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Found 26 results

  1. From the album Stormlight Fanart

    Syl is THE cutest being on Roshar.
  2. From the album The Stormlight Archive

    I tried to paint Syl! This was quite a bit out of my comfort zone (all in blue!) but she's so lovely.... I just hope I did her justice!
  3. © Johanna Rupprecht (Lyraina)

  4. Teasing target for Syl in book 4, I want to see Syl bullying Pattern.
  5. From the album Stormlight Archive Character Designs

    This is my design for Syl. I based her hair off of a cloud, because I think it makes her silhouette stand out and it also ties her to the Stormfather, and by extension of that, Honor. I'll post a ref later of her expressions because I like the idea of the cloud changing with her mood.
  6. From the album Stormlight Archive Character Designs

    Here's a version of my Syl design that shows her glow off. I'm not super into this version, but i feel it's necessary with her.
  7. From the album Stormlight Archive - fanart

    My take on Sylphrena (aka little trickster) from the Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson. Instead of adding her to my drawing of Kaladin, I believe Syl deserves her own portrait, thank you very much.
  8. Notum says that Syl is young of mind because of how long she's been asleep. Is that why she acts like a child? I always assumed the whimsy and child-like curiosity were either personality traits true to Syl or honorspren in general, but after seeing how serious Notum is, perhaps that's just her age? Does this mean she will mature as books pass?
  9. I didn't bother looking up the slave brands sooo ignore that lol.
  10. So this was my first attempt at needle felting... hello Sylphrena!
  11. Warning: This post discusses romantic relationships, so do not proceed if that it not your thing At Brandon's signing last weekend, we got an interesting WoB where a fan asked about Kaladin's proficiency with the spear... and Brandon ended up taking the conversation around to a Connection (appears to be Cosmere capitalized Connection) between Syl and Shallan. I am specifically interested in the latter point. The link for the WoB is here and text below, with the part about Syl and Shallan in bold. I'll discuss my thoughts after the text. The scene Brandon is mentioning is in WoR, text copied below, and I personally had no idea this was supposed to be Shallan. At the very least, this is a specific reveal that Syl "knew" Shallan, in a similar way to the fact she "knew" Kaladin prior to actually meeting her. (With hopefully a different outcome though! Don't know how I'd feel about Syl bonding Shallan... ) The context for this is that Kaladin is training his men in the chasms, and Syl is discussing the danger she faced in coming to find Kaladin. On the face of it, she is encouraging Kaladin that he is not alone, that other spren are struggling against the prohibition for bonding humans, and there will be other Radiants. Syl of course doesn't actually know Shallan, when Shallan finally shows up at the Shattered Plains, Syl doesn't recognize her, know she is a Radiant, or even sense Pattern except maybe vaguely at the 4v1 duel (there's a number of spren she could have sensed then though.) But something about the Connection between Shallan and Syl in the Spiritual Realm allows Syl to "see" Shallan in that moment. Brandon analogizes that moment to Kaladin's affinity for his spear and Syl and Kaladin's own bond. In other words... "fun Cosmere connections" language aside, it seems pretty significant. One of the things we see in OB is that Syl really likes Shallan. She encourages Kaladin multiples times to pursue Shallan, pushing against his own wishes; I would argue Kaladin would not have made even the (small) overtures he did towards Shallan if it wasn't for Syl's insistence. Syl and Shallan hang out in Shadesmar without Kaladin, including the fact Syl wants to remain with Shallan in Celebrant. (This is of course partially due to Shallan's lightweaving skills, but Syl at that point already had a lightwoven disguise.) Syl is also skeptical of Shallan's choice of Adolin at the end of OB, encouraging Kaladin to continue his pursuit, and indicating she can't see Shallan's "choice is made". All in all, we know Syl has a Connection to Shallan through the Spiritual Realm (where everything is one), and that these types of connections are "echoes" of events that are forming, not something as strong as "destiny", but still a definite "something is there." And since Syl is constantly pushing Kaladin towards Shallan, I think there's a great inference to made that Syl is "knowing" something about Shallan which is not yet explicit in real time in the Physical Realm. While not for certain (as nothing is until confirmed as such), the fact Brandon spontaneously brought this up in a question that had literally nothing to do with romance or Shallan at all, seems to be him pointing towards yet another piece of foreshadowing for Shalladin, one which was not apparent from the text, but he obviously seeded a long time ago.
  12. Syl is the only spren (as far as I can recall) to tell Kaladin her name. All the rest — Pattern, Ivory, Wyndle, Spark, etc. — were named by their Radiants. (I don't remember if Glys was a given name or a habituated name, but I think Renarin named him?). So did the Stormfather name her, maybe?
  13. Can we please talk for a second about all the fan art that shows Syl as this like super babe? I mean if she's a pretty person thats great but the fancy dresses and giant boobs seem ridiculous. She's described as wearing a childlike dress, and I dont know any children that dress like this.
  14. In 2015 I posted an image in the gallery called The New and Improved Sylphrena. I was super proud of it and thought it was the best drawing I'd ever done. This is my new Sylphrena in her Vorin dress, complete with safehand, from the Oathbringer preview. Done in glorius Krita.
  15. So we know that fabrials are powered by spren trapped in their gemstones. Could any spren be trapped in a gemstone? If so, does that mean that Syl could be trapped at some point? How would that affect the Nahel bond and Kaladin's Surgebinding? Would there be a way for her to break out? Would it be painful for her?
  16. Once of those scenes where you're on the edge of your seat and screaming. Process pic:
  17. First of all, I apologize for talking about a lady's size. On topic, We have seen Syl assume a "normal" sized human form. We have also seen Syl act as various Shardweapons of differing size (from a knife to a spear to a 2-handed hammer) and even as a Shardshield during the fight with Szeth. Could Syl expand her "Shardform" to Kaladin's size and somehow coat him in armor. Note I am NOT talking about shardplate. I am talking about how Shardblades cannot be broken even by other Shardblades. If Syl took the form of some kind of clothing, or armor, and covered Kaladin head-to-toe in her "Shardform" would he be completely/nearly immune to damage? If she edged the clothing/armor around the hands could he cut through anything with a punch/chop?
  18. This is a drawing I did of Sylphrena.
  19. I asked if there were any original names for characters we didn't know about, mentioning that Syl was my favorite. Originally, Syl was named "The East Wind".
  20. A portrait of Kaladin and Sylphrena. I had a really hard time settling on a face for Kaladin... I found it difficult to convey "gone through way too much crap" while having him still look 19. Good thing Syl was nice and easy to draw, phew.
  21. Syl here doesn't look as chirpy as she usually is and I'm not sure if depicting the hands and feet as diffused light was a good idea or not. I used my imagination with the features and the dress. Hope you guys like it!
  22. Well, let the community know your opinion! Which Spren do you like the best, and why? I personally am a big Pattern fan. I love his personality and thoughtfulness, and his ability to mimic anyone is quite nifty as well. Also, his questions about human behavior make for some pretty hilarious reactions from Shallan
  23. So- My Sister drew this after reading the Stormlight Archive.
  24. I'm curious to find out what others think about this... Question: How is it possible that Syl helped men kill before? From Pattern, we now know that almost no spren survived the Recreance: Hypothesis: 1. Syl is a pre-recreance spren who survived. 2. Syl remembers helping men kill before as part of a collective spren memory. 3. Syl has begun the bonding process with other potential surgebinders, but either they've abandoned her before reaching the shardblade stage, or they've died. Discussion: 1. Syl is a pre-recreance spren who survived. I've got very little for or against this one. We know she is the only (or at least the first) Honorspren to disobey the Stormfather, that she refers to the Stormfather as her father, and that the Stormfather is very protective of her, calling her "My beloved one." But I don't feel like any of that background is particularly relevant. Supporting arguments: This WoB: So how long ago was the Recreance? Maybe this is an open and shut case, just based on that quote? Counter argument: Syl's age could be independent of her consciousness (as in unborn Spren, forces, that cannot truly be created or destroyed), or she could have spent thousands of years in the cognitive realm. 2. Syl remembers helping men kill before as part of a collective spren memory. Supporting Argument: Syl has already said that all spren are basically the same. Counter Arguments: Syl herself notices that she is different than the windspren. Perhaps her statement regarding unity only applies to non-Bonding spren? Of the Bonding spren we've seen, we've mostly seen individual spren, the only other counter I can think of is Wyndle (Lift's spren) since he has referred to the Circle. Wyndle's wish was to bond with some nice old gardener, but his opinion was countered which indicates individuality. This argument depends on the Circle being other growth/vine/garden/same-as-Wyndle-spren. If all spren share a collective memory, then Pattern should have memories of what happened pre-Recreance? Speculatively, when there were many spren, you'd assume that they would have individual experiences with their bonded surgebinders... 3. Syl has begun the bonding process with other potential surgebinders, but either they've abandoned her before reaching the shardblade stage, or they've died. I don't really have anything of substance for or against this, except the previous WoB that she's been around for thousands of years, which has the same counters as previously mentioned in 1. Can a spren only bond with one person? Can they begin bonding with one person, then begin a new bond with someone else if it doesn't pan out? What if Kaladin died before regaining his bond with Syl, could someone else have revived her? I have nothing on this. I do think it could be possible that if a Surgebinder is killed, that their Spren would survive. Purely speculation though. This might actually be a pretty good question for Brandon. Conclusion: Nothing conclusive! But I'm going to go with 3. I think she's either a survivor of a dead radiant, or an incomplete failed prior bond. These are my thoughts. Do you have a favourite answer, or another idea! Shoot me down, I dare you... (Edit: Conclusion based on thread input) Conclusion: The general consensus is that Syl is a Pre-Recreance spren. Her radiant died (we don't know if this is through battle or just old age, especially since we don't know the effects of the Nahel bond on lifespan) and Syl returned to Shadesmar to wait for another bond. The Recreance occurred and she was forbidden from bonding again. She came back through from Shadesmar to bond with Kaladin against the Stormfather's wishes and lost her memories. Thanks for everyone's input! There are a few new questions that came from this that deserve their own threads, and that I might pursue unless they already exist. For example, I really like Pathfinder's question about spren transitions.