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Found 3 results

  1. Luthadel was not a very nice place to dwell in during the twilight hours. Homeless skaa hid in alleyways, the mist roamed the darker areas of the streets, and ash mixed with dust to blow throughout the city. The red ethereal glow of the sun as it sank made the atmosphere of the streets dark and dim. In all this, the Inquisitor watched. The Inquisitor was the perfect servant: Threatening. Imposing. Perfectly obedient. The Lord Ruler was very pleased in his creations, especially the Inquisitors. And this Inquisitor was on a specific mission. He had been told of the situation. A skaa had rebelled in the fields, fleeing from his working duty and running. He had switly been caught by the Lord Ruler’s mercenaries. The Final Empire could have no deserters. The skaa had refused to work. And so the perfect intimidation was sent forth: The Inquisitor. Normally a simple thing such as a stubborn skaa wouldn’t cause the Lord Ruler to take such measures, but the matter was… unique tonight. The Inquisitor approached the field he had been designated to go, and entered a small structure set up to the side, where the skaa was being kept. The Inquisitor had hoped to find the skaa alone and secure, but instead found the skaa- who was tied securely around a chair- surrounded by Obligators. Three of them. As expected. The Inquisitor growled, a low sound in his throat. The Obligators were the Lord Ruler’s lesser servants, those not created with power or metal, but purley human. They were inferior and believed themselves to be superior, a trait that was more than irritating. The lead Obligator smiled. “Greetings, O Spiked One.” The title sounded mocking coming from the Obligator’s mouth. “Were you coming to apprehend the prisoner? As you can see, the Canton of Orthodoxy has already taken care of the situation. You may depart.” The Obligator nearly smirked, and the Inquisitor grew more vapid with every word, though he had been warned of the possibility. The Inquisitor spoke in his gravely scratchy voice. “I can see that, Obligator. I will be on my way.” The Inquisitor turned, but reached in his cloak and grasped the handles of two glass daggers. As he exited the building, he casually flicked his hand backwards and flung the weapons. He didn’t need to look back to know their marks. One flew straight towards the lead Obligator and sunk true, piercing his heart and killing him instantly. The other stabbed straight through the skaa rebel’s eye. After all, the Final Empire could have no deserters. The other two Obligators present gasped at the sudden appearance of death in the small room, and quickly stood to flee, surly to inform the other Canton members of the occurrence. But that was perfectly fine. The Inquisitors and Obligators had never been friends, and their struggle for ultimate control over the doings of the Imperium had never been more prevalent. It had only been a matter of time before the struggle broke into something more. That time was now. The Inquisitor smiled, and whispered to himself, “Let the war begin.” He pushed a coin onto the ground and flung himself up into the night, up towards the spindly towers of Kredik Shaw. Welcome to MR 46: A Broken Imperium! I will be the GM, @Lotus will be the Co-GM, and @someone will be the IM, which I'll edit in once I'm notified who that will be. @Bearer of all agonies, @Chasmgoat, @Somebody from Sel, here are the signups for the next game Below is the ruleset, but it's also here in doc format. Factions: Faction-Specific Roles: Non-Faction Specific Roles: No player will have more than one role of these roles. Basic Details: Signups will end in a bit less than a week on Friday, November 13, at 1 pm PST. This will be the normal rollover time, with new cycles starting roughly an hour later, at around 2 pm PST. Player List: Spectators: Quicklinks:
  2. feature request!

    As far as the site goes, there are not too many polls, and most are scattered far and wide, and only happen to receive a vote from the sharders who make an effort to go through lots of old posts. Could we have a special forum, maybe even category, about polls, where polls can gather and receive hundreds of votes, instead of dozens? ~ Thanks, Roadwalker
  3. Long Game 33: Life Welcome to The University! You’ve heard about the famed institution your entire life, dreaming of attending and possibly even learning the arcane arts. Well, congratulations! You’ve finally made it. You’ll have no problem impressing the Masters enough to let you into the school, though perhaps your tuition could be high. Or it could be low. You just don’t know! All you really know is that you’re where you’ve always wanted to be, and you’re here to learn all you can. But what’s this now? Rumors abound of Skindancers in The University. But the Skindancers are all supposed to be dead, right? Apparently not, because sure enough, students and Masters alike start having problems. Most of them seem to go crazy, and the Crockery is filling up, though some even die. Although you’re no Taborlin the Great or Kvothe the Bloodless, you and a bunch of fellow students have taken it upon yourselves to solve the mystery. You’ve resolved to eliminate the Skindancers once and for all. Only then will you be able to resume your studies and learn to your little heart’s content. Good luck! Section 1: Game Basics This section entails the basics of the game like the factions and their win conditions, the cycles and order of events, and how voting works. Section 2: University Basics This section entails basics that are related directly to this game and the University. These include the currency system, social classes, lodging, admissions, insanity/The Crockery, and discipline points/The Horns. Section 3: The Arcanum The Arcanum is where all the fun happens at the University. Led by the nine Masters, there are many different fields of study in which for students to try their hands: Sympathy, Artificery, Alchemy, Naming, Rhetoric & Logic, Arithmetic, Linguistics, Physicking, and the Archives. University students do not start in the Arcanum. They are brought into the Arcanum once they have shown they have the moral fortitude necessary for a member of the Arcanum, are sponsored by a Master, and are elevated to the rank of E’lir, which is the lowest of the Arcanum ranks. Once you are in the Arcanum, you can be elevated again, through the ranks of Re’lar and El’the and potentially become a Master of a field. This section covers the ranks and elevation point system and all nine fields. Section 4: Imre Every term/full cycle, players (students and Masters alike) can go to Imre once (except for those living in the Grey Man). For the half-cycle they are in Imre, students cannot impress a Master and Masters cannot elevate students. Players cannot do any University action (use a field ability or create an item), but they can do anything in Imre. Imre has a whole host of possibilities that aren’t necessarily available at the University. There are four locations players can stop by: The Eolian, The Apothecary, Devi’s, and The Black Market. Items for sale at the Apothecary and Black Market will be given to each player going to Imre at the beginning of the cycle they are heading there. Players can also sell items and contracts on the Black Market. Contracts are sold for whatever the seller thinks they are worth. Players can only go to the Eolian once per game, and they can only go to Devi’s once per time they are in Imre. They can purchase/sell any number of items/contracts at the Black Market or the Apothecary, while supplies last. Past Clarifications This section covers the Talent Pipes, Plum Bobs, and Masters/EP/Ranks in depth, as well as a variety of other questions raised in the previous run of this game. Quick Links: