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Found 10 results

  1. Hey everyone! A couple of my buddies and myself are knee-deep in an off-the-wall Sanderson-inspired tabletop mini-series we've entitled MICEBORN! The title might give it away, but it is a Mistborn-themed adventure that has been lovingly mashed up with Redwall! It's only four episodes long and two of them have already dropped with the other two dropping on 5/18 and 5/25. Each episode is just under an hour so it's not a huge commitment, but we wanted to make any podcast listeners out there aware of this project. We had a blast recording it and we drop a TON of easter eggs for other Sanderson works throughout, but for the most part, we keep it spoiler-free for all Sanderson-related books. We hope all of you enjoy listening to this mashup and hope you stick around for our other mini-campaigns! Thanks for your support and sharing with your friends! Episode 1: Episode 2: (You can also look us up on popular podcatchers) -Improv Tabletop
  2. For International Games Week (November 3-9) I will be putting together some one-shot, one-page RPG sessions via Discord for whoever's interested. By design, the games will be really easy to get into and rules light, with a hard limit of 2 hours of play time. It's a chance to get together with people and have some fun without all the preparation and baggage. I have a number of games we can play, including but not limited to Honey Heist, Everyone is John, Lasers and Feelings, Oh Dang! Bigfoot Stole My Car With My Friend's Birthday Present Inside, Sexy Battle Wizards, Adventure Skeletons, and Pride and Extreme Prejudice. We can even do a short Mistborn Adventure Game one-shot if people are willing. At the moment I'm trying to gauge interest and get a sense of peoples' schedules, after which we can set up times and decide what games to play. Once those details are hammered out, I'll post updates here in this thread, including links to the Discord server. If you're interested in playing, let me know here or on the 17S Discord, along with a general idea of what times you're available!
  3. So I'm aware that there have been a few attempts to do this, and also the MAG exists but I've found getting people who aren't big fans of the cosmere into that to be difficult and honestly I just prefer working with something familiar. So I'm trying to convert Mistborn and Feruchemists into 5e classes. This would be for standalone use so if they aren't perfectly balanced against existing 5e classes that's not a huge deal but I want to get it somewhere in the general ballpark at least and definitely try to get them balanced for each other. Very basic drafts of what I have so far are available at: The Mistborn: And Feruchemist: I'd appreciate any feedback or suggestions.
  4. (Hey I don't know where else to post this, so apologies if I'm in the wrong place!) We’re looking for up to 2 new players for our Era 2 Mistborn campaign. The game is 18+ and will include mention of adult topics as well as strong language, so we prefer someone who is comfortable with that. It’s a tabletop RPG played over Discord and Roll 20. You will need to use voice chat with us. It’s required you have a headset just to cut out background noise. We can provide PDFs of the playguides for you if you’ve never played before!We play on Saturdays starting at 1 PM CST and our sessions can last anywhere from 5-7 hours. Our last campaign lasted 16 sessions, but this one is projected to be shorter.I haven’t read Era 2, but those with working knowledge of Mistborn and the Cosmere are preferred.If you’re interested, just send me a message!
  5. I wasn't sure if it would be more appropriate to pitch this topic here or on the Roleplaying forum, but I noticed the forum's mainly for posting for anyone interested playing this or that game. Hence, I've decided to post this here~ Where I would like to share with you, the good people of the 17th Shard fansite, some of my crazy freaking roleplaying stories as a seasoned Game Master and, occasionally, player. Lo, from games as far as Dungeons & Dragons to Pathfinder, from Call of Cthulhu to homebrews of Avatar: The Last Airbender... and yes, why, even a few stories set in the world of Mistborn (thank you, official Mistborn RPG!). And more importantly, if there's anyone here with their own cool stories about their roleplaying experiences, please! Feel free to share! "What qualifies as a cool or crazy story?" All up to you. Opening the floor... now!
  6. Some of you who've seen my posts in the last few days probably get by now I love me some classic tabletop gaming, yeah? I love d20 mechanics, I love it when there's a possibility for failure... it makes it all the more awesome when someone succeeds. More importantly, it's fun to set up stories in fantastical worlds and tell those stories with others, DM and player alike. With that in mind, I'd like to post the following pitches for Call of Cthulhu, Pathfinder and D&D 3.5e games, drum up any possible interest for anyone interested. I'd like to note before we begin, mind, that all of the following are homebrewed campaigns. I hope that's cool with y'all. Oh! And the number of players I'm searching for? 5. It's a good number. 1) The Wizard of Oz 3.5e This right here is sort of if American McGee warped Oz in the same way he warped Wonderland. The premise would be your characters were swept up in a tornado... and landed in a dark alternate timeline where Dorothy never defeated the Wicked Witch, much less came to Oz at all. As such, it's a much darker, grimmer and crazier Oz, with the Wicked Witch ruling the Emerald City with an iron glove and terrorising munchkins day and night. Has anyone ever seen Return to Oz as a kid? We're talking something along those lines, tonally speaking. Expect appearances from more obscure characters from the Oz books showing up, such as the Nome King (well, obscure to anyone who has never read the books). --- 2) Avatar: The Last Airbender d20 I might have mentioned I'm in the process of setting up a homebrewed Avatar game. This is true. Sadly, it won't be picking itself up off the ground anytime soon, my usual bandmates are kinda indisposed due to school. Life. (coughprisoncough- jk!) Now, unlike my current attempts at building the Stormlight Archive d20, I already have a perfectly functional supplement and framework to turn Avatar into a good D&D game. That last of which, mind, I'm mainly using for the creatures and items. But in terms of feats and classes, I'm sticking with the first. As for actual campaigns... I have two ideas. The first of which is more of a dungeon crawler; your characters would be bodyguards on an archaeological expedition to find an ancient temple from the Earth Kingdom's distant past, only to be sealed in with various nightmares and monsters that have leaked from the darkest recesses of the Spirit World. There'd be some mystery, pitched battles for survival, traps galore- all that fun stuff. The second, to be a little more lighthearted, is a high seas pirate-y adventure in the world of Avatar. You would be a pirate crew racing against others for a legendary prize; a lost Fire Nation navy ship notorious for plundering Water Tribe and Earth Kingdom villages, towns and cities... but disappeared under mysterious circumstances. All that bounty, all that loot, must still be on that ship, and on one night in a seedy tavern an old man (the quest giver) sells his knowledge for auction, as he claims to have been the first mate of the Black Dagger. For that game, I'd need someone to volunteer to be captain. And note, if you don't want to be a Bender, you can select standard classes like Fighter or Barbarian, no prob. No magic classes, though, since wizards aren't really a thing here. --- 3) The Dinner Party - Call of Cthulhu Pitch: It's CLUE, with a Lovecraftian spin. Set in the 20's or 30's, the player characters have been invited by a famous and reclusive author to his manor. If they don't, well, he'll release certain articles of blackmail to the public. As the guests are seated one by one, to a man holding some dark secret, the host reveals that they will be playing a game... starting... now. Cue the lights. A second later, they're back on and the host is seemingly dead... and the manor takes on new and seemingly impossible dimensions, as eldritch things seep through the walls... and the host himself, this corpse, disappears and reappears in new shapes and sizes. Escape is impossible. The only way to save oneself is to brave the horrors of the manor, to find the secret means by which you can leave this accursed place. ... If you can keep your sanity that long, that is. Mwahahahahahaha! (thunder crack, lightning!) --- 4) Down the Winding River Most fantasy stories take place in an ersatz of medieval Europe. Here, I'd like to do something... a little different, for this Pathfinder adventure. What if we set it in an ersatz colonial-to-mid 19th century Americana? Show of hands, who here has ever read Ray Bradbury, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow... or watched Over the Garden Wall? Essentially, this would be a game modelled after the premise of Over the Garden Wall; a bizarre, mysterious limbo-like dimension steeped in the folklore and legends of old Americana. The player characters are lost souls, trapped in the Unknown for this or that reason. The story goal? They're told the only way they might find the path to salvation is if they follow down the Winding River. Along the way, they'll come across all sorts of oddities, horrors and fellow wayward souls... some more dangerous than others. Also, due to the setting, you can totally have early gunpowder weapons like flintlocks and muskets alongside swords, axes and such. --- 5) Shadows O'er Christmas Eve I can't think of a better title for this one, I have to admit. This is set in... I want to say... late 18th to early 19th century. But here's the idea: the player characters are a group of adventurers, monster hunters and supernatural investigators trapped in this pleasant hamlet, hired by the richest man in town whose mysterious and monstrous manor looms over the townsfolk like an all-seeing black dragon. This is not the most popular man in town by any means, oh no. He's the Scrooge and the Grinch combined into one crotchety old bastard. But lately, the man has been plagued. His lands, his home, all the target of all manner of unnatural mischief. At first, he blamed it on the locals. Then, on wild animals. Now, he's not so sure... In fact, with every passing day, he has become convinced he is now the target... of the Krampus. The player characters must investigate the manor and the town, unravel their mysteries, do battle with vengeful ghosts and eldritch Christmas-themed nightmares, and lift the curse off the old man before the shadow of Saint Nicholos engulfs them all... So, yeah. It's Pathfinder meets Krampus. Neat, yeah? --- Misc. My usual style? I'm not really a play by post person. I like it when I know everyone is there in the same room as me (metaphorically, this being the internet), so I like to use chatrooms. We could either use the chatroom here or a Skype chatroom, if that would be okay with you guys. Also, I love writing character sheets, and if there are anyone here unfamiliar with Call of Cthulhu, 3.5 or Pathfinder, I can help with that. So, what do you guys think? What sounds more exciting for you? What would you be up for? I'm doing this by vote.
  7. Is anyone else pledging towards this? I've already pledged $100 for the Commodore package. I'm particularly hopeful we reach the $150k mark so we get the Seventy Maxims book! Here's a link to see the project: here you go!
  8. Hey all, Wondering how many people here have played Fiasco, by BullyPulpit Games. I really enjoy it, and after running several games of the Mistborn Adventure Game, have decided that most of those ended up being like a Fiasco story. I have since made a playset for Fiasco that is Mistborn themed, though it hasn't been playtested yet. Is anyone here interested in the rough draft? I'm more than willing to send it out to people if they would be willing to play it and tell me how it goes. Any takers?
  9. I got turned on to the board game Small World by Days of Wonder really big this year. It's the first game they played in the YouTube show TableTop with Wil Wheaton. It's a really fantastic game with a lot of great artwork and simple fantasy tropes represented as a Risk! style game that doesn't go on forever and has tremendous replay value and a deep strategy aspect. I normally play it with my work friends at lunchtime but I now have a whole new way to play. They recently had a Kickstarter to expand their improved app to Android tablets as well as iOS and the Android. It's finally out and the App is fantastic! It makes the game super accessible to newbies and has a very slick UI. If anyone has the app and wants to play my Days of wonder username is AGRooster and if you start a game with me I'm down. Any other favorite board games or board game apps? I think that tablets have really revitalized some board games for the newer generations tho sometime cardboard is KING!
  10. I want to play a game... I got this idea from another forum where I saw them playing play-by-mail versions of tabletop card games, so I thought I'd suggest it here. I'd like to run for you guys a play-by-mail game of The Resistance: Avalon. The game requires 5-10 players, plus me as game-master (ordinarily you don't need one, but because of the logisitics of playing this way it's required). The game works as follows: You are all Knights in Arthur's court. However, the court has been secretly infiltrated by Mordred's minions, so whilst the majority of players are loyal servants of Arthur, some of your are traitors (I'll randomly select for each of you). Typically, the Minions of Mordred know who each other are. One of the Good players is Merlin, who also knows the identity of the Minions. However, should the Good team win, if the Evil team can successfully identify Merlin, they can assassinate him and streal the victory! The game consists of five rounds. Each round, a select number of Knights must be chosen by the current Leader to go on a quest. When Leader selects a team, the group votes on if they approive of, or reject, the leader's selection. Should the majority approve, then the chosen team goes on the quest. Should at least half the group reject, then the Leader token passes to the next player, who selects a new team. Naturally, there will be much discussion, especially in later rounds, about who should go on each quest. If a Minion of Mordred goes on a quest, they have the option of sabotaging it covertly. Should a Minion sabotage a quest, then the quest is claimed for Evil. If no-one sabotages (either because Evil choose not to, or because there are no Evil players on the quest) the quest is claimed for Good. The first team to claim three quests wins. Depending on the number of players, I may introduce the extra characters for fun. They are as follows: Percival: Good. Knows the Identity of Merlin. Morgana: Evil. If Percival is present, He will know both Morgana AND Merlin, but will not know which is which. Mordred: Evil. Other Minions know he is evil, but Merlin does not. Oberron: Evil. Does not know the other Minions, and the other Minons do not know him. Finally, there is the Lady of the Lake. If we have 7 players or more, one player starts with the Lady token. Immediately after Quest 2 is resolved, this player may learn the Allegiance (Good of Evil) or any single other player. The Lady token then passes to that player, who uses the power immediately after Quest 3. However, anyone who has held the Lady token is protected from having the power used against them in later turns. The Lady's power will be used once more, immediately after Quest 4. The number of players will determine the number of Minions, as well as any other special rules in play. All voting and sabotage, as well as uses of the Lady will be handled by private message. The results of Voting will be publicised, but are done privately so that people won't know anyone else's vote until all are revealed together. You may of course reveal the result of your viewing of another - or you may lie about it to the others (only really useful if you're a minion, or if you have a really weird game plan). The revealing of Minions/Merlin will also be done via private message. So, any questions, and anyone interested?