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Found 17 results

  1. Now go to sleep in Chasms deep with Darkness all around you. Though Rock and Dread may be your bed so sleep my Baby Dear. Now comes the Storm but you'll be warm the Wind will rock your Basket. The Crystal's fine will glow Sublime so sleep my Baby Dear. And with a song it won't be long, you'll sleep my Baby Dear. Okay, this song has some odd parts to it, besides the overall creepiness of singing it to a Toddler. But my Question is, Where did Shallan's Father (What's his name?) Hear or make this Song. Shallan's like, 17, and the shattered plains were discovered and Explored about 15 years ago. So what are the chasms' referring to? And Have we seen Crystals anywhere yet? Also, Darkness (Nale) and Rock (Numuhukumakiaki'aialunamor) ), were both mentioned in the Song, as is the Storm in the Chasms, and the Whole Chasm Scene itself.
  2. My DnD Group is going to Start playing MAG for the First time, (As soon as Jake finishes HoA) And I'm GM'ing. It's my first time Gm'ing, and my Group was wondering, is it worth it to Get Wrought of Copper? Or should we play with just MAG for the First Campaign?
  3. Iadon’s rule over Arelon is still new and unstable. The chaos of the new government is fanning the rumours of discontent in the newly goddless nation. The King’s paranoia grows with each pasing hour. Trusted friends, loyal servitors and skilled agents are all suspect in his diseased mind. He has taksed his son, Raoden, the crown prince, with the duty of investigating the ones he believes to be capable of overthrowing him. No one truly believes there is opposition to the Merchant-King, but all must bow to his mad whims. LG rules are in effect. All actions happen simultaneously. There is a 5 turn inactivity Filter.The Citizenry win when all the Eliminators are dead. PM's are Day only. Known Roles: Legionnaire - Chooses a player to Interrogate and Roleblock/protect next night. ChayShan Practioner - Can attack one player per Night. Retired Pirate - Can survive one attack or lynch per game. Bodyguard - Can protect one player from an attack per night. Merchant - Can cancel a vote. Duke - Can add a secret vote to the lynch. Dula - Can investigate a player and learn if they are an eliminator. Beggar - Can choose a known role from the dead players to become. Noble - All other citizens are nobles. They have a collective extra vote. More complicated Rules. These are the same rules, just in a lot more detail. Quick Links Game Starts:
  4. Apparently this is a thing. So I'll do one as well. Ask me things so that I can blatantly lie and/or mock you. Or occasionally, I'll even tell the truth.
  5. In Chapter 5: Heretic, of Way of Kings, we see Jasnah Soulcasting for the first time. She did it because Coincidentally, a Large part of the ceiling had fallen in, blocking off the room with Taravangian's Granddaughter stuck inside. Is it at all possible that Taravangian was trying to determine is Jasnah was one of the Knights Radiants? We know he's willing to sacrifice thousands so long as Humanity survives. He seems like he'd be willing to sacrifice his Granddaughter. Speaking of which, are his Wife or children ever mentioned?
  6. TheoryMaker's put this question on the Shardcast thread: What happens when a Kandra gets cut by a Shardblade? My Friend and I tried to answer this question, and failed. A shardblade affects the flesh away from the heart and brain, by cutting away Either the Spiritual of Cognitive Connection. But a Kandra needs no Heart or Brain. Their sentience comes directly from their Spikes. So, If a Shardblade does cut off a Limb, could the Kandra reabsorb it, and heal the flesh? Would it actually cut the bone, since it's techniccly dead already? If you beheaded a Kandra, would it Survive? Can you cut through a Hemalurgic Spike with a Shardblade?
  7. Hello Everyone! This is an RP set in the World of Tamriel! if you would like to Join in, please Follow This Link to our Planning thread Sulen reigned in his horse outside of the Sanctuary. The Family wouldn't be expecting him back so soon. The Jarl of Riften was a well defended target after all, but then, no one ever expected bridges to collapse. He was quite proud of that one. He tied his horse, Nightmer, to one of the walls of the house that guarded the Black Door of the Skingrad Sanctuary. The house was less than a Mile away from the Western gate, but few knew of it. And it was Sulen's job to kill those who did know of it. He placed his hand on the Skull pattern of the Door, and waited. "What cure's all Disease?" "Only Death, my Brother." "Welcome Home" The door swung open, as it did everytime he gave the password. The Night Motherherself had enchanted these doors long ago. Only a brother of Sithis could enter, unless they willingly gave the password to another. He entered his long time home on Silent feet. Ormax was at his table, writing furiosly when Sulen opened his door. "Ah, Brother, your timing is most Serendipitous! How is Jarl Bjorn doing?" Sulen smiled and and pushed his hood back. "Well, he hasn't learned to swim yet, and I don't think he'll get an opprutunity to learn any time soon." "Well, I'm glad your back. We have a contract for you. Good pay, More Local than your last job." He pulled a ledger out of a pile of Papers, and slid it across the table to him. "I know you're just back from a long mission, but you're the only brother suited for this task." Sulen skimmed through the ledger. A Bandit Leader? "I thought Lefty was in charge of Bandit assasinations. You have me do Politicos usually." And the Chieftan appeared to be a Vampire. Great. "He's out on a contract, and if you read about the defenses, you'll realize just why we chose you." The defenses? Oh, Wow. Nothing that Duke and Velth couldn't handle though. "So this Contract isn;t for me, it's for my Friends?" They had done that before. "If you choose to do it that way. Your pay is enough for 5 or 6 people on this job. The Client is none other than the Count of Bravil after all." Sulen nodded, then dropped the Ledger on his desk. "Alright. I'll contact you through the Bravil Sanctuary was I'm there." He turned and left the room. But as he was closing the door, Ormax called out. "By the way, Jarl Torbald, of Riften? He's put out a contract on your head. You were seen Sulen. You're slipping." Sulen paused, then closed the door and left the Sanctuary. He'd head West, to Kavatch first. Pick up Velth, then Duke. After that, they'd compare notes and see if anyone else wanted to come along.
  8. Why did Steelheart let Fortuity die? Fifefight had already infiltrated the Reckoners, and knew Fortuity's Weakness. She would have reported this to Steelheart, but presumably was given the go-ahead. So why exactly did Steelheart let a powerful High Epic Die?
  9. My Friends and I are going to put together a MAG campaign, and my friend decided to be a kandra assassin. A Kandra who has broken the First contract. So he decided to strengthen his bones. He wanted to make them unbreakable, and unpushable, so he made them out of obsidian, then he had a better Idea, and just used weapons. His Ribs are daggers, hiss leg is a Mace. He has full on swords in his arms. Then he started throwing in Hemalurgic Spikes. I'm just wondering, do the Kandra have enough Muscle control to pull something like this off? Could they weapons as bones?
  10. There have been a lot of discussion among the Real-World!Scientists that there ar more than the 'Normal' Five Physical Senses. (Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch, and Smell.) Harvard thinks there's 11 Senses. (Internal, Time, Temperature, Kinesthetic, Pain, and Balance.) This sight beleives there could be as many as 21 senses. (They include Pressure, Itch, Body Position, Tension, Stretch, Thirst and Hunger,) So, could a WindWhiperer (Tin Ferring) store any of these Senses? Obviously (If you read the articles) storing some of the senses (Tension, Stretch, Kinesthetic) could seriously mess you up, and wouldn't have a benefit to tapping. Another question. Can you only store Human senses? Dogs and birds have another sense that humans don't. Magentoception. Magnet field Detection. If you gave feruchemy to a dog, could it store this sense? I'm willing to bet that if he did know of the 21 possible senses, he used 16 of them.
  11. Premise Thank youTempus for providing a Good Theory Template. The accepted version of Events is that some person, power or thing Hit Adonalsium, and it Shattered into the 16 Shards of Adonalsium. I doubt this. Hypothesis The Shards were Broken off of Adonalsium One at a Time. Possibly in an attempt to Make Adonalsium a Better Power. Chronology of Known Shards Odium The First Desolation was between 9000 and 100,000 Rosharan Years ago.[1] This translates to about 9900 and 110000 Earth Years.[2] Unfortunately, we don’t have a Timeline for When Odium visited Sel. Honor and Cultivation Honor and Cultivation came To Roshar together,[3] and they were there long before Odium was there. [4] This means that there is a Significant amount of Time Before the First Desolation. Endowment Endowment has only Been actively Returning people on Nalthis for a little over 700 years.[5] Preservation and Ruin The well takes 1024 Years to Refill, and has been filled twice that we know of.[6] Preservation and Ruin came to Scadrial together, and Preservation imprisoned Ruin in the Well as soon as they finished with Creation. Since the second Refilling, there was a 302 year gap.[7] So they’ve been on Planet for 2350 Years. Devotion and Dominion The City of Elantris was created hundreds, if not Thousands of Years before the Events of the book.[8] Shu-Keseg, the Original Religion, was founded after the Splintering of Dominion and Devotion.[9] Unnamed/Unseen Shards The Traveller/Space Shard We have a Word of Brandon that stating that there is a Shard that isn’t on a Planet. This shard isn’t the Shard that wants to Survive.[10] Tempus has talked about this and guessed that a Shard could only Stand being UnInvested for about 500 years, before getting Bored. (Note that His words are taken completely out of Context.)[11] Bavadin’s Shard The Shard of White Sand I can’t really Talk about this Shards activities Without Spoilers for Unpublished Work, so Suffice it to Say, that Bavadin has been on World for at least half of a Millenium. Probably More. The Shard of Survival Well. It’s been Surviving. We can assume that it’s invested in a planet somewhere, due to Brandon’s Comment about the Traveller Shard.[12] The Shardholders It’s possible that not all of the Shardholders were Human, Which means that some of them could have had a Longer lifespan than Normal Humans. They were all from Yolen though. and They all Knew Each Other.[13] Conclusion All the Shards have been active for Different amounts of Times. But if they were all broken off of Adonalsium at the same Time, then they should be Equally Experienced. So they were Shattered at different Times. Conjecture/Speculation Here’s What I think happened. Adonalsium was a Power on Yolen, Rayse, being a Crafty and Dangerous man, figured out how to Shatter Bits of it’s Power. He Broke off the Shard of Odium, took it up, and Left Yolen. The other 15, as well as Hoid, Figured out how he did this, and decided to Replicate it, to Spread out throughout the Cosmere. Aona and Skai both took up Shards, and headed off to Sel. Tanavst, being In love and Honorable, insisted on his Girlfriend/Wife getting one. They left together, and eventually Settled on Roshar. After a While, Odium learns that Others Followed his Lead, and Shatters Dominion and Devotion, then heads to Roshar to do the Same to Honor and Cultivation. He kills Honor, but gets trapped by the Surges and Cultivation. The remaining 16 learned that The Power and Intent of the Shard could Change a Person, So they Gave Ruin to the Nicest Person they could, Ati, and paired him with a Shard that could Balance out his Power. Eventually Endowment Takes up her Shard and heads to Nalthis. The other 8 Shards were also taken up and some point, and they left Yolen as well. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Possibilities are that Aona and Skai got their Shards, and Adonalsium kept Breaking, leading the Shardholders Forcing Odium on Rayse out of fear of it Deveolping Sentencee or Corrupting a Better man, As Ruin did to Ati. Rayse Blamed this on Devotion and Dominon, and Killed them References
  12. What happens if you take a Feruchemist, have him/her fill a Metalmind, then Melt said Metal mind. Would the Power still be there? What happens if you take 3 filled Copperminds, and combine them with one filled Tin Mind? (For Refrence, Allomantic Bronze is an Alloy of 75% Copper, and 25% Tin.)
  13. Can you drop a shard? The first time we've seen a shard be passed is When Leras died, and Vin absorbed all of her Power, becoming Preservation. The second time, both Vin and Ati got killed, and Sazed took up both of their Powers. Eventually, the Shard molds people into following their Intent. Ati was a Nice guy, but became Ruinous. Why couldn't Ati have seen what was happening and just dropped the Shard for a While to Recover, then Picked it back up before it gained Sentience? If it's impossible to drop a Shard except by dieing, Couldn't the shards have been forced on People? Vin didn't want the Shard, she was going to Kill Marsh when it was forced upon her, she couldn't say no. What if some of the 16 Didn't want their shards? EDIT: Aether of Night is Non-Cannon, so Evidence from there will not be accepted. Just saying. Especially seeing as it can't be discusssed here.
  14. Luck is usually seen as a Spectrum, ranging from Good luck, to Bad luck. With Good luck, you draw a Royal Flush, With bad luck, You Trip down an elevator Shaft. Either way though, Bad luck is not the Absence of Luck, it's just on the opposite side of the Spectrum from Good Luck. So How does Storing Luck Work? We've never seen it used (Outside of MAG), But I don't think it's used in the Way people think it is. as in, storing give you bad luck, tapping gives you good luck. Realistically, (Yes, I'm using the Word Realistically while discussing Magic) Storing Luck should put in the Middle of the Spectrum. Pure chance, and Luck no longer affects you. When you're tapping Luck, you get both Extremes, You always either get Royal flush, or Uno cards. Then there are people who are 'Born' Lucky Or unlucky. If these people store Luck, Do they store Bad luck or Good luck? or just Luck in general? Would they multiply their base luck, or The Absolute Value of their Base luck? Personally, I think they Store their Base luck, so a normally unlucky person would be better off by Constantly Storing than by Tapping.
  15. Eternal Life: Often by use of an Unaging Body and Mind. Considered Impossible Without Acsess to Atium, and Full Mistborn and Feruchemist Powers. No Longer Viable. Immortality: Eternal life of You. Your Conciousness. Body sold Seprately. All you need to have Functionaly Imortality is two Feruchemists(One super old, and one Young), 2 Aluminum Metal minds, and 2 Copperminds. Have both Feruchemists Store Their Identity in their Aluminum Minds. Have both Feruchemists Store the Entirety of their Memories. The Younger Feruchemist Now taps all of the Older one's Identity and Memories. Throw away the Younger One's Metalminds. The Identity (Personality, Morales, Emotions) and Memories of the Older now Reside in the Younger! Ta daa!
  16. Do differing types of Gemstones affect the Surges and KR? Because of the Ten Essences Chart, we know that Each Herald has a specific Gemstone. Jezrien, the Herald-Patron of the Windrunners, has Saphire. So would a Windrunner be able to get more Stormlight out of a Saphire Gem than a Emerald Gem? We know that most of the Fabrials need specific Gemstones, and they Mimic the Surges. Soulcasters do not follow this rule, as they use the gem associated with the essence of what they're making.
  17. So apparently all metals are allomanticlly reactive, but some just have the effect of killing you. If you were to burn Lead, you could die. So when does an alloy become a bad alloy? Kelsier said that the Purer the metal is, the more power you get, but if the alloy is off, you still get Power. So if you're burning 98% tin and 2 % lead, then the lead doesn't do anything. Yet, if you burn 91% tin, and 9% lead, you get pewter. When does a metal become a weak Alloy? is 96% tin 4% lead a weak Tin or a Weak Pewter? Is it Both? I'm assuming that since you can burn all metals, they all have they're own sDNA, but how is the sDNA of a non-allomantic metal deadly? and how do two types of sDNA combine to form a new alloy? When does a pewter alloy have enough lead to become deadly? For that matter, if Aluminum destroys the sDNA of metals, how can it possibly be alloyed with Copper? Recap, When does a percentage become weak? Deadly? How does it become deadly?