered that an essay on Taldain, as well as the prologue and first chapter of White Sand Prose, was included in Arcanum Unbounded. It was recorded for the audiobook, as people with the US version have confirmed, but the UK version doesn't have it included. (Got mine from Audible) Is this a mistake? Can it be rectified? If not, does anyone know the reason for dropping it?
  10. Finished! Nine characters from eight Shardworlds! From left to right: Dusk from First of the Sun / Kaladin from Roshar / Vasher from Nalthis / Hoid from Yolen / Harmony (Sazed) / Khriss from Taldain / Shai from Sel / Vin from Scadrial / Silence from Threnody This piece is also celebratory art! Happy Chinese New Year 2016 (Year of the monkey)! At first I drew these characters mainly for an online fantasy magazine because they kind of let me (as translator of WoR) introduce Stormlight and the whole Cosmere series in their New Year issue, which meant I’d better add some festival stuff. So here it is - Characters from eight different Shardworlds wishing you a Happy New Year! In China, this is a popular traditional gesture when people give New Year’s greetings. It’s called 作揖 (zuò yī, in spoken language: zuō yī). When you do this, you make a bow with hands folded in front of you and greet others at the same time. Raise your folded hands and then lower them. The motion can be repeated several times. For men, they should use their left hand to cover their right hand (In ancient China, men tended to hold weapon with their right hand, so they covered it when saluting, to reduce hostility and show respect.), while for women, they should do it otherwise and it’s better not to clench the left hand into a fist (You can learn this from the picture above.). If you do it wrong, you will convey some ominous meaning. Please be careful # # # Heck, so many tags! Also seriously, I think we may need a Cosmere crossover art album
  11. Skathan, would be ruler of Darkside, is said to be immortal. Did Baon lie? If not is he a native and using arcane arts native to Darkside did he import some foreign method? Nalthis? is he an avatar of Autonomy?
  12. Taldain is screwed! I say this before I do any research because I tend to be wrong about these kinds of things. The original idea for it all came when I was watching Game Theory on Youtube because I was bored. I recalled a certain episode from the very channel about gravity’s relationship with centripetal force. Put simply, your weight here on Earth isn’t actually your mass multiplied by gravity. Your weight here on Earth is slightly more than your mass multiplied by gravity because another force—centripetal force—is preventing gravity from taking complete hold of you. I hope you feel better the next time you weigh yourself because you’re actually slightly fatter than the scale says you are. Now, I was considering this relationship, and then I suddenly remembered something from the Cosmere. An anomaly, to say the least: A planet trapped in one spot between two stars. According to Arcanum Unbounded, “Taldain is a tidally locked planet trapped between the gravitational forces of two stars in a binary system.” As a concept, this is pretty cool, and the fact that the planet is held in place by equal gravitational pull from two masses makes sense, at least in a pinch. However, most planets in the universe tend to orbit and star and spin about an axis. Ours (Earth) is one of these. Our gravity is 9.8 meters per second. However, this gravity is fighting alongside this factor. Factor: Earth is spinning about an axis at 465 meters per second at the equator. What does this mean? Well, what this means is that there’s a lot in play that gives us that sensation of being pulled down. In the diagram above that I heartlessly stole from the internet, we get a pretty good idea of what centripetal force does. If that blue dot were you and the axis the Earth’s axis, then by spinning around, your body will attempt to launch off the planet at thousands of miles an hour and be instantly cremated by the buckets of radiation lying around in space. However, your hundred-pound-worth of human flesh is kept firmly on the ground by another force: gravity. These two forces keep each other in check to make sure we aren’t glued to the ground by gravity or launched into space by centripetal force. So what does this mean for Taldain? Well… not much. While centripetal force does keep gravity in check, nothing’s that much different without it. Assuming Taldain has the same gravity as Earth (which is plausible, as Sanderson’s gravity system is incredibly similar to ours), then 135 Kg at the equator with centripetal force amounts to about 134 without. If Taldain happened to have been spinning about an axis but suddenly stopped—which it didn’t—then there would’ve been some chaos (people at the equator being hurled due east faster than the speed of sound, either dying from hitting a mountain or getting severe whiplash followed by enormous tidal waves promptly eliminating everything), but seeing as how that never happened, then it can be assumed that Taldain is safe, right? Wrong! Taldain’s two stars are completely different from one another. The “Dayside” star is a huge supergiant star that provides constant noonday sun to the inhabitants. The “Darkside” star is hidden behind a mess of rings which prevents most of its heat from reaching the Darkside. What does this mean? Well, on the Dayside, everything’s regularly hot and dry, as shown by the abundance of white sands. On Darkside, however, everything’s cold and wet. And what happens if you put something super cold next to something super hot? You get wind! See, cold air is more dense than warm air. When something dense has the opportunity to disperse, it’ll take it. So the cold side of Taldain is going to constantly rush over to the warm side of Taldain, causing massive planetary winds that’ll blow through any barrier cities. Oceans? Forget about sailing. Those waves are going to be massive. However… I’m going to give Taldain the benefit of the doubt here. Thousands of massive storms on the border between Dayside and Darkside isn’t actually very realistic. There would be high winds, yes, but there’s never any drastic temperature changes due to the fact that either side has a consistent heat source. It’s quite plausible that equilibrium had been achieved and maybe winds barely even show themselves. It’s possible that Taldain is fine as it is. However, I have one more trick up my sleeve to hopefully destroy Taldain as we know it. And that has to do with nothing more than the planet itself; how it was created. Creating a planet that just so happens to be in the perfect habitable zone for not one but two stars is a very strange anomaly. There aren’t a ton of ways to explain this but there are a couple methods. Method 1: There were once actually three stars in the Taldain system. The one in the middle was of significant less mass than either of the other two. In fact, its mass in comparison to those of the dwarf star and the supergiant was so miniscule that its outer layers were actually sucked away by the other stars. The supergiant simply ate these outer layers, chomping them down like a bag of cheetos. The dwarf star, on the other hand, created a ring out of the collective stardust that it consumed. Once the outer layers were consumed, the star cooled, and what remained became a planet. I find this option intriguing and actually quite plausible—not like the next method, which is unrealistic but also really destructively cool. Method 2: There were also once three stars in the Taldain system. One, however, had a lot more mass than the other two. This star did the opposite of the Method 1, and instead of getting its surface stripped away, chowed down on the stars nearby. Eventually, something (I dunno what) happened, and a ton of its mass was stripped away to form its moon. Over the process of time (a lot of time), this star cooled into a planet, but it continues to strip away at either star, as is the process of receiving Investiture from the shard Autonomy. This option is incredibly unrealistic because if anything Taldain should have the other two stars orbiting it, not the other way around. However, that could actually be a possibility, in retrospect—instead of being trapped between two stars, two stars are trapped by Taldain, who orbit it at such a perfect rate that they appear to be in the same place 24/7 Either way, though, I haven’t spelled doom for the Taldain people. At the end of the day, my clickbait title wasn’t true. Taldain is perfectly fine. Unless I’m wrong, which I usually am about these things! Feel free to inform me about other forces caused by a lack of centripetal force or the consequences of being nearby a supergiant star! Until then, I’m going to continue teaching my seminar on High Imperial. Sincerely, Channelknight
  13. autonomy

    So where is Autonomy exactly? I was going through the White Sand comics and there were faces in the sky. Not very subtle, that. But I remember reading WoBs and theories where Autonomy is the sun on the Dayside of the Taldain system. About how strange the entire Taldain planetary/stellar system was, why Taldain's Perpendicularity might be blocked (because it's in the Sun), how the lichen of the white sands recharge after being used for Sand Mastery, the Skycolors of Darkside (Shifting Colors in the comics), etc. Autonomy being the Sun made perfect sense, but there are also theories on her being Invested in the atmosphere, and some of those theories still work with that. So is Autonomy hiding in the sun or in the atmosphere? Did Brandon change his mind? Also, what's up with, what looks like an Avatar of her, appearing before Elorin? What's this about Scythe (Skathan in the comics, the Emperor of the Dynasty on Darkside) possibly being another Avatar of her? I've read the WoB on Patji about it being an Avatar of Autonomy formed of her Intent but not quite Splintered off her, and I understand that bit but why would Hoid leave the letter to him? Was access to Bavadin blocked at that point due to her closing off Taldain?
  14. I’m trying to compile a list of all the worldhoppers that have been shown to us so far in the Stormlight Archive. This is spoilers for all of the cosmere, FYI. Here is who I have so far: Hold: the beloved trickster Demoux: originally from Scadrial in the first epoch. Appears in the WoK interlude “ishi”. Chasing Hoid. Galladon: An Elantrian and friend of the king and queen of Elantra’s. Appears in the WoK interlude “ishi”. Chasing Hoid. some dude from white sand (the only Sanderson I haven’t read in its entirety) Is also with Demoux and Galladon in the WoK interlude “ishi” chasing Hoid. Swordmaster Zahel: most people know this is Vasher from Nalthis, the world in Warbreaker. Nightblood: the sword of black smoke, crafted by the five scholars. Vivenna: Abdicated queen of Idris, Highmarshal Azure, chasing Nightblood(?) Mraize: not much known. Has trophies from all over including a bird from “Sixth of the Dusk” Iyatil: From Scadrial, second epoch, one of the masked hunters. Mrall: pretty sure he is a Kandra from Scadrial. WoB (IIRC) Khriss and Nazh: This is a theory, hoping someone can confirm or deny; They are disguised as Ardents in Dalinar’s court - the young female ardent that talks to Navani on top of the scaffolding overlooking the “floating tower” fabrial experiment in WoR. the lighthouse keeper: in Oathbringer, the lighthouse keeper curses, “merciful domi!” Showing that he is from Sel. Felt: guides Dalinar to other Valley” in Oathbringer. He is originally from Mistborn epoch 1, a house spy for the Ventures. Thats all I have so far! Please add or correct or offer theories! Thanks everyone!
  15. I had a theory. In Mistborn era 1 Sazed talks about a religious group, the Nelazan, who worshipped the stars, a god with a thousand eyes named Trell. Could it be that this religion actually originates from people who moved from Taldain to Scadrial, and the religion of The Sand Lord/Autonomy morphed into this.... And perhaps this exodus was led by Trell the construction foreman and somehow over time his name became associated with their god.
  16. How old is Khriss during all of the books? And do worldhoppers age slower or something, because she is in secret history, era 2, stormlight, and of course white sand which must have come first. My guess is at least 230 years old during Stormlight.
  17. I have looked in many places for an answer to this question but haven't found it so I'll ask it myself. We know that Taldain is currently unaccessable: Questioner This is about certain people from Nalthis... living on Roshar and how they are living on Roshar. Could they also do that on Scadrial? Brandon Sanderson Scadrial would be a lot harder because getting the Investiture out of things on Scadrial is tough, there are ways you could do it but it would be much more difficult. Questioner Does that have to do with the Investiture being more directed? Brandon Sanderson Yeah, it's more the genetic component is a big part of it. The directed component-- In Roshar its just flowing around all over the place. For instance, if he could get to a Shardpool he could feed off that, but then he's at the Shardpool and that's kind of dangerous and things. Roshar is really the easiest place in the cosmere for him to consistently get this sort of stuff. Taldain would not be bad either, that's the White Sand world but it is inaccessible currently in the cosmere Salt Lake ComicCon FanX 2016 (March 26, 2016) So how long has Taldain been inaccessible? And how did Khriss leave Taldain and become a worldhopper if it is supposedly inaccessible? I didn't think that perpendicularities could be one way, but I could be misinformed.
  18. I've been relistening to Warbreaker and at 8 hours and 16 minute it mentions that if Vasher had more breaths he could have seen the "lichen" on the grass. I can't find if it has been discussed, any idea if it's the same lichen as mentioned in White Sands that fuels their sand Mastery?
  19. So I recently finished my first read through of the White Sand rough draft, and I think it may be one of my favorites. Despite it being a rough draft, it still possesses the same spark of genius that fills all of Sanderson's books. Although I think the book is wonderful, there are a few questions that I want to ask your guy's opinion on. During my read through, I first noticed a brief role played by a petty thief named Reen, though I quickly dismissed this as a coincidence, as White Sand was written before Mistborn and it would just make no sense. But later, I noticed that Kelton had a brief interaction with a worker named Trell. One could pull all sorts of things from this. Could this be the Trell? If so, what is he doing here? Could he be the Sand Lord that a certain Elorin claimed to have met? Or could this just be a coincidence stuck inside the rough draft of an unpublished book? One could go on for a while on this train of thought. So I just want to ask your guy's opinions, what do you think about the situation?
  20. So one of the first things we learn about in White Sand is that Taldain is tidally locked to it's star. This means that the Dayside should be (very) much too hot to live on, and the Nightside should be (very) much too cold to live on. The only reason I can think of that makes at least a little sense is that some of the energy that should be given out from the sun is actually converted into Investiture, which is why Sand always turns white again, if left in the sun. For this to work, lnvestiture would actually have to be a form of energy, as there has to be a lot of energy converted for Taldain not to be too hot, and for it to be converted in the first place, it would have to be a form of energy. However, this means that the Nightside would be even colder. Taldain does not look like a very nice place to live. The only other explanation that i can think of is that Autonomy fiddled with the anatomy of the humans who live there (TLR 2.0) or that he fiddled with the planet, e.g. made the planet with varying levels of thickness in the atmosphere so that the thermal energy reflected by the white sand (some kind of effect, where infrared radiation gets reflected by the colour white, can't remember what it's called), and it gets bounced all the way back to the Nightside. What do you think?
  21. The release of White Sand Volume 2 has been a tumultuous one. It's been delayed a long time, but now, today, it is actually out. Several people have reported that their physical copy is out for delivery, so that means it is officially real. However, it isn't totally out yet. You might notice the Kindle version and other ebook versions say you can't get it until tomorrow, February 21st. Ian (WeiryWriter) tells me that this is the case because comics generally come out on Wednesdays in America. I suppose that makes sense that there is some discrepancy in the two markets, so there's some weirdness in the release. Our White Sand Volume 2 reactions thread is here. If you haven't read the first volume, you can pick it up anywhere. In case you missed it, you can also listen to Shardcast's comments on the first volume. You can be sure there will be a Volume 2 podcast soon, too.
  22. Recently on Reddit, somebody mentioned that Autonomy's investure doesn't empower sapient beings directly. 1. On Taldain, the sunlight contains investure that energizes microscopic lichen in the sand. Sandmastery is the manipulation of these organisms, but as far as I can tell, involves little to no flow of investure through ones self. 2. On Patji, Avien are formed when normal birds eat the grubs in the Eye of Patji. Notably, there is no effect if a human were to consume said grubs. I believe that this is intentional on the part of Autonomy, and I believe that I know the reason why. We know from Oathbringer that Autonomy is leaving sentient splinters of herself around the cosmere. From Secret History, we know that a share cannot be taken up without significant connection to it. As there is more Autonomy to go around, the likelihood that someone could eventually take up a splinter is higher. Autonomy tries to limit others connection to it, either as a precaution or simply due to her intent, by providing this buffer between her magic and the people of the cosmere.
  23. In page 789 of the American Version, Hoid-as-Wit and Shallan are discussing the story of 'The Girl who Looked Up', with Hoid-as-Wit stating that "It's a story from long ago...things were different in that time." However, when Shallan creates the Illusion, he says "'s not dark enough" (page 790), with the illusion "leaving them standing in the darkness of night, lit only by a frail set of stars." Hoid then goes on to say that people still had to live, even without light, living, farming and eating in the darkness, except for the one girl who wanted to find out the answers about the wall, and eventually climbing the wall to find that on the other side was "God's Light" (page 792), and that she sneaked up to the Light, and she brought it back with her. "To the other side. To the land of shadows..." according to Shallan. This sounds very similar to the story of Khriss in White Sand, the ever inquisitive girl who goes from the Darkside to Dayside in her quest to find the Sand Masters, and to those who have read White Sand Prime, we know that she takes Sand back with her to Darkside at the end of the book. What d'y'all think? Am i clutching at straws here?
  24. I was wondering whether Brandon has decided that all the information and stories about Taldain, Khriss and the Shard Autonomy and her isolationism will only be dealt with in graphic novel form because that would not be very effective would it? All this cosmere stuff I think would be much better explained in written form even if it is in a short novella as graphic novels tend to be on the action heavy side which would not be compatible with the sort of scholarly tone set by Khriss herself.
  25. OK, this power is a bit weird. Apparently sand mastery works through lichen or something in the sand that feeds on sunlight (recharging it between uses) and water from the Sand Master (at the time of Sand Mastery being used). This lets the Sand Master manipulate the white sand physically. So far this seems like a very biological, ecological, "cycle of nature" kind of magic system. But then there's Slatrification. Really powerful sand masters can turn white sand into water. How does that work? Does the lichen die upon transformation? I suppose that in itself wouldn't be problematic, since as a living thing presumably it can multiply and spread back into areas it's been killed out of. But... does the water ever turn back to sand? If not, will the Dayside eventually run out of white sand, or sink into the ocean as its land is slowly transformed into water?