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Found 4 results

  1. I have been wondering this for a while, but I have now come to seek support from a shard. survivorism has some heavy parallels to Christianity, in the loose sense. There is this low class peasant performing miraculous feats within a great empire with the intention to take it down (I know this isn’t really what Jesus was said to be doing, but that’s how it was misunderstood). He has a crew of people that follow his lead and has the same ideals. He is betrayed by a member of his group and is practically dead. He then returns, bearing legendary mythical wounds, and ascends to be part of a powerful god. He also gets killed by a weapon that is then used as the chief symbol of him by his followers. I know that the order is not exactly how Jesus’ presumed timeline goes, but the parallels are heavy. Are there other religious parallels within the mistborn novels?
  2. Do you think the book that Harmony left behind at the end of HoA mentions Kelsier's stint as Preservation? Because that would make doctrinal arguments between Pathists and Survivorists pretty funny. "Yes, we actually also believe he was a god... of a sort.. briefly."
  3. Hello eveyone. I have been working on the outlines for a Mistborn fanfic for some time now and while I have much of the ideas organized, there is one important plot element that I would love to include but I am unsure if the Mistborn Era 2 tech would be able to provide what I need to make it plausible. So here it goes: the story would be set in the 50th year anniversary for the Catacendre and follow the first Double Steel Twinborn on record, who as it happens, is one of Spook's many granddaughters. Without going into too many details, I need her to be able to use her compounding to walk on water for about 20 seconds. Now, I have done some research and according to the math, that would require her to go run at 30 meters per second/108 Kilometers per hour. I think it could be done since research shows that humans speed cap has been theoretically placed at around 45 km and we are talking about a double steel twinborn compounding to very fast effects. However, I have also read from a WoB that such Twinborns would also have a cap in their speed due to air resistance. Does anyone here have any idea if the speeds I am talking about would be too much due to the air resistance and if so, what wild west level resources/clothing could be used to help her handle that 20-second sprint? Thank you for your time and for bearing with me.
  4. Well, seeing as BRANDON ALREADY TWEETED ABOUT IT, I suppose I might as well share this over here. Ellen (fallenwithstyle) wrote a Survivorist hymn to the tune of “In the Bleak Midwinter” and I decided to try to perform it. I don’t know anything about audio editing and this is the first time I’ve recorded myself singing, so I’m a bit nervous, but the few people I showed it to have convinced me that I’m not going to embarass myself by posting it. Song source: "In The Bleak Midwinter (Instrumental Orchestral)" by Sarah Brightman ((Listen here)) Lyrics: In the Final Empire, under stars unshone, Scadrial stood barren, blackened world of stone. Ash had fallen, ash on ash, ash on ash, In the Final Empire, long long past. Hathsin could not hold him, nor the world contain; Yet his mists surround us, leave us not in vain In the Final Empire, strong against its might Lord of Mists, Survivor, lead us to the fight. Heirs in spirit, all, if freedom we have sought Lady Heir to guide us, leading as he taught. Righteous war knows of no greater strength than this Warrior Ascendant, borne by the mists. What have I to offer, to compare with those? What is strength, but keeping to the path you chose? In our world’s new dawning, all may do their part, Stand for life and freedom, with a mighty heart. (And in case anyone's wondering, no I am still not over the fact that Brandon has not only heard me singing, but also tweeted a link to it. aaaaaaaaAAAAAAAH)