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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys! I'm trying to create a magic system for my book and keep bumping into the same problem when I work on the source: Magic is power bigger than mankind, and thus implies that either a deity must exist in the book or a Force, like in Star Wars. Does anyone have any ideas on how to avoid gods and also avoid having magic be a well of power like the Force?
  2. Edit: I don't if this has been asked before as I'm new. What's your favourite system and which would you like to be in possession of? My favourite would have to be Feruchemy. Being able to store energy or thoughts in metal sounds perfect for my life style!
  3. I wanted to share some of the magic systems I made with you guys, but then I thought to make it a discussion so we could like help each other develop our systems, and it just seems like good fun! Here are three systems that are the most developed so far: 1) Resonance - (This has an actual book associated with it, so spoiler warning, I guess? Don't want to sound conceited just dislike giving out spoilers without any warning!) This was made based on the usual mana to spell magic, like fireballs, but I put up some limitations for the system so that it's a true system. The main resource is called "Echo" (might change it to echoflow or echotide, so it's not confused with the regular use of the word "echo") Echo is life energy and the mages of this world (called Resonators) can tap into their Echo to produce one of three physical interactions: Force, Heat, and Light. Most Resonators only have one resonance, but some can have all three (called Cadent, you can see my inspiration from Mistborn lol). The resonance is determined by how the Resonator most naturally stimulates their Echo: Dynato (Force) let their Echo 'thrum' before letting loose at its peak, Ignitran (Heat) quiet their Echo for a moment before firing a burst of flame, and Luminar (Light) pretty much just take Echo from their own bodies and convert them into floating lights (like Magelight basically). The more Echo used the more powerful the effect, but if a person uses too much of their Echo they're in danger of dying or falling into a coma. A Resonator can also infuse items with Echo to give that item their resonance, though Cadents can't infuse. There's also a newer rarer kind of Resonator which uses one of the three resonances but in reverse: Still Force, Heat, and Light, but their absence instead (or opposite with Force). The way these effects are achieved is kinda to stimulate their Echo in reverse, so thrumming but letting lose at a low point attracts things instead of repels, revving the Echo to a breaking point then suddenly quieting it sucks the heat from a targeted point, and taking Echo away from a place instead of supplying it creates darkness or shadows. The reverse stimulation is a major plot point in the story. 2) Forge - A system which requires two or more specific things to work and is fueled by the users memories and understanding of concepts (literally). This was inspired by me mishearing someone say something about using memory as fuel and like your usual spoken spells. In this there are three systems: *Word Forge - which uses 2 to 4 words linked together to produce effects, and is best suited at less abstract effects. So saying "fire ball" would conjure a ball made of fire which would float in mid-air with no direction before dissipating. The user will temporarily forget the words they just said. *Image Forge - connects two or more images to summon creatures or items. These can be cut together pictures, drawings, etc. as long as there are two or more previous things combining to create one new thing. A user can save Forged drawings without summoning them, for later. A user will then forget what exactly their item/creature can do which forces the user to rediscover what it does, the image is also consumed but not the medium it was made on, so a drawing would disappear but not the paper, and a picture would have holes in it, etc. All memories of an Image Forged thing will return if the thing is destroyed or de-summoned. *Command Forge - connects one key word and one or more command words to produce effects. Can handle more abstract concepts like gravity or flight and can produce trickier effects like saying "Self. Twenty meters forward" which will then boost the user forward exactly twenty meters by their understanding. The user will forget the meaning of the command words, but not the key word, and the commands are based on the user's understanding of the concept (saying "Self. Transcend" does not work.) 3) Aspect Naturality - A magic system with 7 aspects. Each person born into the world has a naturality to 2 aspects (and nothing more), or in some rare cases no naturality at all. The 7 aspects are: Balance, Focus, Intuition, Instinct, Grit, Ferocity, and Vigilance. The aspects are triggered by doing certain actions that lean into that specific aspect, so the people of this world created several martial arts to channel each aspect, though a user can learn any of these martial arts, they can only trigger the two aspects that they are natural toward. Each aspect has a passive and active component: *Balance passively gives the user a greater understanding of balance and actively allows to shift their center of gravity, *Focus passively calms the user under pressure and actively see and react to things in slowed time (though their actions are not accelerated accordingly) *Intuition enhances the user's sense of direction and gauge how much damage a strike will do *Instinct enhances the user's danger sense and lets the user feel where a hit would land on their body (but without the pain associated) *Grit allows the user pain tolerance and slight anchoring in space *Ferocity numbs empathy and increases muscle mass *Vigilance lets the user learn faster and detect minute details (like muscle movement before a punch) This system was inspired by Absolver pretty much, just all of it lol Would like to hear your systems too and/or thoughts on my own, these could still use some more development!
  4. So after talking in the rules of warfare thread, @Mraize, @Archer and me have come up with how the combat system should work when A fight breaks out, each person starts with a certain amount of HP (lets say, 100 for now) it's turn-based combat, with the moderator deciding who gets to go first. the person who goes first gets to attack/move first, they can do up to three actions (other effects can increase this limit, like feruchemical speeds). Possible actions include: Making an attack Moving more than 20 meters in any direction Saying things over 50 words long Bonus actions include: Saying things less than 50 words moving less than 20 metres Burning/tapping metals Breathing in stormlight the person who goes second gets a reaction and three actions the reaction must happen before any other actions can be made. Once the first action has been called, the moderator describes it, and the second player must react, then counter, which the moderator then describes, the moderator chooses how he decides the outcome, suggested decision-making processes include: 1. Dice rolls (similar to D&D) 2. Most likely outcome the moderator then subtracts the HP from the players and makes "debuffs" (like bleeding, concussed, unconscious, etc) then the cycle repeats until one of the players either yields, (in case of a duel) dies or is knocked out. the moderator will then pronounce the outcome of the fight, and then the fight ends. of course, there are many variations, it's not just a single recipe, so the moderator may change up the rules a bit, especially in mass or team combat. so moderators, use your descretion!
  5. So, I am listening to the audiobook for WoK, and was listening to the part near the beginning when Kaladin is in the slave wagons and hopes that spring will come again, with the narrational aside that the seasons were unpredictable. This got me to thinking: how could seasons be unpredictable? On earth, the distance from the sun and the tilt of the Earth's rotational axis combine to give us seasons. What could be going on for Roshar to be having a random (to Kaladin) distribution of distances from the sun? My first thought is that perhaps Roshar orbits some sort of binary star system. (Perhaps locked in such a way as to only show one of the two suns at a time, but the differing distances causing irregular (but maybe predictable through math by stormwardens) seasons. This may also explain Braize, as it could be getting both suns, making it a place of fire and heat and eternal day. Thoughts?
  6. Hello hello, my first thread in here to make a statement that I’m an aspiring author. As such I pretty much have my magic system worked out but as you can see from the wall of text below that it has a lot of information to it and I’m in need of a second opinion on how dense it is and how best to simplify it for explanations. My two main characters are first person, one fulfilling the apprentice role and the second dominant character will be the teacher role. I expect I can explain much of this in my two first person perspective characters, one being the teacher and the other being the student among a group of students. Any parts I need to expand and clarify on? Second is I want to see how creative everyone can be and see how people can best abuse the system in new and unique ways I haven’t thought of… I’ll be providing some spoiled examples of some of what I’m thinking. See what you come up before seeing the examples so my preconceptions don’t influence you overly. Cheers! Note: Setting wise this story is roughly at a Renaissance/industrial revolution setting. The dominant culture is mostly japanese-ish with a european secondary culture sort of. Not actual cultures but similar. This a second world fantasy. Backbones of the Magic System All matter is made up of three elements, Shards, Meta and Spirit. Reality itself reflects this while working with the natural physical laws of the universe (IE ours). The setting is made up of three plains of existence which form a spectrum in this order, the physical realm, the spiritual realm and conceptual realm. First and foremost is the Shards, they are of the conceptual realm and if not bound to anything usually they will only be in the conceptual realm. They describe and control the form something takes, its very nature of existence. A shard can be the whole of something, a part of something or a small tiny aspect of it. Anything from the shape of a sword’s blade, to the color of paint, to the wood of a tree to the entire essence of what a gun is. Or it could be something fabricated from someone’s own imagination and given existence as a shard. Shards come in three forms, True Shards, Common Shards and Folded Shards. A True Shard is something that can be folded, leaving you still with the true shard and a fragile folded shard copy of it. A common shard is much the same as a true shard except that it was extracted improperly and cannot be folded. A folded shard is a copy of a shard that exists as a whole and cannot be changed, if it is changed then it breaks and decays. Essentially the first two can be bent, but a folded shard is a ceramic that will chip and fracture under the slightly pressure. Shards created from mind, concept shards, have a cost in that they are ideal materials that only live up to a person’s intention and general understanding of a person’s concept of the laws of physics. Something as simple as a Shape Shard can be used to transform an object without significantly violating the laws of physics if at all. But say if they try and create indestructible armor of a high density and yet also incredibly light weight? They may get exactly that but the closest thing to it the universe may consider radioactive… oops. A poor understanding of the laws of physics usually means a dead practitioner and thats if the shard is even stable once given a physical form. Meta is the second aspect of the magic system and the universe, its the physical substance which is warped and controlled by a shard its connected to. Without a shard it is pure mass with no purpose and can only exist within the deepest portion of the physical realm. Spirit is the energy that binds the shard and the meta together to make a physical object, portion there of or the whole. In essence spirit is supernatural glue energy which exists in a finite amount in non-living things. It also records the history of things and changes based on how it interacts. Living spirits furthermore are linked to the spiritual barrier that exists in the spiritual realm. This link is necessary to counteract one’s own willpower to reshape reality. It works by being a permanent slightly limited infinite power source of spirit energy. Some confuse a living spirit for a soul but the two are entirely different things (a source of contention between several religions and practitioners). This link is also highly valuable as the more complex and/or intelligent something is the bigger and stronger of a link it has to the spiritual barrier, resulting in a larger source of energy to power the magic systems. This has leads to the minting of coins which hold the spirits of animals and in the more rare and valuable spirits of people. Most of the world that knows how practice this magic system has a currency that uses living spirits to monetize coins. Decay is what happens when the magic system violates the natural laws of physics. If a shard is too abstract or an object is missing a vital component to keep it close to how reality works, the shards will decay unless the said object has a high amount of spirit energy to keep it glued together, or its supplied with a living spirit. Shards decay and change whenever they do not have enough spirit and are exposed to the physical realm’s influence. As such unstable objects require more spirit than stable ones otherwise you can end up with some truly weird results with partially decayed things such as iron that liquid at room temperature or water that freezes the hotter it gets but seldom will this last long as spiritual costs for decay gets exponentially more expensive. Notes: The universe/world/planet that the system and story takes place sits close to the spiritual barrier on the physical realm’s side of the spectrum; meaning that it has a low to high ratio of Shards to Meta naturally occur. This results there is a lot of space to store shards on things or people in a slave mode so it doesn’t affect the stability of an object nor will the shards normally be expressed physically. This lends itself to a lot of fun things in how the system can be abused. Also anyone sentient/sapient can learn the magic system, its however not an easy thing to do. Though it does require that one has a true real soul. This particular limiter is to prevent mass cloning of practitioners. As mentioned before a living spirit is an infinite source of spirit energy (glue), but there is a limit on how much you can draw from it at any given moment. If too much is drawn then the link is damaged or even severed completely. Woe is the practitioner who uses their own spirit as they risk literally decaying or falling apart if they pull to much since that link usually is busy keeping their body whole and their shards’ identity accurate. Furthermore no mortal knows how to forge or reforge a link to the spiritual barrier, hence the economy. Magic Systems: Ousialurgy Definition: Study of the Primary Substance This particular practice is the process of learning to manipulate shards and spirits on a mental/instinctive level. Ousialurgists often have one or two true shards stored on their body which they fold into copies, also a few conceptual shards they can fold as well that do weird/unique things. From there they draw on a living spirit’s energy to pull meta from the deep physical realm and bind it to any shard they want. Depending on the nature of the shard there may be other requirements to conjure such as having access to enough kinetic energy to give a molten gold shard its heat. Where as an ice shard of equal mass would requires less kinetic energy as its shard requires less heat. When dealing with folded shards its important to meet these requirements exactly, otherwise they will break and generating the needed heat involves the subsystem magic called rifting. IE the process of destroy an object to harvest its innate spirit energy or doing a direct matter to energy conversion. Want to conjure a folded shard candle with a lit wick? An ousialurgist might keep a bar of lead handy and destroy a small amount of it to produce heat that the shard calls for. Non-folded shards, IE common shards and true shards do not require exactness but are harder to make and more expensive to buy. If you have say a true shard of molten gold and you want to conjure it, then you can choose to ignore the heat requirement and conjure it cold but in doing so you are changing that true/common shard to match perhaps permanently. Shattering (an derivative of rifting and alchemy) is a process by which through physical touch an ousialurgist can break someone or something apart, stealing their shards or simply drawing out the spirit which holds a thing together. This has a caveat that it requires some level of understanding a thing and synchronizing one’s self to it. As you can expect gloves are a very common fashion statement and skin contact is a sign of trust between two peoples. Knowing something’s name also aids in the process but not as much as it would in other magic systems. Seeing is believing, an ousialurgist has the unique capability of seeing deeply into something though they are limited by their own understanding. Doctors in particular use this ability to treat people medically. Look deeply enough and you can see someone’s DNA though given the level of understanding in this world they’d instead see hommuniculi or something similar instead. This seeing also extends to other acts of the magic system. Aether (Shards bound only to spirit with no meta) appears to be true magenta, an unreal color, usually. While Meta while being conjured often appears to be a swarm of blackness or whiteness or something else entirely, though it all depends on a person’s own expectations with how their mind fills in the gap for something impossible happening. The process of conjuring is as such, build a spiritual energy charge, then pull on meta from the deep physical realm, bind the meta with spirit and then add the shard. The longer it takes to do this the more spirit energy you need as meta doesn't like to stick around without spirit holding it. Alchemy This is a bit more steriotypical formulaic magic system with a secondary witch’s potion cauldron. Alchemy is more or less the ability invest one’s will in something symbolic and distill is it and other physical properties into a ‘spell’. From that its expected that its much more time intensive but essentially its the parent of Ousialurgy as this magic system can do everything its child can better but at the cost of time and needing less mobile resources. Things like the extraction of true and common shards from an object or capturing its core shard (the whole thing) are easier to do with alchemy where doing all by mind can produce messy or poor results. Subsystems: Note: I’m lacking a greek based scientific name for Rifting and Spiritbinding. Any thoughts anyone can offer? Rifting This is the process of taking an item and converting from matter to energy… sort of. That’s the simplest explanation. If a shard requires heat or electricity the ousialurgist or alchemist must get it from somewhere, they however cannot draw it directly from ambient environment. Instead they capture it when they rip the spirit free from matter and then channel its potential. Essentially the same process that makes a nuclear bomb go boom, however as with everything understanding still is key, the less a person knows about the material they are using and the less they know about how physics works the more inefficient they become and the less energy they get back which is bound up by the Spirit of the thing. Spiritbinding For those who work solely with living spirits and don’t bother with the physical side of things, a spiritbinder, draws the historical aspects of spirit energy’s glue. By infusing an object or person with spirit, they infect what’s already there and effectively rewrite it. The more spirit they use the stronger more long lasting the effect though against a living spirit its only effective for so long unless its bound by another living spirit.