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Found 13 results

  1. Alright, so I've seen a bunch of "Mistborn vs Knight Radiant" and Jedi vs Knight Radiant, and because I haven't the time nor patience to read through all of those, I'm going to pose a question that's likely already been answered. Let's say that a bunch of the "strongest" investiture users across the Cosmere had a a fight. I'm not counting any Yolen natives cause all the ones we know of we don't know a lot about their magic and a lot of them are OP. So: Here we go. Representing Scadrial, it's the Fullborn, from Roshar the 5th Ideal Knight Radiant (Pick the Order you think is the best in a fight), The God King from Nalthis, let's say an Elantrian as good as Raoden, a Sand Master who can control, let's say, 30 threads. I'm not gonna count shades cause most of these guys can outrun or kill a shade with relative ease, and First of the Sun doesn't have a lot of physically manifested Investiture besides the mind-reading guys, who aren't human and I feel they can also be killed with relative ease, so we'll just go with the above. God-King, Fullborn, 5th Ideal Radiant of any Order, Sand Master with 30 Threads and Salitrification, Elantrian. And they're fighting in a place where Elantrian magic is strong and the Sand Master has enough Taldain Sand for years. Edit: Nightmaws and Deepstalkers as well as Shades are included
  2. What should my signature's name be?
  3. If your choice is "Other," post your opinion below.
  4. Hi there! This was inspired by Jello Apocalypse's movie review series. It's basically what it says on the tin - I'll be reviewing each of the cosmere novels, but I'll restrain myself to a limit of ten words. Then, I'll say more about my three favorites and three least favorites. Please read the below first. In addition to a ten-or-less word review, I will also be graciously providing you with a rating on a scale from one to ten. These ratings won't be from "Harmony-awful" to "Pretty good," like most things you see rated on a scale like this. Since I didn't dislike any books in the cosmere, I decided it would be more interesting to have 1 represent "pretty good," and 10 represent "the best book I've ever read." Remember that I enjoyed reading all of these books. This will be very controversial. All of the ratings I'm presenting here are subjective - meaning what I liked or didn't like, not what's objectively good or bad. Feel free to reply to my post and disagree (or agree! ) with me, just don't get too heated about it . Also, spoilers for the ENTIRE COSMERE. Don't read any of this, even reviews for books you've already read, if you haven't already read everything. Okay. Let's get started. ~~~~~ The Final Empire: A hero who's the villain of another story. 9/10 Rhythm of War: The story where he's the villain. 8/10 The Well of Ascension: Nothing really happens until the end. 3/10 The Hero of Ages: The classic girl vs. God story. 6/10 The Alloy of Law: Try this one weird trick and become a Coinshot today!!!!!!!! 5/10 Shadows of Self: *puts on Steris fan club t-shirt* 5/10 Bands of Mourning: OMG KELSIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8/10 Elantris: Politics and Zombies. 9/10 Warbreaker: Politics and Zombies 2: electric boogaloo. 7/10 The Way of Kings: A masterpiece of worldbuilding and character development. (Not plot, though.) 10/10 Words of Radiance: "I am a stick." Nothing else in this book matters. 6/10 Oathbringer: A slow burn, for people who like slow burns. 5/10 White Sand: Unremarkable. 1/10 ~~~~~ Okie dokie. Now, let's take a look at the top and bottom three (in true JelloApocalypse fashion!) Third Best - Elantris Elantris is the most under-rated of Brandon's books. While everyone was blathering on and on about Mistborn and the Stormlight Archive, I finished this book in one afternoon (while I was supposed to be doing homework). Sure, Brandon's writing has improved since he wrote it, and the characters could use some work. But the setting and the plot are just so compelling that I couldn't help but be dragged in. When people say this in book reviews, I often roll my eyes, but with Elantris, I really couldn't turn the pages fast enough. Third Worst - Oathbringer Ok, ok. Hear me out here. Oathbringer is a good book, objectively. But subjectively, it just wasn't my thing. The worldbuilding, which was why I'd loved tWoK, had been put on the back burner, and there really wasn't anything else that could fill that void. Maybe if it was faster-paced, it would've been better, but it wasn't - it moved at the same slow-burn type pace that tWoK and WoR had. Only this time, there wasn't any worldbuilding to fill in the gaps. The plot id did have was good, which kept it from being moved further down the list. Second Best - The Final Empire This one's a more conventional opinion. The Final Empire was my first Sanderson book, and it feels like it perfectly exemplifies who he is as an author. There's political intrigue, philosophical discussions, a gripping plot, and amazing characters. Kelsier really feels like one of those protagonists that's only the protagonist because there's a bunch of even worse people around. It feels like if he was in another story, he'd be the villain... oh, wait Second Worst - The Well of Ascension This book is just... slow. Nothing much really happens until the end. I still enjoyed reading it, but it's turned two of my friends off Mistborn, and I really wish that didn't happen. Most of the Final Empire is a heist novel, in essence. It drops that pretense about three-quarters of the way through the book, but that's just in time for the first pebbles of the Sanderlanche to start coming down on our heads. However, this becomes a bit of a problem in Well of Ascension. I signed up for a heist and political intrigue, and I got bland romantic tension, and a slow-going siege that just feels like it takes forever to resolve. Best - The Way of Kings The Way of Kings isn't too heavy on the plot. But it did everything else so well, I hardly noticed. It plunges you straight into this strange and wonderful world that's filled to the brim with secrets to unravel, the characters are three-dimensional and lifelike, and what little plot it does have is masterfully worked. This is one of those books that makes me wish I could just tuck all of my memories of it away in a coppermind and experience it for the first time again. Worst - White Sand I enjoyed reading White Sand. I don't really have a problem with the story or the characters. But that's honestly all it has going for it. It's just... unremarkable. I don't really know what else to say. ~~~~~ Sooooo, that's it! Let me know if you want one of these for non-cosmere novels or novellas or something else. I certainly had a fun time making it. byeeeee
  5. Who else would like to see High Imperial on Duolingo?
  6. Ok. Here are the rules: This game is played throughout the entire Shard. At the bottom of any thread, you are able to see who was recently browsing. If you are it, and you are on the same thread as someone else (their name shows up under recently browsing) you can tag them! The only exception is the main forum page, which lists the name of every member on the Shard. You can't use that page. Or this thread. Just come on over here and tag them so they know they're it. @Condensation, tag you're it.
  7. For admins: Is it possible for members to suggest possible tags for each topic so if the author of a topic forgot to insert tags, people could suggest missing ones and it will be easier to find what you are looking for. Thanks
  8. This is the voice thread, where you post your voices. Explains itself. I thought we needed one after everyone started discussing voices in random stuff. So now you dont need to imagine anymore, now you can hear~
  9. Am I making this right? I dunno. I'm sure an Admin will be along to fix it If i made it wrong. Yay! New Random Thread! In response to Voidus, Skylar says she wouldn't have a superhero identity. She's just be Skylar. Since I'm the Token-evil teammate, I'll just keep my name as well. (And We're a theatre troupe. Of course we have costumes.)
  10. To Shatter a Shard Jain shivered in the corner of his cell, his eyes squeezed shut to block out the world. A World devoid of Mercy. He didn’t know how long he’d been in The Cellar. All he knew was what Hoid told him, and the man took a perverse delight in tormenting him. There was a clang, as the cell door opened. Light fell on his eyelids, and he huddled deeper into the corner. Light meant that Hoid was back. His tormentor. What would it be this time? Another illusion of freedom? Some succulent meal that would turn to ash as soon as he partook of it? Or something new? A hand grabbed him by the neck, and pulled him upright. Ah, so it was to be a beating then. “Stand up boy. I’m freeing you.” Jain blinked his eyes open, and looked at his tormentor. Hoid looked regretful, an expression he had never seen before. He tried to respond, but only coughed weakly, and tried again. “I, I can’t.” Warmth Enveloped his body, and he suddenly felt better than he had in ages. A confident, fatherly voice sounded in his Ear. “Don’t worry Jain, Hoid isn’t going to hurt you anymore. We need your help. Odium has returned to a new Host. Now Rise.” He blinked again, then rose one foot. He pressed it against the stone floor and pushed. Hoid let go of his neck, and the prisoner stood on his own for the first time since his Panda’s death. His jailer was looking towards the door, so Jain followed Hoid's gaze to see Leif, the Holder of Endowment. “Thank you Sir. Why do you need me?” “After the last time Odium struck, we three are the only ones without hatred in our hearts. We three are the only ones to be trusted. Even the other Shards feel and act on his Hatred. We must find the Dread Lord and Destroy him, before he can destroy us. Furthermore, you were once Odium's own Slave. You know his actions and thoughts better than any other. Will you join us Jain?” “Of course.” \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Ash, holder of Odium and Lord of Hatred, watched as the Seventeenth Shard gathered. The last time they had gathered in such numbers, they had been hunting his predecessor. For them to be gathering again spoke of a momentous event. Could it be that they had learned of his revival? Impossible. The only ones who knew were Devotion and Survival, and they would never betray him. A pillar of Golden Light came down from the heavens, interrupting Ash’s thoughts. A Pale Shin man stepped out and surveyed the crowd. He was followed by two Lifeless, carrying Corpses. The man spoke quietly, and the Lifeless dropped their loads on the ground. The crowd gasped as they saw their faces. Ash just frowned. Cleo and Kae, Shardholders of Devotion. It looked like they did know he was back. At least he could be more active in killing now, rather than arranging accidents. The Shin man raised his hands for silence. “Fellow Sharders, these two betrayed us. They have collaborated with others, to bring Odium back.” He paused as the crowd started chattering fearfully. “We were lucky enough to have captured them before they could cause too much Hatred, and their Shard has been given to a new bearer, but we don’t know who else is working for Odium. He has undoubtedly infiltrated us again, along with his champions. So, who among you are willing to help capture them?” Ash slid back through the crowd as people began to raise their hands in service. Luckily no one knew him in this current identity, so he could sign up as someone completely new, and no one would ever know. He signaled to the others in the crowd he knew, those few who had sworn their loyalty to him. They nodded, and rose their hands in service as well. Together, they would make the Seventeenth Shard tear itself apart, just like last time. Sign ups for Long Game 14 Have begun! Rules Signups will close on Sunday the 30th of August, at 9:00pm PST. (Exactly one week from this posting.) The Game will begin One hour later. Turns will always end at 9:00pm PST, and begin one hour after. We will begin on a Day turn. If you’re on Mobile, and can’t change the colour of your vote, please go to the bottom of your post, hit enter twice, and say who you’re voting for a second time, so that I don’t miss it. This is the First and Last game I will say this. THERE ARE NO SECRET ROLES OR RULES. Final Note*: I’m playing this game as a direct Sequel to A Game of Shards, so if you want to know where the prisoner, Leif, Ash and Cleo/Kae came from, Go read that! At least, read the Final Writeup. The Prisoner is totally Jain, I just need his permission to show that. Quick Links
  11. I was just reading Brandon's AMA over at r/books from 2 months ago. It was pretty far down so I don't know if others saw... But both Herdazians and Horneaters are the result of human-listener interbreeding. :/ So, apparently they had been 'discovered' long ago, not to mention that relations were probably quite quite good. So Rock+Rlain=fam forever.
  12. As per Kobolds suggestion, I'm giving a brand new random home for all the random stuff out there.
  13. Hello, I made an account. I guess this makes me a reformed lurker. Catalyst: went to Brandon's signing in Seattle on 1/7. I had heard nothing but good things about his signings, enjoyed all of his books, still had my expectations exceeded at the signing. It was a great experience. If you're reading this and are on the fence about going to a signing near you, I would highly recommend going. That's it. Hello all.